Disclaimer: I don't own Professor Layton or its characters. I'm just a girl who is really amused by puzzles and British accents.

Note: This was written for the springkink community over on LJ even though there is no kink whatsoever in this. I hope you enjoy! This was written to be very silly.

Which Cup?

March 6, 2010


"What's the meaning of this, Luke?" Flora had asked, smiling at her childhood sweetheart who had sat her down in the train's compartment to talk to her. "We should be arriving at the station soon to see the Professor. Can't this wait?"

"No," he shook his head. "Flora, this is very important. I need you to solve… solve this puzzle for me."

"Solve this puzzle? Luke, this is hardly the time!"

"There's always time for a puzzle, Flora!" he grinned, giving her a thumbs up.

"I should've known…" she sighed, though still smiling at Luke's cheerfulness. "Alright, let's have it."

"Puzzle 143: Which Cup?"

She furrowed her eyebrows as she regarded Luke. She asked, "Why did you just say that out loud in a weird voice?"

He gave a weak smile. "Humor me, Flora."

"You've been around the Professor for too long," she smiled, leaning forward to pat his knee.

She didn't notice until now that the table was set up in an old kind of puzzle she had seen before.

"Flora. There is a special item underneath one of these cups. It's up to you to figure out which cup it's under." He pointed to one cup, "This is the one it's under. You need to keep your eyes trained on it until I stop moving them around!"

"Can I see what's under it?" she asked, reaching for the cup.

"Not yet," he said, tapping the teacup with his index finger to keep it down on the table. "Just know that the prize is under here." He began to move the cups this way and that, swirling them around each other, calculating the movements in order to move the prize from one location to another. Flora watched, trying to keep her eyes on the prize teacup. He stopped, and then looked up at her expectantly.

"S-So, Flora? Which one do you think has the surprise?"

She played with the fringe of her bangs, keeping her eyes on the cup her gut was telling her was the right one. If only she had a walkthrough for this kind of thing.

When she didn't answer immediately, he asked, "Do you need any hints?" Did she want them?

She pointed to the cup on the right. "I choose that one."

He swallowed thickly, now overcome with nerves that he had been trying to suppress. "Are you sure?" The Professor always told him to keep a level head in times of stress! He had to keep it together.

When he lifted the cup, the twinkle of a diamond embedding in a small, gold band sparkled at Flora, causing her to gasp. "Luke! You little devil, you! You had planned this? For me?"

Luke got down on one knee, pinching the ring between his thumb and index finger. "This is the puzzle of my heart, Flora, and you've solved it. Will you marry me?"

"Oh, Luke! Of course I accept!" she grinned as he put the ring on her finger. She admired the shine before giggling and leaping into his arms from across the table.

"Flora, the teacups!"