Heyy this is my second Survivors fanfic and my first one was rubbish seriously this one will be a lot i dont really know where im going with this one but its just my take on what could happen after series 2. this chapter isnt at all actiony and more of a look into the mind and past of Tom because i dont think we know enough about him please review :) x

Tom price looked around the small dim cell he was being held in. It brought him back memories of when he was locked up before and although he would never admit it, it kind of scared him to be back. He wasn't scared for himself of course, he was scared for Anya. He knew she could take care of herself but the thought of her there without him, sent a shiver down his spine. This was love. He hadn't known that at first. Denying it whenever it came across his mind. Tom hadn't loved someone in so long he had forgotten what it felt like, but he didn't remember it as being as strong as this.

As he looked back through his life he realised why. He had never known his parents and had been brought up in a range of different care homes, always getting moved along when they had had enough of him. When he was 16 he had met his first real friends and they had a laugh, blowing up random bottles of chemicals and playing pranks on the public. At the time it was fun, but tom wanted more. He hurt people even killed a few, and only now he was starting to feel some remorse to the people he hurt. Only now was he realising they were human beings, not just experiments for him to hurt and destroy when he felt like.

Anya had brought out a better side in him. A kinder side. He had even began to care for Najid a bit too, and even though Al got on his nerves and was a waste of space, he could begin to see his uses. Greg was Greg. The guy who wasn't afraid to admit he didn't really enjoy having tom around, but the feeling was mutual and to be honest Tom couldn't care less. Sarah had been his toy that he used whenever he wanted and when she died he hadn't felt anything at all. No sadness, no regret nothing. Abby cared about Anya so tom didn't dislike her he just couldn't say he was best buds with her either, and anya words could not sum up how he felt about her, the first person he had truly loved and in his mind she was perfect.

Landry opened the cell door and held a gun up to toms face

"out now, come on move it or I will shoot"

Tom got up and walked out the door, normally he would have pushed his luck, not afraid of death, but now he was afraid of how Anya would be without him and for that he did what he was told.

"why am I here" tom asked as the gun was pressed into the ridge of his spine, pushing him forward.

"All will be explained Tom Price, all will be explained"

Tom was pushed forward one final step and something cold came from above and knocked him out unconscious. As Tom slid into darkness he felt a sharp piece of metal being pushed into his arm.

Landry pulled Toms lifeless body from the ground and sneered " Now to see if the vaccine works"