Because I've always wanted to write a Heartland fic. Sad, but there you go.

Rogue Enmity is an eight year old eventing mare under a lot of pressure to win. Unfortinately, personalities clash and Rogue becomes more and more resistant with the people who push her ruthlessly. Things reach breaking point, and when the mare deliberately throws her rider - resulting in the girl being hospitalized - Rogue's future takes a drastic twist.

When Amy and Ben catch and subdue a runaway horse in a showground parking lot, they soon discover they've got a lot more than they bargained for. A furious trainer and word of shooting the mare is all it takes for Amy to get involved, and suddenly she finds herself out of her depth in attempting to help a creature that doesn't want help.

It's 'do or die' time; if the Heartland team can't rehabilitate the most dangerous horse in Virginia, her life will come to an abrupt end; and so might theirs...

I don't own Heartland, or any of its characters. I do, however, own Rogue Enmity and this fanfic. Think of stealing, and I'll gouge out your eyes and feed them to one of my Blood Steeds.

'Got to fight another fight - I gotta run another night...'

Teeth bared, the fiery little mare paced the perimeter of her small box stall. Though the early morning air was cool and still, her smooth ebony hide was damp with sweat. The reason for her restlessness was made clear as the grooms filtered out onto the yard to start their shift, one of whom arrived promptly at her door with a showing kit under one arm, a halter in the other.

"Don't give me trouble, you brat of an animal..."

'Get it out - check it out,
I'm on my way and I don't feel right...'

Groomed and wearing her travelling gear, ready for the hour and a half drive to the showgrounds, the black mare's mood worsened. Her ears were laid back as the groom, with help of another, manouvered her up the ramp with shoves and sharp words. Yet they were insignificant pests compared to the actual stimulus that awaited her; the mare stared out the side-window, and pawed the ground with a hoof as the van slowed...

'I gotta get me back - I can't be beat and that's a fact...'

Dark brown orbs eyed her rider resentfully, malevolently as she mounted; the mare tossed her head and snatched at the bit as the reins were sharply shortened, and kicked out in response to the firm smack of the whip on her flank. Her muscles were tensed, her body language promising trouble as she jogged and pulled in the warm-up ring...

'It's OK - I'll find a way - you ain't gonna take me down, no way...'

The all-too-familiar loud-voice boomed after she sullenly cleared a few practice jumps, and the mare's tail lashed as she was kicked forwards to trot into the main arena. The course of jumps, once so inviting and attractive to the talented eventing horse, now loomed mockingly as part of a twisted version of the sport she used to love.

The mare had no intention of performing for the person on her back; the person she had grown to distrust and despise over the months...

'Don't judge a thing until you know what's inside it!'

The bell went; the mare shot forward, ignoring the forceful jerks of the reins that indicated her rider's attempts to regain control. The mare threw her head up, allowed herself to be steered in the general direction of the first jump and lunged over it. The unexpected, massive leap unseated her rider - no, her passenger - and the mare accelerated sharply, racing towards the next obstacle...

'Don't push me - I'll fight it!'

Her passenger hauled on the reins to slow her down; the bit jarred against the mare's teeth, and she bucked in retaliation before throwing herself at fence number two. The mare literally crashed through the defenceless upright, bringing the whole structure to the ground. Miraculously she kept her footing and swerved off to the right, fighting the pale-faced girl on her back with every stride...

'Never gonna give in - never gonna give it up no!'

The mare took the bit in her teeth and bolted down the long side of the arena. The frantic tuggings on the reins influenced her mad run, and she sized up a double spread in her way. At the last moment she ducked her head down and skidded to a halt; her rider kept going, however, and crashed into the jump...

'If you can't catch a wave then your'e never gonna ride; you can't come uninvited!'

The audience gasped; stewards slipped into the arena and ran over. The fiery black mare, free and in control for once, reared up warningly. Ears flattened, teeth bared, she was every inch a danger. A steward edged forward cautiously, then flung himself out of the way as the mare charged right at him. The gate through which she'd entered was firmly shut, but the mare gathered herself and, in a smooth movement that revealed her true jumping potential, cleared the five foot barrier with ease.

'Never gonna give in - never gonna give up, no!'

Horrifed bystanders pushed and shoved so as to avoid being run down. The whites of the mare's eyes flashed, and she galloped straight for the car park with her stirrups flying, reins dangling dangerously close to her legs. Fear, pain, anger... All feelings were drowned by the overwhelming urge to run, run, run.


A man stood his ground in front of the mare, waving his arms; instinctively the mare swerved and slowed to avoid him. A sudden pair of hands yanked on the reins, and throwing her head up in protest the mare slid to a stop. Her sides heaved, her eyes rolled, and her legs skittered on the tarmac, but a gentle touch and a soft, soothing voice eased her alarm.

"Easy, girl, easy..."

The last thing she was aware of was that strange, calming circular massage on her crest and that reassuring female voice, before there was a sharp jab in her neck and everything went out of focus...

'You can't take me, I'm free...'