Chapter 25: Epilogue

'The long struggle has come to an end. Humanity and its many splendors are spared from eternal damnation of darkness.

The heroines are returning home with victorious smiles, and the warring quest coming to its final close in eternal peace...'

In the path to the sanctuary of Cosmos, Karin slumps forward, being held by both Roxas and Axel of Organization XIII. "Why are you guys doing this? I hurted Sora...You guys are like loyal bodyguards..." questioned Karin.

"True...But we are too loyal to him, despite me being his nobody. I guess we underestimated you as well," answered Roxas. Axel agrees, "You saw Namine earlier..Did you?" Karin was confused, but answered.

"Yeah...Why?" asked Karin. "Well...Since both Sora and Kairi are married..So are their nobodies..Did that give you any hints?" answered Axel, being sly and cocky in his usual way. Karin thought for a minute, then was in total shock.

"You mean Roxas and Namine are...Oh, my god..." said Karin. Roxas began to blush, but it was a light red, not lobster red. In their own path to Order's Sanctuary, Xehanort, his guardian, and Lorena make their way slowly, but worth it. "I know about both you and Xemnas...You two used to been one person, but darkness splitted you apart. Your Xehanort's heartless, while his nobody, with the name 'Xemnas' became a nobody and started the whole darkness thing...If only you listened to Ansem, that wouldn't have happened," Lorena lectured Xehanort's heartless.

"Its true..Maybe I should've..But its too late to change that. What happened, happened. Don't waist anymore of your strength you have left...You'll need it.." answered Xehanort's heartless. Everyone in the sanctum of Cosmos were standing in wait, hoping Lorena and Karin are alright. Bartz held onto his feather charm, praying that Lorena would be alright. The Chocobos prayed as well, til two portals were formed.

"Kid...Is it them?" asked Jecht. Tidus didn't answer, but watched. At one of them, Karin, Roxas, and Axel emerge, walking towards the group. At the second, Xehanort's heartless emerges with Lorena, with the guardian behind him, walking towards the group. An ecstatic smile was shown on Tidus's face.

"Guys! They're alive! They made it!" Tidus called out. Bartz was ecstatic as well, and the Chocobo chicks rush to Karin, including Firion and Cecil. "They did it!" cheered Garnet.

"I thought there was no way to defeat Sora, or Riku...How'd they beat them?" asked Zell in confusion. "Determination...That's what conquered the mighty deities of Light and Dark...A strong force indeed," answered Shanttoto. Bartz, Boko, and Koko rush to Lorena, who then falls into Bartz's arms.

"Bartz...I'm home...Oh, god..." sighed Lorena. Koko nuzzles Lorena and gives her a 'Chocobo' hug as a way of saying 'Welcome back'. "Oh, Koko..I'm back...I'm back...I thought I was going to be lost in darkness, but this guided the way," Lorena said, bringing out the feather she kept from Boko.

"I knew it would...Its like I always say, 'When I get into trouble..My feather charm always gets me out safely..'," said Bartz, looking into Lorena's eyes, "Welcome back..." The two then embraced in a passionate kiss, causing everyone near watching the scene to go 'Awwwww..' but soon Jecht yells out, "There's my son and Yuna! Right there!" Tidus blushes and turns to Jecht.

"Hey! That's it! Come here!" yelled Tidus, running after his father. "Come get me if you can, kid!" yelled Jecht. Karin falls into Firion's arms, cuddling up to him in happiness.

"I'm home...I came back..." sighed Karin. Firion smiled in response. Cecil, however was crying in happiness. As everyone was celebrating, they also watched Axel, Roxas, and Xehanort return through the portals, returning back to where they rightfully belong.

"I guess they're returning back..Their job is done...Now what.?" asked Lorena. "We must return as well to where we belong..Home," said the Warrior of Light. Karin became upset, then said, "I'm not leaving Firion! Its like ripping my heart out!"

"I'm not leaving Bartz!" screamed Lorena. The knight began to giggle, then said, "Your not going to leave them. Your going with them. I would rather rip my own heart out then split two couples apart.." Karin and Lorena began to lighten up. Karin was going to Fynn with Firion, while Lorena will wonder the world with Bartz and the Chocobo family.

"Kid..." said Jecht. "I guess..I don't have to return to the ruins...I'm sorry, dad, but I'm going back to the Besaid Islands with Yuna. You can come with us..." said Tidus.

"Tidus...Zanarkand is our home..We can't abandon it like this," said Jecht. He knew Tidus had already made up his mind, so then he answered, "I see..I guess I can't change your mind, huh? Count me in.."

"Don't forget me.." said Auron. "We ain't going to forget about you...How could I?" said Tidus. Shuyin walks away from the scene, saddened by all the others with their one true love. His thoughts turned to a love of his own, who was still in the Farplane. Tidus sensed this remorse, but has a big surprise for him.

"Yuna..Go get her..." he whispered to Yuna. She knew what Tidus was talking about and did as she was told. "While we were waiting..I took a trip to the Farplane and brought her back to this world. Shuyin has suffered enough, so its time to make him happy again," Tidus explained. Shuyin slumps near a pillar and cries, til a familiar female voice spoke to him, bringing him back out of lament.

"Shuyin...Shuyin...Don't cry anymore, I'm alive again, thanks to Tidus.." she said to Shuyin. He looks up and before she spoke again, Shuyin hugs her, holding the love of his life in his arms.

"Lenne! Your alive again!" cheered Shuyin. The two then embraced. "Aww...That's love right there.." said Jecht. Seymour sat alone, fiddling with his staff. "Well...At least everything is normal now. No more repeats, no more worries," said Seymour. Everyone prepared to go their separate ways, til Sora all of a sudden appeared, along with Kairi and the two children.

"Who's that woman right next to Sora?" asked Cloud. "That's his wife, Kairi. The children are their own," answered Karin. "They're married? And they started a family?" asked Squall. Kori spots Boko and runs to him, petting him in an instant.

"This is a big bird! Mom! Dad! I found a big bird!" cried Kori. Sari arrives, too, petting the chicks carefully. "Its called a 'Chocobo'..Chocobos are big birds. This one is named 'Boko'," answered Sora. Kori then petted Boko some more, til Boko started nuzzling the child, causing the boy to giggle.

"How come Boko's got a saddle?" asked Sari. Bartz answered her, "Because I ride on Boko. We're traveling buddies and best friends." Sari understood. Kairi approaches Koko and pets her, as respect between two women of different species.

"Is this Chocobo male or female?" asked Kairi. "That one's a girl. Her name is 'Koko' and she is Boko's wife. They have alittle family right here," said Bartz, pointing at the chicks near him roaming about.

"Oh...Hi, Koko...I bet your a busy mother, huh?" said Kairi. Koko coos and nuzzles Kairi. "Sora...Why are you here?" asked Firion. "The boundaries between your worlds and homes are now connected to one another, now you can visit one another in different locations, but know this...Your worlds are connected to Kingdom Hearts as well. If that falls, we all fall," said Sora, explaining his reason of arriving.

"Oh! Riku wanted to give you a message. He said to tell you, 'I'm sorry for killing Destiny Island. It was my ill-will heart of jealousy that brought them there..I wanted to be like Sora..But...Tell him..I'm sorry..' That's what Riku said," Lorena spoke, remembering Riku's message.

"I understand now...Riku has been through alot..I get the whole picture now," Sora said. Everyone then said their farewells and returned to their respective home. Terra, however; went with the Onion Knight to the Floating Continent, his home. The war was finally done, and peace has begun to blossom the world, just like a field of Wild Roses.


*Final Fantasy I*

-Warrior of Light-

The Warrior of Light returns to Cornelia. Upon his return, the knight asks the original king of Cornelia's daughter, Princess Sarah's hand in marriage. The king knew this day would come and accepts the offer. Now becoming the new king of Cornelia, the Warrior of Light risked everything to protect his new kingdom. After one year of returning, he and Sarah were blessed with triplets, named 'Rowan', 'Deliah', and 'Tristin'.


The evil knight, Garland roams the continent, but never shows himself to Cornelia. Now living in a disgraced, nomad existence, Garland rarely attempts to attack Cornelia, due to the Warrior of Light's threat. He still is chained to Fate's will, like always before.

*Final Fantasy II*

-Firion and Karin-

Upon returning to Fynn, the two marry and aid the resistance group under the word 'Wild Roses' to suppress the Emperor's growing power and greed. After ten months, the couple were blessed by the arrival of twins, a boy and a girl named 'Ronan' and 'Gracie'.

-Emperor Mateus-

His lust for power is still the same, but was half diminished by the war's end effect of healing. Still conquering lands, Mateus and the 'Wild Roses' still bash heads, but otherwise focuses on other things...

*Final Fantasy III*

-Onion Knight-

After upon returning to his village of Ur, the boy with a legendary title 'Onion Knight' is made the new village elder after Topapa, accordance of his will. He is the youngest elder in the history of Ur and the entire Floating Continent. As a war hero, the Onion Knight puts everyone elses' safety first, protecting all he cherishes. With Terra by his side, the continent has become more safer than before. After a year upon becoming elder, the two are blessed with a daughter, named 'Luna'.

-Cloud of Darkness-

The entity of the Void has rarely attack the continent, but has returned to the void to be alongside Exdeath. Together, they rule the non-existence realm and plan to harness its power, just how Exdeath had done before. The plans seem to fail at times, but still they are stubborn to go down. She still roams the World of Darkness, as the Onion Knight always predicted.

*Final Fantasy IV*

-Cecil Harvey-

After Karin's mother's death by the hands of Garland, Cecil has returned to Baron and tried his very best to move on, but is proving difficult. With the aid of his wise, older brother, Golbez, Cecil has made a good recovery. He has met a woman from Baron who shares the same pain as he did, named 'Rosa' and together they marry after a couple years of dating. They are awaiting the arrival of a baby boy, who they will name, 'Lumar'.


Even though he still believes he is still on the path of darkness, Golbez tries to get his life together and forget the past as his younger brother, Cecil, had advised. He still believes he can't be trusted, but he dedicates himself everyday to rebuild his life and for the first time since the Dissidia Wars, to stand by his brother, just how it should've been long ago.

*Final Fantasy V*

-Bartz and Lorena Klauser-

Both Lorena and Bartz travel the world together as a traveling couple on their Chocobos: Koko and Boko. After the war shortly afterwards the two marry in a field of Chocobos, then settled down a bit in Bartz's hometown of Lix. After a year passes since the war, the two have a daughter named, 'Eva', then a couple years later a son named especially after Bartz's father.

-Boko and Koko-

The two Chocobos are enjoying their time together with their children and their traveling buddies: Bartz and Lorena. Over the years they continue to add to the family, after their chicks are fully grown.


Plots on gaining the power of the void and swallow all things with it. Allied with the Cloud of Darkness, the two plot to do the exact same thing like the other. Both Exdeath and Cloud of Darkness live in the void, a realm of nothingness they suit the most.

*Final Fantasy VI*

-Terra Branford-

She lives with the new Ur elder, the Onion Knight, on the Floating Continent. Terra does visit her home, but returns to the Onion Knight at Ur. She aids as adviser and for the efforts for peace on the Floating Continent. Together they have a daughter named 'Luna' a year after the Onion Knight becomes the village elder.

-Kefka Palazzo-

Kefka continues to cause havoc against Terra and her friends. It seems nothing has changed for Kefka.

*Final Fantasy VII*

-Cloud Strife and Company-

Barret, Cid, Reno, Rude, Yuffie, Vincent, Tifa, and Cloud return to their daily lives. What has changed for the group is the value of life and the importance of second chances, but Cloud is having a tough time at it. Both Tifa and Cloud live in the city of Midgar, running a jack-of-all trades together. At this point they are planning to start a family.

-Sephiroth, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, and Vivian-

Sephiroth continues his assault on the planet, but rarely attacks now because of his devotion to his new bride, Vivian. Now the both of them attack the planet, and the remnants follow to each battle against Cloud. After a year upon returning, the two were blessed with twins, named, 'Gabriel' and 'Sophie'.

*Final Fantasy VIII*

-Squall Leonhart and Company-

Everyone returns to their normal routines after returning. Laguna returns to his routine as a President and bids farewell to his son, Squall. Now living near Balamb Garden, Squall and Riona are starting a new life together and adjusts well to Squall's military-based responsibilities, but changed in personality. Squall begins to fully open up and it takes time for change. They are planning to start a family at this point.

-Ultimecia and Seifer-

The sorceress and her bodyguard continue their plans for Time Compression. Seifer reunites with Raijin and Fujin, and start where the three left off. Ultimecia will not stop til her 'Time Compression' is complete and successful, no matter how many sorceresses she possess.

*Final Fantasy IX*

-Zidane Tribal and Company-

After returning to Lindblum, the group go on their ways, but remained connected no matter the distance. Zidane and Garnet reside back at Alexandros Castle as a bodyguard alongside Steiner, and Zidane's Genome brother Kuja. At this point the two are planning to start a family.


After healing from the words of the Zanarkand deity, Kuja has left behind the destructive nature he had long before and moved on. He now stays with Zidane and aids the Tantalus and acts as a bodyguard to Garnet. He's determined to turn his life around. He's now a performer working with the Tantalus, to get into touch of his performer-side.

*Final Fantasy X and X-2*

-Tidus and Company-

After returning to the Besaid Islands, everyone prepares a wedding for Yuna and Tidus. Despite being the deity, Bahamugena, Tidus quickly adjusts and devotes his time to Yuna and make her as happy as possible. Tidus now has his hands full on being a coach to the new Besaid Aurochs, married life, and training with his father, Jecht, and his mentor, Auron. After a year upon returning, Tidus and Yuna welcome the arrival of a son, who Tidus names after Wakka's brother.

-Seymour Guado, Shuyin and Lenne-

At the same time Tidus and Yuna are wedded, Shuyin and Lenne marry with the aid of Seymour Guado. Seymour has become Besaid's wandering Maester of Yevon, disgraced of his position. Shuyin always welcomes the Maester's company. Just after eleven months after the wedding, Shuyin and Lenne welcome the arrival of a daughter, who they named, 'Kora'.


The same old Jecht has many things to be doing. During the war of Dissidia, he listens to Tidus's words from a telepathic connection in a dream of the reason they fight and why there's a tension between them. Jecht has now reformed himself, and adjusts to being a destructive deity, Sin. Despite being mean and tough on the outside, Jecht has proven to be a gentle-hearted man in time.

*Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XII*


Still devoted to Cosmos, Shanttoto returns to the Federation of Windurst as both an advisor to Cosmos and war hero of Windurst. Now trying to gain the peace the warriors of Cosmos had fought for in the Federation, Shanttoto uses her unrivaled magic to fight evil. To this day, she still regrets not marrying.


Returning to his duty as Judge Magister of his empire, Gabranth still regrets his past of not saving his home. Even though he is on no one's side, he only chooses the one group that suits him. His anger towards his older brother lead him to Chaos. Despite being cruel at times, but in time, Gabranth slowly shows his nicer side, still trying to move on from the past. To this day, he is still recovering slowly but surely.

*Kingdom Hearts series*

-Sora and Kairi-

Even though he was defeated by Karin, Sora quickly recovers and continues where he left off. Each and everyday, Sora, Kairi, and their two children play on the shorelines of Destiny Island. Riku returns to the islands occasionally from darkness and visits the family. After a year passes, the family welcomes a new addition to the family: a baby girl they name, 'Aurora', after a princess Sora knows.


Still residing at End of the World, Riku is quickly recovering from his defeat by Lorena. He takes time to visit his world of Destiny Island and spars with Sora when he gets a chance to. He still is coming to grips with the past of drawing the heartless to the island. To this day, Riku is slowly moving on from his past and searching for a certain girl to spend the rest of his life with, despite being a deity.

-Organization XIII and Namine-

The Organization is busy doing what nobodies do. Their routine made by Sora is to monitor the worlds connected to Kingdom Hearts for any trouble. They have dedicated themselves to make sure the balance is not broken. To all the other twelve members' surprise, after just one year from returning; Roxas and Namine are blessed by the arrival of a baby girl, named 'Xia'.

-Xehanort and Guardian-

Xehanort is still coming to terms of his decision of betraying Ansem the Wise. Even though he is a heartless, he slowly overcomes the past in time. Now fully devoted to protect Riku and the world of the heartlesses, he and his guardian to this day continue to fight with no limits, showing the enemy that they were doomed to fade to darkness from the very beginning.

{The Messenger by Your Favorite Enemies}

The Messenger is standing at, standing at the gate
Ready to let go, ready for the crush, the Messenger
Too late for whispers, too late for the blush
The past is Mercy when the future's glow (wont you let it go)

Kneeling journey dressed in a cloak of shadows
The hunting's grim for the innocent eyes
Communion's prey is a cup of sorrows
But faith is colours for the humbling cries

The Spirit is over town, waiting for me to hit the floor
Blooming white sky for the voice of one calling tonight
Tonight fate is the red crown, the red crown around your door
Time is scattering the seeds of the mourning daylight

The avenger is roaming through, roaming through the land
Ready for the clash, for the lasting gash, the avenger
Mothers kissing sons with a staff in hands
The bride is shining when the groom is gold (wont you let it go)

Shouting worship choked in a wave of silver
The offering's grief for Deceiver's pride,
Salvation man is a cup of fire
But hope is the star on a morning tide

The Spirit is over town, waiting for me to hit the floor
Blooming white sky for the voice of one calling tonight
Tonight fate is the red crown, the red crown around your door
Time is scattering the seeds of the mourning daylight

The Pilgrims are gathering and the marching band, the marching band's howling
Compassion is the flag a righteous man, a righteous man will hold
The Pilgrims are gathering and the marching band, the marching band's howling
Compassion is the flag a righteous man, a righteous man will hold

The Spirit is over town, waiting for me to hit the floor
Blooming white sky for the voice of one calling tonight
Tonight fate is the red crown, the red crown around your door
Time is scattering the seeds of the mourning daylight