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A/N: This story was constructed from the prompts given each week in the LiveJournal community, Dokuga Contest. They vary in length from 100 to 500+ words, in compliance with the word count for that week.

Prompt: Worse
Word Count: 100

Squealing with delight, Kagome unearthed a long-forgotten box of H.S. memorabilia.

Cleaning dark closets reaped odd rewards.

Plopping onto the massive bed she shared with Sesshoumaru, she unfolded the top and prepared to dive head-first down Memory Lane.

An unpleasant odor, faint at first, became steadily stronger as she plundered the cardboard depths.

Eyes wide, her hands flew to her mouth as she uncovered the source. The flashback of its unwanted acquisition flooded her.

The implications… accusations… an already tense relationship would only become worse should something this volatile stay in her possession.

It must be discreetly disposed of immediately.

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