Drabble #: 1
Title: Orders
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
Pairing/Characters: Sebastian/Ciel
Warnings: None, unless you consider the age difference
Comments: Sometimes, Sebastian doesn't mind his orders

"Sebastian!" the imperious voice rang out across the parlor, and Sebastian turned towards the child he had made a contract with.

"Yes, my lord?" he asked softly, his irritating smile firmly in place. After all, he had been the one to offer the contract, and Ciel's soul would most certainly be worth it. Besides, where else could he indulge his demonic side in the guise of following orders? Moving to his master's side, Sebastian stood, awaiting his orders. Silently, Ciel closed his eyes, and Sebastian smiled, understanding now. Leaning down, he kissed his lord, slender hands already unfastening their clothing.

Drabble #: 2
Title: Nights Like This
Fandom: Vampire Knight
Pairing/Characters: Kaname/Zero
Warnings: Umm…I suppose it might be teen, but probably not 18+
Comments: What's a little blood between vampires?

It was, as always, a harsh rivalry between them. One far too proud to ask for what he needed, and the other too indifferent to offer. Yuuki was their core, the person that both revolved around, and the only person that kept them both close. But sometimes, like tonight, when they met with low snarls and sharp bites, there was no Yuuki. There was only Kaname, and Zero, fighting as bitterly for dominance as they always had, until one of them wound up on top, thrusting roughly into the other, fangs seeking soft throats to feed on bittersweet metallic blood.

Drabble #: 3
Title: Resignation
Fandom: Pet Shop of Horrors
Pairing/Characters: D/Leon
Warnings: One pissed off Kami….maybe
Comments: He hadn't meant it.

Leon backed up slowly, his hands held out in supplication. "I'm sorry," he appealed to the livid Kami stalking him, eyes flashing. "I didn't know! I promise, I won't do it again!" It had been stupid, and he knew it, but he hadn't expected D to get so angry. I mean, it hadn't really been that bad, had it? Judging by the petite Kami's expression, he was dead wrong. His back against the wall, Leon resigned himself. There was nowhere left to run. Closing his eyes, Leon braced for the attack, and was utterly surprised when he was kissed instead.

Drabble #: 4
Title: A Different Expression
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing/Characters: Ukoku Sanzo/Koumyou Sanzo
Warnings: Umm…implied rape, I suppose.
Comments: That indifferent smile pissed him off

He hated that indifferent smile. No matter what he did, Koumyou wouldn't change his expression. The older Sanzo was never surprised or disappointed, only amused. He showed favor only to his pupil, Koryuu, the blonde child who stood so stoically by his side. Ukoku had done everything to gain Koumyou's attention, and failed at them all. The only time he had succeeded had been that one night, when he had forcefully taken what he wanted. Then, Koumyou had shown a different expression…but not the one that Ukoku had wanted from him. And so, Ni Jianyi had turned to the West.

Drabble #: 5
Title: Early Morning
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing/Characters: Gojyo/Hakkai
Warnings: None really. Should be safe. :D
Comments: Gojyo wakes up beside his lover

Stretching languidly, Gojyo grinned up at the ceiling, content to just lay there with his lover until Sanzo started beating on the door, or a youkai decided to try and attack them. Chuckling to himself, Gojyo relaxed into the mattress. Movement at his side caught his attention, and laughing ruby eyes met serene green ones.

"Good morning," Hakkai greeted quietly.

Now that they were both awake, Gojyo's body was waking up, and he grinned, rolling them over so that he was on top of his lover, pinning him to the bed. "Think we've got time for a quickie?" he wondered.

Drabble #: 6
Title: Rough Tumbles
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing/Characters: Sanzo/Gojyo
Warnings: Umm…18+, maybe (no crude language, but more explicit than the others)
Comments: There was nothing gentle or caring when they came together

Gojyo arched his back sharply, cursing, his mouth drawn in a mindless snarl as the blond monk thrust into him with minimal preparation. He would kill Sanzo, if he could just free his hands from the bruising grip. It was always like this between them; there was nothing gentle or caring when they came together. Instead, it was a release for anger and irritation without turning on the gentler members of their ragtag little group. Snapping upwards, Gojyo managed to sink his teeth into Sanzo's throat, earning him a strangled growl. Even on the bottom, he could still fight back.

Drabble #: 7
Title: Only On Nights Like This
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing/Characters: Sanzo/Hakkai
Warnings: Umm…none. Definitely light. :D
Comments: Sanzo only accepts the offer on nights like this

Fingers glided across his ribcage, and Sanzo sighed, his head turned to stare out the window. The storm had begun suddenly, and they had taken refuge in the nearest inn. Sanzo, wanting solitude, had kicked everybody out and settled by the window, staring outside and trying to forget what couldn't be forgotten. Some hours later, the door had clicked back open to admit Hakkai. Wordlessly, the human-turned-youkai had moved over to Sanzo and started undressing them both with careful movements. It was only on nights like this that Sanzo was vulnerable and would accept the tender comfort that Hakkai offered.

Drabble #: 8

Title: Pain

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji

Pairing/Characters: Sebastian/Ciel

Warnings: Umm…probably 17+…maybe

Comments: Ciel is familiar with pain

Ciel knew what pain was. He was familiar with the agony of loss, of torture, and of doing what needed to be done, regardless of the cost. Oh, yes, he was very familiar with pain. This, though, was a much different kind of pain, he realized, his head thrown back as he was impaled over and over, harsh thrusts cutting into him, tearing him apart; sharp teeth biting down on his throat, breaking skin; long claws digging into his shoulders, drawing blood where they pierced flesh. A type of pain that Ciel relished, clinging to Sebastian as he was devoured.

Drabble #: 9

Title: Returning Favors

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji

Pairing/Characters: Sebastian/OC

Warnings: toys, implied rape…oh, and lameness

Comments: Sebastian wants to return the favor

Sebastian smiled, baring sharp teeth at the man who had dared attack his master, enjoying the sharp tang of fear. His master lay behind him, unconscious, unable to stop the demon butler. "Now, what shall I do with you?" Sebastian murmured, watching the man flinch. "Ah. You took such good care of my lord, I should return the favor." With that, Sebastian chained him and forced the large toy inside. "Do enjoy yourself now," he chuckled, turning and lifting his battered master, leaving the man screaming behind them. Pity he was a recluse; there was no telling when help might arrive.

Drabble #: 10

Title: Giving

Fandom: Vampire Knight

Pairing/Characters: Kaname/Zero

Warnings: Ummm….blood and sex (not gory blood – they're vampires. :D)

Comments: He couldn't resist

He couldn't resist the lure of blood. Yuuki's blood had sustained him when the tablets could not, and her affection had saved him. Now, though, he had found greater sustenance. The blood from a pureblood vampire was so sweet, and Zero found himself unable to resist. Forced to disregard his pride, Zero found himself giving Kaname Kuran everything … including himself. Now, flat on the floor, impaled over and over again by the dark-haired vampire, Zero closed his eyes, turning his head and seeking the wrist next to his head. Kaname wasn't the only one that could penetrate, he thought, striking swiftly.

Drabble #: 11

Title: Mating Processes

Fandom: Pet Shop of Horrors

Pairing/Characters: D/Leon

Warnings: None

Comments: D must understand everything about humans if he is to live among them

"Umm…are you sure about this?" Leon asked, backing away slowly. "Because I'm pretty sure that you've never mentioned this before," he added nervously.

Count D just smiled prettily, mismatched eyes gleaming. "Oh, I'm certain I must have mentioned it before. After all, all animals have the same ritual. It's just a matter of timing," he purred, and Leon gulped.

"Why me?" he asked desperately, looking for an escape route and finding only animals.

"Because you're the only human around, and if I'm going to live among humans, I need to understand the mating process," D smiled. "Besides, you owe me."

Drabble #: 12

Title: Curiosity

Fandom: Saiyuki

Pairing/Characters: Sanzo/Goku, implied Gojyo/Hakkai

Warnings: None. Should be safe. :D

Comments: Goku was always curious

"Sanzoooooo," Goku whined at Sanzo, whose fingers twitched towards his gun. If the idiot kept talking, Sanzo was going to shoot him. Oblivious, Goku continued, "What are Gojyo and Hakkai doing at night, when they make all those strange noises?"

Sanzo stopped dead, staring at Goku. A 500 year old youkai, and he didn't know? Pinching the bridge of his nose, Sanzo sighed. "It will be quicker to show you than to try and get anything through that thick skull of yours." Sanzo shoved Goku back into their room, intent on showing Goku just what their teammates were up to.

Drabble #: 13

Title: Patience

Fandom: Saiyuki

Pairing/Characters: Implied Gojyo/Hakkai

Warnings: Mention of a gun (:lol:)

Comments: Gojyo was quickly testing Sanzo's limits

Gojyo was quickly testing Sanzo's limits, arguing with Goku in the back seat. Sanzo's fingers kept reaching for his gun, and Hakkai had to talk him down from killing their teammates. When Sanzo finally lost all patience, he pulled into town and booked two rooms. Goku went to find food, and Hakkai pulled a protesting Gojyo into their shared room. "Hey, I was gonna go find some chicks," Gojyo protested. "And some cigarettes. And…" he was cut off abruptly when Hakkai kissed him. Stunned, Gojyo stared at his teammate. "Or I could just stay here," Gojyo conceded, and Hakkai smiled.

Drabble #: 14

Title: Release

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji

Pairing/Characters: Sebastian/Ciel

Warnings: None, should be safe

Comments: His soul belonged to the demon; why not his body?

Sometimes, when bloodlust rode Sebastian, he turned to his master. Ciel had never refused him. His soul belonged to the demon; why not his body? Often after a fight, when the smell of blood lay heavy in the air, and no more enemies remained, Sebastian would come to him. Ciel always consented, finding that he, too, could enjoy these moments, when pointed teeth and sharp nails dug into his flesh; when he was taken and possessed by one who was far stronger than himself. Always, when Sebastian came to him after battle, Ciel would not refuse, and Sebastian knew it.

Drabble #: 15

Title: Fluff, fluff, and more fluff!

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji

Pairing/Characters: Finny/Sebastian

Warnings: Humor – this one is fluff, sort of….

Comments: He was just too strong

Finny was bawling, having once more destroyed the garden. He really couldn't help it. All those experiments had rendered him too strong to be trusted around such delicate things as flowers…or trees. Uprooted stumps littered the ground, and there wasn't a single flower to be seen. The master had a Very Important Guest coming for dinner, and the yard was a wreck. Soft footsteps approached, and Finny looked up at Sebastian, who just stared around himself serenely. "Well…I suppose the owner of a logging company won't mind a barren wasteland," he murmured calmly, his hand resting lightly on Finny's shoulder.

Drabble #: 16

Title: Hurt

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji

Pairing/Characters: Sebastian/Ceil

Warnings: Yeah, just a kiss. No smex (again)

Comments: Pain meant he was alive

Finally, Ciel's soul belonged to Sebastian. The young earl had his revenge, at the cost of his life. There was no reason to put it off. "I'll be gentle," Sebastian offered, but Ciel didn't want gentle. Pain meant life, and Ciel couldn't give it up, even now.

"No, I want it to hurt," he demanded imperiously.

Sebastian bowed, replying, "Yes, my Lord." Bending down, Sebastian drew closer, and Ciel stared ahead, refusing to close his eyes, as if that would help to stay in the inevitable. His eyes widened impossibly when, instead of tearing into him, Sebastian's lips met his.

Drabble #: 17

Title: Invisible Touch

Fandom: Kuroshitsuji

Pairing/Characters: Sebastian/Ciel

Warnings: Umm..invisible touches?

Comments: Inside, he was seething

Ciel was sitting, his expression bored, while inside, he was seething. His damn butler obviously hadn't learned his place yet. Apparently, demons could torture you without even touching you. Right now, ghostly fingers were tickling up his ribcage, while invisible teeth nipped at his throat, and a warm tongue licked wetly along his ear. Gritting his teeth, Ciel managed to restrain a moan, glaring at his errant butler, who had the nerve to just smile at him! A cough at the other end of the table drew his attention. "Oh, I fully agree. Butlers should never be given free reign."

Drabble #: 18

Title: Catamite

Fandom: Vampire Knight

Pairing/Characters: Kaname/Aidou

Warnings: None…again

Comments: Aidou had always admired Kaname

Aidou had always admired Kaname, and had wanted to be his friend. But to be his catamite? It was almost too much for Aidou; only his adoration kept him from protesting. Kaname came to him tonight, which meant that Yuuki was visiting that damn Level E. Couldn't she see how much she was hurting Kaname, who had sworn to protect her forever? And yet, even knowing that the pureblood vampire came to him only because he could not have Yuuki was not enough for him to push Kaname away; he allowed himself to be pushed down, and embraced his lord.

Drabble #: 19

Title: Rough Handling

Fandom: Vampire Knight

Pairing/Characters: Kaname/Zero

Warnings: Rape…yep, definitely rape

Comments: Knowing who was behind him only served to infuriate him

Zero snarled, attempting to break free of the iron grip binding him as he was pushed to the ground, his clothes unceremoniously torn off his slender body. Knowing who, and what, was behind him, infuriated him. "Go find Yuuki, or one of your other catamites!" he growled. A soft voice purred in his ear, telling him that Yuuki could not take his rough handling, and the others would lose respect if he took them this way. Zero released a guttural howl as he was thrust into unceremoniously, his body jerking under the harsh thrusts of the pureblood vampire riding him.

Drabble #: 20

Title: Traveling

Fandom: Saiyuki

Pairing/Characters: Gojyo/Hakkai

Warnings: None, really. Just implied stuff.

Comments: He had intended to walk away

When he had found the dark-haired man, he had intended to walk away, but when Hakkai had smiled upon seeing his red hair and eyes, Gojyo had found himself drawn to him. Dragging him home, paying for a doctor, and letting the other man sleep in his bed, Gojyo had wondered what to do with him. The matter hand been taken out of his hands, and the two had lived companionably together, until that damn monk had dragged them to the west. Still, Gojyo thought wryly, watching Hakkai as the other man writhed above him, sometimes traveling wasn't so bad.

Drabble #: 21

Title: Tainted

Fandom: Saiyuki

Pairing/Characters: Hakkai/Gojyo

Warnings: Implications of heterosexuality :lol:

Comments: Hakkai was patient with Gojyo

Hakkai was patient with Gojyo. Ever since the other man had taken him in, Hakkai had started looking after him. He cooked, cleaned, and guarded Gojyo's back. He tolerated his flirting with women, and even accepted the one night stands. But sometimes, when Hakkai's patience was nearing its limit, Gojyo would notice – more observant than the rest of the team gave him credit for – and would come to Hakkai, pulling him into their room. There, he'd settle on the bed, and allow Hakkai to claim him again and again, until the taint of the women was gone from Gojyo's body.