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"Ha" grunted a large muscular monk.

"You missed him Urouge" taunted Eustass Kid

"You suck but your mans pretty good their Kid" teased Trafalgar Law

"Shut up Law or else I'll kill you" snapped Kid

Eight of the eleven Super Novas were training together on Amazon Lily. Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law were watching Urouge fight with Kids second in command Killer. Urouge would swing around his large metal pillar weapon like it was a bat but Killers superior speed allowed him to easily dodge it.

Killer spun his wrist mounted rotating sickles and ran at Urouge. He ducked down and rolled to the side to dodge a wide swing from his larger foe before jumping twenty feet into the air and aiming a kick at Urouge's face. With unexpected speed from someone his size Urouge pulled his weapon in front of his face to block the kick before trusting it at Killer like a spear. Killer was able to kick off the end of it and landed a few feet away from his Captain and Law. Urouge positioned his weapon to look like a pool cue and Killer spun both of his sickles like buzz saws before the two charged at each other.

"Oh here comes the good part" smiled Kid but what should have been a bloody collision was stopped by a man with a rapier sword in one hand and an axe in the other who stopped both competitors with little effort.

"What the hell are you doing Drake" yelled Kid

"Practicing" was all he said before he swung around at swiped at Killer with his axe but the latter back flipped away to safety. He then ran up Urouge's weapon and stabbed at his head but Urouge threw his weapon into the air and X. Drake was sent flying.

"Aw hell you were right Hawkins" complained a man with extra long arms and a second set of elbows.

"Of course I was, now pay me Apoo" retorted Basil Hawkins

"What the hell are you two talking about" interrupted Kid

"Hawkins and I had a bet on if Drake would but in and start training with Urouge and Killer, now I owe him 2 million"

"You know" started Law "with Mr. Straw Hat, his swords man, Urouge, Killer and Drake training I'm in the mood for a good fight myself"

"For once we agree on something" Kid eyed Law, Hawkins and Apoo "you three wanna throw down"

"A clash of the captains, I'm in" shouted a giddy Apoo

"Why not" added Law

"I predict that today is a good day to train" finished Hawkins

The entire island of Amazon Lily was readying itself for war. When word had reached the island that he had torn a hole in the Red Line everyone recognized Black Beard as a threat that would continue to grow in power and knew that the best way to beat him was to stick together. The Kuja had tripled there training regimen and the remainders of White Beards army had been getting ready to avenge there father. The wild card in this situation where the supernova's, most had grudges against Luffy but they all realized that none of them could beat Black Beard on there own so the only question was if they would fight against or with Black Beard.

Across the island Sanji was preparing meals for several hundred women. His cooking, Brook's playing and Buggies circus were all big attractions on the island so to keep the Kuja from running from one end of the island to the other he had set up shop at Buggy's circus tent which had been rented out for the night for a concert by Brook.

He had just finished serving everyone and was taking a much needed break because feeding an island of beautiful women everyday isn't easy.

"Tired Curly Cook" asked Franky

"A bit but it's nothing that being surrounded by so many women can't fix"

"You're perverted" said Franky

"Oh you're one to talk mister thong" retorted Sanji with a cocky smirk on his face

"It's a Speedo" spate Franky, he hated it when people made fun of his fashion

The two crew mate's stood up and glared at each other. They probably would've broken out into a childish fight but some thing caught Sanji's eye and he put an end to things.

"Hey Franky keep an eye on things for me will you"

"Huh what, hey were are you going"

Over Franky shoulder Sanji had seen a familiar pink head of hair that he noticed had never been seen talking to anyone. Her name was Jewelry Bonney and Sanji knew that she had been dating Ace so he figured that she was depressed over his death and wanted to cheer her up.

"Oy Bonney-Chan" called Sanji

Bonney turned around and saw a young blond man with the strangest eyebrows she'd ever seen running toward her.

"Do I know you" he looked familiar but she couldn't place him. Since the island was crawling with pirates she figured that she must have seen his wanted poster and forgotten about it.

"Maybe, have you ever heard of 'Black Leg' Sanji" he kicked strait up in the air and held his position in a neat action pose

"Not that I can think of" she commented unimpressed

"Oh it's no problem" he smiled "I haven't broken the 100 million mark yet, unlike Luffy and that Moss Headed bastard Zoro"

At the mention of Luffy's name Bonney's eye twitched a little. She still wanted revenge for the trouble he had caused at the Saboady Archipelago but he was Ace's little brother and she didn't want to do anything that would hurt Ace, even if he was dead.

"Anyway" Sanji snapped Bonney out of her day dream "I just wanted to know if you've eaten yet, I've been cooking all day and I don't think I've seen you eat yet. Why don't you come back with me to Buggies tent and I'll whip you up whatever you want?"

Bonney had wanted to morn but at the mention of food she realized how hungry she was, and she could eat a cow when she wasn't hungry at all, so she decided to make the blonde cook before her pay for his offer.

"Argh, I'm so board" complained Nami

"You could always train with everyone else" Robin pointed out

"Are you insane" she snapped "I'm not cut out for a war, didn't you see what kind of shape Luffy ended up in and he's 100,000 times stronger than me. Even if I trained for 100 million years I'd never get strong enough to be of any help"

"So you're not planning on fighting" Robin asked pointedly

"I…I…" Nami exhaled in defeat, this wasn't a conversation she wanted to have

"What use would I be Robin" she clutched her knees "I'm not a monster like Luffy, Zoro or Sanji and I'm not even a fighter like Brook or Franky. Usopp's a great sniper and Chopper has super strength…I don't even have a useful power like you do"

"What about your weapon?" Robin asked

"I've asked Usopp about that and he told me that he's already made it as strong as he can"

"That maybe true but have you practiced the limits of what you can do with it"


"Nami" Robin had never used her name before so it got her attention "did you feel the same about fighting Crocodile in Alabaster"


"And what about when you all rescued me from CP9 and Enies Lobby"


"You honestly didn't think you'd be of any use and yet you fought to the death…why?"

"Vivi was my friend and by the time you were kidnapped you'd become my friend too"

"I've heard about how hard you fought to save your village from Arlong, why do that if you believed it was hopeless"

"That was different, that was one friend at a time and my village, this…this is too big, it's the whole fucking world Robin and I can't…I…can't"

Nami started to shake and was fighting back tears of fear and shame. She was honestly thinking about abandoning her friends to save her self, that's how scared she was, and it disgusted her.

Robin sat next to Nami and put an arm around her shoulders to pull her into a hug.

"Don't think of it as a fight for the world Nami, think of it as a fight for your friends and village, if we lose we die and in the resulting chaos your village may be destroyed. Don't think of it as a fight for the world but as a fight for what is most precious to you…trust me it helps"

"What?" that last comment stuck Nami as odd

"I don't have a home some were to protect like you do, mine was destroyed a long time ago, I don't think I'd be of much help in a war either but I'm going to do everything I can, no matter how little, to help protect my Nakama"

It had been a month since the war with White Beard and Black Beard was on top of the world. Two weeks ago he had torn a whole in the Red Line, joining the first half of the Grand Line with the second half known as the New World, and he was feared across the globe. Word had gotten out about his dual Devil Fruit powers and it was spreading like wild fire. He had killed one Yonkou, gotten two more to fight each other, destroyed Marine Ford, and tore a hole in the Red Line and as a result pirate crews all over the world were pledging their allegiance to him by the dozens; he was well on his way to being King of the Pirates.

"Ze ha ha ha ha ha ha; what a month didn't I tell you all that I could do it, I'm so damn close to being king I can taste it"

"Yeah our captains the best" boasted Jesus

"So Lafitte what's new with the recruitment process" asked Black Beard

"You currently have 230 pirate captains willing to side with you Captain" answered Lafitte "It's the largest armada the world has ever seen"

"230 huh, that's not too bad" he grinned, rather pleased with himself but his face became dark as he spoke in a more serious tone "but I think we can do so much better, don't you"

"Hy-hy-hy-hyuck" laughed Basco Shot "how are you going to get bigger than that captain, 230 ships is huge"

"There's only one thing I could possibly do to get bigger than I already am" Black Beard smiled darkly "and that's to make it impossible for the world to go back to the old ways"

"Huh, what does that mean?"

"Oh you'll see" promised Black Beard "trust me this is going to be good"

Back on Amazon Lily Hancock had finished training with Luffy for the day and had spent all day wondering if she should deliver Garp's message to him. Luffy had seen how uncomfortable she was and had finally wheedled it out of her. She had told him the whole story and was scared of what his reaction would be but his blank facial expression hadn't changed at all.

"Grandpa doesn't want me to fight him" he asked calmly

"No" answered Hancock

"He said that he doesn't think I'm strong enough to win yet" he asked calmly

"Yes he did" answered Hancock

"He wants me to run and hide and let the man responsible for Ace's capture and eventual death go free" he again asked calmly

Luffy's reaction was starting to worry Hancock. He usually went overboard with emotion and right now he wasn't showing any at all, he didn't even look angry like she had expected he would, he wasn't even raising his voice.

"Yes he does" she answered

Luffy broke eye contact with Hancock and looked down slightly. The brim of his hat and the shadow it cast completely concealed his eyes before he spoke again.

"I want the truth Hancock…do you agree with him" he asked

"…Yes and No" she waited until Luffy looked her in the eye again before finishing her answer "I don't believe that you are strong enough to Beat Black Beard or ever Akainu at the moment but I believe that when I'm done training you that you will be"

Luffy thought this over and returned to the position that hid his eyes.

"I want the truth again, if I where to fight him before I was ready and died what would you do" he asked

"I'd go after him" she rushed with out hesitation

"Even if you knew that you'd lose?"

This question surprised Hancock and she thought about it carefully before answering so she could give Luffy as honest an answer as possible.

"…Yes I would"

"That's why I won't lose" he yelled

"It's not a matter of determination"

"I WON"T LOSE!" he screamed

Luffy had only ever yelled at Hancock back when they were enemies but not since then. It surprised Hancock and surprised Luffy too. He had just yelled at the woman he cared for and he hated it.

"I'm…I'm sorry…I didn't mean to yell at you Hancock"

Hancock had hated men her whole life. As a child she heard nothing but bad things about them growing up on the island of women. When she first met one she was enslaved and it only worsened her thoughts about the opposite sex, she had believed all men to be monsters but then she met Luffy. When she first met Luffy she ordered him executed and all he cared about was saving those who would've been punished along with him. Hancock had given him a choice, save himself or save strangers that he barley knew. She believed him to be greedy and someone to think only of himself but without any hesitation he chose to save Marguerite and proved her wrong. He proved that not all men where monsters.

Luffy always met impossible situations with the same strategy, charge strait in full speed because losing was never an option. He wanted so badly to stop black Beard for capturing Ace. He wanted so badly to take his revenge on Akainu for killing his brother. He wanted so badly for Hancock not to get herself killed if he failed. For once in his life he feared failure and what would happen to those he cared about if he did. Without his brother he had wanted to die avenging him but Hancock had proven enough of a reason for him to want to live. She proved that living on was what he wanted.

The two would be lovers sat alone in the room for a long time, not looking at each other. They would each die for the one's they care about, especially for each other and now they new it. All they wanted was for the other to live and be happy, that's why Hancock was risking her own life to hide Luffy and was training him to use his Haki, that's why Luffy didn't want to do anything to make Hancock risk her own life for his sake anymore than she already was.

Hancock was the one to break the silence.


"It doesn't matter!" he interrupted her


"It doesn't matter that I'm weak. I will get stronger, I am going to surpass my brother. I'm going to beat the crap out of Black Beard and Akainu!"

Luffy stood up and shouted at the heavens, declaring the promise of a lifetime.

"I'm going to make my brother proud by avenging him and then I'm going to find the One Piece because I'm the man who's going to be king of the pirates! I'm going to make him proud, I'm going to fulfill all our shared dreams and I'm not going to live a life of regrets, just like we promised. No backing down, no regrets, that's what we promised when we became brothers!"

With his declaration Luffy unleashed a huge wave of Haki that spread across the island and was felt by all. It crept up their spines like a shiver but it wasn't ominous, it filled them all with the sense that something incredible was about to happen.

The Kuja had felt this power before, back when Luffy fought to protect Marguerite and her friends. Nami hadn't felt this way since Arlong was defeated and her village was freed. Robin hadn't felt like this since her friends beat CP9 and rescued her from Enies Lobby. Law, Kid and their respective crews were reminded of when Silvers Rayleigh used his Haki back in the auction house.

It was the power of the conquering king and it was telling them all to prepare for war.