A/N: I've been seeing many Catnippy scenes lately. I can only recall two right now though. SPOILERS:

End of "Internal Combustion": Cat and Nick race each other.

End of "Unshockable": Cat and Nick stand next to each other while at the concert.

Nick is so dreamy: Cat's POV

"Wow… Nick… I think you are just a hunk of cuteness," I growled happily, making sure no one heard me. It would be embarrassing if anyone did. He leant up against me, holding his hands while wrapped around my waist. He kissed me deeply and sighed happily. "Nick… I love you… did you know that?" I smiled at him.

"Yes…," he replied, slightly blushing. "I love you too and I want you to know that the rest of your life."

"Nick… I want to be in your life…"

"Oh Cat… I want to be in your life too…," he reached behind him and pulled out a ring. I gasped and hugged him tightly.