Winter break, Hogwarts, After the war.

Warnings: Not HP DH Compliant. Graphic Material.

Hermione could remember when Harry Potter died. It felt like a sick joke at first. They expected him to rise up. They expected some great magic to reveal itself.

She could hear a roaring in her ears and the sound of weeping around her. The roaring was Voldemort as he gathered his troops and stormed Hogwarts. The carnage was unlike any they have ever seen before. Children were dying left and right. Teachers fell before their eyes. Everyone involved lost their innocence that day.

Hermione escaped with Ginny and Neville. Bellatrix killed her boyfriend Ron, and moved on to finally finished off Ginny's mother. Hermione still remembered the look in his brilliant eyes before he fell to the ground dead. Hermione tried to kill Bellatrix by casting an Unforgivable. Hermione was successful.

Hermione still remembered the crazed look of surprise and rapture before the light faded from her mocking eyes. Hermione felt the coldness of that dark magic move deep into her bones now. Hatred and rage seemed to go hand in hand with breathing now.

After fleeing the school, Hermione had nowhere to go. Neville separated from them and tried to find his grandmother. Neville vowed to meet them in two days at the edge of the Forest. Ginny was hurt and barely breathing from a particular nasty hex. Hermione was carrying her across the Forest at night, and they slept by day. Soon they could not wait for Neville any longer. Hermione Side-Apparated to a nearby city and took a Muggle tram to London.

Hermione eventually fled to Luxemburg, determined to put distance between her and Voldemort's followers. Ginny healed slowly and Hermione kept her fed and took care of her by staying in abandoned Muggle houses.

Both girls were hoping against hope that someone would find the final Horocrux and Voldemort would fall. Nagini had escaped with Snape's body during the final battle. Without Nagini dead, Harry had failed. Rumor has it that even Voldemort did not know where the Snake was.

Three weeks was all it took for the Ministry to fall to Voldemort. All hope was lost for the Wizarding World. It was just after Christmas when Ginny noticed something was wrong.

"Hermione. Something is happening to me." Ginny's frantic voice reached her from the other end of the house.

Hermione ran in from the kitchen where she had been scourgifying the oven. Hermione stared at Ginny in horror. Ginny looked splinched.

"Oh Gods, what did you do?" Hermione brought out her wand and waved it over Ginny as more of her starting to disappear.

"Ginny!" Hermione screamed frantically trying to grab onto her hand, but Hermione had similarly started to fade and she was unable.

Hermione blinked and her heart began to pound steadily. Hermione objectively noticed that it felt a great deal like Apparating, except that she was not making it happen, so it was bloody terrifying.

Hermione closed her eyes and felt the familiar forcible tug as it jerked her from Luxemburg towards her unknown destination.

The first thing Hermione noticed was the portraits on the walls. So many empty portraits, frames with scenery like a backdrop but nothing inside. No life. Hermione winced as a bright light shone from overhead and she tried to shield her eyes with her hands.

Voldemort's image was superimposed over the back of the chair. Oh Merlin, that was the Headmasters chair. Alecto Carrow grinned sinisterly down at her.

Hermione turned right and left, and saw about fourteen or so of her former classmates lined up, looking frozen with fear. Mostly Gryffindor students, with a few Puffs, and Claws, were what made up the selection. Even Neville Longbottom had been summoned here.

"You children are the remaining balance of students that failed to show up for orientation after the New Year. Since Hogwarts, schooling is now mandatory and no longer optional you have all been summoned to complete the years required of you. However, due to your disobedience and flagrant disrespect of the law that was passed, your free time will be limited and restricted by your Head Boy, Draco Malfoy and your Head Girl Pansy Parkinson. Your room assignments listed outside the hall is non-negotiable. Mudbloods and Blood Traitors will be dealt with according to their stations and will directly report to Head Boy Malfoy for additional… 'Conditioning' necessary to garner your cooperation."

Headmaster Carrow stared hard at Ginny and Hermione with the last words. Ginny's face flushed with anger and Hermione touched her hand to calm her.

Headmaster Carrow smirked at their clutched hands and then looked back at their faces.

"On second thought, blood traitors will be dealt with by Head Girl, Parkinson."

Carrow grabbed Ginny and pushed her at Pansy who was standing at the end of the line of students.

Pansy kicked her foot out as Ginny stumbled forward. Ginny tripped and fell to her knees in front of Pansy. Ginny looked up enraged and about to leap on Pansy. Pansy smirked and waved her wand warningly. Ginny froze.

"Stay… Good weasel. This is right where you belong, isn't it? At my feet." Pansy simpered.

Hermione broke from the line and rounded on Pansy, whipping out her wand with a fierce look of hatred etched into her face.

Headmaster Carrow flicked her wand before Hermione could speak. "Expelliarmus!"

Draco strode forward from behind her and caught her wand in his hand. Hermione turned on him with a look of repulsion.

"Ferret…. You slimy git." spat Hermione.

Draco caught her arm as she moved to punch him and he smirked slowly taking in her flushed cheeks and rage-filled expression.

"Come on Mudblood, we both know you kind of like it when I take charge." Draco whispered quietly as Carrow smirked knowingly.

Hermione felt herself pale suddenly as he words brought back a memory from fifth year. Draco had cornered her and she had let him. Shelving the self-disgust that it brought to mind, she yanked her arm from his grip staring at him with loathing.

Carrow nodded slowly. "Remove yourselves to your rooms. You have one day until session begins. I suggest you use that day to adjust yourself to your surroundings." The tone was deliberately malicious.

Draco prodded her with his wand. "Let's go, mudblood."

Hermione shrugged him off but continued to walk in front of him.

Hermione shot Ginny a look of worry before Draco grabbed her upper arm, pushing her past the other students.

"I don't have all bloody day Granger." Draco steered her towards the staircase and pulled her down some twists and turns towards the Dungeon.

"You were remarkably easy to find you know. Carrow barely had to lift a finger. Loosing your touch?" Draco glanced to the cold expression on Hermione's face and smirked.

Granger would not stay quiet for long when she saw the room Carrow arranged.

"Where's my room, Malfoy." Her tone was flat and quite convincing.

Draco pushed open a door leading to the Head Boy's room. The room was opulent and colored in dark Slytherin green colors with a silver trim. A mahogany king bed with an antique desk took up most of the room. A door leading to what Hermione assumed was a bathroom was to the right and beyond the bed was a bookcase filled to the brim with books, A private library for the Head's of House.

Hermione felt something sad seep into her. She would have been in a room similar to this if things were different. Now, Malfoy was here, ruining it.

"It is surprisingly nice for a Mudblood." Hermione sneered, crossing her arms as she took in Draco's appearance, as he seemed to be checking the bookcase for something.

Over the summer, the war had changed him. Long blond hair hung to his shoulder blades, his features carved perfectly by some deviant angel, long thick lashes that had no right being on a boy, coupled with the icy eyes that held no warmth.

Draco had filled out and was actually a foot taller then her now. Broad shoulders and a lean muscular build, probably sent dozens of Slytherin sluts his way. In short, he looked like a big sleek predator more then ever.

Hermione felt a cold shiver pass through her as she realized how much space he took up in the too small room. Suddenly, Hermione realized how much she had underestimated him in the war. She had always held a small hope that he would turn to the light. Malfoy never did.

"Well you can go now." Hermione raised her chin slightly.

The sudden urge to pound his pretty face in, gripped her as she thought of Harry. How unfair it was that he was dead, and Draco was alive.

Draco turned to face her with a look of sadistic amusement. "Go? This is my room. I'm not going anywhere."

Hermione stepped back, looked at the bed, and then back at him. "No."

Draco filled the space between them and grabbed her upper arm squeezing it painfully.

"You don't have a choice Granger. It is Parkinson or I. The Carrow's are more likely to kill you then set you free. Believe me, you do not want Parkinson. Her tastes run towards humiliating little Mudbloods like you for kicks."

Hermione struggled to pull from his gasp. "I don't care… Anyone is better then you. You disgust me! You filthy ferret."

Draco dropped her arms and a ghost of a smile played on his lips. "You might care, if you're not into nonconsensual sex with a woman."

Granger looked at him disgusted. "She wouldn't…"

Draco merely stared at her unblinkingly.

Hermione gasped. "Oh Gods, Ginny…"

Draco shrugged slightly. "The Weasel may even be receptive to it. She always struck me as slightly odd. Your welcome to trade her places, martyr."

Draco's silvery gaze dropped onto her mouth. "You might find it… educational."

Hermione's gaze turned black with rage "Your sick Malfoy."

Malfoy shrugged and turned back to the bookcase. "Guess you'll just have to grin and bear it then, eh Mudblood?"

Hermione slumped onto the bed. Somehow, she would get out of this. She was not sure how, but she would find a way.

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