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The Love of the Lion and the Serpent

Chapter 1: Usa's Birthday/The Letter

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'thought//figure of expression'

~ setting ~

~ Japan ~

~ Cosmos Residence ~

"Wake up! Wake up!"

The cry startled a girl previously sleeping in her bed.

The girl groaned and reached up for her alarm clock, which was busy blinking red and kept on shouting "Wake up! Wake up!"

"Darn clock," said the girl groggily as she turned off her alarm clock.

As she did so, her alarm clock suddenly cried out, "Good morning!" before it stopped blinking and quieted down.

"Yeah right," said the girl crankily and stood up from her bed, wiping the 'sand dust' from her eyes.

She stretched her arms as she walked towards her closet. The girl then opened her closet and began to take out a pair of black jogging pants with a white zigzagged stripe at each side, a sky blue tank top with the words 'Don't Mess With Me Or Else…' written in bold, black letters, and a pair of white and black tennis shoes.

She stripped off her pajamas and put on her outfit. She then flopped down on her makeup desk (AN: I don't know what people really call them), facing her pink vanity mirror.

She took her hairbrush lain on top of the desk and began brushing her long glossy hair, attempting to straighten out the tangles in her blonde hair.

After she straightened the tangles in her hair, the girl then tied her hair into two twin braids (AN: Think about Koran's in Sakura Wars). Finally satisfied after looking over her hair for the last two minutes, the girl placed her brush on the desk and went downstairs.

"Good morning Usagi. Did you have a nice sleep?" asked her mom, who was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen, as the blonde haired girl clamber down the stairs.

"Hnn," said Usagi as she walked inside the kitchen and took a seat on the dining table.

"Still sleepy I see," chuckled her mom, Serena Cosmos (AN: No its not Neo-Queen Serenity nor Sailor Moon and Usagi is NOT Rini/Chibi-usa)

Usagi nodded her head absentmindedly.

"Well maybe this will cheer you up," said Serena as she placed their breakfast on the table. "Happy 11th birthday Usa,"

Usagi shoot her head up. "Today's my birthday?" she exclaimed, her silver eyes wide.

She then turned to glance at the calendar nailed at one of the kitchen's corner. Sure enough, today IS her birthday.

"August 11, 2002," read Usagi before she slapped her forehead with her hand and muttered:

"Kuso, I can't believe I forgot my own birthday,"

Serena laughed softly and placed a package wrapped in blue with red and yellow balloons and tied with a red ribbon. "Here's your gift from me and your father,"

"Otousan's here!" exclaimed Usagi, a smile replacing her frown.

"You bet I'm here," said a muscular voice behind them.

"Otousan!" exclaimed Usagi as she quickly got up from her chair and embraced her father.

"I sure miss you Otusan," said Usagi as she continued to hug her father.

Xavier Cosmos looked down at his daughter, his eyes gleaming with happiness.

"You've grown up so much since the last time I saw you my little Bunny," he said and ruffled his daughter's blonde hair.

"Watch the hair Otousan. I just braided it," said Usagi as she scrambled out of Kenji's embrace and patted her hair before she added, "And I'm not little!"

Xavier laughed with earned him a glare from his daughter.

"Anyway, where's Taru-chan? And when did you guys get home?" asked Usagi, trying to change the topic.

"We arrived last night just as you went to bed and as for Hotaru…." replied Xavier but a voice cut him off.

"Here I am Gi-chan!"

"Taru-chan!" exclaimed Usagi as she turned to see her younger sister, Hotaru, running towards her.

The two hugged each other happily. "How are you Taru-chan? Did the healer told you what's wrong?" asked Usagi as she and Hotaru broke out of their embrace.

"I'm fine. Yeah, the healer said that it's only stress, nothing risky," replied Hotaru.

"But, you're still so pale," pointed out Usagi, a concerned tone in her voice.

"I still feel a bit airsick, those Muggle contraptions are slow and rocky compared to ours. I don't know why we can't just disapparate or use the Floo Powder in the first place. Besides, I'm always this pale," explained Hotaru.

Usagi smiled. 'She's still the same,' she thought, looking up and down at Hotaru.

Hotaru's two years younger than Usagi, who's her older and only sibling. She had shoulder-length black hair and dark purple eyes and her skin color was unnaturally pale. Her height was about 5'2 tall. She wore a pair of dark purple pants, white sneakers and a pretty yellow blue adorned with violet flowers.

"Here's your birthday gift from me Gi-chan. I picked it myself," said Hotaru as she gave Usagi a package wrapped in black with silver crescent moons all over it.

"Arigatou Taru-chan," said Usagi as she took the package from Hotaru. She didn't notice Hotaru sizing her up as she tried to figure out what Hotaru's present was.

'She changed a lot since the last time I saw her,' thought Hotaru, 'She's more beautiful than before.'

Usagi had long blonde hair currently tied into two twin braids and cat-shaped silver eyes. She stood about 5'4 tall. Hotaru also noticed the Usagi wore one of her favorite clothes combinations today and smirked.

'She's always did have a thing for fighting,' she thought.

"Usagi! Hotaru! You guys better eat your breakfast before it gets cold," called out Serena.

"Coming Okaasan!" said Usagi back, tucking her gift from Hotaru under her arm, took Hotaru's hand and practically dragged the girl towards the table.

~ After breakfast ~

"It's beautiful Okaasan, Otousan. Arigatou!" said Usagi and kissed each of her parents on the cheek. Her parents had given her a crystal pendent in which you can stuff unlimited things inside it.

Usagi then reached out for Hotaru's gift, teared off the wrapping paper and opened it. Inside was a gold and blue Celestial Pen with a small silver crystal at its tip.

"Sugoi! I always wanted this. Arigatou Taru-chan!" exclaimed Usagi and hugged Hotaru happily.

"You're welcome Usagi," replied Hotaru, smiling.

Just then, a tapping noise was heard from the front door.

"I'll get it," volunteered Usagi as she got up and walked across the hallway to the front door. Once there, she looked down and saw a thick letter and bent over to pick it up. She turned to letter over to read:

To Miss Usagi Serenity Cosmos

Kou Street, Sakura drive

Tokyo, Japan

It was written in emerald ink and the letter was closed with a purple wax seal of a lion, a serpent, a badger and an eagle surrounding the capital letter 'H'.

'Oh my…..' thought Usagi, her eyes wide. Quickly, she tore open the letter seal and read the contents:

Dear Miss Cosmos,

We are pleased to inform you that you've been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since you're from Japan, we'll receive/accept your owl not later before the last week of August. Listed below are your requirements for school. Thank you and have a pleasant day.


                                                                                                       Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall

Usagi couldn't believe it. She got accepted into Hogwarts, the best wizardry school there is. Usagi could hardly contain her joy and shouted: "I got accepted at Hogwarts!"

Hearing her shout, the whole Cosmos family rushed to the front door where they saw Usagi jumping up and down with joy.

"Otousan! Okaasan! Look! I get to study at Hogwarts!" exclaimed Usagi as she finally stopped jumping and handed the letter to her parents.

Serena took the letter and read it. After a while, a smile formed on her lips and she announced:

"Well I guess we'll have to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow to buy your things then,"

"This calls for a celebration! Onward to Hogsmeade," said Xavier, a proud look on his face.

"Yes!!" shouted both Hotaru and Usagi as their parents ushered them towards their fireplace where they'll use Floo Powder transportation.

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