Author's note: This is a series of one shots that take place in the same sort of time line/continuity. Basically what happens to the titans in my little brain. They are BB/Rae centric with a side of Rob/Star and a dash of Cy/Jinx for flavour! They all take place after the end of season five.

I imagine their ages are: Beast Boy – 14, Raven – 15, Cyborg – 18 because legal adults are good to have, Starfire – 16, Robin – 16 (he seems younger to me, but he can drive so . . .shrug)

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. Obviously.

Raven sat up in bed breathing heavily, someone in Titan Tower was having a nightmare, and this was by far the worst she had ever felt. She had always been able to tell when one of her team mates was having a bad dream, but lately she was being woken by someone else's nightmares every night. The pallid girl gasped as guilt, fear, nausea, and heart wrenching sorrow washed over her all at once. She clutched the fabric at her chest as if it would ease the terrible pain she felt there.

Stumbling out of bed, without bothering to throw on her cloak, Raven hurried out the door. She had to find who ever was having this horrid dream and wake them up. It only took a second to pinpoint where the feelings were coming from and she quickly followed them. Raven turned the corner and soon found herself standing at Beast Boy's door. Her vision blurred as the emotions intensified and she grabbed the door frame in an attempt to steady herself.

With a shaking fist she pounded on the door, but the only response she received were anguished cries from the changeling within. She phased through the door and made her way over to his bed. Levitating enough to see him thrashing around in his blankets, dressed in nothing more than a pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle boxers, she reached out to touch him.

"MOMMY!" He cried sitting up and glancing around. His actions startled Raven so much that something on his floor burst into pieces. "Mom." He whimpered as he wrapped his arms around his pillow. Raven flinched as yet another wave of the same emotions hit her. She lifted herself onto his bed and knelt in front of him.

"Beast Boy," she placed a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him, "you were having a nightmare." She looked into his eyes and was slightly shocked to see tears streaming down his face.

"I know." He gasped, his breathing still ragged. He wiped away his his tears with one hand but they were immediately replaced by new ones.

"You . . . were calling out for your mother."

"I called for my mommy didn't I?" He stared down and his bare legs.


"Please don't tell anybody, especially not Cy! I know he'll just–"

"I wont." She removed her hand and placed it alongside the other in her lap. "It was really bad, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," he took a deep shuddering breath, "wait, why are you here?" Raven blushed and reached for her hood only to discover that she wasn't wearing her cloak. Her blush intensified.

"Your dream woke me up. I could feel it from my room." Beast Boy's teary eyes widened at this comment.

"You can feel when other people have nightmares?" She nodded and he continued to stare.

"Someone's been having a lot of them lately."

"Oh, sorry. It's just . . . " He stopped and looked at anything that wasn't Raven.

"What is it?"

"I . . . I really don't want to talk about it."

"Just tell me." Raven demanded a slight hint of annoyance creeping into her monotone voice.

"I was dreaming about my parents." He began, finally making eye contact. "They died in a river boating accident when I was seven. I always get like this around the anniversary of their death. I'll snap out of it soon, I always do." He flashed what on most people would be considered a cheerful smile, but on Beast Boy it was nothing more than a sad attempt and both of them knew it.

"Why do you feel guilty?"

"What? I never said I feel guilty."

"But you do. Why?" Beast Boy sighed.

"Because I should have . . ." he paused wiping vigorously at the tears that had escaped his eyes, "I could have saved them."

"You were there?"

"No, they didn't take me, but I should have insisted. I should have followed them. I should have changed into something and saved them."

"You had that kind of control over your powers as a child?"

"Well . . . not really, the only animal I only ever changed into a mongoose, but I could have–"

"Changed into some incredibly strong, and most likely large, animal and rescued two adults at the age of seven?" Raven watched the green boy's in front of her contemplate her words.

"Yes." He finally said digging his fingers into the pillow clenched to his chest.

"No. Children don't save their parents."

"But I did once that's how–"

"It is a parent's responsibility to protect their children and that's probably why they didn't take you with them."

"I . . . it . . . I should ha–"

"It wasn't your fault."


"It wasn't your fault."

"But I should have . . . I . . ." Raven sighed.

"You are not responsible for their deaths, you were a child when it happened, you weren't there and if you were you couldn't have done anything."

He released his grip on the pillow in his arms allowing it to fall onto the bed next to him.

"You really think it . . . it wasn't my fault?" his voice cracked and he began to cry once again.

"I know it wasn't and I know your parents wouldn't want you beating yourself up about it." Beast Boy threw his arms around the girl in front of him and wept on her shoulder. Raven's eyes widened at his actions and she was tempted to throw him off the bed, but considering his emotional instability, decided that it would be okay to let him hold her, just this once.

After several awkward minutes however, his cries only seemed to increase and his grip around her tighten. Reluctantly the the pale teen slid her arm around the green changeling and patted his bare back with her hand. It wasn't long before he relaxed and his sobbing ceased completely.

A sudden blush found it's way to Raven's face as Beast Boy's head drooped a little too close to her breasts and his arms slid down to her hips. She grabbed him by the shoulders, pushed him back and glared into his eyes. She was a surprised to see them flutter open in confusion.

"Sorry Rae," he mumbled, "I didn't mean to . . . fall asleep on you." Her blush quickly returned.

"That's . . . okay." She immediately removed her hands.

He rubbed his irritated eyes and smiled. "You know, the real reason I stay up so late is because I have a really hard time falling asleep." He yawned. "They used to tuck me in at night. My dad would always come mess up my hair and say 'Good night Garfield, sweet dreams.' and then my mom would give me a kiss on the cheek, that I always wiped off, and tell me that she loved me and that I'd always be her little boy."

Raven stared at him unsure as why he was telling her all this.

"I hated it, I was always telling them that I was to big for good night kisses but now . . . I'd give anything for them to tuck me in one last time."

"Beast boy . . . " She wasn't sure what to say

"Um . . . you really helped me out just by coming here and stuff, so I feel kinda bad asking, and well . . . " Raven raised her eyebrow as his face went red and he was suddenly no longer able to look at her, "I mean we're not even really good friends or anything but . . . will you . . . I really don't want to be alone right now, I . . . I'll just start thinking about them again so, um, s-so I know it's asking a lot, but will you . . . stay here? Just for a little while."

Though at the moment Raven was feeling unbelievably awkward, and would rather eat one of Starfire's traditional Tameranian dishes than stay on that bunk bed for another second, she thought anything was better that sharing another nightmare with Beast Boy.

"Okay," she sighed "but just until I'm sure–"

Her statement was cut short as he pushed her down onto his pillow and snuggled up to her. "Beast Boy! Just what th–"

"Thanks Raven." As he spoke his voice trembled. She glanced over to find his eyes tightly shut, obviously fighting back a fresh wave of tears. "You . . . you don't know how much this means to me Rae, you really are . . . " Unable to finish his sentence Beast Boy pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her.

She sighed as he mumbled something completely incoherent into her shoulder. No longer overwhelmed by guilt, fear, and heartache that wasn't hers, Raven realized how tired she was. She decided she would close her eyes for a moment but they didn't open again until morning.

She woke feeling very warm and comfortable though she wasn't sure why. She opened her eyes to glance at her clock and see just how close to 6 am she had woken up but instead found a green face less than five inches from hers. She calmed herself before she lost control, then quickly began to analize the situation.

She was laying on her side, her nose less than five inches from Beast Boy's, their bodies pushed together. Her head was resting on a pillow with his arm underneath and both her hands pressed against his surprisingly firm chest. Raven quickly pulled her hands back but at her sudden movement the sleeping boy moaned and the arm he had draped over her waist pulled her closer. She turned her head away from his so their faces wouldn't collide, but was startled when she felt something brush against her thigh. She looked down and found his legs tangled up in hers.

Raven slowly picked up his arm and began to pull it off of her.

"Don't." Best boy whined snuggling closer still, leaving her to wonder how that was even physically possible. It became obvious that he wasn't going to let go with out a fight, and she knew if she phased through him the "creepy darkness" as he called it, would surely rouse him.

Raven slowly lifted one arm and pulled the pillow out from under her head. She carefully untangled her legs from his then quickly scooted back and shoved the pillow between herself and the sleeping changeling. He grabbed the pillow and pulled it into his embrace.

Raven levitated to the ground with a shaky sigh and headed to the kitchen for a relaxing mug of tea and a few good hours of meditation before anyone else was up. She hoped Beast Boy would wake up and believe the events of the last few hours were nothing more than senseless dreams, but Raven highly doubted she would be so lucky.


Slowly opening his large green eyes, Beast Boy frowned as his nose was assaulted by a smell he didn't usually wake up to. He groggily sat up, tossing the pillow he was cuddling with aside, and began to look around. It was faint and if his senses weren't abnormally acute he would have never noticed it. He quickly realized there was something familiar about it, and though it was quite a pleasant scent he was starting to become frustrated by the fact that he couldn't identify it.

Deciding it was too early in the morning to be irritated by a smell, of all things, he closed his eyes flopped back down onto his pillow. As he did the aroma became almost overwhelming. He snuggled into his pillow and inhaled deeply. After a few seconds Beast Boy smiled having finally identified the mystery fragrance. It was just Raven. The young shape-shifter's eyes snapped open as the events of the previous night raced through his mind.

"I told her about my parents." He told the wall. "I cried in front of her! Did I really cuddle with her like that? Did she actually let me? Holy CRAP!" Beast Boy's eyes widened in fear. "She's totally gonna kill me!"

"Okay, calm down," he took several deep breaths, "she hasn't killed me yet so if I just stay away from her and never talk to her again I might be okay." The loud grumbling of his stomach interrupted his thoughts.

"Damn it! I'll have to face the music sooner or later. Might as well get it over with now." He mumbled slowly climbing off his bed and making his way dejectedly towards the kitchen. With each step he took his fear grew stronger and soon he was tiptoeing along the walls and peeking around corners hoping to avoid her at all costs.

Once he had reached the common room he poked his head in and glanced around. He determined the place was empty, relaxed, and walked to the fridge. Deciding he was too tired to cook he simply grabbed three slices of leftover veggie pizza that none of the other Titans were remotely interested in, and plopped down onto the couch.

The scrawny Titan was only halfway through his first slice when he heard someone mumbling something next to him. He looked over and saw a meditating Raven. A very high pitched scream erupted from his mouth as his plate, along with "breakfast", went tumbling to the floor. He slapped both hands over his mouth and stared at her in horror hoping that the commotion hadn't pulled her from her tranquil, non murderous state of mind. But the startled glare she was now giving him told him otherwise.

"Am I really that scary?"

"NO! I just didn't see you and . . . uh" His face grew warm as a blush rushed to his pulled her hood up while Beast Boy wracked his brain for a subtle way to bring up the delicate subject of the night before.

"So um . . . thanks for last night." His eyes widened the minute the words left his mouth. "Oh that sounded so wrong! I totally didn't mean it like that, aw man, now your gonna be even more mad. Dude, I'm such an idiot! Listen Raven, I'm really sorry I–" His ramblings were stopped when Raven placed her hand over his mouth.

"Beast Boy, stop talking." She dropped her hand and looked into his eyes. "I propose we never speak of this again. Agreed?"

"Agreed!" He sighed in relief and nearly melted into the couch. "Thanks Raven." She nodded in response then using her powers fused the broken plate back together and placed the pizza on top of it. It then levitated into Beast Boy's hands as Raven closed her eyes and resumed meditation. The young man next to her, however, continued to to watch her.

"You should probably go throw that away."


"The pizza. It's been on the floor."

"Oh, right." He glanced down at the plate in his hands. "What a waste of perfectly good pizza." After turning the slices over a few times he decided that they were still relatively clean, at least sanitary enough to eat, and took a bite.

Beast Boy stared out the large window as the slowly rising sun made it's way across the cloudless sky. After several minutes his hand searched his plate for more pizza. When he finally pried his eyes away from the window he saw that he had already eaten all of it. With a sigh he stood up and took his plate to the sink. After rinsing and depositing his plate in the dishwasher his eyes once again found their way to Raven. His thoughts quickly began to wander.

She was really nice to me last night . . . maybe she doesn't hate me as much as I think. He giggled at the thought. Now there's something that might actually make her laugh. Oh that reminds me I gotta go see if Cyborg has come up with any new jokes to tell her! He dashed out of the common room making a beeline for the garage leaving a softly smiling Raven to her meditation.