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Chapter 5

My feet thudded against the damp, dull earth as they sprinted over it. The canopy above me was dark, due to the lack of moonlight that was supposed to shine overhead. My dress wavered behind me as I flew past the trees and shrubs.

The animals backed away at my presence this time. I knew they could feel the pulse dragged me through the woods and to my destination.

I wasn't sure where that was, but I knew my bare feet would take me there. I had ditched the heels long ago.

Clark was in the back of my mind, like a loose thread on a pillow that hung loosely, only barely there.

I knew subconsciously that the illusions were the pull that dragged me through the woods. I wouldn't approve of that if I had my mind under my control. Sadly, the illusions were taking over, pulling me towards something that would either be nothing or something that would change my life.

I could hear the musky gray clouds rolling above my head, waiting for the perfect time to strike, always hitting its victim.

The thunder would cushion the aftershock, taking in the rolls of electricity that scattered through the sky.

My feet moved underneath me the whole time while my mind focused on three single things.

One; Where I was going.

Two; Who or what was waiting for me.

Three; The irrevocable urge to move forward.

I couldn't fight any of these. They were my mind, my instinct, and my heart at the moment. Nothing else mattered to me. Nothing else made sense.

My feet finally came to a stop in front of a small, closed off clearing.

The tall pines and oaks that surrounded me formed a circular clearing of sorts. The canopy let large, fleshy drops of rain pelt my skin. I lifted my face up and lapped around the droplets, catching a couple on my tongue and watching them as they dissolved.

To my right, a small, clear pond sat as the water moved restlessly around. Minnows darted in and out of the rocks, trying to find shelter. The water sloshed up and down the sides of the bowl-like pond as thunder clapped above me.

My feet were cushioned with a soft, over watered green grass that sifted between my toes. I wriggled the blades in and out, watching the glistening beads of water shine and fade from my sight.

I wasn't sure how I had missed it at first, but what I saw gaping in front of me surprised me. A small cave with a large oval opening stood before me, beckoning me forward. The gray chalky outer shell to the cave seemed as if paint was peeling off of it as the rain dribbled down the sides. A never-ending tunnel of black led into the cave.

I started walking towards the cave, my fingers itching to mold over the smooth gray stone.

My logical mind, the one that I knew and loved, was screaming at me to back away. To go back home or back to Clark.

But I couldn't pull away.

Thunder rolled over my head again and I picked up my pace, almost running towards the cave.

It seemed like I was going in slow motion. I wanted to get there, but it just took so long.

When I finally got there, I collected my thoughts and brushed off mud and extra rain droplets that clung onto me before walking in.

I had expected it to be dark and dreary, maybe a few spider webs here and there.

I found something totally different.

The walls of the cave were smooth and torches hung on holders every seven feet or so. The ground was smooth and dry, no excess pebbles straying out of their assigned places against the walls.

It was almost like a home.

I walked through the long cave, taking a bend towards the right.

A tap on my right shoulder sent me leaping into the air.


I spun around in a 180, putting a face with the voice.