Cherry Blossom: Hey wats up??? This is my first story so no flame please!!! DEI-CHAN!!!!

Deidara: DON'T CALL ME THAT, UN!!!

Cherry Blossom: okay dei-chan! Disclaimer please!!!

Deidara: Cherry Blossom doesn't own Naruto or any of it's characters….

Cherry Blossom: Thanks Dei-chan!

Chapter 1: Beginning ( it's going to be the shortest one)

Uh….Where am I? My head hurts… Wait, I think I hear something… There's someone over there! He looks sad and worried… I hope he's okay… I try to talk but all of a sudden I see black then nothing…

Deidara: why was that one so short, un???

Cherry Blossom: it'll be the shortest one… promise….

Itachi: hn.

Kisame: It better be!! WHERE'S MY SAKE!!!!!

Tobi: Tobi saw Kakuzu go to sell it!! Tobi doesn't lie because Tobi is a good boy!!

Kisame: KAKUZU!!!!

Cherry Blossom: *sweat drop* sorry about that… I'll defiantly make the next ones longer… Sasori???

Sasori: No flames or else I'll send Hidan to sacrifice you….

Hidan: Fuck yeah!!!

Itachi: It's not good to threaten the readers…

Cherry Blossom: But it's sooo fun!!! Wait… ITACHI JUST SAID A WHOLE SENTENCE!!! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!

Deidara: Sorry about Cherry-chan, un…