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Abby looked at the young girl sat in front of her and sighed, it had been 3 long days since tom had been gone and Anya hadn't moved since. Abby looked at her dried out eyes from tears that had fallen, her greasy hair from where she hadn't washed and the cup of tea in her hand that had been there since they had got back. Everyone had told her she should get some sleep but Anya just kept staring at the gate where Tom would walk through if he returned. Abby had known it was dangerous for them to get too close but she hadn't imagined a reason like this.

Najid bounced in the room and announced he was going to feed the chickens, Anya Abby noticed didn't even bat an eyelash obviously beyond caring. Well it was understandable. Abby to a certain extent could understand what she was feeling. She had herself lost peter and at least with David she knew he was gone, she could accept it. But with peter, just like Tom she didn't know if he was alive or dead, she didn't know where he was and it had torn her apart. Just like it had with Anya. Abby felt she had coped slightly better than the young doctor but forced herself against saying anything.

It wouldn't be long before Anya would have to go to sleep, and then Abby would carry her through to the sofa, not strong enough to carry her upstairs. Abby sighed again and went to get Peter to help Najid with the Chickens. All Abby did know was that Anya couldn't give up hope, because she her self hadn't and she had been reunited with her son eventually.

When Tom woke up the first thing he notice was the large bright light above his eyes, he tried to move his hands to block it out the way but found he was tied down by a piece of very strong rope. He was too weak to try to fight it and closed his eyes instead, using his other senses to get a feel of his surroundings. By the feel of it he was lying on a very hard metal bed, like the one he had in prison. He was also surrounded by the smell of plastic and that was about all he could gather.

He sighed and opened his eyes, he had to squint but now he looked he could Cleary see another person in the room, wearing a rather odd white suit, which he made out had a mask and a pair of gloves. Now the light was less bright to his eyes, he realised he was in an isolation room and the white suit was simply protection. Protection against him. The had infected him with the virus and they were testing the vaccine, just like they had done with Al. Now he realised it he could feel the lump under his arm, and he felt hot and sick. Tom gulped and hoped the vaccine worked just as well on him as it did on Al. Well so much for trying to stay well for Anya.

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