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Youkai to Vampire

Chapter 1: First and Second Day

Aono Tsukune (15) made his way from his home toward his school. It was the first day of highschool. He had barely passed his tests, and to his relief wouldn't have to go to an all boys school. His parents had told him that this would be a special school and he is expected to get better grades than his middle school semesters. He did find the uniform rather interesting. It was a deep burgundy jacket with a black tie and slacks. The emblem of the school was a crest in the shape of a serpentine dragon. It was a newly built school in the area, only a few years old, but well accredited.

As he made his way down the sidewalk, he heard someone call out to him in familiarity.

"Tsukune!" The voice was light and full of expectation, and also belonged to a girl. It couldn't be. Why would a girl call out to him? Usually people avoided him at all costs because of his quiet and gruff nature. He turned around to see a familiar young woman run toward him. It was Akashiya Moka (15).

She had gone to the same middle school as Tsukune, but she had often been picked on by other students because of her pink hair and quiet nature. She always talked about strange subjects like youkai and mythology with such conviction. In the last few weeks of middle school, she was slowly filling into her body, which brought her more positive attention. He could only assume because he still acted indifferent toward everything, or because he was the only one that never teased her in middle school. This probably attributed to the fact that not only did she remember his name, but currently ran up to him in familiarity.

Tsukune turned to the young woman and raised a brow, but before he could process his response, she jumped into the air and tackled him in an open armed hug. Both young man and woman squeaked and fell to the ground as Tsukune lost balance and the young pink-haired woman stumbled.

"It-tai…" Tsukune groaned, rubbing his backside. Moka sat on her knees and brushed her hair behind her ear, seemingly out of breath. "I'm so sorry." She apologized looking up to him. He couldn't help but notice her emerald green eyes. It had been another attributing factor to her being teased for being a gaijin, a foreigner. He did recall Moka mentioning once that her family was from the west, although one couldn't tell by her mannerisms and speech as it was wholly Japanese.

"I'm anemic so sometimes I get dizzy." She admitted with embarrassment. Her cheeks were blushed a deep red. "Oh no!" She suddenly cried, reaching in her pocket and pulling out a small handkerchief. Tsukune looked down to his hand. He had scraped it a bit in the fall. She gently took his hand into hers and carefully padded the wound. "Thanks Akashiya-san, but that isn't necessary…" Tsukune said, trying to pull his hand away, but she held it tight. He blinked and looked up to Moka, who had stopped moving and was staring into his chocolate brown eyes. "Akashiya-san?" He furrowed his brows and tugged his hand, trying to pull her from her trance.

"I'm sorry, I'm a vampire!" She called out, falling forward into Tsukune's chest. "Wait, what?!" But before Tsukune's question could be answered, he felt something sharp puncture the skin of his neck. He could feel as this young pink-haired woman sucked his blood. He opened his mouth to speak, but Moka pushed back.

"I'm so sorry!" She cried out in panic. "Are you okay?" She asked as Tsukune pushed to his feet. "I'm fine." He said, turning his face away. Moka frowned and stood, brushing her school skirt off. "Y-you don't hate vampires do you?" She looked to him with a sad expression. Tsukune sighed and shook his head, shrugging nonchalantly. "No, vampires are unique individuals aren't they?" He said with a smile, void of emotion. Moka exhaled in relief and smiled widely. "I'm so glad," she began. "Do you think you can be my friend at this new school? It would be very lonely by ourselves." Tsukune glanced off toward the school gates, then back to the pink-haired beauty in front of him. He idly considered her cuteness factor, then gave a nod. The girl squealed in joy and grabbed his arm, pulling him toward the school gates.

The academy was far from normal. It was a school that had very special students in registration. Many of these students were known as youkai by myth. To learn to live properly in the human world they were sent to these specialty schools that administered to their needs. They were to retain human forms at all times and were never to reveal to humans their true forms, under any circumstance. They were to learn to live hidden in the world controlled by humans and conform to society, or else be returned to the darkness of the youkai world.

"Who is that?!" A young man called as he watched Moka walk toward the school with Tsukune in arm. The boy stared off, lost in his thoughts while Moka went on and on about inconsequential subjects. "She's so beautiful!" Another male student cheered in adoration. "I hear she's a super beauty and a foreigner!" Another one admitted to some rumors.

Soon a car pulled up to the school. A young man with dark brown hair, wearing the school's uniform, stepped out of the car door, which was being held by a butler. He raised a brow, catching sight of the pink-haired girl who shamelessly fawned over the pathetic excuse of a boy with her.

Her name is Akashiya Moka!" One male announced. The young man raised a brow, swiping his tongue over his lip stud. "Akashiya Moka hmm?" He chuckled to himself. The other students looked to the man, quickly recognizing his status. "That's Kamiyo Saizo." One said with disgust. "The Chairman's son? He thinks he can buy everything!" Another laughed. Saizou growled out and glanced to them. "I can." Saizou chuckled as he snapped his fingers. His butler, who stood nearly six feet tall, stood looming over the three young men. "This is a friend of my father. He makes sure that I am always pleased, and right now you're very displeasing…" Saizou chuckled as he watched Moka and Tsukune disappear into the school doors. The three young men shook under the gaze of the rather large and intimidating butler. "Akashiya Moka hmm? You'll be easy enough to get." Saizou mused.

Moka and Tsukune spent most of their first day together. During lunch, the two sat at the top of the school's roof and ate there. For a while, she talked about how hard it was being a vampire and how lonely it could be. Tsukune couldn't help but glance up at her between bites. She sat with her legs tucked beneath her, while sipping on a can of tomato juice. She had a thoughtful expression on her face. Moka blinked and glanced to Tsukune when she noticed his gaze. She blushed and put her hand to her cheek. "Is there something on my face?" She asked with worry. He couldn't help his chuckle as he shook his head. "I was just thinking. There's no way you could be a vampire. Ya know, those things that hate crosses, garlic and holy water. They're scary and mean, you're not." He said with a grin. Moka scooted closer; a serious expression had overtaken her face. "But it's true!" she began. "See this Rosary on my chest?" She asked, pulling back the lapel of her jacket and the cloth of her shirt, showing the large Rosary that hung from metal restrictions on a black leather collar around her neck. Tsukune had assumed it was some strange, western, fashion statement. "This Rosary seals my true self. If it's ever taken off I become an evil and scaaary vampire." She seriously noted, looking up to Tsukune with a sad smile. He furrowed his brows. "See," Moka said, sitting back on her legs. She glanced away, a sullen expression now painted over her face. "My true self was sealed away because I caused a lot of conflict, and I was really lonely for a long time, but" She smiled and looked up to Tsukune. "I'm not anymore because Tsukune is my friend!" Tsukune pursed his lips and turned away. "What makes me all that trusting?" He thought darkly.

The next day it seemed to start all over again. The two met on their way to school, and Moka shamelessly cured her anemia by feeding on Tsukune. He told her she needed to stop doing that so openly; it wasn't normal. She simply blushed and apologized in a cute manner that caused Tsukune to sigh.

For the rest of the day Tsukune wondered to himself if it was really true that Moka was a vampire. She sure drank a lot of blood. He rubbed his neck as he stood off in the outfield of the baseball diamond. He had sports that afternoon in gym class. For someone so beautiful and full of affection, she seemed so sad and lonely. He didn't understand. She had everything most girls would kill for, and yet she preferred to spend time with him instead of the other more interesting males in the school. His mind was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't see the baseball fly past him, nearly breaking in his face.

"Pay attention Aono!" One of his classmates called. He laughed nervously and ran off to fetch the ball. "Hey Moka-san!" Tsukune called off to the pink-haired girl who had found the ball and curiously picked it up. Tsukune chuckled as she looked up in a clueless manner. "Wanna play?" He mused, waving his hand. She pointed to herself as if there was anyone else nearby. He found her cute in her gym uniform, just looking so clueless. "You want me to p-play?" She nervously inquired as Tsukune nodded, waving his hand. "O-okay." She threw the ball, but she stumbled in controlling her own strength and lost control of the ball, which went flying past Tsukune and into the window of the school's office. Moka gasped as her eyes filled up with tears.

"I'm so sorry!" Moka cried as she ran off, realizing what had happened. "Moka-san, wait!" Tsukune called after the girl. "Hey wait, Aono, where are you going?!" His classmates called. "WHO BROKE THAT WINDOW?!" The boys turned around to see the gym teacher standing Kotsubo-sensei. In his hand he tightly gripped a shinai(*) with glass sticking out of his head and sweat shirt. He was boiling with rage, glaring down at the students who were quivering with fear trying to explain their innocence. "I think it's time to initiate some punishment for those who cannot admit to their errors." He growled.

Tsukune chased Moka toward the back of the school where she finally collapsed against the doors of one of the empty courtyards. She cried into her hands, "Moka-san?!" Tsukune rushed to her and she hiccupped, wiping the tears from her eyes. "You have to go back and tell Kotsubo-sensei you broke the window." Tsukune said as he crouched down by the girl as she steadied herself on the three-step incline of the doorway. The sun was getting lower in the sky, but it was still a bright and cloudless afternoon. "Do you see now? Vampires can't be around others?" She asked as she sniffled back her tears. "How can I understand? You get upset over nothing." He thought as he sat down beside her until she calmed down. She brushed back her hair and looked to Tsukune with her tear-stained cheeks.

She sighed and set her hands on her lap. "Tsukune, if my Rosary ever comes off… promise you'll save me." She said as she brushed her fingers against her pale thighs. Tsukune furrowed his brows and glanced up from her fingers to her face. "What is she going on about? I don't understand Moka-san." He thought as he sighed. "Tsukune," She began, snapping him from his internal musings. "It's just so hard being a vampire sometimes, never knowing if I'm safe. I'm always carrying this feeling of being alone." She said. She had never had anyone to talk to about her problems. It just felt good getting everything off her chest with someone that would listen. "You're not the only one with problems." Tsukune said aloud. His eyes widened at his own harsh words. Moka looked up at him with shock, hearing that from him. He had to bite the bullet, he already began. "I mean I could be a horrible person, just how is it that you know I am any better?" He asked, looking to the green-eyed girl.

She smiled at him. "Your scent." She said, causing the boy to raise a curious brow. "My scent?" He repeated. She nodded and inhaled. "I can tell people's true feelings from their scents. I know when they are lying or are good. That's why I like your blood." She said scooting a bit to face his direction. She was seated on the top of the steps and Tsukune on the second step. "Your blood has such a different and unique scent and taste…" She added with a blush. Tsukune rolled his eyes. "I could be lying. You can't just tell who or what someone is through their blood." He said aloud again. Moka pouted and stood abruptly.

"I can so!" She claimed, causing Tsukune to scoff. "Well maybe I just don't understand how someone so lonely can claim to be so alone when she's using me as a snack pack!" Tsukune said in his annoyance. He furrowed his brows. He really didn't mean it in that way, he was just a bit confused and flustered with her strange manner of talk and actions. How could you say you're alone, and yet you like someone because their blood tells you they're a good person? It made no sense. "Fine!" Moka cried out, racing away from Tsukune. "Moka-san, wait!" He tried to call back, but it was too late. He sighed and decided to talk to her later on the way home. He'd be late for class if he wasted any more time.

Tsukune paid little attention to class. He was wondering how he could explain to Moka, and apologize to her. He didn't mean to be so harsh, but it was just a little frustrating she would always talk about how much trouble she had. Perhaps he was in the wrong, considering he was also in a similar situation and had no one to talk to about it. If he were more willing, he would've probably spoken to Moka about similar things. He would apologize to her. After class was dismissed, Tsukune continued to sit and daydream about these things.


The voice called for the third time, before Tsukune finally trailed from his thoughts. He blinked, realizing Kotsubo-sensei was glaring down at him. "K-katsubo-sensei. What brings you here?" He asked with a chuckle. "Come with me. We have to have a little talk about a certain window." The gym teacher glared down at the boy, and before Tsukune could respond, he picked him up by the collar and dragged him toward his office.

"So what do you say Moka, become my woman." Saizou chuckled. He had stopped Moka outside as the students were just leaving class. "N-no thank you, I'm waiting for someone." Moka pouted and turned her head away from Saizou, causing the young man to sneer. "Oh really. Are you perhaps waiting for that Aono boy?" He sneered. Moka blinked and turned to Saizou. He roughly grabbed Moka's arm and chuckled. "Perhaps we should all deal with this together, as a group." The young man chuckled as the students in the background griped and moaned about his unfair advantage. Saizou glanced at the butler, who glared down the chattering boys, quickly shutting them up. "Come with me Moka." Saizou hissed, pulling her along in his painful grip. "No!" Moka cried out, but was no match. Saizou was followed by the butler back into the school.

Saizou took Moka to the empty art storage room where there was a lot of empty space. He popped open his cell phone as Moka struggled against the grip of the butler. "Yes. It's me. Would you mind bringing Aono here, I wish to have a word with him." The young man grinned.

In the teacher's lounge, Kotsubo closed his cell phone and looked to Tsukune. "W-who was that Sensei?" Tsukune chuckled nervously. Kotsubo grinned, not answering as he grabbed Tsukune's arm and dragged him off. "Detention." He chuckled in response, taking Tsukune to the same room as Moka.

"Moka-san!" Tsukune called. Moka looked up, tears racing down her cheeks. "Tsukune!" But when she called out Saizou slapped her. "What the—what do you think you're doing Komiya?! Sensei, stop him!" Tsukune called, only to be forced to the ground. Kotsubo stomped his foot into Tsukune's back and held him there. "I'd like you to meet my father's friends Aono, who are, in turn, my friends." The young boy chuckled. "Tsukune!" Moka cried out. Saizou sneered and nodded to Kotsubo, who pushed down on Tsukune's back harder. He screamed out in pain, feeling a horrible sting run up his spine to his head.


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Shinai: bamboo training sword