Chapter 1—Troublesome

Lord Sidious hadn't been pleased when Anakin had been assigned a Padawan. But even then, he hadn't thought she'd interfere with his plans. She had been young, she should have died in the Clone Wars, but instead, she stubbornly lived! He had sent Master and Padawan on perilous missions, with little hope of survival… And still she lived! To intensify matters, the Padawan saw what even Anakin, and the Council could not see, she saw evil in him. If he left her alive any longer... She might discover who he was; she would undoubtedly tell her Master her suspicions. Anakin had such trust in him… but would it compare to the trust he placed in his Padawan?

No, it wouldn't. To Anakin, Palpatine was counsel, someone he could trust with his growing ambitions. But to Anakin, his Padawan was his head, just like Padme was his heart. The troublesome Padawan sought Anakin's counsel, trusted Anakin with her darkest secrets, and above all else, what Anakin knew but would never acknowledge. If Anakin told her to, if he asked, she would turn on those she most trusted, turn to the person next to her and shoot them, would turn to the Dark Side. Palpatine could offer Anakin the promise of power. But the Padawan had already given him power, and responsibility. There-in laid the real issue. Anakin feared the Jedi did not trust him, but Anakin's Padawan was a Jedi that trusted him, not only with her life, but the course of it. In her eyes, her Master could do no wrong.

She complicated things.

It was that simple.

Palpatine brought a swift smile to his aging features. "Master Yoda! Master Windu! How kind of you to come!" He relished the long suffering look Master Windu barely suppressed, and the skeptical aura Yoda exuded through the Force.

"Our pleasure it is, Supreme Chancellor. Help you how can we?" Yoda started with his cheery inquiry.

"We seem to have a Separatist blockade on a trade route to Laydis." The Supreme Chancellor called up a holo of the world, "An Outer-rim world, its nothing too dangerous, but it needs to be taken care of."

"And you cannot send clone troops to take care of the issue?" Windu almost growled.

"Who will lead them?"

Yoda heaved a sigh, one that spoke of the trials of the war, "A Jedi you seek for this? Fear I do, that have no Jedi free for this task do we have."

Palatine plastered shock on his features, "I'm sorry to hear that." he then furrowed his face into a mask of concern, "But this is not a complicated task, why even a Padawan could—" Palpatine opened his eyes wide, "Well there's a thought!"

Master Windu narrowed his eyes, "What is?"

"Could you not just send a Padawan?"

The Jedi looked uncomfortable, "Who would we even send? Every Padawan I can think of is currently elsewhere…"

Palpatine let a frown slide through, and then he caught it, and morphed it into a thoughtful expression. "Hmm, wasn't Skywalker just recently assigned a mission? Did he, have his Padawan with him?"

Master Yoda tugged his face into a frown, "Take Ahsoka with him, Anakin did not, the task, considered too hazardous for a young Padawan, it was."

"Could you not send her?" Palatine asked, with false hesitancy. "Perhaps the task will give her an opportunity for some independence…" he trailed off. Master Yoda and Master Windu glanced at each other.

"Bring this before the council we will, then, tell you its decision we will." Yoda finished.

"Of course, of course." Palpatine twittered, escorting them to his office's door. "I'm certain you will." As the door slid shut, a smile spread across Palpatine's wrinkled face.