Title: Bittersweet Harmony

Rating: T

Anime: A Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar

Pairing: I'm keeping it a secret for now!

Genre: Drama / Romance / Friendship / Hurt / Comfort

Summary: After five years, Sugar: now a full-fledged snow fairy goes back to Muhlenberg to bring snow to the winter season and to meet Saga. Along the way they get into a lot of trouble and meet old and new friends as well as enemies.

WARNING: SPOILERS to the Anime and OVA / Mild language / Blood/ Mature content / Maybe be OOC due I might not get their characters right / Yuri (girlxgirl) some shoujo ai pairings are in the story .

Disclaimer: I don't own Snow Fairy Sugar or its characters. I only owned my characters and this storyline I'm writing.

Author's Note : Welcome to my first Snow Fairy Sugar FanFic, Bittersweet Harmony. This story strangely came to me from a dream I had the other night. So I decided to write it down and put it on FF. Net since I see this section hardly doesn't have any stories. (PLEASE READ): Anyway as you read you'll see many pairings in the story especially a few Yuri pairings here or there. I might let you pick which pairing you like to see happened as the story process. Also this fic explains more into the rules and laws of season fairies as well as explain different types of fairies that lived the fairy world.

So I hope you enjoyed it.

Chapter Summary: Sugar comes back to Muhlenberg to bring snow to the winter season and talks to a familiar fairy friend.

Prologue: Returning To Muhlenberg

It truly hasn't change after all these years.

The young fairy of the age thirteen look at the town of Muhlenberg. The town still had the warm feeling of kindness around its city walls like it did when she first came to this town five years ago. It seem only yesterday that she was still a apprentice season fairy, going around town looking for a twinkle so she can be a full-fledged snow fairy just like her mother.

She flew down to the town as she look at the people of Muhlenberg. People were already wearing their coats for the upcoming season of winter.

Sugar smiled happily not only by the fact that she was going to bring snow to this town but she was going to see Saga again. It has been years since she seen her human friend. Whenever she was in the fairy world or bringing snow in another town, she would think of the girl who she befriended while she was searching for a twinkle. How they met for the first time and all the memories they had together at the time. One of her most precious memories of their time together was when they played Saga's mother song together for the first time and sadly the last.

The next day, her magic flower bloomed and she became a full-fledged season fairy. It meant only one thing, she had finished her training and had to go back to the fairy world. She didn't want to leave. She wanted to stay so she can be with Saga but she knew she had to go due it was law in her world. She still wish she could've stay but she knew she couldn't turn back the clock.

The sweet sound of a cello cut through her thoughts. She look up in the sky to see the clouds slowly become a calming grey. She look around to see where the sound was coming from until her blue eyes spotted a cloud fairy, sitting on top of one of the tower-like buildings as he played his cello.

She couldn't help but smile. "Salt!" She yell in excitement as she flew quickly to the full-fledged cloud fairy to kiss him ten times or more on his cheek. Unfortunately for Salt, he didn't see it coming and end up being tackled by the happy Sugar. He almost dropped his cello as the female fairy repeating kiss him. "Sugar…" he whined as he tried to the girl off of him. Sugar let go of him and flew in front of him. "Sorry Salt but I couldn't help it. I haven't seen you for months."

He straightened up his white hat with a cloud pin attached to it before he spoke to his snow fairy friend. "Yeah, I haven't seen you around too, Sugar. How you been doing?" Her smile widened. "Oh I'm doing great. Especially since I'm here." She turn around to look at the town again. Salt sat on the edge next to his cello with a smile. "This place truly brings back memories huh?"

Sugar nodded "Yeah." She answered without turning her head. "This was the town where we became full-fledged season fairies and where we met Saga and had so many adventures."

Salt nodded in agreement though Sugar couldn't see it. "Yep. This was also the place where I decided to become a cloud fairy instead of being a sun fairy."

Sugar turn around with a worried and sad expression on her face. "Oh… yeah.. Salt, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Yeah, What is it?"

She played with her fingers as she talked. "Well… is your daddy still angry at you for becoming a cloud fairy?"

Salt remained where he sat as a sad smile crawl on his face. "I don't think so anymore. I think he just… disappoint that his only son didn't become a sun fairy like him. He dreamt of me following in his footsteps as a sun fairy and I did too but…" he stop at mid sentence to look at his cello. "But after that training trip and seeing Turmeric played, I found myself following and watching him make the clouds. At that time, I realized clouds were so neat of how they changed shapes and colors that I wanted to do it myself. I think that was when I decided I wanted to become a cloud fairy and not a sun fairy. Though I'm happy being one, my dad wasn't. I really haven't seen him for a while until recently so I'm just guessing he starting to accept it."

Sugar look at the non-existing ground. His father was more than upset about it. He was so upset about Salt's decision that he disowned him. This wasn't new in their race. There were some fairies who believe you shouldn't change your courses at all due to believing one of the old laws of their race. The law said once you choose your path as a season fairy you want to be when you started training, it is what fate has chosen for you but the law was taken out long ago. In spite of that, some fairies still believe in it. Salt's father was one of those fairies. She remembered that day when his father kicked him out. It happened a few weeks when she went back to the fairy world.

It was nighttime in their world and eight-year old Sugar was sleeping in her bed. she woke up when she heard a noise from outside. She looked outside her window to see her mother talking to Turmeric with Salt next to him which was shocking since Turmeric's time in the section he was assigned hadn't ended yet. It may have been dark but it was clear Salt had a left black eye. "Sa-" She quickly covered her mouth before she said anything to give off she was listening. She lay against the wall next to the window and listen. Turmeric spoke first. "Please it will only be a couple of weeks until I can finished my time in the area I'm assigned and make preparations ready for Salt to live with me. "

"I really don't know. What will I say to Sugar when she wakes up and see Salt here like this?"

"Anything, Olive. Just don't tell her that Salt's father kick him out, okay?"

"I doubt he didn't do just that." She didn't look but she knew her mother was looking at the black eye Salt was sporting. Turmeric's voice forced Olive to look at him. "Please Olive. I really need you. I don't normally asked anyone for favors but this is something I really need help with."

Silence covered the area until the adult snow fairy sighed and by the tone she was using, her mother was smiling. "I don't what I'll say to Sugar but I'll take care of Salt until your time is finish and when you make the preparations. The winter season is over where I'm assigned so I can stayed in the fairy world for a few months."

"Thank you, Olive."

"Its no problem, Turmeric. You really should get back to the human world. The sun must be almost up in your area soon. You only got a week or two left there."

"I didn't realized. I'll be back later. Thank you, Olive for everything." Sugar heard Turmeric fly away. Sugar took the chance and peek out the window again. She saw her mother touching the boy's face. Salt look like he was on the verge of tears but no tears came. "Don't worry, Salt. Everything going to be alright" and she lead the eight-year old boy into her home.

When morning came, she pretended to be shocked when she saw Salt in her home and her mother told her he was going to stayed with them for a while but she knew what really happen since she heard that little conversation before he moved in. His father had left him. Salt acted like didn't care but Sugar knew he did. He still loved his dad even after all the man did to him. Lately she been hearing some rumors that Salt's father has been talking to him time to time but she didn't know the outcome of these talks went good or bad. It seems good so far from what she was getting from Salt but...

"Hey, Sugar!"

"Huh?" Sugar went back to reality when she saw Salt's hand waving in front of her face. She turn to her side to see Salt was now next to her. He look at her with concern. "Hey, are you ok?"

"Huh, I'm fine." She began to wave her arms in a fanatic manner. "I'm just thinking about… how great your daddy is finally accepting you. Hahahaa" She rubbed the back of your head as she nervously laugh. She didn't realized he grab the hand that wasn't on her head until she felt the warm from his own.

She stopped laughing and look at him. His face had a serious expression on it. "You're worry aren't you, Sugar?" She look away in silence but Salt continued. "You're worried he going to do something to me." She continued look away for a moment before she look at him again. "I don't trust him Salt. I… I'm worry he might… I mean you like a brother to me. I don't want to see him hurt you and…"

"Don't worry, Sugar."


"I said don't worry. I'll be fine. Oh…" He look to where the sun was in the sky. The sun was going down. "Its going to be night soon. Aren't you suppose to make it snow tonight."

"hmm" She also look at the sunset. "Waah! That right! I have to go." She pull her hand away from his. "See ya, later Salt." She began to flew away but stop when Salt called to her. She turned around and look at him with curiosity. "Hey Sugar, if you see Saga again. Tell her we should meet sometime. I promise her I would make a cloud for her."

She nodded and went on her way.

Salt smiled as she left. "Some things never change" he said as he sat back down in his place and played the cello again.

She knew it was almost time to leave but she wanted to stayed a few more minutes with her.

Saga look at her grandmother with a very worry look on her face. The woman never look so frail. Her dark grey hair was loose from her bun and went down her shoulders. The skin was the color of pure snow; almost the same color as the white hospital sheets. Her eyes were closed and her face was motionless and thin. The old woman didn't even seem to be breathing yet she was alive. She was alive yet she had the appearance of death.

Saga took her grandmother's hand with her unbroken hand as she tried not to cried in front of her. She had to be strong for the both of them. No matter how hard the situation was now, she had to be strong. "Grandma…" she whispered in the air. She felt a hand on her left shoulder. She look over her shoulder to see it was Dr. Wilmer. Her ash eyes burned with gentleness like her smile. "Visiting hours are over, Ms. Saga."

"Oh" She whispered.

The sixteen year-old put on her brown over coat and put her red bag over her left shoulder. The doctor lead Saga outside the hospital. "Are you coming tomorrow?" The doctor asked. She nodded. "Yeah. I promised Grandma I would after work."

"Ok, you better get home before dark. I can see the sun going down now."

Saga looked in the sky. "Oh! You're right. Well I'll see you later Dr. Wilmer." She began to run to home. "Don't forget next week, you get to take the cast off your wrist." The doctor called to the girl.

"All right." She said as she ran into the streets of Muhlenberg, trying to get home before dark.

She was halfway home as the sky became black and the snow began to fall. In a gentle manner, it touched the surface of the sidewalk and roads. Slowly covering everything in snow. She couldn't help but smile a little at the sight. Its truly a beautiful scene. The snow falling looked fairly familiar to her but she couldn't put her finger on it. She felt a little better than she did due to what been happening to her in the last few months.

She look at the right side and the smile on her face faded. There was a boy about her age with her friend, Norma. His arm was around her shoulders. He smile at her as she blushed and giggled uncontrollably. His hazel eyes stared at her with lust and nothing more but the girl didn't notice. She look away from them, feeling disgusted. He acted just like a typical teenager with no regrets. How could he after what he did two months ago? She walked past them without them noticing her due they were so into each other. She stared at the ground as she walked, rubbing her cast wrist with each step she made.

When she got home, the feet of the snow had gotten bigger. Maybe three to five feet. Home was quiet since her grandmother was in the hospital. She went straight to her room. Before she open her bedroom door, she heard the faint sound of a piccolo being played. "What…" She opened the door to see something she never thought of seeing again.

Standing outside the closed window stand was a fairy with long pink hair and one set of green wings playing the piccolo. She wore a snow bunny hat and a long-sleeved pure white dress that showed her shoulders. Around her neck was a white brooch, hanging from it was a very large blue snowflake-shaped jewel. Her snow bunny purse was now tied to her hips. The left part of her dress was pin up near the hip revealing dark blue Capri pants with one white snowflake pattern on the left side of her pants and Dior white and blue boots.

It looked like her yet it didn't.

She couldn't help but she say it. "S-Sugar?"

The snow fairy stopped playing her piccolo when she heard her name. She opened her blue eyes and turn around to look into the window and saw a familiar human she hasn't seen in ages. "Saga?"