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I won nothing :L Bad times. Hikaoru drabble :P (no romance)


"Mm... Hey Hikaru?"

The only response Kaoru got was a low, uninterested grunt. Honestly, at three in the morning, his brother could be so unreceptive.

"Hikaru. Wake up."

"Kao, go back to sleep."

Ah, finally. An intelligent answer.

"Have you noticed how our names fit?" Kaoru draped himself over his twin, who shifted in mild surprise and annoyance.

"No. I don't intent to unless it's daylight hours." Sleepily, Hikaru submitted to the fact his brother wouldn't give up. Said brother sat up, sitting cross-legged on the sheets.

"Tough." He replied, a slight grin plastered on his face.

"Go on then." Hikaru's sigh was tired and irritated. "How do our names fit, Kaoru?"

"Well..." Kaoru beamed. "If you take 'Hi' away from your name, it's 'Karu'."

"Well done, you can separate syllables."

Honestly, Hikaru could be so sarcastic sometimes.

"Well, if you add an 'o' to that, it's Kaoru."

Hikaru just watched him for a moment, sensing a rant.

"So, if we think about it like we, well, I, would one of our Literature analysis assignments, and analysed it, it would seem as though that as your name includes mine, you would not be able to function properly without me to rely on."

"I am, however, merely a part of you, and am something you depend on with no character." He paused, divulging the information slightly. "Do you not think that it slightly echoes our personalities? Like, we depend on each other, and you're the more prominent twin? And what significance does the 'o' have? Maybe it would mean that Kaoru on its own has a hole in it, like I would be impaired without you there. And how come you're 'light' and I'm 'fragrance'. Does that mean you're a more visual, logical twin who needs to see results, and I'm happy to go off a feeling or a scent?"

"How about the 'Hi' at the start of Hikaru – does that mean you're more social? And why does my part of the name come AFTER- is it because I always speak after you, or because I play the 'Uke' in the club? Hikaru, what do you think? Do you think it has anything to do with th..."

"... Kaoru?"

"Yes Hika? Oh – maybe, as Hika sounds almost like a-!"

"Ah! Kaoru?"

"Yes Hikaru?"

"Shut up."

"... Alright."

And the younger twin, who would remember nothing of this in the morning, promptly fell asleep. Hikaru, despite his irritation, chuckled.

Honestly, his brother could be so cute sometimes.


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