Chapter 7: Piano Beginning - The Start of New Quarrels

By: Asuki2hiroshi

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Midori ran quickly out the front door and the 1800 building. His class was in the 800 building, all the way on the other side of school. He looked for someone to walk with, and he noticed the blond boy from earlier. He raced to him and smiled.

"Hi! I'm Rinku Midori! I saw you in 6th period!" He held onto his books tighter, huge as they were. "What's your name?"

The boy had a cold scowl on his face. "Rinku Murasaki."

Midori gasped. He WAS the last Rinku!

"I knew it," he mumbled absentmindedly.

Murasaki blinked. "Knew what?"

Midori did not expect his answer. "ACK!!" He dropped his books and his papers flew away. He groaned, "Aw man!!" He chased his packet of papers trying to run away from him. He retrieved every last one and ran back to Murasaki who held Midori's textbook in his hand.

"Sorry," Midori blushed, taking his book. "Thanks."

Murasaki gave him a small smile. "You're a klutz, aren't you?"

Midori flushed harder, causing Murasaki to laugh. Midori sighed and tried to distract himself from his embarrassment.

"Hey, Murasaki?" Midori called him, "Do you have 7th period?"

Murasaki nodded. "I have Piano in 811."

Midori gasped. "Really? I have that class too! This is great! You and I can walk to 7th period every day after 6th!"

In your dreams, Murasaki thought bitterly. He was obviously not in the mood to chat about little things. Can't this brat see that?

Apparently not…

Midori frowned. He began to think about the reason why Murasaki hid his left eye in a thick blanket of hair. He already knew the answer, but he decided to ask him anyway, just to see if he would tell him or not.

"Uh, Murasaki?" he tapped his shoulder.

"What is it?"

"Why do you cover your left eye with your hair?" Midori pointed to it.

Murasaki was silent for a minute. "It's nothing. Don't concern yourself about it. It has nothing to do with you."

"Okay." Midori pulled out his schedule. "May I please see your locator card?"

Murasaki gave him a slight nod and reached into his binder. He pulled out a neatly folded paper and handed it to him.

Midori took it and unfolded it, staring at the typed words. 7th period was the same, and so was the 6th period… but what stunned him was that they had 4th period together too. But why couldn't he see him?

"You have 4th period Geometry with Ms. Malon? How come I didn't see you?"

Murasaki's eyes widened in despair. Oh no… Not with him… Anything but a THIRD class with him…

"I sit in the back. That's why," he answered brusquely.

"Oh…" I should've known, Midori mumbled, finally beginning to notice Murasaki's intolerance towards him. He turned and jumped in front of Murasaki, causing him to flinch. "Do you hate me?"

"Huh? What kind of question is that?" Murasaki stared at him.

Midori glared at him. ""Don't lie to me. I can sense your intolerance towards me regardless of how subtle it is!"

Murasaki was dumbfounded. "How…?"

"You think I'm annoying. Sorry for bugging you. I'll see you in 7th period." And with that Midori turned his back abruptly towards Murasaki and walked faster to class than that of his usual pace.

"Huh? Midori, wait! Wait a second!" Murasaki chased after him. He lost his footing and tripped, dropping his binder. Luckily for Murasaki, he was wearing jeans and a jacket to prevent scraping his joints like Midori did in 3rd period, but he was just as embarrassed.

Midori heard the thump and turned around to see the other Rinku lying on the floor. "Hey! Are you okay, Murasaki?"

"Ow… I think so," Murasaki sat up with a scarlet red face.

Midori helped him to his feet with a laugh. "Come on! We're going to be late."

Murasaki's jaw dropped. "…What!? Then let's hurry!"

They raced into the door and just before Murasaki set his left foot into the door, the bell rang for class to start.

The old teacher stood up strictly, anger in her beady little eyes. "Murasaki! You're late! How could you be late to this class?!"

"Forgive me, Osamu-sensei!" Murasaki bowed twice, blushing hardly.

"Why were you late, and for heaven's sake, why are you so dirty?" she shouted.

"He tripped," Midori answered for him with a wide grin. Everybody except for Murasaki and Osamu laughed.

"Thank you Midori," Murasaki growled sarcastically in his ear.

"You're welcome," he stifled his own laughter.

"Murasaki! Sit down and get started on your assigned song! Now!" Osamu ordered, pointing straight for the piano.

"Yes sensei." Murasaki bowed and sat on the bench in front of the long instrument.

Midori stood at the entrance without anything to do.

Osamu smiled sweetly at him. "Ah, you're the new student, aren't you? Your name is Rinku Midori."

He nodded. "Yes."

"Take a seat next to Murasaki. You'll see how well you can play if you take this class!" She took out a pair of headphones and one quarter adapter and plugged them into the piano.

"Show him, Murasaki," she commanded, "And listen well, Midori."

Midori nodded and Murasaki began to play. It was a beautiful song and one that Midori had never heard of before. Murasaki's fingers danced across the keyboard at such an upbeat tempo Midori just wanted to stand up and dance to it. At one point however, Midori wished that he would play it a little slower so he could take in the melody more smoothly. Murasaki's speed began to cease and the notes came out slow and choppy, and he accidentally pressed a foreign key, unintentionally ending the song. Midori could see Murasaki cringe at his own error.

And everybody else laughed at his face depicting fear. Osamu was not quite happy with his foul mistake either. "Well Midori, hopefully you can play better than him."

Midori smiled shyly as the teacher unplugged her headphones from the piano. As soon as she did, though, Murasaki slammed his head into the keys, cursing to himself. A sharp sour tone pierced Midori's eardrums.

"Ow!" he yelped, yanking off his headphones.

"Behave, Murasaki! For crying out loud, keep your head off the keys! You'll surely ruin them!" Osamu snapped bitterly.

Murasaki lifted his head slowly off the white and black keys and mumbled something beneath his breath.

"You may begin again, but let Midori guide you this time, and do NOT MESS UP!" she demanded, whacking his head with a packet of papers.

"Yes sensei."

Osamu walked away to her desk in a hurry as the other students wanted to play for her as well.

"I won't be surprised if I get an F- for this semester," Murasaki hissed to himself.

"What?" Midori asked.

"Nothing. So, do you have any feedback?"

"Yeah, um," Midori scratched the back of his head bashfully, "I think the song would sound much nicer if you play it a little slower, don't you think?"

Murasaki sighed a breath of relief. "Finally! Someone who actually understands me!"

"Huh?" Midori was stunned from his friend's sudden and much unexpected outburst.

"Osamu has been demanding that I play it with an upbeat tempo, when at first I argued that it sounded much better slower. But she refuses to listen."

Midori thought silently to himself for 5 seconds. "Um… Osamu-sensei?"

"Please; just Osamu, darling," she smiled sweetly.

"Okay. The song that Murasaki played sounds much better slower/ Is it okay if I tell him that?" he asked shyly.

"Oh, but of course, dearest! Anything that fits to your content!" Her sweet smile faded into one of scorn. "Murasaki! Play it slower!"

"Yes sensei." He sighed.

Midori took his seat back at Murasaki's side. "Does she hate you?"

Murasaki could not help but laugh. "You've finally noticed? Well, to surprise you, she's not always this mean to me."

Midori blinked dumbfounded. "Really? When is she…?"

"She treats me like she treats you whenever my guardian is present. Osamu…" he leaned in closer and whispered in Midori's ear, "… loves my uncle."

Midori gasped, "WHAT?!"

Everybody stared at the two children, including Osamu. Both of the Rinkus scanned the many pairs of eyes on them and flushed.

"Sorry!" Midori yelped embarrassed. "Ignore us! Don't listen to us!"

"Please go back to your pianos," Murasaki mumbled shyly, waving them off.

Everyone muttered something under their breaths but obeyed them. Even the teacher turned around.

"Thanks for making it obvious, Midori," Murasaki hissed, blushing madly.

"Sorry! But you said yourself that it would surprise me, and it did!" Midori laughed.

Murasaki groaned as he rolled his eyes at his friend's excuse. He looked up at the clock and muttered, "It's 3:30. Class ends in 3 minutes. We should pack up now."

"So class ends at 3:33, huh? Interesting…" Midori drifted into thought and immediately Kage's face filled with laughter flashed across his mind. "Oh boy… If Kage finds out that 7th period ends at 3:33 we'd be in hell by now."

Murasaki's eyes widened. "Kage… Kage as in, RINKU Kage?"

"Yes. Why?"

"You actually know Kage? I've known him since we were 7. We met in second grade and became the best of friends. I was new to my elementary school and he was my first companion. Our actions were completely opposite each others but they complimented one another's and made us so close." Murasaki flinched when the bell suddenly rang. "But I haven't seen him since our 6th grade promotion."

"That long, huh?" Midori stood up and swung his backpack over his shoulders. "Hm… did you know that he even comes to this school?"

Murasaki beamed. "No. I never knew that." He closed the piano and picked up his binder.

"Yeah! He, my two friends, you and I all have the same 6th period class together!" Midori grinned from ear to ear. The Rinkus will be united together at last.

"How could I not notice that? What's wrong with me?" Murasaki muttered to himself as he exited the door by Midori's side. "I've been meaning to ask you; how many friends do you have?"

"Ooh, uh…" Midori faded off into thought. "Let's see… There's Asuki and Saya and Joey and Miyako and Koyuki… There's Hiei, Kurama, Akai, Kage, Aoi, and…"

Murasaki halted to a complete stop. Midori did too, but in confusion.

"Murasaki? What's wrong? Why did you stop?" he asked.

The only thing Murasaki could do was narrow his eyes coldly and hiss, "Look in front of you."

Midori did as told, only to find himself staring straight into the familiar eyes of Aoi.

"Oh! Hi Aoi—"

Aoi rudely cut him off and growled, "Midori! What are you doing with him?!"

"Is this your friend, Midori?" Murasaki asked coldly.

"Uh… Aoi, this is my friend from 7th period!" Midori nervously turned his attention towards Murasaki, "And yes, he is my friend from most of my classes."

"I told you to stay away from him, Midori!" Aoi grabbed Midori's wrist and yanked him to his side. He never took his eyes off of his hated enemy, and his uncontrollable rage sparked fear in Midori, who felt utterly trapped.

"Heed your warning, Aoi," Murasaki instructed darkly, "And stay away from me as well. Our fight has just entered a whole new level."

"Shaddup, Murasaki! Don't you go telling ME what to do! And as for our fight, I'll be twice as hard as I was back then! Now get the bloody hell out of here!"

Murasaki smiled cunningly. "So be it… I will see you tomorrow, Midori." He turned around and walked in the opposite direction. When he was gone, Aoi took that moment to smack Midori on the head and chastise, "You IDIOT!!! Didn't I warn you that he was nothing but trouble?!"

Midori rubbed his head and whined, "Ow! You didn't have to hit me, Aoi!!"

"Yes I did! Obviously your brain was half dead when I told you! And hopefully that smack would restart your God damn thinking!"

"But my friend isn't a bad person! Why don't you be friends with him? You two would get along great!" Midori persisted.

"Not after what happened 7 years ago I won't!" Aoi growled angrily, clenching his fists. His knuckles turned marble white instantly, and Midori knew it was probably a painful memory. But curiosity got the better of him.

"What happened 7 years ago?" he asked.

Aoi finally calmed down as he let out a deep sigh and said, "A long time ago, 7 years ago to be exact, a new kid arrived at our school. We were in second grade at the time, and he was… shy. He loved to read and always sat by a field of violets. And at the time, I was okay with it.

"But my friend Ichirou wasn't. He hated the newbie and began to tease him. What made it worse was that Ichirou teased him in front of his girlfriend. The new kid always picked a bouquet of violets for her and because of that, Ichirou, the gang and I named him Sumire. We didn't know his real name, so we just called him Sumire."

"You named him Sumire because of the violets, right?" Midori asked.

"Yep. And he hated it. Every day that name made him cry. He always ran home sobbing. I felt bad… guilty, even. But at the same time, another feeling… A great feeling, like a sense of pride, overcame me, and it… felt good. I continued to tease him for that feeling and for Ichirou's approval.

"Unfortunately, the outcome made him very secluded and lonely; we'd always see him in a dark corner away from the world. He only had 2 friends in elementary school. It was the girl he liked and Kage. They were the only ones who made him feel special in some way…"

Aoi grew angry again. "But one day, Ichirou the group and I cornered Sumire and he couldn't escape. He was panicking; I could tell from the look on his face and the tears in his eyes. He picked up a large sharp rock and actually had the guts to throw that son of a bitch rock at me!!"

"Where did it hit you?" Midori cringed, fearing the worst.

"It hit me in the damned eye!" he barked, folding his arms. "He escaped when he could, and I was left with a permanently messed up eye. My uncle couldn't afford surgery to repair it, and my vision is really… poor."

"Which eye was it? And did you need to have prescription glasses?" Midori asked innocently.

"My right eye," Aoi answered with a sigh. "And I do need glasses, but I do NOT want to look like a nerd! And contacts scare the shit out of me!"

I thought so, Midori thought to himself. Aoi only seems to care for his looks, not his health.

"I never forgave him," he continued. "I teased him twice as much. Our grudge hardened into hate, and I always made elementary school a living hell for him. He always tried to apologize, but I never gave him a chance… after elementary school, he moved to a faraway school, really far from mine. Kage told me so. Who would've guessed Sumire would com back?"

"So let me get this straight," Midori stated very disappointed. "None of this would've ever happened if you never listened to Ichirou?"

Aoi thought for a while and chuckled. "Pretty much, actually."

Midori frowned. "So if your friends told you to tease me, you'd go for it?"

Aoi stared at him. Then he sighed and stared at the road. "If I haven't had a chance to meet you, I would... But now that I have, never."

Aoi's second answer made Midori want to smile, but he had to hold his ground. "As I was saying, you should have gotten a chance to meet Murasaki first before you—"

"Wait… Murasaki means purple, and it's a 'color' for a last name…" Aoi's eyes widened. "Would his first name happen to be…? Rinku?"

Midori cringed. Oh no… This just cannot be a good sign... "Uh, yes it is."

"Aw, DAMN IT!!!" Aoi barked at full volume at the sky. He stopped walking and cursed and swore under his breath. He glared evilly at Midori, "There's no way in HELL you're making me team up with him!!"

"Aoi," Midori replied seriously, "We need to team up. It's our final hope in destroying Ganondorf!"

Aoi grew silent. He chose to alter the subject just a little bit to not alert Midori's suspicions, but at the same time move the attention away from his problem away from himself and Murasaki. "But Kage isn't really on our side either, is he?"

"…… No he's not," Midori let out a sigh of exasperation. "The only Rinkus teamed up perfectly are you, me, and Akai. But without Murasaki and Kage, we're vulnerable."

"Vulnerable…" Aoi echoed absentmindedly. He hated feeling weak in one way or another. "Hmph."

Midori tried to keep the conversation alive, "So, when did you meet Ichirou?"

"Let's see…" Aoi and Midori crossed the street in jiffy, and Aoi spoke up again, "I met him in the middle of first grade. He came up tome when I sat by myself in the playground and asked if I wanted to play with him and his friends."

"And you couldn't refuse?" Midori cocked an eyebrow.

Aoi laughed. "Nope!"

"………….." Midori tried to smile, but the grudge Aoi held against Murasaki began to make him feel even more insecure then he was in his other schools combined. He felt trapped. There was no way in hell he'll be able to break a 7 year developed hate between the 2 of his new best friends.

"Something wrong, Midori?" Aoi asked.

Midori managed to fake a smile. "Nope! I'm perfectly fine."

Aoi didn't believe him. "You're lying. I know it. Don't think you can fool me."

Midori frowned. "Aoi?"


"I, uh, turn here to go home," Midori muttered, pointing down the row of houses to his left.

Aoi frowned. "Oh… okay. Well, see you tomorrow then."


Midori and Aoi took paths opposite the other's and walked in silence.

Aoi was cursing to himself. Damn it! Why does my life seem like it's in a dead end? Everyone who's dragged into my and that damned Sumire's fight always end up hating me and ONLY me?! Why…?

Midori sighed hopelessly. Screw it… everywhere I go I bring my drama with me… What is wrong with me?! I want to help Aoi and Murasaki forget their past, but I seem like nothing but a bystander…


End of Chapter 7.......


Murasaki: That was a crappy chapter, Claudia.

Me: Didn't you say that about the last one too?

Murasaki: *thinking* ……. I think so.

Aoi: Yeah!! This calls for a riot!!

Me: Start a riot and you die!!

Aoi: …….. RIOT!!!! XD

Midori: You make me a fool, Claudia. I'm totally helpless in a situation as dire as this… how mean can you get?!

Me: *grinning* Very. Just try me.

Midori: ….. *vein pop* Just for that, I ain't gonna say 'As for the next chapter'…. Wait!! WAIT I JUST SAID IT!!!! NOOOOES!!!

Murasaki: Ugh… *face palm*

Aoi: Nice going, Midori…

Midori: ………………… sorry……..


'"Good Morning, Aoi!" Midori greeted happily.


Midori knew he was upset now, so he asked, "Do you want to walk with me to school?"

"I'm not going today."

Midori frowned. "Why not?"

"Sumire. I don't want to see his face. It sickens me," Aoi growled. "I'm just gonna sit here all day."

Midori laughed, hoping it was all a joke. "You're kidding, right? Come on! The bell's gonna ring!"

"I'm serious Midori," Aoi glared at him. "I'm not going to school and that's final."

Midori sighed. "Well, here. Take my umbrella." He handed his umbrella to Aoi. "Light showers are detected, but if you're going to sit here all day you might as well protect yourself from the rain."

Aoi blinked. "But you said yourself that it was only going to shower just a little bit! Why do I need to keep it?"

Midori smiled and manually placed his umbrella in Aoi's hand. "You never know! This is just a cheap umbrella, so you can keep it!"

Aoi sat dumbfounded in his spot. "But—"

"I'll see you later, alright? Bye!" Midori raced down the street. Aoi watched him go until he was out of sight.

"Oh brother," Aoi muttered to himself. "He sacrificed his health to protect mine… I… I don't remember Ichirou ever sacrificing himself or anything like that for me…"

Rain began to pour on him mercilessly.

"Shoot!" He opened the umbrella to protect himself from getting wet, although mysteriously he liked it. But Midori didn't give him the umbrella for no reason. He gave it to him so he won't catch a nasty cold. But if he wasn't going to catch it, Midori might…

"Midori!" he called. "Midori! Hang on!!"

But Midori was already far ahead of him.

Blast! Aoi thought bitterly. He's a fast one all right… Still… I hope he doesn't fall ill because of me…'

Chapter 8: Day 2 of High School Hell!!