God...pssh…where was this God now? Lucifer is back, ready to take Sammy as his vessil. If God really existed, don't you think he woulda shown by now, huh Dean?

"Dean." Sam repeated for what must've been the 10th time. His brother was staring into space…again. "I'm saying that maybe we should have Castiel do another search for him."

"Sammy, I hate to burst your bubble, but don't you think that God would know we needed him. If he even exists, he obviously doesn't want to help us," Dean breathed out again.

Maybe it would be just easier to let Michael have at it. Get this whole thing over with. What would happen after then? His meat-suit gets tossed aside like a rag doll? And if Sam let's Lucifer in? What would be his decision then?

Dean glanced over at his frustrated little brother. Sam was staring at his computer screen, like usual, brow furrowed in concentration. He looked innocent. Dean wanted to think that his brother could never do something so evil and would never turn against him…but he had. Trust was never an issue with the siblings, but lately….lately it was something different all together. Sam knew that Dean would never look at him the same way again. After all, he had started the apocalypse.

Even though his eyes moved across the page, reading the words on the screen, he wasn't absorbing anything. Why wasn't God here? Where was he? He knew he existed. That was faith, but why the lack of help? Was it because he hadn't exactly been the model God-fearing Christian? He'd had his slip-ups, but what human didn't? Then again, Sam wasn't a perfect specimen of human.

Demon blood ran through his veins. Was that why God didn't want any part of the Winchesters? But that wasn't his fault. He had used his abilities, yes, but he had stopped. He wasn't doing that anymore. He would never give his body to Lucifer. Never.

The Winchester brothers were at a loss. Fear racked both of their bodies, He could feel it. He knew that He would intervene and didn't like to make them wait in suffering like this, but it was how it had to be done. This future had already been predetermined. He looked at Dean, a man who so desperately wanted to believe, but was running on no hope. His empty shell of a body was running on fumes, the only positive energy left in him, was the unconditional love he felt for his brother, and even that was dwindling. That love would determine his actions in the final days.

And Samuel….poor Samuel. So much guilt, and yet so much hope. He had been through much and yet still had so much more to face. His will would be tested once again. God watched from his place high above, patiently observing events play out.

If only the Winchesters really knew what was coming. But they would in time. And then they would be in their rightful places for eternity. There was pity for them, but He knew that all would be revealed in time. If only they knew.