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"Crimson Blade" –people talking

'Crimson Blade' –people thinking

"Crimson Blade" – Zanpakuto speaking

'Crimson Blade' – Zanpakuto thinking

"Crimson Blade" – inner hollow speaking

'Crimson Blade' – inner hollow speaking


Naruto let out a grunt as he blocked a slash from his Zanpakuto, Oinari. He pushed her back before thrusting his sword at her mid section. She did an elegant turn to dodge it while slashing her sword down upon him. He quickly used shunpo to dodge before pointing one of his tails at her.

"Bakudo 61: Six Rod Prison of Light."

The six panels of light slammed into Oinari's mid section before he once again used shunpo to get right next to her. He raised his sword before bringing it down in an over head swing. However in the time it took him to get there was enough time for her to break out and block before using all nine tailed to smash into his gut. It knocked the wind out of him and allowed the fox goddess to deliver a punch to his face; rocketing him into the wall.

He let out another grunt as he pulled himself out of the wall. He raised his sword to continue but, Oinari sheathed her sword before walking over to him.

"That is enough for now Naru-kun. We will continue in 5 minutes. So rest."

Naruto nodded before he laid against the wall as his sword returned to its sealed state. As his energy returned to him he turned to watch Ichigo fight against his own Zanpakuto spirit. An old man with a tattered black cloak and wavy black hair. He also wore sun glasses and had a small amount of facial hair.

The old man, or Zangetsu as he learn he was called, had made a different test that he was to pass. Ichigo had to find his Bankai sword, or his sword that was made to fight, and beat him with it. Naruto though liked his own test though, as it was easier to do. As he only had to beat Oinari in an all out fight. While Ichigo had to fight him while also finding his Bankai. So yea he liked his test better.

Naruto turned to his spirit but, before he could speak a small explosion interrupted him. He, along with everyone else, looked at the smoke cloud. They tensed as they heard someone coming towards them. Once the cloud disappeared though, Naruto grinned.

"Renji, how did you find this place?" Naruto asked his friend as he walked over.

Renji grinned at him as well before saying, "I followed you here one day and I train here when you don't."

Naruto nodded before asking, "So what are you here for"

Naruto frowned when Renji turned serious.

"The Central 46 have moved up Rukia's execution."

Naruto turned serious as well and he saw that Ichigo had a serious look on as well.

"When is it now?"

Renji hesitated and Naruto felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.


Naruto's and Ichigo's eyes widened before their faces fell. The other looked at them with concern before Naruto silently released his Zanpakuto. They both looked up. Naruto's eyes glowed a rose color, like his reiatsu, while Ichigo's glowed blue, like his own reiatsu. They then spoke as one.

"Then I will attain Bankai today."

With that Naruto charged towards Oinari while Ichigo picked up a new sword before charging Zangetsu. As the four fought Renji turned to Yoruichi.

"Do you think we can do it?"

Yoruichi nodded as she watched the two boys fight their Zanpakuto spirits.

"Yes, if you train like these two then you three will attain Bankai. At least I believe you all will."

Renji nodded before saying, "Well then. I better get started."

With that he walked off as a baboon with a snake for a tail appeared next to him. Yoruichi watched him go before she chuckled.

"Yes these three will go far, especially Naruto-kun and Ichigo."

Yes, she new those two would go far. She could feel their immense spiritual power, though Naruto had a much better control over his. She still had to say that he had a larger amount then Ichigo.

'Though, that might change later on when Ichigo gains the ability to use his mask.'

She knew that Ichigo was a Vizard as, Kisuke told her about the mask that had appeared on his face when he came out of the shaft. Once he had control of that he would be able to beat Naruto.

If only she knew that Naruto was also a Vizard and the power that his own hollow mask would give him.


"We are here today for the execution of Rukia Kuchiki for giving her powers to a human. Do you have any last wishes?" The Captain Commander rumbled as he looked at Rukia, who was standing in front of a large wooden structure.

In two lines behind them stood several captains and lieutenants. The captains who came to the execution were the Captain Commander himself, as was mandatory, Soifon, Retsu Unohana, Byakuya Kuchiki, and Shunsui Kyoraku. Along with these captains were their lieutenants Chojiro Sasakibe, Marechiyo Omae, Isane Kotetsu, and Nanao Ise.

"Yes Captain." Rukia said.


Hold up you bastard. We all can't fly." Ichigo yelled at Naruto, who was floated up above him as they headed towards Sokyoku Hill, as Yoruichi went ahead of them.

Naruto chuckled as he said, "well then boy you need to learn and didn't Yoru-chan give you that cloak that lets you fly, at least until you learn that is.

Naruto chuckled again when Ichigo turned slightly red, as he had forgotten about it in his anger at Naruto.

"Shut up!" He called out as he grabbed the cloak before putting it on.

"Oh come on are you still mad that I beat you?"

You see once Naruto and Ichigo had learned Bankai they decided to fight each other to get use to their Bankai at least a little before running off to fight. In that fight Ichigo learned something very important.

Experience wins against potential every time.

Naruto won both fights they had though; Naruto had to say that Ichigo and he both had interesting Bankais. Yoruichi had said that she had not seen anything like them, especially Naruto's. Though Naruto was slightly put off when she said it made him look cute.

He was not cute damn it.

"Of course not. I am mad that you rubbed it in my face."

Naruto only chuckled before turning serious.

"We better hurry. They should be starting soon."

Ichigo turned serious too before nodding and rising into the sky.

"Let's go."

With that they flew to Sokyoku Hill.


"Very well, your request will be done."

Rukia smiled at the commander as she felt a weight lifted off her chest.

"That is cruel." Isane said.

"It is not, Isane," Unohana spoke up, "If the commander had told her that he would have to deny her request her would not be able to die in peace. This way she is able to die in peace."

Isane nodded slowly before turning back to the general. The commander nodded at the four people surrounding the Sokyoku, which was a large halberd. The four nodded back before they began saying a chant. When it was finished the ropes evaporated as Rukia was raised up to the top of the gate by three blocks that held her in a crucified stance.

The captains and lieutenants watched as reiatsu exploded from the halberd along with fire. Before long it took the form of a giant phoenix. The phoenix let out a loud cry before charging at Rukia, with its beak aimed at her heart.

Rukia closed her eyes and waited for death to take her, as he had made peace with herself. After several seconds of not feeling anything she hesitantly opened her eyes. They however flew open when she spotted Ichigo blocking the phoenix with his huge clever.


Rukia stared in disbelief before it turned to anger.

"You idiot! Are you truly a fool? There are captains here. You will die here if you do not stop this."

Ichigo opened his mouth to say something but, was interrupted by another familiar voice.

"Come on Rukia-chan. You should know the rules of Soul Society better than anyone. You should have known that the commander was lying to you. They were going to kill all the ryoka and traitors."

Rukia turned to see Naruto Uzumaki floating next to her. He smiled at her before turning at looking at the phoenix that and reared back to try again. Naruto watched as Ichigo prepared to take on the phoenix when Naruto sensed a familiar spiritual pressure. A small smile appeared on his face when a black rope wrapped around the flaming bird before hitting the ground again.

Naruto, Ichigo, and Rukia looked down and saw Jushiro Ukitake and Shunsui Kyoraku holding a shield that had the Shihoin family symbol on it with their swords in two slots on the shield. Before anyone could do anything spiritual power from both of the captains raced up to the bird before vanquishing the flames and returning the weapon back to its sealed form.

Ichigo used the distraction to flip over to the beam that was above Rukia. He pulled out his sword and raised it above his head. Before Rukia could protest, Ichigo thrusted his sword into the wood. Spiritual power exploded from him and destroyed the beam and Rukia's restarts.

Once it died down Naruto saw that Ichigo now held Rukia on his shoulder.

"I told you I was going to save you, no matter what. Now just shut up and deal with it."

A small smile came to Rukia's face before she muttered, "Idiot."

Naruto let out a chuckle before sensing a familiar spiritual pressure. He along with Ichigo and Rukia turned and looked towards the ground to see a heavily bandaged Renji enter the clearing.


Rukia called out in happiness and relief, as she had sensed his spiritual pressure fall dangerously low before she was taken to Sokyoku Hill. Naruto and Ichigo both were relived as well as they too had sensed the fall in his spiritual pressure.

"Hey Renji!"

Ichigo yelled out, drawing the attention of the captains and lieutenants who had been watching the captains of the 8th and 13th squads.

Ichigo raised Rukia above his head while ignoring her question of what he was doing before yelling out, "Catch!"

Renji's eyes widened when Ichigo proceeded to throw Rukia at him. He panicked slightly before opening his arms and catching her, which smashed them both into the ground. Once they had recovered they got up and proceeded to yell at Ichigo.



"I leave Rukia in your charge Renji. Protect her with your life." Ichigo spoke up interrupting their yelling.

Renji nodded seriously before picking up Rukia bridal style, despite her protests, before quickly running away from the executing hill.

"Well, what are you doing? I want all lieutenants after him. Bring back both of them." Soifon ordered when none of the lieutenants did anything.

The lieutenants looked towards their captains for confirmation which they nodded to before rushing after Renji. They did not get far however, as Ichigo used shunpo to appear in front of them with Naruto appearing behind him. The lieutenants quickly decided to release their Shikai's in order to deal with, as they were confident that their numbers would put them at an advantage.

"Crush, Gegetsuburi (Five Heads)." Marechiyo roared as his sword turned into a long chain with an oversized spiked ball attached to the end.

"Bite, Gonryomaru (Solemn Spirit)." Chojiro called out calmly as his sword turned in a rapier.

"Run, Itegumo (Frozen Cloud)." Isane called out as her sword grew two smaller blades out of the bottom of the blade at a 45 degree angle.

With their Shikai's activated they charged at Ichigo with confidents. As they did so, Ichigo stabbed his sword into the ground before slamming his hand through Marechiyo's spiked ball and into his stomach, surprising and knocking him unconscious. Using the surprise created from him taking out Marechiyo so easily he sent an upper cut to Chojiro's chin before sending a palm thrust to Isane stomach, knocking them both out of the fight as well.

"Show off." Naruto muttered as he watched Ichigo take out the three lieutenants. Though he did feel a twinge of gilt he knew that he needed to save Rukia. Not only because her sentence was wrong but, he also believed that there was something more to this then what he was seeing.

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Byakuya headed towards Ichigo. He didn't have to worry though, as Ichigo was able to grab his clever and block his strike. While continued to fight Naruto looked over at the captains just in time to see an orange blur tackle Soifon over the edge just as she was about to rush him.

He also saw Yamamato shunpo away with Ukitake and Kyoraku, to fight if he had guess as they had stopped the execution. With them gone he turned his attention to the only captain left on the hill, Retsu Unohana.

"Greeting Captain Unohana, lovely day isn't it?"

Said captain raised one of her elegant eye brows before asking, "You seem pretty relaxed for someone who has, by law, turned traitor to Seireitei, Uzumaki-kun."

Naruto chuckled. He had always liked Unohana. He did not what it was that he liked about her, he believed though, that it was her motherly like attitude and kind nature.

"Ah I am, but I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen at it will explain this situation."

Unohana frowned at that. Naruto always seemed to have a six sense when something bad was going to happen, no matter how small. That is so long as it surrounded the people he knew. As she thought about what he said she walked over and revived the three lieutenants that the Kurosaki boy had knocked unconscious. Once done she turned to Isane.

"Isane-chan, come with me I want to check something."

"But what about Naruto-san?" She asked while pointing to said boy, who was watching Ichigo's fight with little interest.

Unohana smiled as she continued walking.

"Do not worry, Isane-chan. If what Naruto said is true then all will be explained soon."

Isane nodded as she followed her captain. Naruto turned to the two other Lieutenants.

"Chojiro-san, Marechiyo-san while I cannot give you orders and I am a traitor by law I would like for you to leave here so that Ichigo and Byakuya can continue their fight. However do not go too far I have a feeling that something will happen latter on this hill."

Naruto could see that they didn't want to listen to him but, could see that the fight was escalating so they did as Naruto suggested, since they knew that they could not beat the Uzumaki.

Naruto watched them go be whispering, "why do I have a feeling that things are going to go very bad."


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Name: Oinari (Fox Goddess)

Shikai Spirit Appearance: Oinari's spirit takes the shape of a goddess like women with red hair that falls down to her mid back like a waterfall. She wears a crimson kimono that falls down to her ankles and has a slit going up her right leg to her thigh. She has a beautiful hourglass like figure with curves and D cup breasts. To top it off she has nine crimson fox tails that come out of her tail bone and crimson fox ears on her head. The tips of her tails and ears are both black. However her most noticeable trait is her crimson colored eyes.

Sealed Appearance:

Oinari's sealed state looks like a katana but, is longer than normal. Her guard is in the shape of a nine pointed star with the handle being crimson in color.

Shikai Appearance:

The sword has the appearance of a Daito or Japanese Long Sword. The blade is still the same beautiful red that is was in its sealed state but, the handle gains nine crimson tails that come out of the handle's, which is still crimson, pommel, which are also crimson. The guard for the sword now takes the shape of a fox symbol.

Shikai Abilities:

Shinkou Aranami (Deep Crimson Raging Wave):

An attack that Naruto uses with Oinari, Naruto channels reiatsu into Oinari then swings his sword at his opponent, while simultaneously focusing the reiatsu at the tip of the sword. Once the reiatsu is at max focus Naruto releases the energy, creating a wave shaped energy attack.

Kurenai Enchou (Crimson Dome):

A defense ability that Oinari possesses, Oinari can create a crimson sphere around Naruto, shielding him from most attacks. If enough power is used though, then the barrier will break therefore failing. It is able to stop any attack for at least a few seconds, which can let Naruto evade or block the attack.


Naruto is able to harden the nine tails that come from Oinari's pommel and attack or stab the enemy or multiple opponents. Naruto is also able to channel Kido spells though the tails. This allows Naruto to fire up to 10 spells at once, 9 from his tails and 1 from his hands, as he must keep Oinari in his grip at all times.

Oinari's Shikai also increases Naruto's speed and power while active. While it is only about two to three times as much it still puts him at an advantage when fighting more experienced lieutenants and a few captains.