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The Verdict

Alex woke to sun streaming through the blinds of her bedroom. She didn't want to get up and it was a feeling she hated, there was usually nothing other than Gene that made her want to stay in bed but today was different. She sighed heavily as Gene turned on his side, one arm falling over her.

"Morning" he sighed as she stared at the ceiling.

"Hi" she whispered as he became more alert.

"What's the time Bolls?" he yawned. He also didn't fancy getting out of bed this morning but for once it wasn't due to a hangover.

"6" Alex checked her watch

"Bloody hell Bolls!" Gene rubbed his eyes. "Go back to sleep. We got another hour before we face the world" she turned on her side before Gene closed his eyes again.

"I can't sleep" she whispered and she knew she sounded pathetic but didn't relish another hour of nightmares. Since returning from Luigi's the night before all she could do was think about Layton and the possibility that the Jury would find him not guilty. She'd been awake most of the night as Gene had snored quietly next to her.

"Hey," Gene noticed her eyes fill with tears as he pulled her in to a hug.

"None of this, not now. It'll be ok" Gene really hoped it would be.


9 am came around before any of CID wanted it to. Annie was livid. Stood in the small police only room in the Court her back against the wall she appraised the team as they waited for the verdict. Sharon was sat with Chris on the wooden chairs as Gene leant against the desk. He looked every inch the caged lion. Alex stared out the window, every now and again she ran a hand across the scar on her forehead as Sam and Ray sat quietly. No one was in the mood to make conversation.

"Wish they'd get a bloody move on" Ray sighed as he leant back in his chair. Sam nodded as Annie crossed the small room to sit next to Sam.

"They can't be much longer can they?" she sighed as Sam squeezed her hand. She couldn't help but notice how relieved Sam was when she didn't pull away.

"I bloody 'ope not Annie luv" Gene looked across at Alex as he spoke. He'd never seen her this quiet. He was beginning to really worry about her. She stared at her feet while the others began chatting around her. It was another thirty minutes before the court officer called them back in to the court room. Alex braved a look at Annie who smiled slightly at her friend.


The court room was silent as the judge made her way to the chair. Everyone sat down as the Judge waited for absolute silence in the courtroom.

"Chair man of the Jury" the judge looked directly at the young man stood at the forefront of the Jury. Alex looked directly at Layton as he smirked at her. She wanted to drag her eyes away but was unable to. His eyes held hers as she felt the nausea overwhelm her. Gene held her hand as she squeezed his hand for dear life.

"In relation to the charge of kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment have you reached a verdict unpon which you are all agreed?" the Judge waited as Annie felt Sam place his hand in the small of her back. She saw the smirk on Layton's face and could barely contain the urge to jump from the public gallery and beat him. She stared straight at him.

"Yes, your Honour" the chair man answered.

"What is your verdict on the charge of kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment?" the Judge continued.

"Guilty" the young man answered. There were murmurs from the public gallery as Chris smiled. Ray hissed "yes!" as Gene turned and glared at him.

"Please be quiet!" the Judge shouted as the public gallery fell silent.

"In relation to the charge of kidnapping, assault on a police officer and attempted murder have you reached a verdict upon which you have all agreed?" the Judge was growing more impatient as she waited for the answer. Alex began to feel dizzy. Gene watched her closely, acutely aware that she hadn't looked away from Layton since he had appeared in the Dock.

"Yes" the young man answered

"What say you?" the Judge replied as Layton smirked at Alex. She was determined not to look away as Gene idly wondered if she'd break his hand.

"Guilty" Alex breathed a sigh of relief. She felt dizzy as the Judge turned to face Layton and the rest of the court.

"Thank you members of the Jury. You are dismissed." the court remained silent as the Judge turned to Layton. Sharon sighed as Chris held her hand.

"Wish she'd bleeding get on wiv it" Sharon whispered to Chris, who just smiled.

"Arthur Layton, today you have been found guilty by a group of your peers of the aforementioned charges. Your conduct in this courtroom today and throughout this trial have been reprehensible to say the least. I believe that you currently pose a risk to every female police officer on the street. Therefore I have no choice but to pass the maximum sentence the law allows. You will serve life imprisonment" she hit the gavel in front of her before ordering the court security to take him to the cells. Alex let out a sigh of relief as Layton was taken from the Dock. Gene felt the urge to punch Layton rise as Layton blew Alex a kiss as he was led away. Gene swore loudly as Sam and Alex grabbed his arms.

"Not worth it Guv" Sam warned as Gene tried to shrug him off.

"Not worth it? Not worth it?!" he raised his voice as Alex took his hand again.

"Leave it Gene!" he closed his eyes as she spoke "Please Guv, leave it for me" he calmed visibly as Alex brushed her thumb over his hand. He nodded once, before glaring at the man that had come so close to ruining his life.


The March sunshine had given way to rain as the team emerged from the court house. Sam turned the collar on his coat up as Annie fished in her bag for car keys.

"You lot. We should celebrate a job well done. Luigi's!" Gene clapped his hands together as the team just laughed.

"Aren't you tired?" Alex asked as she folded her arms.

"It's Luigi's! We need some cheep plonk and crap food after today." he reasoned as she shook her head.

"Yeah" Sharon joined in "Its tradition Ma'am" she smiled as Alex gave in.


Mia was at the bar sipping red wine as Gene and the others walked in to Luigi's. She raised an eyebrow as she saw Gene and Alex holding hands. It was very rare for the couple to show any affection in public. Gene saw her raised eyebrows and scowled.

"Ah, senoras, senorinas please" Luigi ushered the team to the large table at the back as Ray smiled at Mia. She rolled her eyes as Ray lost his smile. Chris clapped him on the back as they followed Luigi.

"Bottle of your house plonk please" Gene nodded to Luigi as Sharon joined in "And pizza. I'm famished I am" she smiled as Gene rolled his eyes. Mia looked on from across the room before walking up to the table.

"Mickey Fingers" she leant against the table as Annie frowned.

"Is your problem." Gene glared as Alex and Annie exchanged looks. It had been a hard day and neither women wanted Mia to make it worse.

"Mia we are off duty. Now is not the right time" Sam spoke up as he heard Annie sigh.

"Really Sam?" Mia pushed her hair back as she leant forwards exposing more cleavage.

"When would be a good time?" she looked Sam up and down like a cat toying with a mouse.

"I've had just about as much as I can take! Keep away from me and keep away from my husband." Annie stood as Sam placed a hand on her arm.

"No Sam, enough is enough. I've had enough of this trollop swanning around here like she owns the place." Annie's voice was just about able to be heard above the noise. Gene really had just wanted a quiet drink with his team but could see he wasn't going to get what he wanted.

"Do as the lady says eh luv" he turned to Mia. "Leave us be. You want us to investigate that case, you go through proper channels, until then leave us alone" he held Mia's gaze as Annie glared.

"You have to take this case Gene Hunt!" she screeched.

"No I bloody well don't. You work for Murder Squad. You get out of your office and do some proper policing instead of pushing papers around. Now bog off!" he sat as Alex leant in to him.

"Nice one Guv" she whispered as Mia walked away.

The rest of the evening passed more or less uneventfully. Annie and Sam seemed happier than they had been of late. Phyllis and Viv joined the team later as they continued to drink Luigi dry. Ray and Chris were laughing like school boys as Sharon and Phyllis shook their heads.

"You plonker!" Ray laughed as Chris relayed some story from training school. Gene and Alex had taken up residence at the bar. Alex watched the team as she yawned. Since her coma she tired very easily.

"You ok Bolls?" Gene asked as Alex smiled and nodded.

"In court today I couldn't help but wonder, what would have happened if I had died. If the bullet had gone slightly to the left I would have died instantly. The doctor told me that." she was quiet as Gene looked her in the eye.

"Don't talk like that." he hated to think of the team without Alex, without him in her life.

"Gene" she whispered as he brushed a curl away from her face.

"I don't know what would have happened. I honestly don't want to think about it" he felt a lump come to his throat as he stared in to the bottom on his glass.

Alex sighed slightly. To the rest of the world he was DCI Gene Hunt - the Manc Lion, brash, sexist and loud. But they didn't see him like this, her Gene was very different to the Gene the police force saw. She corrected herself, the police service. Gene raised his eyes to hers.

"I wanted to kill him today. For what he did to you, to Molly and Annie." she nodded at his words. Molly would be home in the morning.

"We're ok, everyone's safe. That's because of you" she reached up and ran a hand down his face.

"You soft mare" he smiled as he caught her hand in his own.

"Take me home Gene." he had wondered if she'd never ask.

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