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Ok so this is the first chapter of 'Twilight Doesn't Exist?'. I would love to hear your thoughts on this and i promise to update regularly. This is a story about a girl called Emily who absolutely loves Twilight and when her mum and dad split up she chooses to move to Forks, Washington. But she soon discovers that all is not natural in Forks and suddenly Twilight doesn't exist. As she and Edward get closer, she finds herself falling in love, but she doesn't want to go through what Bella did to have a happy ending because she's already had enough heartache. But she soon finds she's making her own version of Twilight.

Chapter 1:

"It's fine... I'll be fine..." I mumbled as I watched the flashing images on the screen. My mum was having a panic attack about my first at school tomorrow because she couldn't be there to walk me through the door.

"You're sure? I don't want you to get lost..." she persisted desperately.

"Seriously? In a small town like Forks you think I'll get lost? You're funny..." I laughed.

"How did you know it was such a small town?" she asked as she handed me a bowl of popcorn and moved towards the DVD player to slip in a movie, "I thought you knew nothing about this place..."

I watched her for a moment and bit my tongue. Ever since she and my dad separated she had been paying far too much attention to me. I tried to stop myself from laughing at the absurdity of her question. If only she knew... I thought.

I'd told her I randomly picked Forks, Washington when she'd told me I was able to choose where we moved to. She wanted to get far away from my father and she picked a big country like America, compared to the miniature country of Ireland, to live in. And so when I said Forks, she nodded and started packing.

My friends had all said I was mad for moving to Forks, that I was taking my love of Twilight to another level. But I really wanted to live there!

My mum turned back to look at me because I hadn't given her an answer, I shook my head to reassemble my thoughts, "Um, because I saw the welcome sign... 3120 people is hardly millions compared to Belfast..."

She nodded, "True... I don't know why you picked such a rainy place though Emily... I thought you would pick somewhere sunny after living in drizzly Ireland for seventeen years."

I just shrugged and glued my eyes to the screen for the next two hours.

I walked slowly to my room, my eyes already half closing.

"So I'll shout up to you in the morning to make sure you don't sleep late and I'll give you a call tomorrow afternoon when you get home from school." My mum said for the hundredth time.

I just nodded and walked across the landing towards my room, "Night. Have a good day at work..." I mumbled sleepily as I closed the door to my mum's gentle and smiling face.

I opened my eyes and looked around my small room. In our hurry to move away we packed only half our stuff and all I had in my room was my bed, a small table with my laptop, my wardrobe with my scarcity of clothes and my bookcase filled with my favourite novels.

I sat up and looked at the window and saw a dull day and rain slowly drizzling outside. I smiled, typical Forks... My smile didn't last long, because I was suddenly wondering if my obsession with Twilight was becoming too much. My room back home had been covered in posters and I had a whole shelf dedicated to Twilight books... Of course I brought them with me, I would find them harder to leave than my friends...

My friends... I would miss them... Our constant talking and laughing... They were the best friends anyone could ask for. And I would definitely find it hard making new ones.

My friends used to call me the Irish Bella. I had auburn hair that sat in gentle curls, brown eyes, pale skin, didn't need to wear make-up, blushed every time a teacher or cute boy talked to me, was extremely shy, tremendously bad at P.E and was absolutely in love with Edward Cullen, however fictional he was...

I groaned as I looked at the clock on the wall and I got out of the bed and went into the bathroom to have a shower. After I was woken up by the hot cascade of water I blow dried my hair until it was dry and sitting in gentle curls and then I applied some make-up to add some colour to my cheeks, though I wasn't orange like half the girls in my year back home. I picked out a blue checked shirt and some skinny jeans and slipped them on. I grabbed my navy canvas shoes – which weren't really suitable for Forks, but what the hell? – and I lifted my bag and walked out the door while slipping my coat on.

I began walking to school, the same way my mum had driven when we'd gone to the meeting with the principal on Saturday morning. It only took me five minutes but I would rather have driven. It excited me that Americans could drive at seventeen, or was it sixteen? I wasn't sure, but I wanted to drive! Apparently my dad was sending over some more money, other than the amount he puts into my bank account every month, so I could buy a car. But I'd learned to never trust my father's word.

I reached Forks High and I looked at it in awe like I had on Saturday. I smiled to myself and walked across the parking lot towards the main office.

I glanced around and laughed, "Volvo..." I mumbled to myself. If only my friends were here, I sighed. It was my ritual to shout Volvo every time I saw one. I would be in the middle of a conversation and I would randomly shout Volvo, it never annoyed them though, just convinced them even more that I was nuts.

I looked at the Volvo as I got closer, it was Edward's Volvo. I barely ever saw a sliver Volvo C30. I'd saw blue ones, red ones, white ones, you name it. But I'd only ever saw a sliver one once or twice.

I walked into the main office and took my attention away from the Volvo and towards the lady behind the desk.

"Hi, I'm Emily Roberts..." I trailed off as the recognition struck in the woman's face.

"Yes dear! Here you are, I have your map and your timetable... Would you like some help finding your first class?"

"No, I'm fine... The Principal showed me around on Saturday, so I should be fine... Thank you..." I said as I moved away from the desk and the woman smiled happily at me.

I turned and spotted a vending machine across the hall. I walked quickly and fiddled inside my bag to find my purse. I was too nervous to eat anything, but I forgot to grab a drink and now I realised I was parched.

I slipped in the quarter – which was still funny to use – and pressed my selection. The machine made an unhealthy noise and I heard something drop and then stop. I furrowed my brows and looked at the machine curiously. I put my purse into my other hand and banged the front of the machine – nothing happened.

I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment. I opened them again and turned to move away when a snow white hand banged the machine and the can of coke dropped out. I looked down at the can and bent quickly to pick it up.

I turned to say thank you when I felt the can almost slip from my hand. My mouth dropped open in shock. The boy standing in front of me was absolutely gorgeous. He was lanky, well-built but not bulky, he had untidy bronze hair and the most stunning golden eyes. He wore a long sleeved t-shirt that was rolled up to his elbows. His skin was pure white and the muscles were clear to see under his skin. He was holding his books with perfectly sculpted hands that any girl would love to have hold her. I watched in awe and suddenly his hand moved nervously. My face shot back up to his face and I was blinded by another wave of perfection.

"There you are." He said smiling a gentle crooked smile that made my heart almost stop beating.

"T-Thank you..." I mumbled.

He smiled once more and turned to walk away from me.

I watched after him for a long moment and my thoughts began to reassemble themselves.

I thought back over my description of him, focusing on the details. I knew someone had been described like that before, but I couldn't put my finger on it, my head was too clogged up with the picture of the beautiful boy.

I felt the can of coke drop from my hand as the answer showed itself in my brain.

The boy had every feature of Edward Cullen... Every single feature. If they ever made Twilight a film, he would have to play Edward...

I walked to lunch with the boy from my French class who insisted I sit with him and his friends. He was a little too enthusiastic, a bit like Mike Newton, except his name was something like Dylan, or Daniel.

"So you speak Irish?" he asked for the seventh time as we sat down beside his friends, who automatically turned to me when he mentioned speaking another language.

"A little..." I admitted, blushing as red as a lobster, "I did a GCSE in Irish..."

They looked at me with unknowing expressions, "It's an exam you do when you're sixteen... It's a two year course..." I hinted and they eventually caught on and nodded.

"So how long have you studied it?" Dylan, or Daniel asked.

"Um, five years..." I admitted.

"Oh my Gosh! Five years!" a girl across the table almost shouted and I blushed deeper, "Say something!"

"Uh... Cad é mar atá tú?" I tried.

They looked at me with amazed faces, "What does that mean?" the girl asked.

"How are you?" I told her.

She smiled and moved up a seat towards another girl so they were both sitting across from me in the cafeteria that seemed to hold the whole school.

"I'm Anna." She said.

"And I'm Rachel." The other girl said as Dylan or Daniel walked away to join the lunch queue.

"I'm Emily..." I nodded shyly.

Both girls watched as he walked away and then Anna sighed, "Oh my God, Dean is so gorgeous..." she whispered dreamily.

So his name was Dean... Well I was close? I looked at him as he walked away, I hadn't really noticed if he was good looking, my head had been filled with the picture of the boy at the vending machine.

"I can name someone hotter..." Rachel said smugly and I turned to look at her. She and Anna were both looking at the doors that led outside the cafeteria. I followed their gaze and saw the boy walk through the doors. He kept his head straight ahead and he walked with ease and grace.

I suddenly found myself blurting – something I don't normally do – "Don't you think he looks a lot like –"

"Edward Cullen..." Anna and Rachel said together. But they didn't seem to be listening to me, they were totally fixated on him.

"Yes!" I almost laughed, "So it's not just me then..."

They snapped out of their somewhat perverted gaze to look at me, "Not just you what?" Anna asked.

"That thinks he looks like Edward Cullen." I repeated, confused.

"Of course he looks like Edward Cullen!" Anna laughed and Rachel looked at me with a curious stare, "That's because he is Edward Cullen!" she said.

"What?" I asked. My stomach dropped out of my body and I felt my face go completely white. I swallowed as the wave of disbelief clouded over me. I blinked and tried to breathe but my lungs seemed to be out of action.

"The Cullen's... That guy – Edward Cullen. Hottest guy in school..." she said, she'd simplified her words like a person does when talking to a child. But her words still didn't register. I had a feeling, in the back of my mind, in the pit of my stomach, that something wasn't right...

I looked over at him again to see him sitting at a table by himself with no food in front of him.

I looked back at the two girls and tried to make my voice sound like I simply wanted the gossip on the 'hottest guy in school', "Tell me everything..."

Anna and Rachel smiled, "Well there are five of them," my heart beat picked up, "There's Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and..." she moved her head towards the boy, "Edward."

"You guys are joking right?" I said laughing nervously.

"About what?" Rachel questioned.

"This family... They can't have the exact same names as The Cullen's from Twilight! Did they change their names or something?"

"Twilight?" they said together, perplexity and unknowingness clear in both their voice and expression, "What's Twilight?"

I watched them for a moment in simple astonishment and disbelief. They had to be joking... They had to be...

"T-Twilight! The biggest book series known to teenagers! You know Edward and Bella?" I asked incredulously.

Their expressions told me they hadn't got a clue what I was talking about. "I'm sure Forks has heard of Twilight..."

Anna shook her head and exchanged a look with Rachel, then she turned back to me, "Rachel and I know every good book there is to know and we can tell you that Twilight does not exist..."

I gulped and looked back over towards the boy who was looking near the door now. I followed his gaze and watched in horror as four more people walked through the doors.

One was tall, with blonde hair that flowed to her hips. She had red lips and a pale face and beautiful clothes. She was walking beside a boy who was very well-built. His shirt was tight because of the muscles that lay underneath and he wore a constant smile on his face. He looked like... A big teddy bear...

I looked back at Anna and Rachel who were watching me watch them, "Rosalie and Emmett..." I said in a shocked whisper and they smiled and nodded.

I looked back at the door and watched as a tiny, pixie-like girl walked – or rather danced – through the door. She had black, spiky hair and she wore the latest fashion. She walked beside a blonde haired boy who had a lot of muscles – of course, not as much as 'Emmett' - and looked like he was struggling to walk through the cafeteria without screaming.

I looked back at Anna and Rachel, "Alice and Jasper." I stated and they smiled and nodded once more, finally believing I was sane again.

But I was far from sane. I was just too shocked to speak – or scream. There were five people in this cafeteria, who incredulously resembled the Cullen family from my favourite books of all time. They had the same names, the same amazing good looks and somehow Twilight did not exist...

I took my gaze away from the tabletop and looked over at 'The Cullen's' again. Suddenly Edward raised his head and looked me in the eyes. I felt my eyes get wider and I took in a sharp breath.

Alice could see the future, Jasper could feel people's emotions... And Edward could read minds...

I don't know why – because I honestly thought these girls were playing a trick on me – but I began singing Don't Stop Believin' to block my thoughts. I didn't know what was going on, but I was right.

Twilight did exist, and they didn't.

Ok, so that's the first chapter! I hope you guys like it! I have loads of ideas for this and things will become even more interesting when Emily makes a phone call to her friends – the people she shared Twilight with – and her life turns upside down when things start going wrong. Please Review! I would love to hear your thoughts on this!