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"Crimson Blade" –people talking

'Crimson Blade' –people thinking

"Crimson Blade" – Zanpakutō speaking

'Crimson Blade' – Zanpakutō thinking

"Crimson Blade" – inner hollow speaking

'Crimson Blade' – inner hollow thinking



The two jutsu clashed as the wind swirled around Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. They both pushed more and more chakra into their jutsu hoping to overpower the other. Before to long though Sasuke was able to push Naruto back and stab him in his chest while, Naruto was only able to create a slash mark on Sasuke's headband.

Naruto's eyes widened as the pain came crashing into him and he could do nothing but, fall back to earth, crashing into the solid ground. Sasuke limped over to his ex-best friend and looked down at him with no emotion showing on his face before his eyes turned crimson with a flower in the center of each one.

He watched Naruto's body for a minute before a single tear fell from his eye. A tear of blood. Sasuke Uchiha looked to the forest then back at Naruto before disappearing into the forest.

Had he looked back he would have seen the seal on his stomach glow before Naruto vanished never to be seen in the Elemental Nation ever again.

The shinigami, the death god, looked down at the boy who had appeared before him. He had watched him since he sealed the Kyuubi No Kitsune into him. He saw his life from beginning to his end. Dying trying to bring back his friend.

"What should I do with him though? Since I sealed the fox into him he is my responsibility."

The god though it over for a bit before an idea came to him.

"That could work. That fool Aizen keeps trying to get to me and is causing problems in Soul Society. Before that though let's do something with that mangy fox."

The god nodded to himself before he pushed his hand into Naruto's body and then pulled it out along with what looked like an evil crimson red orb. He then took both hands and proceeded to rip the orb in half. An orb now lay in each hand. One was a deep scarlet that radiated evil, while the other was a beautiful crimson that radiated warmth, kindness, and love.

The god then placed the evil feeling orb into Naruto's body and then the crimson one followed. Once both orbs were in his body the hole in his body began to heal. After a few minutes the hole was close and the death god was smiling happily.

"Yes. You will be great someday Naruto Uzumaki. For now though I will send you to your new home. Soul Society."

A black substance surrounded Naruto before it and he both vanished leaving a happy god alone to watch the show.

Naruto groaned and muttered to himself as he got up. He lazily looked around while his eyes adjusted to the morning light. He saw that he was in a nice looking village or town. He stood and noticed that he had on a black pair of pants and a red shirt along with traveling sandals.

Once he finished looking over himself he headed towards the nearest store. When he arrived he saw that it was a food stand. He ignored the loud grumble from his stomach before asking the owner, "hey can you tell me where I am sir?"

Said person was snapped out of his thoughts before he focused his attention on the kid in front of him. His eyes saddened slightly when he noticed how young he was. He shook it off before answering.

"Sure sonny. You are in what is called Soul Society. This just happens to be the fourth district of Rukongai. Now the Rukongai is the biggest part of Soul Society because it has 320 districts."

He looked at Naruto to see if he was still with him and when he was sure that he was he continued.

"Now Soul Society if a place where people go when they die. I guess you could kind of call this place heaven."

"So I'm dead."

The store owner/keeper looked at the blond kid to see that he was slightly confused and a little panicked.

"Yo. Calm down sonny. This is a truly good place to live. Also you don't have to worry about eating. That is unless you have Reiryoku (Spiritual Power)."

Naruto nodded and thought over what he had learned before asking a question.

"What is this Reiryoku?"

The old man thought about how he should explain this before giving up and just decided to tell him what he was told when he came here.

"Well you see there are people that are called shinigami. They are able to use this "energy" to do things that are like "spells" and they also have swords that every shinigami has. These people live in what is called Seireitei (court of pure souls). That is over there."

He pointed behind Naruto who turned to see white buildings surrounding what looked like a huge hill which was connected to a huge building.

"That is where shinigami work to protect us all and defeat the hollows. Now hollow are soul that have gone bad, I guess you could say. They eat other soul to live and some do it just to have fun. Any way where was? Oh, yeah. They also have an academy that anyone with reiryoku can go to learn how to control their power."

Naruto nodded and sorted through all that he learned before he thought of something.

"Why do you have to learn how to control your power? It's not like it will hurt anyone, right?"

The man looked at Naruto before answering.

"Well if don't learn to control your power you could release what is called reiatsu (spiritual pressure). This pressure can hurt people who do not have reiyoku. It presses down on people and if you are not strong enough it will hurt you."

Naruto nodded. Liking this shinigami deal the more he learned. He even had to suppress a smile so that he would get carried away and act like an idiot. He though this over before deciding that he would like to be a shinigami.

"Where can I find this academy?"

The old man looked at him before bursting out laughing. When he was calmed down he answered the now angry Naruto.

"Kid did you not listen. You have to have reiryoku to go to the academy and to have reiryoku you have to be hungry."

"But I am hungry."

The man looked at him carefully before asking, "and why are you just now telling me this?"

Naruto scratched the back of his neck as he answered nervously, "well I only became hungry a little while ago after I looked at your food."

He continued to look into Naruto's eyes before nodding and going into the back room. He returned minutes later with what looked like dangos. He handed them to Naruto who looked hesitant to take them but, a nod from the old man let him know that he could have them.

After he was finished the owner took the plate from Naruto and began to clean it as he spoke.

"You just so happen to be lucky. Today some shinigami are coming for the annual look out for new recruits. They should be over by that gate."

Naruto followed his finger to see a gate behind a row of houses. He could even hear some people talking and arguing. Naruto nodded and thanked the old man before heading towards the gate. When he arrived he found people in what looked like a Japanese battle kimono. (it's the bleach out the shinigami wear not sure what it is called just go with it for now)

He was with in hearing distance he hear one the shinigami, at least he thought it was a shinigami since he had a sword on his hip, say, "alright if you think you can be a shinigami you need to stand in a line and repeat what a say."

When everyone was in the line he spoke, "now. I am going to say the lowest level Kidō spell that shinigami learn. I want you to repeat it and concentrate on your middle and pointer finger. You are to point at the shinigami that is in front of you and try to get it to work."

He then said the incantation and waited for everyone to remember it before telling them that they could give it a try.

Naruto pointed his two needed fingers and his shinigami target and started.

"Bakudō (way of binding) 1: Crawling Rope!"

A crimson rope shot from Naruto's fingers and wrapped around the shinigami completely restraining him. Naruto grinned to himself before he thought about what happened. When he said the words he felt like energy was going into his finger and changing into the rope. He smiled when he realized that this meant that he indeed had this reiryoku.

"Alright, everyone who was able to do it please cut the connection to the spell and come with us. If you failed you are to go home and try again if you wish next time."

Naruto frowned. How was he supposed to cut the connection? He finally just shrugged and stopped the energy flow to his hand. He smiled when it worked.

When the group arrived at the academy the shinigami turned them over to the principle. He sorted through paper before handing one to everyone.

"These will be your schedules and it also has your room number on it. Class starts in 3 days. Good luck and I hope you do well."

They nodded before going their separate ways. Naruto headed out to look for his room and found it 5 minutes later. He pushed the door open and entered. After he closed the door behind him he looked around. He saw two beds, two desks, and two closets. Their also appeared to be two bathrooms.

He saw that the bed on his left was already taken as it had stuff on it so he went ahead and unpacked the clothes that the principle gave the group when they arrived. When he had finished he heard the door open and saw a red headed teen walk in. Naruto saw that he also had black tribal tattoos on his upper body and his hair was tied up in a pony tail along with a black head band wrapped around his forehead.

The red head walked towards his bed when he sensed some one in the room. He spun around to see Naruto sitting on the other bed that was in the room.


Naruto chuckled at his nervousness before saying, "Hello. My name is Naruto Uzumaki.

"Renji Abarai."

Naruto nodded before saying, "good to meat you. Do you know how long we have to stay here?"

Renji nodded before answering his question.

"Yeah. It is 6 years."

Naruto's jaw dropped. 6 years? They had to stay here for 6 years. Naruto groaned as he flopped onto his bed. Renji chuckled at his roommate's expression.

"Any way when class starts I want to introduce you to some of my friends."

Naruto smiled at him and nodded before looking out the window. It was dark out. Naruto sighed before getting ready for bed and Renji followed his lead. Soon they were both fast asleep.

"Renji. You need to get up class starts soon."

Said person groaned and mutter about needing sleep. He got anyways and Naruto swore that he said that the little black devil would get him if he was late. Naruto just chuckled at his friend's attitude with the morning.

Soon they were both head to their first which they both had together. When they entered Renji headed over to a group of three people that were talking. When they were closer Naruto could make out their appearance.

They all wore the school uniform, as it was mandatory, but he could see that they did not mind. Unlike himself as he hated it.

One of them was fairly tall, just slightly shorter then Naruto, himself. He had shoulder length light yellow hair but, part of it the front covered his left eye. He seemed slightly quiet and shy from the other two.

The next one was only about 5' tall. She had dark hair that was tied up into a bun and seemed like a fun person as she was smiling and laugh at something the girl next to her said.

The next girl had black hair except one of her bangs was directly in between her eyes. She was also just barely shorter than the dark haired girl.

"Hey guys I want you to meet my roommate."

The dark haired girl smiled and held out her hand as she spoke.

"Hi my name is Momo Hinamori. It is nice to meet you."

"Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto shook her hand before shaking the blond boy's.

"Izuru Kira."

"Rukia Kuchiki."

Naruto looked at the black haired girl when she spoke and nodded politely at her. Momo then asked what their schedules were. They all looked at them to see that they all had the same classes.

1st – history

2nd – Zanjutsu (Swordsmanship)

3rd – Kidō (Demon Arts)

4th – hakuda (Hand-to-hand combat)

5th – Meditation

6th – Shunpo (Flash Step)

"All right. We are all together for the next 6 years."

Naruto smiled at Momo happily before they all started talking about the upcoming years.

(6 Years Later)

"Alright everyone calm down. Now when your name is called I want you to come and sit in the middle of this circle that we have drawn. It will help with the manifestation of your Zanpakutō when you enter your inner world."

Naruto tuned out the rest of the principles speech. They were currently in the Zanjutsu room as it was the biggest room in the building. They were getting their Zanpakutō today as it was graduation day. Tomorrow they would be sorted into one of the divisions.

He, Renji, Rukia, and Momo had not changed much except for him. He had lost all his baby fat and the bangs on the side of his face had grown to just below his eyes. They had gotten closer though. They would each help each other in their work and would also have fun together when they had no classes.

"Renji Abarai."

Naruto watched as Renji sat in the circle and went to get his sword. There was one thing though that he did not tell his friends. He had already met his sword's spirit. He even had spent every sleeping moment with her so that he could know her better.

"Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto stood and headed to the circle. When he sat down he immediately entered his inner world.

(Inner world)

When Naruto opened his eyes he was greeted with a beautiful field with a lake, flowers, and his favorite a big tree that had crimson petals. He stood and looked around for his Zanpakutō. He didn't see her around and frowned but, it changed into a smile when he felt a familiar weight and two very soft pillow push onto his back. He couldn't stop the slight blush that appeared on his face. He still could not get use to her doing this.

"Hello. Are you glad to see me again?" Naruto asked as his blush stayed in place.

He knew that she was smiling. Naruto felt her unwrap her arms from his neck and he turned to look at her. She was a vision of beauty.

She was slightly shorter than his with crimson hair that flowed down her back like a waterfall. She wore a dress that went down to her ankles along with a slit on the right side that went up to her thigh. The dress also showed off her curves and her D-cup breasts. She also had 9 crimson tails, with black tips, that came out of her tailbone along with crimson fox ears on her head also with black tips.

The one thing that he loved most of all though was her eyes. Her beautiful crimson eyes. He could just stare into them all day. Which in fact he did on many nights.

"Yes I am. Though I am sure that this is a business visit."

"He smiled before replying, "For now."

She smiled as well before saying, "you know what to do. I have already given you permission to use me as you choose."

Naruto shook his head as he realized what she meant by that.

"Some other time. I did promise to take you for myself when I was ready."

Her smile took a seductive turn as she walked away.

"I know and I will be waiting for you when you do. I even have the bed ready for you."

Naruto shook his head with a chuckle along with his blush increasing and his pants getting tighter as he watch her very firm butt sway as she walked away.

'She has a fine ass.'

"Yes I do."

Naruto chuckled as he left his inner world.

(Real World)

When he came to he felt a slight weight on his lap. He looked down to see a katana lying in his lap. It looked like a regular katana except that it was slightly longer then a normal one and the blade was crimson red. The guard was also different as it was in the shape of a 9 pointed star. The handle was crimson.

He smiled at his blade as he put it in his sheath that had appeared next to him. After tying it to his waist he joined his friends. He took time to look and see what their swords looked like.

Momo's was a regular katana with the guard being a five-petal flower designs stamped on the rectangular cross guard with a light red handle.

Izuru's was a plain looking katana. Though he could see that the cross guard was a normal rectangular one, with only an omega design on the top and bottom half.

Rukia's was a normal katana with a rectangular tsuba with inward-curved edges and a reddish-brown handle.

And last, but not least, was Renji's. It was a normal katana but, has a rectangular bronze hand guard with a jagged design to it and a red handle.

"This is awesome. We finally get to be in the 13 Court Guard Squads."

Naruto smiled at his friend's excitement.

"Yes it is Renji-san. I personally want to be in the 10th division."

Momo looked at him and asked, "Why do you want to be in the 10th squad, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto chuckled as he messed with her hair as a brother or a sister would do.

"Why so that I can keep an eye on Hitsugaya-taicho (means captain) and Rangiku-chan, Momo-chan."

Momo smiled at him as she said, "thank you for trying to look out for them. I have trouble doing it by myself. As for the divisions I would like to go to the 5th division."

Naruto frowned slightly at that. As Momo talked to Renji, and Rukia, as Izuru was studying his sword, Naruto thought about the 5th division. He had nothing personal against the division but, it was Aizen-taicho that bothered him.

He just got this strange feeling. Like Aizen was not to be trusted, or that he was not who he was supposed to be. He tended to trust his instinct and was slightly tense if Aizen was near.

He dismissed this line of thought for now and rejoined his friends, who had started towards his and Renji's room, to talk and have fun till tomorrow and they were separated for the a little bit.

Naruto smiled as he looked forward to the future and to working with his Zanpakutō.

"And I you, my beloved."

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