Disclaimer: I own nothing except the plot The Black Jewels Series belongs to Anne Bishop and I love her for writing it.

Methods of communication:

* * = Private Thoughts; ~ ~ = Threads; " " = Verbal

Breaking the news

*** *** Chapter 1 *** ***

Jaenelle wanders the Keep late at night. Daemon is sleeping. She feels a thread calling to her and goes to find the source.

"Lorn." She says with a nod.

~When the Lady is-s-s restless-s-s; the Keep is-s also restless-s-s. How may I help you…? ~

"I just need to speak to my sisters…I need their advice…I'll seek them out in the morning. There's really nothing you can do… Thank you for asking though." Jaenelle says softly as she walks out.

Daemon lies awake in the Lady's suite. ~Prick…~

~Hmmm…? What? What do you want at this time of night? ~ Lucivar asks.

~Something is bothering Jaenelle…and I don't know what it is or how I can help…I can't sleep knowing she's unsettled. ~

~So just ask her and get it out into the open battlefield…~

*Perhaps if I spin a web… * Daemon thinks. ~Go back to sleep Prick. I'll see you in the morning. ~

With Ladvarian and Kaelas in another part of the Keep for the moment, he gets up and goes to his own suite. He takes a deep breath and calls in his bag filled with Black Widow's supplies.

Saetan and Geoffrey sit facing one another in quiet conversation.

Draca comes in with glasses and a bottle of Yarbara, the blood wine. "S-S-Saetan, the Lady is-s restless-s. Her husband wishes-s to ease her worries-s, but knows-s not how. The web he weaves-s will not show him what he needs-s to know. Only the Lady can do that…and she will…in her own time." She pours the wine silently and walks out.

Saetan stares after her. He sends out a distaff thread. ~Witch-child? Are you alright? ~

~Yes, Papa…I'm fine…I'm just thinking too much…I'm mixing a brew to help me rest. I'll see you in the morning. ~ She responds. ~By the way, I've invited the coven and boyos to spend a week at the Hall. I've already told Daemon…Will you join us too? ~

~Of course, Lady. Sleep well…~

Daemon stares at his web. *This thing goes no place! It's telling me 'I'm ready'… What in the name of the Realms does that mean? It tells me that I'm ready and to follow my Lady's lead… She's not leading me anywhere…She's being secretive…I guess maybe she only wants my supportive presence for a while. She'll tell me when she's ready. * She's already back in bed before he gets there, so he climbs in and lets her roll to rest her head on his chest.