Hey, It's Athena. This is a new story I'm writing. I know this chapter is confusing, but don't worry :P It will get better. Thanks for reading!

Chapter One

"Anna!" Clark yells as he bounds up to my locker, burrowing past the people standing in the hallway. I laugh as I shut my locker.

"What's so important?" I ask him, smiling.

His light brown hair is swept to the side of his face, sticking in sweat. His long, skinny legs were shaking in his jeans and his blue t-shirt was baggy. His alabaster skin was sheen, glistening drops of sweat threatening to fall over his cheeks. His dark ocean blue eyes were shining as they looked over me.

"Did you just come back from track practice?" I ask slyly. He nods his head, breathing heavily.

I smack his shoulder. "Go home and change!"

"No," he breathes.

I roll my eyes. "Fine. What's up?"

He holds his finger up to stop me. I purse my lips tightly as he catches his breath.

"Okay," He breathes, gaining control of his breathing. "I was wondering if you had our history homework. I forgot to do it."

I laugh. Clark was always forgetting his homework. "Let me see," I say, counting in my head the academic classes I shared with him. "Do you also need our Calculus and English homework too?"

He scowls. "Maybe the Calculus. But I'll get it from someone else."

"Okay. Here, let me get the worksheet for history out. It's not too hard. Just give it back to me at lunch, okay? I have English right after."

He nods his head and tears the paper from my hands as I fish it out of my backpack. "Jerky much?" I mutter. He ignores me.

"Thanks Anna. See you at lunch." He pecks me on the cheek and runs off towards his first period class. I laugh.

Clark and I weren't dating, but we had been close friends since kindergarten. Almost biological twins, so to speak.

I had had sleepovers with Clark many times before. It wasn't awkward because I was a girl and he was a guy. We were just really good friends. We would share the same bed and I would huddle up towards him, because he was always so warm.

But we were no more than friends. I had made that clear, and he knew it. Although I had a nagging feeling that he wanted it to be more, I wouldn't let it be.

I wasn't ready for a relationship, not yet.

The bell rang through the hallway, dragging me out of my thoughts. I jumped slightly and ran towards science. I had to push my way through the scattering people that were scrambling through the hall. Since I was fairly small in height and weight, I got pushed around a lot.

I pushed open the science door quickly and sprinted to my seat as Mr. Banks started his lesson. Luckily, his back was turned when I ran in, so I had a safe sprint to my seat before he saw me reaching into my bag to retrieve my notebook and pencil.

"Today I'm going to go over the theory of DNA," Mr. Banks droned in his scratchy, low voice.

Mr. Banks was a stout, short man. His head was balding with only a few light, wispy hairs falling here and there. His round glasses magnified his gray eyes, almost enough to give him the appearance of a bug. Mr. Banks wasn't the fittest man, but he wasn't incredibly overweight.

He trotted around the room, passing out papers to the class. When he got to my table, I saw a diagram of DNA.

This was going to be a hard unit to learn.


I was gasping in relief as I stumbled out of the science room. None of the class had understood a word Mr. Banks said. He wasn't what you would call the best teacher.

I look down at my folded schedule to see my next class was English. I actually didn't mind English. Our teacher, Ms. Flow, was spontaneous and slightly crazy. Her class was always interesting.

When I reached the classroom, I looked around for Clark. He was sitting in the back row in the corner. I smile at him as he waves and walk back towards him.

Setting down my bag, I rummage for a piece of gum. I find a large pack of minty Trident.

"Can I have a piece?" Clark asks, his blue eyes turning large and round. I laugh and throw a piece at him. He scrambles to catch it.

"Are you finished with my history sheet?" I ask, looking up at him.

He shakes his head. "I couldn't finish it in Art. Mr. Todd kept snapping at me 'to put away the work and start creating art.'"

I smirk. "Of course."

Ms. Flow walks into the room, her kimono flowing around her ankles.

Ms. Flow was tall and her golden brown hair flowed down to her shoulder blades. Her green eyes were startling as they sat on her white face. Although Ms. Flow was American, she loved wearing different types of culture clothing.

I guess today was a kimono. It was a dark blue with red vines spiraling around it, dark seams of petals shimmering in and out of sight.

"Hello, my young friends," Ms. Flow coos. We mumble replies of 'hi' and 'uh-huh' back to her.

Ms. Flow stops in her tracks, a frown forming on her lips. "We don't seem very enthusiastic today, hm? Or are we just not excited for my class?"

"Hello, Ms. Flow," We say louder. It felt like we were in 2nd grade all over again, although we were in 10th.

"We are going to go over Shakespeare's main paradox in the play 'Hamlet' today, okay?"

I perk up. I only minded grammar days in English. Although, from the corner of my eye, I saw Clark groan and put his head in his hands.

"Who can tell me what we interpret to be the theme in this play?" Ms. Flow says, her words spilling out of her mouth.

I raise my hand.

"Anastasia?" She calls to me. I put down my hand and am about to explain, but the illusions come over me.

My eyes roll into the back of my head as my mouth pries open. My head lolls back. I am dimly aware of my hands rising above my head.

I knew this wasn't me, but I couldn't stop them. They were just too much.

"Anastasia?" Ms. Flow calls. I don't answer.

My body trembles slightly.

"Shit, Anna," Clark growls. "Already? It's only 2nd period and you're already having a 'ghost moment.'"

I don't really hear his comment, though. My mind and body are off in my own, small bubble.

I see a man leaning against a dim wall as strobe lights fall over his face. He was amazingly handsome, and his dark hair cascaded around his face. A beat pulsed around as hands fell over his chest. Millions of hands…

I tried to figure out where he was and soak in his look, but a warm, rough hand shook my arm as my eyes fluttered open to stare Clark in the eye.

"Back down to earth, Anna?" He asks in a low voice. I nod my head slightly.

I turn towards Ms. Flow, who is staring at me. But when I give her the look that told her what happened, she shook it off. All of my teachers knew I would get 'out of it' sometimes, falling into my own world.

"Great, she's out of the seizure," I hear one kid murmur on the other side of the room.

I spin my head around to glare at him and he immediately turns to face forward in his desk.

Ms. Flow clears her throat. "Well, can anyone tell me what the main theme of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" is, class?"

I groan quietly and lay my head on the cold desk.

The illusions were back.