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Stefan's POV:

I rushed into my warm home inside from the pouring rain. I breathed into my palms for warmth as I made my way to the front closet and removing my leather jacket and hang it up beside my wife's.

"Daddy!" My beautiful little girl Anya sprints downstairs and into my arms as I place a peck on her head

"Where's mommy?" I smile at her, she's my youngest and 8 years old. And she pulls my glasses off and places them on her small head and I break out into a wide smile

"She went to the store for a couple minutes and left Tanya in charge" she answers hugging my neck and I lift her up

"Hey Dad" Tanya, 15 years old skips down the stairs and hugs my waist "Hey Tanya" I peck her cheek. Tanya had chestnut hair to her middle back with bangs to the right with beautiful shining aqua eyes while Anya had mine and Damon's deep ebony hair that fell in elegant curls to her waist and she had my oak eyes that were shining behind the glasses, she was pale while Tanya had a bronze tan. Them and their mother were my life.

"Hey Dad can I go to Gia's?" Tanya asks hopefully and I smile "Did you ask your mom?" her face fell at the comment "Do you guys always do that?" she groans and heads back upstairs indicating the answer of she did.

"I missed you daddy" Anya pecks my cheek softly and I smile at her

"She did" a soft melodious comes from the doorway of the kitchen and I turn my smile on my beautiful wife. "Anya look who I found" she smiles a dazzling smile at Anya who whips her head her direction.

"Aaaaah!" Anya squeals with joy at the tarantula on the coffee table "Tanya! Tanya look! Candy's back!" Anya scoops the tarantula in her tiny hands and sprints up the stairs

"I missed you too Daddy" her arms slide around my waist and I slide two fingers under her chin to tip her head up so I could kiss her pink lips that smelled of her cherry chap stick "I love you Kiara" I murmur and she smiles "I love you more Stefan" she whispers. Kiara was undoubtedly gorgeous, she had chestnut hair that shone light brown, gold, red, and a bit of black in the light and sun, she had soft aqua eyes, a slight tan that contrasted against my pale skin, perfectly rosy cheeks, high cheekbones, soft pink lips, and had a dazzling smile that made men swoon. Last week she chopped her waist length hair into a short cut that stuck out in all different places and was choppy, the top part and back was blonde and brown while her side bangs were dark it fit her personality, free, bubbly, and fun.

"Eeeew!" Anya giggles at the bend of the staircase and I pull away and smile at her

"I thought you went upstairs" I appear in front of her in a split second and she squeals and tries running away but I grab her and she giggles wildly as I lift her up, she felt like a feather.

"That's not fair! Vampires are faster than me!" she pouts and I smirk

"But half vampires are cuter than vampires sweetie" Kiara smiles at Anya and Anya bats her thick eye lashes at me "Will you set me down daddy?" she asks softly and I set her on her feet "You never had a chance" Kiara pecks my cheek and walks out to her Aston Martin to get the rest of the groceries and I follow her to help.

"What would you think if I died my hair black?" Kiara smirks at me from her vanity mirror that night after we tucked Anya in and said goodnight to Tanya, I was lounging on our tan and gold king size bed in only black cotton pants and her in a tank top and cotton shorts.

"I don't know" I appear behind her making her jump as I grab her shoulders "Hmmmm" she shakes her hair a bit

"C'mon" I lift her into my arms switching the vanity light off and setting her in the bed beside me.

"I'm tired" she giggles as I kiss her soft neck "Seriously?" I chuckle and se reluctantly nods "I'm sorry" she pouts as I flip her side light off dragging her under the covers into my arms and the moonlight casts a silver glow on the floor.

"Don't be" I kiss her lips softly and she sinks into my arms and after a few moments I hear her deep breathing and fall asleep to her rythmetic breathing.

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