Tracy in Gaelic means Fighter and that's what she was, a fighter. A fighter for the human race and a fighter for something she's been battling within, a virus. One that one day may take her life instead of the things that she fought.

Tracy wasn't like other hunters. Tracy didn't drink, find comfort in someone's arms for the night or asked help from any hunters. She only counted on herself and no one else. She had to learn that fast growing up in an orphanage. She knew she couldn't depend on anyone but herself.

She knew a few hunters, from when she started hunting back when she was fifteen when the orphanage mysteriously "caught on fire." She and a few others, hunters, knew the real reason behind the fire on the orphanage.

Tracy hid the tear that tried to squeeze out of her eye as she thought about the orphanage and the children that were locked in. Only a few made it out, her and a few others that were younger than her, merely children while she was in her teenage years. She had helped the hunters get most of the children out.

She sighed shaking the memory out of her head. A day didn't go by when she would think back to that night, the screams, the crying…the horror she had seen.

Her cell phone rang and she was surprised that someone had called it. She just got the new phone a week ago; she didn't have time to tell the hunters that usually called her.


Tracy, it's Bobby. I've been trying to get a hold of you for sometime girl. I need your help on something, something big.

"Ok, Bobby, same place?"

Not exactly, need you to get to Lincoln, Nebraska.

"What's in Lincoln?"

Swarm of Cicada's…"

"Shit, Bobby…it could just be a huge bug infestation…"

That's what I thought, but a few things have been going on that I think you're going to be needed in on. You know I wouldn't call you if this wasn't big…please, Tracy. I need you on this one.

Tracy took in a deep breath and nodded to herself. "Ok, Bobby…I'll be there in five hours." She hung up the phone and stared at it strangely. Bobby was right, he wouldn't have called if it wasn't important, but what was so important? Guess she'll just find out in Lincoln, Nebraska now won't she.

She folded up the newspaper that she was looking at, the strange dark clouds over 17 cities…something demonic, definitely but what she didn't know. Maybe Bobby had answers.


Tracy pulled up to the house Bobby had given her directions to. A little white house, someone's dream home. Something Tracy never thought about. She coughed a little and shook the hand that she coughed into. She closed her eyes calming herself down knowing an attack wasn't a good idea right now.

She grabbed her gun out of the glove box of her 1967 Ford Mustang. She loved her mustang, she was Tracy's baby. Her and Tracy go way back from when she first bought her at seventeen. She was a beat up peace of crap but when Tracy was done with her she became a beauty! The shade of red that Tracy had given her was perfect, her vinyl on the seats beautiful and perfect and her engine always roared beautifully down the highway.

Tracy got out of the car in time to see some guy getting hit with the end of a rifle from Isaac and Tamara. A couple she had met a few years back on a vampire hunt.

Tracy took out her gun and walked up the house the same time she saw Bobby and a younger taller guy come out of the house.

"Isaac! Tamara!" Bobby hugged them.

"Hello! Bleeding here!" said the guy on the ground. The taller one helped him up and they all watched as he checked his nose and then he looked at Tracy coming up the porch steps. His eyebrows raised in curiosity as she looked towards Bobby and the other two.

"Was there a hunter's reunion I didn't know about?" asked Tracy smiling weakly at the three hunters she knew.

"Tracy! It's been a long time. I should kill you for not calling," said Tamara hugging her gently. "How are you?"

Tracy knew what she was getting at. The older hunters knew about her virus and how it could affect her at certain times, making her weak and vulnerable. "I'm good, real good."

"Glad you could make it," said Bobby hugging her.

"Yeah…so what's going on? You said this was pretty urgent." Her eyes darted from the two she didn't know to Bobby.

"Trust me it is." One of the boys cleared their throat, must have been the shorter of the two because his eyes danced between Bobby and Tracy. "Introductions, Sam and Dean Winchester this is Tracy Richards an old friend of mine."

"She doesn't look that old, Bobby," said Sam smiling and shaking Tracy's hand. Dean shook hers and smiled cheekily at her.

"I'm only 26…Bobby just likes to make me feel old though."

"You're still a kid in my eyes," said Bobby smiling at her.

"I wish…"

"Anyway," said Isaac. "How about we take this somewhere before the police come? Our house?"

"Sounds good," said Tracy turning around and walking off the porch. The others followed in pursuit as Tracy put her sunglasses on and walked to her car.

"Oh sweet Jesus," said Dean walking over Tracy's car. "Oh, she's a beauty." He ran his hand over the paint job. He looked up at Tracy who was leaning on the hood with her arms folded. "Yours?"

"Yup, every inch so if I see one scratch on her on that side I am coming after your ass."

Dean raised his eyebrows and Sam chuckled. "I like her," said Sam patting his brothers back. Dean smirked as he watched Tracy get in her car. Tracy pulled her sunglasses down noticing the 67 Chevy Impala sitting a few feet away and grinned. She had a thing for muscle cars.

Dean glanced over to see her staring and revved the engine. She smirked and revved hers, then backed up after Bobby and sped down the road after him. She glanced in her mirror seeing the Impala catch up and she smiled to herself.


Tracy walked into Tamara and Isaac's house smiling a little remembering her time there during the vampire hunt. They walked towards their weaponry and hunting quarters on the right of the house.

"I'm going to call the coroner see if they found anything yet about the bodies," said Dean pulling out his cell phone.

Tracy pulled her jacket closer to her body as she felt chills start to go through her body. Sam noticed but didn't say a word. Everyone else was in short sleeves, except for Dean and her, but Dean was in a flannel, like always.

"Honey, where's the Palo Santo?" asked Isaac.

"Well, where did you leave it?" asked Tamara smirking at Tracy.

"I don't know, dear. That's why I'm asking.

"Palo Santo?" asked Sam.

"It's holy wood from Peru," said Tracy crossing her arms across her chest. She just wanted the chills to go away. "It's toxic to demons, like holy water. It keeps the bastards nailed down while you're exorcising them." As Tracy explained it to him, Tamara found it and handed it to Isaac.

"Thank you, dear," said Isaac.

"You'd lose your head if it wasn't for me," said Tamara and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Tracy smiled knowing how they were with each other. Loving, compassionate, caring and hunters…not by choice though. Their story was sad, horrifying, something you wouldn't wish on anyone, not even your worst enemy.

"So, how long have you two been married?"

"Eight years, this past June," said Tamara.

"A family that slays together," said Isaac.

"Right, I'm with you there. So how'd you get started?" Tamara's smile faded and Tracy felt the heartache all over again from the first time she heard this story. "I'm sorry; it's none of my business."

"No, no," said Tamara. "It's alright."

Dean walked into the room still on the phone. "Well, Jenny, if you look as pretty as you sound, I'd love to have an appletini." He shrugged obvious not knowing what that was. Tracy rolled her eyes, typical hunter, not knowing what the outside world was and also one that falls into the arms of another for pure pleasure and for the one brief moment of normalcy. "Yeah, call you." He hung up. "That was the coroner's tech."

"And?" asked Sam.

"Get this: that whole family, cause of death? Dehydration and starvation. There were no signs of restraint, no violence, no struggle. They just sat down and never got up."

"But there was a fully stocked kitchen just yards away," said Bobby.

"Right, what is this a demon attack?"

"If it is, it's not like anything I ever saw. And I've seen plenty."

"Well, what now? What should we do?" asked Dean.

"Uh, we're not gonna do anything," said Isaac.

"What do you mean?" asked Sam.

"You guys seem nice enough, but this aint Scooby-Doo, and we don't play well with others."

"Well, I think we'd cover a lot more ground if we all worked together."

"No offense, but we're not teaming with the damn fools who let the Devil's Gate get open in the first place." Tracy felt her jaw drop and feeling of numbness take over. She looked at Sam and Dean then at Bobby. This is what he was talking about. May explain the black clouds over the seventeen states. Bobby had a lot of explaining to do.

"No offense?" asked Dean.

"Isaac, like you've never made a mistake," said Tamara.

"Oh, yeah, locked my keys in the car, turned my laundry pink, never brought on the end of the world, though."

Dean chuckled and looked like he wanted to attack Isaac. Tracy was getting ready to pull out her gun, to aim at whom, she didn't know, she wasn't sure but whoever it was better have a good excuse on why they shouldn't be shot. Either Dean for being a thick headed sarcastic hunter, which she didn't like or Isaac for his stubborn ways. She was thinking more Dean because she didn't know him. "Alright, that's enough."

"Guys, this isn't helping, Dean," said Sam.

"Look, there are a couple hundred more demons out there now. We don't know where they are, when they'll strike. There aint enough hunters in the world to handle something like this. You brought war down on us. On all of us."

"Ok, that's quite enough testosterone for now," said Tamara dragging Isaac away.

There was silence between the four of them. Tracy clucked her tongue and looked at Bobby. "Well, that was peachy…and since I know them, we may want to get our asses out of here before Isaac pulls a rifle on us."

"Doesn't sound too bad," said Sam scratching his head as they made their way out the door.

"Now what Bobby?" asked Tracy pulling her jacket closer to her.

"Are you feeling alright?" asked Sam noticing it again. There was no breeze, no coldness and yet she was still pulling her jacket closer to her.

"I'm fine," she said not looking at him or Dean but staring straight at Bobby.

"Is this what you called me for? The end of the world?" Bobby didn't say anything but took a glance at the guys next to her. She looked at him confused and then at the guys. "There's more isn't there? There's something else you're not telling me but yet you want me to help?"

Bobby sighed and looked at the boys as in tell her or she is going to leave. Sam licked his lips and went to talk when Dean interrupted him.

"I sold my soul, I have a year left…we…I need help finding a way out of the contract." He looked at his brother and Tracy knew that look, the look of well there's nothing you can do about it, your death is chosen for you, she had worn that one for a very long time, especially with Bobby. "Even though I believe there is no way out of it and I can't believe Bobby went and called you. How can you help?"

"Another set of eyes," said Bobby.

Tracy put her hand up to make Bobby stop but was staring at Dean. "Depending on who holds your contract we can get your soul back, but it will be tricky and hard and who knows we all may die trying to find out. But…" She glanced at Bobby then looked back at Dean. "I'm not afraid of death, it's natural for some of us and if I have to die to save another that's exactly what I will do. That's what got me into hunting in the first place. If help is what you need I am willing to give it, if you are willing to let me."

AN: ok, so you can tell takes place season 3. This story will have tons of secrets in it that Tracy holds from the brothers. Her virus…how she grew up in an orphanage…and why she never wants help from others but will help others if they need it. Hope you all like!...lots of love J.B.