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"He's …He's dead…He Died Standing" uttered Marshal D. Teach. The man better known as Black Beard

"OLD MAN!!!!!" cried a few Pirates

The great Pirate Edward Newgate, AKA Whitebeard, was dead. He died standing on his feet. He had lost half his face, was stabbed and slashed 267 times. He was shot by no less than 562 bullets and his body was hit by 46 cannon balls. If anything he was surely a monster.

With the death of his son Portgas D. Ace, the Golden Age of Pirates had ended. And with his final words, the declaration of "One Piece…it Exits" the Silver Age of Pirates had begun.

Everyone was speechless. The Pirates who had called Whitebeard father, The Marines who had called him monster, the reporters watching the battle via television who had called him Pirate Emperor, none could believe he was dead. For a brief moment the world was silent but that silence was shattered by one angry man.

"What are you idiots standing around for, huh? Attack the Pirates! Attack Black Beard and his crew! Whip them off of the face of the earth right now!" Roared Sengoku

"Yes, Sir!" replied his Marines as they charged what was left of the pirate forces.

Things were not going according to plan. The little brother of Portgas D. Ace, Monkey D. Luffy, had broken into and out of the worlds greatest prison Impel Down in an attempt to rescue his brother and as a result freed over 200 prisoners. Among who included members of the Revolutionary army and former Warlord of the Sea, Crocodile. Not only that, but the fish-man Jinbei "Knight of the Sea" had given up his title of Warlord to fight on Whitebeards side. And to top it off the newest Warlord Black Beard, the man who started this war by capturing Ace, had betrayed the Marines, invaded Impel Down and freed 5 of its most dangerous and powerful inmates so they would join his crew. To say that things were not going to plan would be an understatement, it was complete and utter chaos.

"Marco" yelled Jinbei as he turned the First division commander of the White Beard Pirates "We have to get out of here right now"

"I know that but it no good, the ship we stole from the marines is useless, as soon as we pull out into the bay the cannons on the damn Encircling Wall will blast it to bits"

"So were trapped here?"

"Pretty much, we could try and protect the ship from cannon fire but I don't think were going to make it out of here alive"

Before Jinbei could voice his protest there was a huge explosion in front of him. Water exploded onto the Battleship the pirates had planed to use as a getaway ship and complete soaked those on board. Pirate and Marine alike thought that the getaway ship had been destroyed but those who had seen what had caused the impromptu geyser knew otherwise.

A ship that had come flying over the barricade wall and had landed in the water next it the stolen Battleship the pirates had taken from the Marines. The sound of its landing had been what others thought to be an explosion.

The ship in question is a Brig Sloop type. It had a lawn on its deck, complete with a swing and a slide, as well as an observation tower for a crow's nest. It has two masts as well as a large Lion's head with sunflower petals for a figure head and a large number 1 painted on the side. On its deck stood several people, the green headed man was the first to speak.

"LUUUFFFFYYY" he screamed.

The familiar voice jogged the Straw hated youth, being carried by Jinbei, out of his catatonic state. Having his brother Ace die in his arms had sent him into a state of shock but this voice had saved him from insanity.

He looked to the source of the voice and saw eight people he thought he'd never see again. They were a skeleton with an Afro, a blue haired man with a metal nose, a dark skinned beauty who was in her late twenties, a reindeer that looked like a large Gorilla, a blond man who was smoking, a man in an unusual mask, a busty orange headed girl and a green haired man with three swords at his side. It was the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen and the joy in his heart exploded out of his lungs as he screamed their names.


"What, hey Straw Hat what's going on? Who are those people?" asked an unknown member of the Whitebeard pirates.

"Those are my Nakama! That's my ship! Guys your alive?!"

"Of course were alive you moron, were here to rescue you, now get your crazy ass on the ship so we can get out of here" yelled Nami. To the pirates assembled it almost looked as if her eyes became perfectly round before her mouth stretched two feet and filled itself with two inch, razor sharp teeth when she yelled the last part.

"Holy shit, Straw Hats got a flying ship" yelled some random pirates and marines. They had never seen a flying ship in their lives and the sight of one was the most amazing thing they'd ever seen.

Black Beard was speechless, what he saw before him was in his mind the coolest thing ever. Sengoku was stupefied; no one had told him that the Straw Hat pirates had a flying ship. Garp had tiers in his eyes. This was his grandson Luffy's chance to escape.

"Luffy-san" Jinbei called to Luffy. Luffy turned to face him with a quizzical look on his face.

"Can we use your ship to escape" he pleaded of the youth before him.

"Sure thing, you're my brothers Nakama, what kind of guy would I be if I left you here"

"Thanks" he said


"But…" some tried to protest


"You heard him, get on the damn ship!" ordered Commander Marco

Everyone ran for the sunny. Some had to be dragged along by others either out of protest or because they were unconscious. The only one who didn't flee to safety was Monkey D. Luffy.

"Luffy-san, what are you…"

"Give me a second" interrupted Luffy "I'm not leaving him here, Gum Gum Rescue" He punched toward the marines and his arm stretched out over the canyon that Whitebeard had created to protect his sons, it continued to extend until it landed on the lifeless body of Portgas D. Ace. Luffy immediately gripped his brother's belt and pulled him to the safety that was his arms.

"Come on lets go"

Sengoku could only stare at the sight before. All the Pirates were escaping because of…

"Goddamn your family Garp!" he growled through gritted teeth "Stop them don't let any Pirate leave here alive" he barked to all those under his control

"YES SIR" voiced every Marine

"Straw Hat!" voiced Admiral Aokiji and Admiral Kizaru in stereo

"To pull miracles out of your pocket like lint is truly terrifying" muttered Kizaru

"You're dead" added Aokiji

Kizaru had formed his "Ama no Murakumo Sword" and Aokiji has done the same with his "Ice Saber". Kizaru was at Luffy's right about to cleave him in half across the midsection and Aokiji leaped in the air above him ready to cut Luffy in half down the middle should he try an escape by jumping.

"Like Hell He Is" two voices rang in unison.

"Lions Song"

"Diable Jambe"

Using his fastest technique Zoro was able to intercept, and to the shock of his opponent, block Kizaru's attack. Sanji jumped into the air and struck Aokiji with his red hot leg. Aokiji tried to freeze the blond Cook but Sanji's leg was so hot that he only returned it to normal temperature where as Sanji was able to completely shatter Aokiji's body.

"Sure Kill, Prism Star"

From back on the Sunny Usopp in his Sogeking disguise fired several shots of glass ammo at Kizaru that were able to pierce and wound his body.

"Im…Impossible" Kizaru coughed up some blood

"Holy crap it worked, I, I, I mean Ha it worked take that you bastard" Usopp yelled

"Holy…what did you shoot him with" asked Nami

"A prism fashioned into a dart, I figured that if a prism can bend light then it can bend a light man enough to hurt him" explained the Straw Hats sniper triumphantly over his new ammo.

"You mean that was by accident" screamed Nami

"This is getting out of hand" Sentoumaru muttered to himself "PX-1, 7, 9 and 14 follow me, were going after them"

"Yes sir" voiced the soulless cyborgs. The Pacifista's or PX's for short were all cyborgs like Warlord Bartholomew Kuma. They lacked his devil fruit powers but shared the laser weapons he had and they also shared his appearance, the similarity was eerie.

The five individuals had jumped over the canyon that protected the pirates and were now running them down.

"Back off you bastards" Chopper yelled. In his preferred half human half reindeer form Chopper pulled three yellow balls out of his medical bag and crushed them in his mouth.

"Rumble" he squeaked

Choppers limbs began to expand at a horrible rate. He grew to be twice as tall as Whitebeard himself. His hoofs grew into five fingers. Fur grew from his shoulders until it resembled a tattered cape. His face now resembled a lions, his horns grew to a misshapen form and his eyes glowed blue.

"Aw crap not again" Sentoumaru muttered to himself

The monstrous form that was The Straw Hats doctor Tony Tony Chopper aimed an uppercut at Sentoumaru but he was able to dodge it. However the now stray hit connected with a Pacifista and sent it flying back over the canyon that it had just crossed.

The Whitebeard pirates and the assemble marines were in awe at what they had just seen. The "Gorilla" had transformed into a reindeer, run across the battle field and transformed again into a "Tanuki" before tuning into a "Monster" that manhandled a Pacifista with one blow.

Sentoumaru attacked Chopper with a series of opened palm thrust that he called his Ashigara Dokkoi (Leg-Locked Heave-Ho) attack but before he could connect he was forced to dodge a beam of energy.

"What the hell was…" he started but never finished as he had to dodge another beam.

The beams were coming from the Straw Hats blue headed shipwright, Cyborg Franky. His eyes where glowing a menacing red just like the Pacifista's that he was shooting at

And his mouth was wide open and he was aimed right at Sentoumaru.

"What the…when…how did he get beams" stuttered the wide eyed head of security.

"Yosh, hey curly cook grab Reindeer-Gorilla" ordered Franky as his eyes returned to their normal color.

"I'm on it" barked Sanji. He leaped into the air at the out of control Chopper and hit him in the temple with a powerful roundhouse kick. The kick was enough to knock out Chopper, turning him to normal. Sanji then picked up Chopper and ran him to safety.

"Is everyone on board yet" asked Zoro

"Not yet just Sanji and Chopper" replied Nami

"Hey stupid Love Cook hurry the hell up" shouted Zoro

"Shut it Moss Head, I'm going as fast as I can" spat Sanji as he jumped onto the deck of the Thousand Sunny with Chopper in his arms.

"Hey Franky get us the hell out off here" Yelled Zoro

"Give me a second" answered Franky

The lone ship that housed the hundreds of pirates was under attack from all directions. The Cannons that lined the Encircling Wall were all firing at it but none were able to position them selves enough to get a clear shot. The marines on the plaza weren't having much better luck. Most weren't able to get close enough for their guns and cannons to reach them because of the trench Whitebeard had created to protect his sons. The ones that were close enough had all their shots deflected by Zoro, Sanji or Usopp and a large number were being attacked by the Black Beard pirates.

"Argh, Mihawk get them" ordered a furious Sengoku

"I wonder Red Hair" Mihawk thought to him-self "will fate save your golden boy a second time today or did it intend for him to die after his brother".

The world's greatest swordsman, Juracule Mihawk, stood at the front of the marines. He raised his blade, the black sword Kokutou Yoru, and unleashed the world strongest slash. The resulting energy wave was huge 130 foot tall blade that stretched for more than a mile, from Mihawk to the Sunny itself. The energy looked like the fin of an enormous shark swimming underground about to burst forth and devour the Sunny and its inhabitants before plummeting back into the sea. It most likely would have done this or at least would have cleaved the ship in two if not for the intervention of Roronoa Zoro.

Zoro had grown to everyone's, but the Straw Hats, surprise two extra faces, four extra arms and had somehow gained six extra swords. He pointed all his blades at the energy wave about to cut him in two and launched his counter attack.

"Ashura: Ichibugin (Asura: One Mist Silver)" he yelled at the top of his lungs. He made a slash with all of his blades at once and the result was a huge nine pointed star that extended from his swords that continued to grow in size until it collided with Mihawks attack.

The explosion from the collision created a large dust cloud that completely blocked the Sunny from view. Anyone who was caught in the cloud started to choke on dust and cry because of all the dirt that assaulted their eyes.

"Yosh were Supa ready, hang on to something everyone" shouted Franky from the engine room. He had been power the engines to activate what he referred to as a water escape. The Thousand Sunny, like all of his inventions, was powered by cola and needed three barrels to activate its quick getaway system popularly known as the Coup de Burst.

The Thousand Sunny was now pointed into the bay towards freedom, its back to the army of marines trying to destroy it and its occupants.

"Coup De Burst" roared Franky as a giant cannon, on the Sunny, fired downwards launching the ship into the air across the bay. The ship soared past explosions and cannon fire as it flew through the sky. It wasn't able to overcome the walls because of all the additional weight but that wasn't the plain. The ship was headed for the other side of the bay, the one piece that didn't have a barricade to trap them.

"HOLY SHIT WHERE FLYING" screamed a few pirates

"WHERE GONNA GET OUT OF HERE ALIVE" screamed a few more

"Not yet you are" argued a familiar voice

It was Kizaru; he had turned into light and was now flying along side the ship ready to attack.

"Sure Kill…" Usopp quickly spoke as he drew his now loaded weapon.

"Too slow, Yasakata no Magatama (Eight Shaku Curved Jewel)" Kizaru spoke softly. He immediately pointed his fingers at Usopp like dual guns and began to fire rapid shots at him.

"NO!!!" yelled Marco. He had stepped in between Kizaru and Usopp, arms stretched out, blocking the attacks with his body. The various beams burned into his flesh but the wounds burned closed with blue flames that healed him.

Usopp had bent down and began to fire multiple shots at Kizaru from under Marcos armpit.

"Prism Star"

The glass darts ripped into Kizaru's chest and caused blood to spurt out of the various entry points. The impact was enough to knock him backwards, falling to the ocean below.

"Yeah" cheered the Pirates as the Sunny came crashing down into the water just outside of the bay. The sails of the ship quickly unraveled an instantly picked up wind. Marco walked up to the head of the ship and addressed his new world allies that had been fighting the Marines battle ships not in the bay but surrounding the island.


Every ship that came from the New World began to turn away from the Marine HQ, joining them was the Ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, The Thousand Sunny. The marine ships kept firing at the retreating pirates but Usopp was such a quick and good shot that he was able to shoot most of the cannon shells out of the air before they reached their targets. Everyone was completely in awe of his skill and accuracy, not to mention he had developed ammo to hurt a Logia type devil fruit user.

The Marines where stunned. A few minute ago the Whitebeard pirates and their allies were trapped but because of one rookies crew they were escaping.

"Uh, Fleet Admiral Sengoku, the uh pirates are gone" spoke up one unknown marine

"I can see that" spoke Sengoku "But don't relax yet men this war isn't over until Black Beard is dead, so pick yourselves up and attack"

"Yes Fleet Admiral Sengoku" roared every marine as they rushed the Newest Warlord

"Zahahahahaha" laughed Black Beard "I hand you Ace and even finish off Whitebeard for you and this is the thanks I get? You lousy ingrate…you people are dead"