Chapter 65: As Kami, I Exist (Part II)

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After an hour of searching for Moka and Kyouko, as well as Kokoa it seemed. Tsukune was getting aggravated. He wanted to go home already. They were able to convince Tsukune to relax and stay a bit longer.

"Look Tsu," Gin began. "We have to go check the forest out. Think ya can hang out 'ere for a bit longer? Just stay with Inui." He would suggest. The werewolf felt it best to just let Tsukune hang out and chill.

Yukari frowned at the prospect. "Aww, do we have to desu ka?" She was perched on Tsukune's shoulders, enjoying the feeling of his warm head between her legs, squirming all about.

Gin felt all this contact was starting to annoy him. The younger male never seemed all that driven toward school outings that were non-productive. The group separated once more, leaving the Onimodoki with the hybrid. Mizore was dejected. She did not get her chance to ask him anything with everyone around, and her body cringed at the thought of approaching someone and touching them. This tick was becoming more of a handicap than a survival skill. Gin was just worried that the girls would tear up the town in their fight over the boy, but there was nothing he could do now. He only hoped Kyouko would be a bit more mature on the situation. She seemed very possessive of Tsukune and the last thing he needed were two demon girls fighting over dominance in a public setting.

"Tsukune," Inui stood to face the young man. "Am I part of the h-harem?" After all, without them the young youkai had nothing else.

After Tsukune showed him his place, the hybrid should have left him to fend for himself. His species depended on other species to survive. Onimodoki required the presence of stronger youkai. By surrounding themselves with strong mates or strong followers they had otherwise tricked into servitude: the weak demons could hide behind the overwhelming power held by their partners. Instead of taking a mate as he thought he would: Tsukune had forced him to kneel. In the stead of being killed as most would have at the presence of such a parasitic species, Tsukune, instead, spared him. It was quite unheard of for such an event to happen and left the Onimodoki an endangered species. Many saw the species as either a parasite or threat that should be made an example of.

Tsukune had honestly not given the situation much thought. He was sure most guys would churn at such a prospect, but he could not find it in himself to really care one way or another. The other problem lay with the fact that Tsukune hated men in general. It was not so much due to his orientation, as the young hybrid found both genders to have appealing and unappealing factors. But the cusp of his problem was due to the fact that he found men were aggressive and endangered women... and him. He grew up being feed fear by such a monster.

Inui was not a threat, he proved, and even Yukari seemed affectionate towards the brute. That fact was still something the young hybrid worried about from time to time, but who was he to deny Yukari what she wanted? For him there was a greater question at hand: what did the youkai want? Confirmation? The hybrid stared at the taller man as his thoughts twisted and manipulated his more wholesome thoughts with darker inquires. Perhaps it was the nature of a Kudlak. What usefulness was this male to him? To his so-called 'harem'? He weighed the idea: tossing about the pros and cons with the utmost prejudice.

While he would not allow the Onimodoki to touch his females, there was nothing saying Inui had to. It was Tsukune's job, as a leader, to satisfy everyone's needs even if that meant Inui had to be attended to. Kyouko had told him that he was a man. It was his job to make sure that everyone around him understood that he was the boss. Showing weakness could very well lead to his demise. He knew this, but he could not help the worry that plagued his dreams. He feared that he was not strong enough. Not only was his body sick, but his mind was weak.

Maybe this lack of feeling, perhaps his uncaring nature was to blame. Tsukune did not crave them physically. Though he would tend to their emotional thirst, he could not find himself wanting it as sexual creatures often did. But he was neither man nor demon. He was a seed lodged in the throat of a frog. He neither came, nor went, and slowly suffocated his hosts. It was an insufferable feeling. How could he become a better man? The man Kyouko wanted. The man Moka wanted. They all wanted a person he was not, so he felt. 'Who could he be'?

"Be the one to support us." Inui spoke up.

Tsukune's last thoughts had trickled into the open and revealed to Inui's heart. The larger demon reached out to Tsukune. The smaller male felt his heart ache. He was driven to please them, to feel passion for them. The were an emotional anchor that tied the boy to his sanity. Tsukune would not protest as Inui pulled him closer and slowly leaned in...

"Inui..." Tsukune moved to look away, tasting blood in the back of his throat, but before he could respond to the situation the male would feel Inui's lips against his. There was a soft murmur that drew from Inui's throat. Tsukune could barely make it out.

'I'll help you protect them, just don't abandon me.'


"Asexual?" Gin questioned as the three traversed through the forest. Yukari traveled close behind the older male.

The loli would hop and bounce over the knotted and gnarled surface of the woods. The roots and twisted lichen were overgrown and created a veritable minefield of organic obstacles that thwarted even the most agile of explorers from traversing too deeply. While the young witch was granted the experience from living on the Ranch, Mizore was a very different story. The city-born geisha was not at all used to the exertion. Where Yukari seemed to be having the grandest time climbing and crawling about the woods, Mizore struggled. Each step the snow white maiden took drove her breath ragged. Every step pulled her muscles taut. Though she was physically trained to entertain: traditional dancing, and romping through such a dark and twisted territory were quite different.

Gin was absolutely flabbergasted at the witch's comment. The upperclassman was concerned with Tsukune's more questionable tastes in fooling around with multiple women. Living in a human society this behavior was looked down upon. Even humans that took multiple lovers in what many consider 'industrialized' nations was seen as greedy, unfaithful. Perhaps the two merely came with culture, as anywhere else it would seem quite normal.

"Yes." Yukari stated as she hopped over another twisted root. "Ruby-sensei said that is what people like Tsukune-san is called desu."

Mizore heaved out painfully as she finally managed to crawl over the bit of clutter that bar her way. She clutched tightly to the sleeves of her kimono, struggling to keep the winter fabric from getting caught on the jagged wood of the old trees.

"What do you mean!?" Mizore refused to believe it. "Something like that is impossible!" It was just one of those silly things people like that made up so they did not have to live under the limitations of society. "Asexual are what things like Sea Cucumber or Sponges are, not humans. We need the sensual contact from other humans to survive!"

As a geisha she knew well sensuality was a necessary factor of a healthy human life. She studied the human psyche and what made them happy. It was her job. She was an entertainer and lived being able to feed the ego of men, and women if they preferred. For a trained geisha to hear such a thing was downright embarrassing!

Mizore could not help the blush that came to her cheeks. Yukari snorted and held her hand over mouth to stifle her giggles.

"Mizore-chan is such a virgin desu." The witch's words caused Mizore's blush to deepen, and Gin to choke on his own oxygen.

He held out his hands at the horrifying exclamation. "As if yer one ta talk!" The wolf asserted. He sighed out when the little witch giggled. "Look, Mizore I know ya mean well, sorta, but Tsu is real sensitive and rightly ain't the sort to be some perv."

Yukari giggled at Gin's comment. He sneered at the loli, but could not refute the reason behind her chiding chortles. Mizore refused to believe it, mostly because that made her efforts... useless. While they chatted, a soft scuttling noise drew itself to their ears. The trio turned and looked toward the overgrown garden.

"Yo," Gin called. "Who's there? Git out 'ere!" He demanded.

From the bushes stepped three figures. Two of the figures appeared to be male, while the other was clearly female. The two males were twins and dressed in alternating suits, a bit disheveled, but otherwise clean. The girl was a familiar face to the wolf.

"N-nakamoto Kokko?" Gin stammered in surprise.

Nakamoto Kokko was a second year student of the Academy. She was a hybrid. No one was sure what she was, but there were plenty of rumors. Some say she was half witch, while others were taken by the idea of her being half siren. In the end there was one thing Gin knew about this girl: she was out to get him.

"Look Nakamoto," he began. "Jus' cuz a guy dumps a chick don't give her the right ta follow 'im!" Gin was glared at by Yukari and Mizore.

Nakamoto snorted with laughter and pulled her left hand up to politely hide the chortle. Her right hand came up to push back her glasses as a dark grin curled up around her smooth features. The young woman had been suspended from school after trying to get back at Gin. With Gin busy with INTERPOL it was impossible for him to have a normal social life. He dumped Nakamoto, but with Gin's aggressively, flirtatious nature she felt something else was going on. She would, of course, be correct. He had many, meaningless flings until his primal needs were met. He was the lowest of scum. Though Gin's behavior stemmed from the anxiety many in military or police force often faced toward relationships. Many could not hold stable relations due to their busy lifestyles or feared the worst due to the dangers of their work.

Regardless of the excuses, his fears caused him to inadvertently hurt others. He sought to build the most minimal of emotional bonds, lest his grew attached. Nakamoto had sought revenge for her broken heart and used body. The woman was quite annoyed to see Yukari and Mizore.

"It seems Gin has taken to his inner lolicon." She bit down on the edge of her sleeve. "Hanging around Haiji has made you dirtier." She glared in Mizore's direction from over the dark rims of her glasses.

The young woman wore the school's colors: a black and maroon track and field jacket with a maroon skirt and black tights beneath. Like Gin she seemed hardly affected by the cold weather, or terrain as her rough hiking boots dug into the roots and vegetation of the area with ease.

"Like hell!" Gin retorted as Yukari giggled and Mizore blushed profusely, adamantly shaking her head in refusal.

Nakamoto grinned hungrily. Not only had she threatened girls associated with Gin in the past, but she had began to bully any female in his classes. When she was caught using her youki to terrorize these girls and was immediately suspended.

"So where's that boy of yours?" Nakamoto questioned, causing Gin to take a defensive stance. "Ah, don't worry. I'm not like you Gin." She reassured. "I don't go around sinking my fangs into others simply to satisfy a few, empty needs..." Those words stung.

Nakamoto allowed her arms to drop to her sides as she stood between to other two males who seemed to bow.

"We are Toujyou-sensei's assistants." The one on the left spoke up.

"As part of Aono-san's rehabilitation he is required, by Prefecture mandate by Judge Sei, he has to learn to control his dangerous powers." The twin to the right spoke.

"One moment..." Mizore narrowed her eyes. "Mandate?"

"Ah, that's right," Gin forgot Mizore's school schedule is rather unique and keeps her in minimum contact with other students. "I'm sure there was rumors, but Tsukune was made ta go inta rehabilitation so he's gotta do therapy an' shit." Gin explained.

Nakamoto scoffed. "And also so I can get back into school, I gotta help. So where is your little fetish Gin?" She grinned.

Yukari had made her way froward. The two men with Nakamoto-senpai drew her curiosity. The twin males glanced at the witch and inched back. Gin glanced to Yukari before looking to Kokko. The two men seemed nervous and straightened up.

"A-ah.." The man on the right stammered. "Please forgive our rudeness. I am Iizuna Sumiiro." He bowed his head.

"I am Iizuna Akacha. We will be assisting Nakamoto-san with young Aono-san's treatment." The brothers nervously chuckles.

Yukari gave the pair a sharp stare. "Why are you out here in the forest desu ka?" She questioned. "We were following the trail of kamatachi desu..." The witch looked to Gin to confirm.

He nodded and settles his hands on his hips. "It's strange to find y'all out 'ere." The werewolf noted.

The pair fidgeted uneasily. Nakamoto scoffed and moved to approach Gin. She reached up and allowed the tips of her fingers to snake out from her sleeves as she pressed her hand lightly to Gin's chest. She leaned in close as Gin leaned back. He could not forget this girl had really gone off the deep end. Maybe it was his fault, but in the end she was still a dumb bitch that really did not know when to let go. Life was short, and holding grudges only wasted time. How could you enjoy life when you were weighed down by attachment? That was why he could not understand why Tsukune would want to be bound by so many women...


As the silver-haired vampire and Ork-girl argued, Kokoa could only sigh. The kami of the demon world seemed to just argue uselessly back and forth.

"For creature that are called the kami of the demon world, you sure argue like a pair of kappa at a farting contest!" A disembodied voice cackled.

Kyouko and Moka looked to Kokoa sharply. The red head threw up her hands and shook her head dismissively. Like hell she would say something like that aloud, when she was outnumbered. Moka and Kyouko turned to face the figure who stepped from the shadows. Kyouko held up her hand, allowing her carapace to threateningly crawl over her delicate, pale skin.

"Who the heck are you?" Kyouko questioned. "You look really suspicious."

Kokoa crossed her arms over her chest and held her head high. "Men are always suspicious." Kokoa assured.

Moka, on the other hand, was stunned by the figure who stood before her. A tall man with pale skin and sharp blue eyes. He wore a fine suit, like any Japanese man of business, and dark tattoo-like markings over his eyebrows. Moka, who was usually full of courage and downright sass: had lost her voice. The man grinned, his lips pulling back to reveal a set of pearly, white fangs. Kyouko looked back in concern. Moka was trying to minimize her presence and that alerted Kyouko to the danger. The Ork girl would suddenly feel heat lick at the air. She slowly turned her head after a name was weakly uttered from Moka's mouth.


Him?! Kyouko was full of disbelief at the revealed identity of the blonde figure. This was the bastard that tried to take Tsukune away from her?! She growled out and charged at the male. Kokoa may have been boastful but even the young demon knew and could sense it. The younger of the three parted their mouth in shock at Kyouko's thoughtless charge. Moka threw out her hand.

"Kyouko, no!"

Kuyou stood there, grinning. "Ah, well it seems I will have to defend myself, do you see that, Kiria?" The male questioned as Kyouko's fist made contact with his chest.

Moka and Kokoa looked over to spot a young man sitting on a bench with a book on his lap and a videocamera in hand. His white, short cropped hair was brushed to the side and his strange clothing very hipster in style: with a pair of plaid pants and a cashmere suit jacket, with a white vest beneath and black scarf around his neck. He turned up his strangely shaped eyes and nodded. A maddening grin drew itself over Kuyou's face.

"I will become a hero of all youkai and make a new era! I will become a vigilante for all those scorned by Justice." The fox narrowed his eyes and shifted his weight. "Even if that means saving scum like you, Akashiya Moka... even you have been wronged by the injustice of the flawed Judicial System and I will rectify it! But that requires me borrowing that boy of yours...HAAA!" The tall male threw out his weight and swung his clawed hands at Kyouko.


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