This is the Prologue of 'Remember Me!' This prolouge is set in 1988, 70 years after Edward was turned into a vampire. The first chapter is set in 2010, 22 years later. Hope you enjoy!


I sat and listened to the gentle melody. My head rested against the arm of my couch and I closed my eyes to block out both the inner and outer voices of my family as they moved downstairs.

Life was hard. Sorry, death was hard. Living for eternity sounded like fun for most people. Give them the option and they would take it, but not me. I was like Rose in that way, I saw no point to immortality.

For Rose, it was because of the life without children.

For me, it was Bella.

Even just thinking her name brought a sharp pain to my stomach and made me wish for death, just to see her again.

I could still see her face. Those deep brown eyes and rosy lips that made my breathing stop every time I looked at her.

I wish I could look at her now, I wish I could be with her other than in my imagination.

My family found it weird that I'd remembered life from 70 years ago. All their memories had faded over time, but not mine. Carlisle found it fascinating, but I knew it was because I wouldn't let the memories go. I thought about her every day. The first time we met each other, our first kiss, our engagement... Our separation.

I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter and pushed those memories from my head.

I felt myself get caught up in happier times.

I saw Bella walk towards me through the pretty garden outside her house, a gentle and loving smile on her lips. Her eyes were gentle and so, so deep I felt myself drown in them even from a distance. She reached out as she came closer and I did the same until our fingers touched and we gripped each other's hands.

She closed her eyes at the contact and walked closer until she was resting her head on my chest. I let go of one of her hands and stroked her gentle curls. I smiled as she sighed happily.

"What brings this pleasure?" she asked, raising her head to look up at me from her long lashes.

I smiled wide, "Can't I visited my lady?" I asked.

She giggled, "Your lady... That sounds so wonderful, Edward..."

"I know..." I nodded and I lifted my hand to rest on her cheek. "And I want to make it official." I said gazing deeply into her eyes.

"Official?" she asked.

I nodded, "I have something to ask you Isabella..."

"Bella." She corrected automatically through her gasp as I let go of her and bent down on one knee.

I remember looking behind her, to see her lady-in-waiting about 300 yards away, her back slightly turned, but I could still see her wide smile as she bowed her head in excitement.

But Bella, on the other hand, was too shocked to move.

"Isabella Marie Swan. I promise to love you forever. Every single day of forever... Will you marry me?" I asked tenderly as I lifted my mother's ring from my pocket and held it up for her.

She gazed at me wordlessly. She blinked and I watched as a few tears streaked down her pale cheeks. Suddenly she flew into my arms and she clung to my neck with all her strength.

"Oh yes Edward...!" she cried, "I've dreamed about this for so long... I'm sure Nessie's sick of me telling her all my hopes and dreams of being your wife and having your children..."

My grip tightened, "Lots of children... I'm going to make you so happy Bella, I promise..."

She moved back to look me in the eyes, "I know, Edward..." she smiled.

I pulled my arm from around her back and showed her my mother's ring. She gave me her left hand and I slipped the ring onto her finger.

She smiled and more tears ran down her cheeks. She hugged me again so hard I fell back onto the stones. I wrapped my arms around her and smiled brightly, not caring if I was dirty, just that she was in my arms and that she truly loved me.

I watched as Nessie came flying forward, her arms flapping in a hurry to get me up from the ground.

I held up my hand to her, to show no assistance was needed and she stopped mid flight. She smiled, tears in her own eyes and she nodded gently before turning and walking back towards the other end of the garden so Bella and I could be alone.

I closed my eyes and buried my head in her shoulder, breathing in her gorgeous scent.

"I love you Bella Swan..." I whispered.

"Bella Masen..." she smiled, her throat clogged with tears.

"We aren't married yet..." I laughed, but I felt touched.

"I don't care, I've waited all my life to be your wife. I'm Bella Masen. And we'll be married as soon as possible I'm sure."

"Yes." I agreed, "I can't wait much longer."

She raised her head to look at me, a mischievous look in her eyes. "Do you, Mr Edward Anthony Masen take me, Miss Isabella Marie Swan to be your lawful wedded wife forever?"

I smiled at her, "I do... Forever." I whispered, tears in my own eyes now.

She nodded towards me and I coughed before speaking again, "Do you Miss Isabella Marie Swan take me, Mr Edward Anthony Masen to be your lawful wedded husband forever?"

She giggled, "I do..." she gave me a quick peck on the lips, "Forever and ever and ever..."

I laughed and pulled her close to kiss her gently on the lips. But her fingers tangled in my hair and she pushed herself closer to me and the kiss became deeper and we didn't stop until we were both desperately in need of air.

She pulled away and took a deep breath, "I love you Mr Edward Masen..."

I smiled up at her, "I love you Mrs Bella Masen..."

She giggled once more, the sound that was like music to my ears, the sound I still hadn't forgotten...

I opened my eyes to another pair of golden eyes looking down at me.

"Alice..." I said as I sat up.

She put her hand on my forearm, "Are you okay?" she asked gently.

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?" I questioned as I coughed to release the sudden pressure that had began in my throat.

Because you sound like you would be crying if it were possible... she said in her head.

Alice always spoke her words on the inside if there were sensitive ears around. She was the only one who truly knew what I was going through, because she was the only one I'd told the whole story to.

"Because you look like you need to hunt..." she said out loud. "Would you like me to come with you? I need to hunt too."

I nodded as I got up from the couch and I turned off the music.

We walked downstairs together and I saw Emmett turn to look up at me from his chess game with Rose. He looked straight into my eyes – seeing if I did need to hunt.

Thankfully my eyes were almost black and so Alice's story worked... She was a smart little pixie.

We walked out of our house and began running towards the deep forest.

We stopped when we found two rocks that were far enough away from the house so they couldn't hear us.

"So..." Alice began, "How's forgetting going?" she asked.

I lowered my eyes and kicked a tiny stone with my left foot, "It's not..." I mumbled, "The thing is Alice... I don't want to forget her..."

She looked at me wordlessly, sorrow deep in her eyes.

"She was the best thing that ever happened to me..." I whispered as I looked at my hands.

Is –

My head snapped up to look at her and she looked away from my eyes quickly and suddenly she began singing Britney Spears in her head.

"Alice..." I mumbled, "What are you hiding?" I asked.

"Hiding?" she asked, her eyes meeting mine again, "I'm not hiding anything."

"Yes you are, you're singing Britney Spears – you hate Britney Spears... You hate her clothes..." I said suspiciously.

She licked her lips, and then met my eyes, "I'm hiding nothing from you Edward... I was just hoping... But if I hope, you hope... And we both know there is no hope... And I'm so sorry for that... I wish there was something I could do..." she said and suddenly she was beside me on my rock.

She wrapped her small arms around me and I turned to hug her back.

"Thanks Alice..." I smiled half-heartedly.

"I promise, I'm not hiding anything from you Edward..."

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