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CHAPTER 11- The rise and fall

Someone's POV

It's nearly midnight and I'm stuck here walking on Subterra land, alone. I'm not complaining about the walking, but about almost losing my bakugan to Emily.

She's not supposed to exist in this world, including me and my guardian bakugan, Ra. But somehow, we all just do because of some stupid experiment.

This world is in more danger than they know. If my world collides with this world then the balance of time, will bring capricious catastrophe to both our worlds.

Wait! Something's not right. I can feel a known force, in between those two cliffs. I know they have sensed me but what do they want? I'll just check it out. I don't see anyone but I know they are there.

Left. Right. No-one but cliffs beside me. Why did I come here? If they don't want to talk to me; I better just leave. I turned around to continue my journey but…

''فإنك تكون قد غادرت بالفعل ، عقيلة؟''*You are leaving already, Akila?*

That voice…it could only be Ammon. Why is he here? I turned around to face him. I couldn't see him properly; the darkness of the night hid his face, but I didn't have to see his face to know he was smirking. That bastard!

''ماذا تريد ، عمون؟''*What do you want, Ammon?* I asked him, in our native language. He just laughed, in response. I decided to ask him a direct question, instead.

''Mkhai لم يرسل لك؟''* Did Mkhai send you?* He stopped laughing. I could feel his eyes digging through me.

''You surprise me, Akila,'' he spoke in English, which shocked me. ''Since when did you call him be that name? Yes, I was sent be your وكيل الربان'' What did he say?

''Whatever made you think that Mkhai was my mate; just know that's wrong.''

''He's not? That's not what Mkhai said,'' he mocked me. He's the most egotistical man I have ever known, scratch Mkhai. How can that bastard think that Mkhai would be my…I can't even say it, let alone think it.

''I saw you almost lost a battle against Echidna.'' Ammon snapped me back to reality. ''If it wasn't for that masked brawler.''

''Your point?''

''Mkhai heard about it and he doesn't see why you hold the key, to our world and this world. And better yet, Echidna almost took Ra,'' Ammon chuckled. ''That's why you aren't going to be using Ra, until further notice. Mkhai's orders.''

''عادلة بما فيه الكفاية. So, what bakugan will I use then, with the next mission?'' He walked towards me; I could now see his face. He was different. His lavender eyes were more icy cold than before. His spiky bleach short hair looked as wild, as ever.

His face was completely impassive and a little pale. It's a good look on him. He wore a black cloak around his body, so I didn't see what he wore inside. I soon noticed he had the same black hieroglyphics, on his face; half of his face to be exact. There was an agonizing history on how he got that, on his face and half of his whole body. An aching event that I didn't want to remember, especially because I experienced the same fate but differently.

He reached into his black cloak and pulled out a black hexagram card, with the seven bakugan attributes on it. The card flashed white and a ball came out. Ammon handed the ball to me.

''This is your new partner. He's a powerful dragonoid, with many abilities of Ra. You know what you must do.'' I nodded and turned to leave.

''Where are you going, bastard?'' He chuckled at me, calling him that.

''Mkhai sent me on my own mission, as well. Oh, I forgot.'' He reached into his cloak and threw a small golden necklace, to me. I caught and looked at him, puzzled.

''Is this from Mkhai?'' He nodded. ''What does he want me to do with this necklace?''

''Mkhai says, you know how to use it and that it will come in useful when you encounter Echidna. Wear it around your neck, at all times.'' I looked at the necklace again.

A pure golden pyramid necklace? It had a small triangle at the front part, with a blue eye inside it. At the back, there were inceptions saying,

لا تقلق. من الظلام سوف تجد ضوء الشمس *Do not worry. Of the dark you will find the light of the sun*

''Pretty, no? Mkhai sure knows how to treat his favorite girl. Remember, no Ra. If your father finds out, there's no telling what he will do. I hope we run into each other, soon.'' He walked back into the darkness of the night.

''وآمل أن لا''*I hope not* I whispered, as I put on the necklace and walked towards where I was suppose to head. Alpha City.

End of Akila's POV


Normal POV

"Tell us another one of your stories, Master Dan," Baron pressed, after the group stopped for the night. "Now, about when you and the other Brawlers helped Drago to become part of the Core?"

"Careful!" Dan warned, as Baron glommed him.

"I can't get enough of that one." Baron nuzzled Dan.

"Give me a break!" Dan protested. "I'm hungry."

"Would you give the guy some space?" Ace asked.

"Seriously!" Dan agreed.

"I'll try, but I start thinking; what happens when you teach me all of your secrets and I become an even better Brawler than you are?" Baron inquired. "Then, I'll be the mightiest Brawler in the universe! Those Vexos will run when they see me coming."

"Sorry, Baron," Mira death panned. "But the most powerful thing about you right now, is your mouth."

"What was that?" Baron retorted.

"If you spent as much energy practicing you do talking, you'll be a Master Brawler by now." Mira pointed out.

"No way!" Baron protested. "How can you say that?"

"Just don't listen to her, Baron," Dan reminded. "You're totally doing fine. Right, Drago?"

"She does have a point," Drago noted.

"Okay then." Dan stood up. "We'll show them you've got what it takes together. And you bet I won't go easy on you, Baron. Okay?"

"Yeah," Baron replied, bowing. "Your word is my command."

"Oh come on," Dan remarked. "It was just a joke."


"Hm..." Prince Hydron mused, as the image of the Resistance's trailer came into view, via the mechanical bee that he sent to keep a vigil on the Resistance.

"Spectra," Prince Hydron stated, when Spectra came on scene. "I think it's time we did something about them, don't you think?"

"I'm already on it, sire," Spectra replied.

"Where do you think you're going?'' Shadow asked Mylene headed towards the hanger. "Huh?

"Shadow?" Mylene blinked at the Darkus Brawler hanging upside down in front of her.

"You're up to something and I want to know exactly what it is," Shadow pressed. "You won't be hogging all the fun, would you?"

"Don't be such a child," Mylene scolded. "I'm on the hunt for the Resistance."

"I want in on that," Shadow insisted. "It's been way too boring around here. Why don't you take me along for the ride?"

"Come on." He landed onto a transport ship and kicked the pilot's hatch open.

"If you insist," Mylene replied.


Mira's POV

Everyone looks so happy but this isn't right. This place looks so familiar. It's the Southern park in Alpha City! But what am I going here? No-one seems to notice me. They are just going on, with their own business. Who are those kids on the sandbox? They are at least three of them. A boy and two girls. Where have I seen them before?

''You can't catch me.'' The young boy, looking about seven years of age with short light pink hair and light blue eyes, said. He ran away from the two girls, on the sandbox.

''Wanna bet?'' One of the girls, about five with blonde hair and sapphire eyes ran after the boy while the other girl, about four with spiky short orange hair and dark blue eyes followed the other girl. ''Come on, Mira. Let's catch Keith!''

'She said my name? It's the time we all first went to the park, together. Keith, myself and… its being a long time since I saw her face, up close'

''I'm running as fast as I can, Kate,'' my young self complained, as she ran as fast as she could go. I miss them so much…

''Mira?'' I felt a hand on my shoulder and those voices could only be…

''Keith? Kate?'' They look exactly the same from the time I last saw them. But what were they doing here? And everyone in the park just suddenly disappeared. Something really isn't right here.

''Hello Vestal to Mira,'' Kate said, trying to snap my attention to them. ''What's wrong?''

''Mira, are you okay?'' Keith asked, as he extended his hand to my face to check if I had a cold or something. I could feel sudden different feelings. Joy. Love. Rejection. Fear. Each one as powerful as the other. They all fought for control within.

''Why did you leave me?'' Was all I whispered out from my mouth. They seemed stunned from the question and then, they both looked at each other. They were smirking? Did they find this amusing? In a blink of an eye Keith suddenly disappeared leaving me and Kate. She turned slowly like she was leaving.

''Kate, where did Keith go?'' She turned her head slightly to me, with her eyes closed.

''He's dead, Mira. Don't bother looking for him.'' Her voice sounded much deeper but it sounded like someone else was mouthing her words. It sounded like…Emily.

''Why did you leave, Kate? What happened to you?'' She laughed evilly, as she turned to face me. She opened her eyes. They weren't the sapphire color she always had but instead they had a ruby color. She had the same look as Emily. A grey aroma surrounded her, as a grey mist surrounded the whole park. Could Emily really be Kate?

''Listen closely Mira. Forget about me and Keith. We are both gone forever.'' She walked towards and grabbed my collar. She leaned and whisper in my ear. ''Don't look for me; I'll find you.'' She tossed me to the ground and disappeared right before my eyes.




''Mira! Wake up!''


End of Mira's POV

Normal POV

''Mira! Wake up!'' Ace shouted, as he shook Mira. After minutes on calling, finally Mira woke up.

''Um… What happened?'' Mira asked, looking very confused.

''You tell us. You keep mumbling about some people called Kate and Keith,'' Baron stated.

''Whatever it was. It was just a dream,'' Dan yawned. ''I'm going back to bed. Let's talk about this in the morning.'' Dan left Mira's room. Baron said goodnight and left the room, with Ace and Marucho behind him. Mira sighed when they all left.

'It was only a dream. But if what she said was right. Could Kate and Keith no longer exist? Is Emily really Kate in disguise and if so, she may know where Keith may be' Mira stared out her window. 'I shouldn't get my hopes up. My first priority is on the freedom of the bakugan. But it is possible…' She laid on her bed and with her last thought; she fell into a sweet slumber.


Someone's POV

You got to be joking. Luckily, I haven't freaked out; I surprise myself. And by the look on Professor's face, he doesn't know how he is here. It could have been Hydron or Spectra but no… fate decided it would be him.

''What are you doing here?''

''Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan Stand!'' What! That's the same bakugan, which saved Ra. So, he was the one on the cliff! This bakugan is defiantly extraordinary, especially with a power level of 550Gs.

''Darkus Hyxanoid! Take down, Leonidas'' Hyxanoid? I knew he looked familiar. An ancient bakugan I held once, back in the day. Abilities very similar to Ra but how did he get him? Hyxanoid still resembled Ammon's bakugan.

A bakugan that could slice himself into seven heads, each head has the abilities of one of the seven attributes. Hyxanoid was one of the most powerful bakugan, until Ra and Mkhai's bakugan came along.

But Hyxanoid was banished, along with me by Mkhai, after bring catastrophe upon my world. And if I could get my hands on it again, New Vestroia will be mine. And no one even Akila will stop me.


-Who are you?-


-How do you know my name?-

'إيكيدنا … join me'

-Mkhai? What do you want?-

'You feel it don't you?'

-What are you doing to me?-

'Come now, Echidna. Transform now!'

-What for?-

'You want to but you are hesitating. Why?'

-What for? Darn it! Stop that!-

'Feel the power for Hyxanoid and Leonidas! Absorb it now!'


'Do it now!'

-Fine, I'll do it!-

'Good. NOW!'

End of Echidna's POV


Normal POV

''She's transforming, Professor Light,'' one of the researchers informed.

''I can see that. This is truly magnificent,'' Professor Light said, amazed. ''Her evil state is working properly.''

''Did that boy somehow have an effect on her?'' Professor Clay asked.

''I doubt it. I must have been that bakugan.'' Professor Light pointed at Hyxanoid. ''And it seems Leonidas' power level is increasing. Perfect.''

''Ability activate! Triple Dimension!'' Masquerade activated.

'Hyxanoid now at 950Gs; Leonidas at 750Gs,' a female mechanical voice announced.

''Take him down now, Hyxanoid!'' Masquerade instructed.

''It will be an honor'' Hyxanoid growled. Hyxanoid advanced towards Leonidas but Hyxanoid just passed through Leonidas, like he was a ghost.

''But how?'' Masquerade wondered.

''Take a good look at the power levels again, Masquerade,'' Emily laughed.

'Hyxanoid at 450Gs; Leonidas at 950Gs,' a female mechanical voice announced.

''How is that possible?'' Gus wondered. ''Hyxanoid's power level was just greater.''

''It's quite simple Gus.'' Spectra began to explain. ''Emily quickly activated an ability card before her opponent activated his 'Triple Dimension'. She activated her 'Reverse Dimension' that nullified his Triple Dimension, just as Hyxanoid came at a close range to Leonidas. It also increased Leonidas' power level by 200 Gs and decreased Hyxanoid's power level by 100Gs.''

''So, if Emily decides to attack, she will win Hyxanoid?''


''Cancel the simulation,'' Emily called out to the control room.

'What are you doing, Emily? Attack Hyxanoid'

-No thanks Mkhai. Maybe another day. Now, transform me back-

'Why should I?'

-You want me to destroy Ra-


-Transform. Me. Back. Now!-

'As you wish, Echidna'

''It seems she's back to normal,'' Professor Clay noted.

''Are you sure?'' Professor Light asked addressing Emily. Emily made a quick glance at Masquerade and turned to Professor Light.

''Yeah, I'm sure,'' Emily smirked.

''Well?'' Professor Light asked the researchers, before they started closing the simulation.

''Why?'' Masquerade smirked.

''If I defeat you now.'' Emily closed her eyes. ''What competition will be left apart from Akila? Plus, I have my own personal reasons,'' Emily smirked. Masquerade shrugged.

Then the bakugan on the playing field returned to ball form and returned to their owners. With a last look at each other, Masquerade and Emily turned to leave; their separate ways. As they walked away from each other, they suddenly both disappeared leaving everyone else.

Professor Light took a last look at where the battle had occurred and decided to leave the control room, with the researchers behind him. Spectra and Gus left moments later, while Professor Clay secretly analyzed the data of the battle. But he forgot; the walls had eyes.


''So, where to Emily?'' Leonidas asked his Mistress. ''It's pretty late, you should get some sleep.

''You forget who I am, Leonidas,'' Emily smirked, as she jumped on top of her black and grey transport ship. ''I need to get something from Alpha City.'' She kicked the pilot hatch open. But before she could even enter her ship…

''إيكيدنا حقا؟'' *Really, Echidna?*

Emily slowly turned around, as she tried to search for the source of the voice. ''You're bored, aren't you?''

''بالطبع,'' *Of course* they laughed. ''Following Mkhai's orders, aren't so easy. So…'' They jumped on top of Emily's ship and stood right infront of her. ''يفوتك لي؟'' *Did you miss me?*

''You want me to lie?'' Emily simply asked, as she turned back to her ship. She tried to ignore the person infront of her.

''كنت لا تزال في نفس إيكيدنا-'' *you're still the same, Echidna-*

''And always will be, Ammon,'' Emily finished.

''So, what brings you here?'' she asked.

''Just keeping an eye on you,'' he smirked. ''You are too dangerous to be left alone.''

''Oh you say the kindness things, Ammon,'' she said sarcastically. ''What's Akila up to?''

''Just keep this in mind, Echidna.'' Ammon folded his arms. ''You aren't getting your hands on Ra.''

''Who's needs him?'' Emily smirked. ''As far as I'm concerned, I have no more interest in him or Akila.''

''Ha! I'll let Mkhai have his say on that one,'' Ammon chuckled.

''Well… I would really love to stay and chat with you, Ammon but I'm off to Alpha City.'' Emily got inside her ship and closed the hatch.

''Fine, Echidna. سوف أرى لك في وقت لاحق. *I'll see you later.*'' Ammon jumped off the ship, as Emily took off.

''إبن زنا…'' *Bastard…* Emily whispered. ''But once I get my hands on the Perfect Dragonoid, Ra and Hyxanoid. I will have total control of the bakugan and that…'' She looked Leonidas.

''…will open the gateway to many possibilities, Leonidas.''

''Sounds like what I want,'' Leonidas agreed.

''Soon and very soon, Leonidas. We will have it all,'' Emily laughed evilly.

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