Comfort: Wendy's POV

I had accidentally fallen asleep on the couch in the break room that people rarely go to (not even Brass himself does). I knew it was one of the few places that I could be alone or with David (except the bathroom of course). I sighed because I had woken up from a meaningless nightmare, or was it? I don't know, the dream didn't make any sense at all. In fact, I had forgotten what it was about. I shrugged and got up.

I had arrived at David's office only to see his head buried in his hands. "David?"

"Yeah…?" He looked up at me. "I ran out of money to buy some Lucky chips… and I'm really hungry…"

"Hey, I have some money for the vending machine," I smiled.

"Aww thank you Wendy, you're like a pillow," he grinned. "That's all I wanted, was some comfort."

"You got it anytime you want," I winked.

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