Digimon: The Nail
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

I don't own Digimon.
This is gonna be a long-shot fanfic.
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This is a Digimon 01/02/Tamers crossover, although the correct word would be "Alternate Universe".
Or rather: "Elseworlds" since I got the basic idea after reading "JLA: The Nail" from DC Comics.
But I'm talking way too much. ^_^;;;

3 years ago
"It is time." he says.
Of course, nobody answers him since he is alone.
Standing on a solitary island, Gennai takes a look around.
He'd have to get away once he has pulled his trick.
He sighs.
Slowly he starts to concentrate on the eight objects in front of him.
He can feel time do its work. Mortals would call it destiny.
But he knows better. Everything that will be has been before.
The DigiVices will find their way to their owners.
Time also tells him that one of the DigiDestined will come later.
But seven DigiDestined will do fine for the moment.
He feels power surging through his body.
Seven DigiVices would be sent to the postion the DigiDestined will be at.
Then he would immediatly get them back here. Their journey would begin soon.
Gennai releases the stored energy and sends the eight DigiVices into the real world.
The sky darkens almost immediately.
He knows what I have done. Time for Phase Two.
Gennai uses his powers again to transport seven young DigiDestined here.
He waits. After a minute he tries it again.
But again, he feels...
Nothing. The DigiVices are there, but I can't feel the presence of the kids!
Devimon's loyal Digimon are already closing in on him.
Come on! Time can't be wrong! Or can it?
The Digimon are almost here now. And Gennai knows that he has failed.
"I'm sorry." he whispers, addressing seven Digimon waiting somewhere for their partners.
Then he vanishes in a flash of light.
But what went wrong?

"Finally!" the bus driver announces.
"You have done it?" the teacher eagerly asks.
The bus driver nods at the assembled class in front of him and holds up a small object.
"Our bus had a flat tire because of this!" he shouts.
The class moves towards the driver to get a better view.
"You mean we've been standing here this long because of a nail?" Taichi Yagami asks.
"Incredible how something so small can have such asn effect." a girl named Sora Tekenuchi whispers.
"Reminds me of a verse by George Herbert."
The boy's voice quiets the class immediatly.
The boy who has spoken has blue hair and is called Jyou "Joe" Kido.
"Or rather, a colloquial adaptation of it:
For want of a nail
the shoe was lost,

for want of a shoe
the horse was lost,

for want of a horse
the knight was lost,

for want of a knight
the battle was lost.

So it was a kingdom
was lost...

...all for the
want of a nail.
I guess it went like-"
Joe realizes that everyone is staring at him in awe and blushes slightly.
"That was wonderful." Mimi Tachikawa whispers.
Slowly, the class enters the fixed bus again.
And seven children do not realize that for want of nail, a whole world may be lost...

Present day

"Identification?" the guard asks him.
"Captain John Nelson." the man answers, handing over his ID.
"I see. Well then, Capatin Nelson, welcome to Japan."
"Thank you." John replies.
"Enjoy it while it's still that peaceful." the guard adds with a serious face.
John frowns, but nods. Slowly he enters the military compound.
He is surprised to see that the compound is about as large as a village.
Then he nods when he realizes what he is actually looking at.
This really is the old University.
He frowns when he realizes that he has no clue where to go next.
Brilliant. Navy SEAL, best of his unit, and gets lost before the mission has really started.
"Let me guess, I'm not the only one who has been sent here unbriefed?"
John turns around to face the person behind him.
He jumps slightly when he realizes that the man who has spoken is standing right behind him.
Damn! Nobody at home managed to sneak up on me like that.
Then he notices that the man in front of him is actually bigger and broader than he is.
How could somebody this big make no sound while moving?
Finally his eyes travel upwards to look at the man's face.
Judging by skin color, the blonde hair and the bright blue eyes, John can think of only one thing:
Germany has obviously sent their most stereotype soldier.
Then he reminds himself of the fact that this stereotype German has sneaked up on him.
"Captain John Nelson, Navy SEAL." John finally says, extracting his hand.
"Dieter Meyer. Ex-GSG-9." the German man answers, shaking the offered hand.
"Ex? What're you doing now?"
"Been there, done that..." Dieter answers with a smile.
Before John can answer anything, a jeep approaches them.
The vehicle stops next to them.
"Captain Nelson? Mr. Meyer?" the driver politely asks.
Both men nod and enter the vehicle.
The driver brings them to one of the countless buildings and leads them inside to an empty office.
There are three seats, a table and some cabinets, nothing more.
Still the office is quite large. The two men sit down and wait.

"Any idea what they're doing here?" Meyer finally asks.
John just shrugs.
"Japan has been very secretive. They didn't even tell my superiors."
"We had a good reason for that, Captain." a new voice announces.
A Japanese man charges into the office and swiftly sits down at the other end of the table.
"I didn't mean to sound-" John starts to apologize.
But the newcomer just waves his hand and smiles.
"You were right. But soon you'll understand why we didn't inform you earlier."
The man pauses slightly as if trying to remember something important.
John and Dieter exchange curious glances.
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. My name is Kado Tanaka and I'm the tactical leader of this project.
I will show you what happened and why you are here."
"Judging by your clothing, I guess you are not part of the military, right?" Dieter observes.
The Japanese nods.
"I guess you would call people like me the labbies or lab rats. I do prefer the term scientist, though."
All men chuckle at that remark. Then suddenly Mr. Tanaka frowns and sighs.
He stands up and opens a cabinet, revealing a large monitor.
Then he takes a wireless keyboard out of the cabinet and resumes his place again.
"Do you believe in monsters?" he asks, typing in some commands.
Before any of the men can answer, the monitor diplays a video.
It shows a large dark dinosaur breathing fire at charging infantrymen and small tanks.
"Sir, I didn't come here for the latest trailer for the new Godzilla Movie." John comments.
But he knows that something is wrong. Terribly wrong.
Then he sees other... creatures attack the troops.
Finally the large creatures are brought to a halt by a company of larger tanks.
All of a sudden, the video is replaced by another one.
The new video is much closer to the action than the last one.
John now sees smaller creatures of all kinds fight against humans.
He sees ghosts, reptiles, even a large teddybear. And they're... slaying soldiers.
And the soldiers are dying. Really dying. He can tell the difference.
A quick glance at Dieter's face tells him that he's right.

The next video almost makes his blood freeze in his veins.
A man-sized ghost with a scythe is heading right for a little girl.
John quickly estimates her to be 10 years old, maybe a little older.
The girl is obviously frozen in terror. Isn't she?
Wait... That determined look on her face... Doesn't she realize-
All of a sudden, the girl raises her right hand, which is holding a small object.
The screen abruptly turns white for several seconds.
When they can see the scene again, the scythe-swinging ghost is lying on the ground.
It seems to feel great pain from something.
The girl is still standing where she has been, pointing the small object at the creature.
And although the video's resolution isn't the best, John could swear that the girl is smiling.
Then the screen blacks out, leaving John and Dieter visibly shaken.
"Do you believe in monsters?" Mr. Tanaka asks them again after a minute of silence.
Both men stare at their host.
"What did we just see?" the German asks back.
"All of these videos are roughly one year old. They have been filmed on the compound.
I guess I don't have to tell you that this is highly confidential."
"But how did the monsters get here? You didn't create them, did you?" John asks.
Mr. Tanaka shakes his head and types some commands again.
The monitor now shows one of the buildings on the compound.
"This has been the Institute for Physics. Today it's simply known as the Central.
Three years ago, some scientists have worked on a device that could detect anomalies in reality.
I'll spare you the Trek-Talk and come to the results:
These people actually discovered anomalies in this city. There have been eight sources.
The scientists informed the military and we looked at the work done so far.
Much to our surprise, these people were correct: The anomalies were really there!
Special Forces Teams have tracked them down and discovered something amazing:
We found out that the sources of the anomalies were small devices. Each of them looks like this."
Another image appears on the screen, showing a small white device with a small display on it.

"The research tems call it a DigiVice for its vice-like effects on Digimon.
That is short for Digital Monster. While the second part is quite obvious, the first one is harder to explain.
It seems that the monsters you have seen are solified impersonations of pure data.
And I'm not talking of holograms like the EMH from Star Trek. It's a whole new world.
Which brings me to the next step in history. Like I said, we began analyzing the devices.
Almost one year later, we've got hit by the First Wave. A group of Digimon materialized here.
In retrospect, it wasn't really a wave but a scouting mission. the group was very small.
Still we had trouble fighting them. We won after a strange coincidence:
One of the kids 'owning' a DigiVice held it up when the monsters charged. The results were... surprising.
Especially since the DigiVice seemed to work only when used by one of the kids."
"Wait." John interrupts Mr. Tanaka's speech.
"You're telling me that Japan has fought alien life two years ago without telling anyone?"
"Oh, we did tell the world what happened. Unfortunately there isn't any filmed evidence of the fight.
So nobody really believed our story of monsters beaming into this world.
Another disadvantage is that they vanish once they're dead. So we had no hard evidence.
The only nations who didn't think we've gone completely crazy were the United Staes and Germany.
I guess the Americans believe everything after having seen countless seasons of the X-Files."
Two pairs of eyes turn towards Meyer expectingly. The huge German shifts in his seat.
"I think the story has even been in the 'Bild', and most Germans believe the stories in there.
So I guess the governmemnt had difficulties officially denying it afterwards."
The trio chuckles at that remark.

"That still doesn't explain why we are here now." John finally states.
"Well then. About one year after the First Wave, there has been a Second Wave.
We were better prepared this time, so we managed to beat them before they hit the city.
You've seen the clips. Much of the credit went to the eight children and the DigiVices.
Ten months later, the scientists have finished building the Portal.
It should transport our armies to their homeworld. Well, it did..." Mr. Tanaka's voice trails off.
"And they failed?" Dieter guesses after seeing Mr. Tanaka's face.
The man nods grimly.
"We sent 6 kids and about a batallion of troopers. Nobody returned."
"So there are only two children left?" John concludes after a long pause.
"Actually, there are five children now. Days before the assault, two of the kid's DigiVices changed.
The scientists are still analyzing the differences, but at the same time, we reigstered three new anomalies.
We found three other kids with the same sort of new DigiVice. So we formed two teams of children.
The children with the tested DigiVices went to this... world. From then on, we've lost them."
The room fills with silence again.
"Sir, with all due respect, why are we here?" Dieter brings the question up this time.
Mr. Tanaka looks at the two men in front of him.
"We want you to train the children and our troops." he says with a straight face.
Both men chuckle.
"You want us to train children and regular troops to fight monsters from another world?" Dieter asks.
"I want you to teach them to be prepared for anything. To keep an open mind.
Captain Nelson, you are trained in guerilla warfare and are generally known as the Survivor.
We need your first-hand experience when facing an unknown world.
Mr. Meyer, you have seen and prepared more traps and ambushes than most people alive.
That and your astounding practice in Martial Arts have made you the perfect choice as well."
Without waiting for an answer, Mr. Tanaka stands up and walks towards the door.
"I think you will get a better impression of our situation if I show you around."

Final notes:
The last part may seem to be too long, but I wanted to introduce the past as a whole.
The next parts won't be history lessons, trust me :)
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Final note on a little local gag:
The 'Bild' is something like the German equivalent of Great Britain's 'The Sun'...
Years ago, it even published stories of UFO-sightings.
As you can imagine, it is quite popular and usually good for a laugh ;)