You are beautiful, Wendy: David's POV

"W-Wendy…," I stuttered. I couldn't stare at her without getting a boner. She turned around and smiled at me. I hugged her tightly and looked into her eyes. "Wendy, I wrote you a poem because you are so beautiful…" Her eyes widened.

"You d-did…?" She gasped.

"Y-yes…," I blushed. "Here goes:


You make my life complete,

You are my other half,

I love your beautiful eyes,

I love your beautiful face,

Your beautiful hair,

Your beautiful body,

You serenade me with your beautiful voice,

Please Wendy; I invite you to become a part of my life…"

"D-David… it's so beautiful…," she began to cry. I hugged her tightly and comforted her.

"Don't cry Wendy… I love you… so much…"