Hugo lay awake, pondering the events of the day, until he heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps on the stairs. He held his breath as they approached his door and stopped—this time he wasn't imagining it. He waited for the doorknob to turn, but instead the treading began again, moving down the hallway until another door opened and closed.

Hugo punched his bed in frustration. He almost wished James would just come in and rail at him. At least he would be able to tell him that he wasn't interested in his damned girlfriend and things could go back to normal between them.

Hugo sat up abruptly. Lily was right. It was past time for everything to be out in the open. He thrust his blankets aside and got to his feet before striding determinedly toward the door. Once there, he pulled it open, snagging his pyjama sleeve on the handle, as he did at least twice a week.

He cursed himself and tugged it free before stalking down the hall and pushing James' door open without knocking. "James, we need to—"

Hugo's words turned into an unintelligible strangled noise. James stood in the light of a single candle, barefoot, clad in jeans that he had unzipped as he tugged at his unbuttoned shirt. James shot him a glare as he finished removing the shirt, shrugging it off of his muscular arms and tossing it toward the end of the bed.

"Stellar knocking ability, Hugo," James said.

"I… I just…" Hugo tried, but his brain could not seem to locate words as his eyes slid over James' torso, taking in the sculpted line of his chest and his amazing abs. For someone who no longer played Quidditch, James still had the body of an athlete.

"How is Bethany?" James asked with an edge of something dark to his voice.

Hugo swallowed and steeled his resolve. "That's what I'm here to talk to you about, James," he said severely.

James held up a hand. "Don't bother. It's obvious you like her and you're worried about what I might think. Don't be. You two make a fine couple and if I seem to be acting like an arse, well, it's only because… because…"

Hugo frowned and shook his head. "What are you talking about? I don't want Bethany."

James' head snapped up and he stared at Hugo. "What?"

"I said I don't want Bethany, you arse. I don't think she wants me, either, she's just very affectionate and sort of clingy, and I'm sure she's in love with you, because who wouldn't be? In fact, I know how she feels, which is what I wanted to tell you, only I'm not doing a very good job of it." Hugo sighed and shrugged. "Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Goodnight, James." He turned and started for the door.

"Wait, Hugo, what are you saying?" James asked and the soft tone of his voice was like a knife twisting in Hugo's gut. He cringed, but paused a few steps from the door, wishing James wouldn't force him to spell it out.

"Merlin, James," he snapped. "How bloody obvious do I have to be? I like you, all right? You! I know you're a bloke, and my cousin, and our fathers would probably Avada Kedavra me if they survived the shock, but that's how I feel, okay? And it doesn't matter, anyway, because you and Bethany—"

"Hugo," James said quietly and Hugo heard him approach. "Merlin, Hugo."

He felt James' fingers ghost over his shoulder, trailing downward, and he shivered for a moment, and then James pressed against his back and curved an arm around his waist, pulling him tightly to James' torso. Hugo's breath left him in surprise when James' warm lips touched his neck.

"Hugo, there never was any me and Bethany. In fact, it appears I've been something of a blind idiot," James whispered, sending a shiver coursing down Hugo's spine. A ragged gasp drew air back into his lungs when James placed open mouthed kisses from his collarbone up to his ear.

Godric, he thought in amazement. James is kissing me. For only a moment, he wondered if he had fallen and hit his head, and this was only a dream, but then James' arm tightened and his other hand reached up to touch Hugo's chin, tipping his head back to loll against James' shoulder.

"Hugo," James breathed and then kissed him. The first touch of James' lips against his was better than his wildest imaginings. Hugo was afraid his knees might buckle, but James' solid grip kept him upright as his lips tugged and teased at Hugo's. James tasted him slowly and thoroughly, as though he had waited a lifetime to do so.

Hugo began to recover mobility as his astonishment waned, and he reached up to touch James' hair. Merlin, it was so soft. James groaned and then loosened his grip on Hugo's waist, only to urge him into turning with a gentle push against his hip. Hugo needed no further incentive. He turned around, only breaking the kiss long enough to fit himself against James and wrap his arms around James' neck.

Their lips met again in earnest, pushing together greedily and sliding with delicious friction. Hugo realized he had never wanted to kiss anyone else as badly as he wanted this… and it had been worth the wait. His lips parted and electric jolts sped through him as James' tongue finally slipped inside and tasted him more fully.

Hugo whimpered and clutched at him, only dimly registering that his skin was bare, and decided this was a very good thing. His hands moved of their own volition, sliding over James' warm skin, even though he could concentrate on little but the brilliant sensation of James' tongue lapping at his mouth. He thought he might combust.

James pushed a hand beneath the hem of his pyjama shirt and the contact was almost too much. Hugo made a needy sound and shifted closer. With a jolt of shock, he felt his erection touch an answering hardness, and wasn't that a glorious revelation?

James groaned into his mouth and then pulled his lips away only to trail them over the edge of Hugo's jaw, biting and nipping at him as though trying to contain his need to devour Hugo. James' hands moved away from his back to slide lower, grabbing Hugo's arse and grinding their erections together.

"Fuck," Hugo said on a gasp.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do just that," James replied thickly.

Hugo answered that amazing comment with a trail of kisses down James' throat. James tasted brilliant and felt even better, rubbing against Hugo until he worried he might come from the glorious friction alone.

James nibbled at his earlobe and Hugo laughed at the ticklish sensation.

"Am I going too fast for you, Hugo?" James asked.

Probably, Hugo thought, but he didn't care. All he cared about was the fact that James, his James, was here, holding him and touching him... "No," he said.

Despite his reply, James seemed to think otherwise. He drew back and raised both hands to cup Hugo's face and stare into his eyes. A brilliant smile curved James' lips before he laughed aloud. "I still can't believe it. I thought you wanted Bethany."

Hugo wrinkled his nose. "Definitely not. I only wanted you. Want. I want you."

James' smile disappeared and his eyes grew wide and dark. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Hugo's lips, a sweet, gentle suction that sent a rush of warmth cascading through Hugo's chest—he hadn't known it was possible to care for James even more than he had before.

James' hands left Hugo's face only to glide down his throat to caress his collarbones for a moment and then move to the buttons of Hugo's pyjama shirt. Hugo's hands rested on James' shoulders and his thumbs drew patterns while James unfastened the buttons. Hugo reluctantly let go of James only long enough to allow the shirt to slide down his arms and drop to the floor.

James splayed his hands over Hugo's chest and grinned. "Freckles," he said. "I want to kiss them all."

Hugo swallowed hard at the thought, knowing he had freckles literally everywhere. "That might take a while."

"I have time," James said and bent his head, apparently to get started. After placing several kisses on Hugo's chest, his mouth fastened on a nipple and Hugo gasped at the jolt of sensation. His hands slid into James' soft hair.

"Already distracted, I see," Hugo said.

James sucked and Hugo gasped again. "Complaining?" James asked in a purring tone and switched his attention to the other nipple.

"No," Hugo replied. "Definitely not."

James laved and suckled at Hugo's nipples until he was in real danger of coming, so Hugo tugged at James' hair and whimpered. "Merlin, James, I'm going to..."

"Just from that?" James asked and Hugo was glad to note that his voice was none too steady. "Fuck, that's hot. I'm almost tempted to keep going. Or..." James placed a hand over Hugo's throbbing cock and pressed. The added stimulation was too much; Hugo couldn't hold it. He threw his head back with a muted cry as the orgasm rocked through him. His hands clutched at James' hair and he thrust mindlessly into James' palm, seeking more stimulation. "Fuck, Hugo."

Before Hugo could recover from the blissful shudders coursing through him, he felt James' hand release his still-quivering cock and tuck his fingers into the waistband of his pyjama bottoms. He watched through half-lidded eyes as James dropped to his knees. James tugged at the damp material and gently pulled it away from Hugo's glistening prick. His eyes locked with Hugo's as he leaned forward to lick the tip, eliciting one last spurt of liquid that splashed onto James' upper lip. To Hugo's rapt amazement, James' tongue captured it as though it were sweet cream, and licked it away with a grin.

Seeing James on his knees was erotic enough, but watching—and feeling—as James licked his cock clean of every drop of his release was surely the most incredible thing Hugo had ever experienced.

"Have you ever done this before?" Hugo whispered and quivered as James lapped lightly at the too-sensitive head.

James chuckled. "Merlin, no. I've thought about it, though, doing this to you. And other things."

Hugo felt faint at the idea of other things, but even the knowledge that James had thought about doing what he was now... His fingers tightened in James' hair and he suddenly wanted to give something back, to show James that he wasn't the only one who had spent time fantasising.

"Can we move to the bed?" Hugo asked.

"Brilliant idea," James replied and then pushed Hugo's bottoms the rest of the way down. "You won't be needing these."

Hugo swallowed and stepped out of them, feeling exposed for only a moment before James got to his feet and wrapped him in an exuberant hug before squeezing one arse cheek and ending with a pinch. "Into my bed, boy," James ordered.

Hugo complied, dragging back the blankets and crawling between the sheets quickly before leaning back against the pillows to watch James finish undressing. James' Muggle jeans slipped down his muscular legs and he stepped out of them before tucking his thumbs into the pale-coloured pants he wore.

He made a seductive jiggle with his hips, knowing Hugo's eyes were fixed on the bulge beneath the tightly stretched fabric. James grinned as he lifted it away and then pushed down, revealing his cock in all its glory. Hugo's mouth watered, which he thought was an odd reaction until he considered tasting it the way James had done his. He lifted a beckoning hand.

James crawled onto the bed and pushed Hugo down for another kiss. One of Hugo's hands moved over James' back while the other found James' erect cock. He felt a rush of smug satisfaction when James moaned against his lips. It felt nice and warm and heavy in Hugo's hand and he stroked it experimentally.

James bucked into his fist and Hugo tugged a couple of times just to gauge James' reaction, which was phenomenal—he left off kissing Hugo to bury his face in the pillow and nip at Hugo's shoulder between murmurs of something that might have been Hugo's name.

Hugo rolled him over suddenly, succeeding only because James was balanced on his elbows and knees, and not expecting the movement.

"Hugo, what—?" James asked as he sprawled against the pillows. Hugo took only a moment to admire the sight—James' thick hair was messy from Hugo tugging on it and he looked altogether shaggable—before climbing between James' legs and settling himself there.

"Time to return the favour, I think," Hugo said with a grin. He fondled James' hard length for a moment and then followed the trail of his fingers with a swipe of his tongue. The sound James made seemed to reverberate through Hugo's blood and emboldened him to take it into his mouth completely.

James' hands fell into his hair and he whispered Hugo's name again, a sound that Hugo was beginning to find ridiculously thrilling. He would never have guessed that sucking cock would be an enjoyable experience, but he was pleasantly surprised. His enthusiasm probably stemmed from the noises James made, as well as the hands clenching and unclenching in his hair, the flexing of James' thighs, and the quivery movements of his abdomen. All of it combined into a unique experience that Hugo found he was willing to repeat over and over, if James was amenable.

James' panting gasps became louder and more erratic, and then he cried out, "Hugo!" and it seemed to be a warning, but by then Hugo had no intention of missing the main event. He braced himself for the explosion. When it came, it was still a bit of a shock. The taste was by no means pleasant, but he supposed he could get used to it, especially considering James hadn't complained about Hugo's flavour earlier.

Hugo swallowed as best he could and then winced when James dragged him upward by his hair in order to lick the taste out of Hugo's mouth. By the time he finished, Hugo's spent cock was beginning to perk up again.

James seemed to have more self-control than Hugo, however, because he stopped kissing him and then tucked Hugo against him after shifting them to a more comfortable position. Hugo rested his face on James' shoulder and breathed in his familiar scent, basking in the sheer joy of finally being in his arms.

"Go to sleep, Hugo," James said against his hair and pressed a kiss to the top of his head. "We both have to work tomorrow, although I'd rather spend the day in bed with you."

"Saturday?" Hugo asked hopefully.

"It's a date," James said with a chuckle.

Hugo snuggled in and gradually dropped off to sleep.


Hugo was having the most glorious dream. Someone was nibbling on his neck and their hand was creeping deliciously over his abdomen, drawing lazy circles with their fingers as they moved lower and lower.

Hugo moaned and shifted his hips, only to feel a delightful glide of skin on skin against his back—someone was spooned around him. That someone's hand finally reached its target, which was Hugo's erect cock, which had apparently been awake for some time and hoping for some attention.

"Mmmm, good morning," a husky voice murmured and Hugo's eyes snapped open as memory flooded back to him.

"James?" he asked.

"I should hope so, unless someone else took my place while you were sleeping. Of course, they would be living on borrowed time, if that was the case, because I would be forced to hunt them down."

Hugo groaned and pushed into James' fist. Merlin, what an exquisite way to wake up. He felt James' arousal against his arse cheeks and reached a hand back to squeeze James' cock.

They brought each other off languidly and then Hugo cleaned them up with a quick spell after he rolled over to face James. He lifted a hand to touch James' face and received a kiss on his palm for the effort.

"Regrets?" James asked quietly.

"I regret not confessing long ago," Hugo said with a smile.

"We will just have to make up for lost time," James replied and kissed him.

The door banged open suddenly and Lily called, "James? Have you seen—? Oh. I see you have."

"Don't you ever knock?" James yelled, nearly deafening Hugo, who was incredibly glad he had dragged the blankets back over them after using the Cleaning Charm.

"Not normally, no," Lily said. "I would miss out on all sorts of interesting things if I did that. Good morning, Hugo." Her voice was both singsong and smug.

"Morning, Lily," Hugo mumbled against James' chest.

"It's about time my dastardly plan worked. I was beginning to think you two were even bigger idiots than I gave you credit for."

Hugo rolled over to fix a stare on her. "What dastardly plan?"

She walked forward and picked up Hugo's pants from the floor. "Didn't even make it to the bed, I see. Kinky."

Hugo snatched his wand and Accioed his pants. "What dastardly plan?" he repeated.

She smirked. "The one I concocted with Bethany, of course. She was supposed to make you both ragingly jealous of one another. I see it worked." She nodded in a satisfied manner. "I will add this to my list of successful plots."

"Bethany?" James snapped in a disbelieving tone.

Lily smiled and nodded. "We've been friends since Hogwarts, although you apparently didn't know that, brother, dear. We concocted her fake symptoms, requiring you to seek out Hugo's help."

"Her symptoms were false?" Hugo asked. He felt suddenly relieved that his research wasn't shoddy, after all. No wonder there had been no rhyme or reason to her attacks. She had been playacting all along.

"Of course. She's very good, isn't she?"

James' arm tightened around Hugo's waist. "I am going to have a bloody talk with that girl," he said.

"Now, don't be cross with Bethany. She was only doing her job. She will be well paid, after all. I promised to introduce her to the entire Falmouth Falcons Quidditch team. She'll be sure to pick up at least one new stud from that meeting."

"How do you know the Falmouth Falcons?" James asked.

She rolled her eyes. "As if I'll be giving away any secrets. Anyway, I suppose I'll go out for breakfast and see myself to work this morning. Have a nice day, Hugo. James."

Lily smirked at them once more and went out, thankfully closing the door behind her. Hugo sprawled back against the pillows with a groan. "Thank Merlin she's on our side."

"I think she's on her own side. We just got lucky enough to provide her with some amusement."

"Good point," Hugo agreed. He paused. "We should get her a present."

James laughed and rolled over to cover him with his body. "We probably should," he said and kissed him.

Surprisingly, they made it out of the bedroom in time for James to make it to work. They kissed lingeringly in the kitchen one last time, drawing out the last moment that James could Apparate and not be tardy.

"What the fuck?" someone asked and Hugo broke the kiss to see who had interrupted them for the second time. Thankfully, it was only Albus… and Scorpius. Albus was gaping at them in shock.

Hugo grinned as he stepped away from James, but not too far away. "Morning, Al. Hi, Scorpius."

"Hugo. James," Scorpius said politely, because Scorpius was always unfailingly polite, in sort of a cosmic contrast to Albus.

"Were you two just…?" Albus asked and made a gesture with his fingers that was obviously meant to continue the question.

"They were definitely just, Albus," Scorpius said dryly and walked over to snag a piece of toast from the table. He spread it with raspberry jam and bit into it. Albus opened his mouth to speak, but seemed thoroughly distracted by Scorpius. Hugo shook his head with a grin. Merlin, it was amazing how the two still had it bad for each other, even after nine years in each other's near-constant company.

"Why are you two here?" James asked, catching Hugo's hand and holding it tightly.

Albus collapsed into a chair. He looked haggard. "We get to meet with Mum and Dad this morning," he explained.

James blinked at him. "We? As in you and Scorpius? Together?"

"Hugo didn't tell you? Dad found out about Score and me last night."

James looked at Hugo, who cleared his throat. "We were busy."

James snorted a laugh and Albus groaned and said, "I don't want to know."

Hugo let James tug him closer and lean in for a kiss. Albus made retching noises as the kiss deepened. "I'm off to work. See you later, Hugo. Scorpius. Have fun with the parents, Albus."

"Sod off, James, you incestuous wanker," Albus muttered.

"I love you, too, little brother." With a final squeeze of Hugo's hand and a wink, James Disapparated.

"Hugo, how could you?" Albus asked with a moan. "I was just beginning to get used to the idea of you and Lily."

Hugo snorted and turned to make one last cup of tea. "I was never interested in Lily."

"Obviously," said Scorpius. Hugo glanced at him, only to see Albus reach forward to wipe a smudge of jam away from Scorpius' lip. Scorpius caught his hand and put Albus' finger in his mouth.

Hugo turned back to his tea. Merlin. He wondered if he and James would carry on like that after such a long time. He hoped so. "At least you two can be glad of one thing," he said.

"What's that?" Albus asked in a breathy tone. Hugo didn't care to think what Scorpius might be doing to elicit that response.

"No matter what your parents say, it won't change anything, will it?" Hugo asked. He glanced over his shoulder, to find Albus staring at him, even though his fingers were still being fellated by his boyfriend.

"I suppose it won't," Albus replied, sounding a bit surprised.

"That's what I've been telling you all night," Scorpius said after releasing Albus' fingers with a pop.

Albus pouted. "It sounds smarter coming from Hugo."

"Thanks a lot, prat!"

Albus laughed. "Besides, if it gets too bad, I can bring up James and his unnatural lust for his own cousin."

Hugo groaned. "I'm going to work. Good luck, evil ones." He gulped his tea and fished around for his wand.

"Hey, Hugo?" Albus called.

"Congratulations, I guess. If you really are happy with James, I mean."

Hugo beamed at him. "Thanks, Al. I really am."

He waved at his cousin and Scorpius and Apparated away.

Hugo made it to work with time to spare. He bid Mildred a cheerful good morning and received a grunt and a suspicious stare in return. Hugo didn't care. Nothing could dim his good mood today.

He stopped by the break room and made a cup of cinnamon tea before wandering to his office to organize his day. He grinned wryly at the neat file and stack of papers that represented Bethany's "case". Lily was something else.

Movement by the door caught his eye and he glanced over, expecting Mildred, or perhaps his mother, but he was quite shocked at the sight of James, who grinned at his surprise and then strode purposefully into the room.

"I missed you, Hugo," he said throatily and pulled him into an embrace.

Hugo blinked at him, but wrapped his arms around James' neck with a smile. "Shouldn't you be at work?"

"I told them I forgot something and I'd be right back."

"What did you forget?" Hugo asked.

"This." James kissed him and even though it had only been minutes since their last kiss, Hugo gladly threw himself into it. He was breathless when James pulled back.

"Um, no, I think you remembered that at home," Hugo commented.

"Oh. Well, then, I forgot to ask if you'll have lunch with me today."

Hugo buried his face in the soft skin of James' throat. "Of course I will."

"Then it's a date," James said and kissed him again, which was the moment Hugo's mother chose to make an appearance. They didn't even notice until she cleared her throat.

Hugo gaped at her, but James did not appear fazed in the least. "Hullo, Aunt Hermione. I was just asking Hugo to lunch. See you later."

Hugo nodded as James released him and walked by Aunt Hermione, leaning over to kiss her cheek in passing. When James was gone, she raised an eyebrow.

"So. Not Lily?"

Hugo shook his head and blushed. "Never Lily, no."

To his relief she smiled. "Well, then, those spells I told you about won't be needed."

Hugo snickered. "I hope not."

She laughed and asked him a question about a case they were working on together, so Hugo turned his attention to figures and statistics, but he spared a moment to give thanks for having the best family anyone could ever ask for.

And especially the best cousins.

~THE END!~ I'll probably write the Al/Score version one day, because I love them. :D