Breathe your life into me


I don't want to hurt from anymore pain
Let me breathe my last breath

Shivering cold.

The sound of water slowly filling the tub couldn't muffle the ringing in her ears nor the frantic thuds that violently drummed against the walls of her chest. She shivered hard at the contact of the freezing water, her eyes in some way disoriented, made her unable to properly see what she was doing.


She slightly winced as the thin-sharp blade touched her skin, though the movement was swift as a butterfly's kiss. There was a small stinging sensation around the area where she'd made the deep, thin cut, but it was nothing compared to the pain that consumed her insides.


She mirrored the first movement on her other wrist, just in case one wasn't enough to provide her what she seeked.

Several thick drops oozed out from the incisions of her pale slit wrists, tainting the water into a faded shade of red; she could hardly feel the blood flowing freely through them; the freezing water had numbed her whole within seconds.

In a blink of an eye, the brilliant crimson surrounded her, swallowing her weary naked body completely. Silent tears streamed down her cheeks, immediately getting confused with the edge of the water that reached the level of her chin.

'Oh, how I long for the deep sleep… dreaming the goddess of imaginary light' she silently quoted whilst one last tear full of bitterness rolled down.

Slowly, she began to sink even deeper into the tub, holding her breath for the last agonizing moments, waiting for unconsciousness to claim her hatred life.

Death. Such a peaceful gift. Her lips gave a faint smile, but the corners pulled down into a frown a second later.

The irony. She scoffed humorlessly to herself. I used to be willing to do what ever it took to keep myself alive and now… Bitterness filled her insides. Not worth it anymore.

Should have written a good-bye note. A hint of panic hit her for a brief instant. But, addressed to whom, exactly? She glowered at the thought. Ugh, always so dramatic about everything she snapped at herself.

I just wished this would be quicker.

She enjoyed the peace she was immersed in and didn't think about anything else after that; the darkness continued to consume her, pulling her into the nothingness. This was it, what she was waiting for.


"Kristen?!" a weak speck of a voice sounding thousands of miles away vaguely caught her attention. Something deeply buried inside of what was left of her conscience, became aware of it.

Wha…? Her shut eyes fluttered softly once she heard her name.

"Kristen?!" it insisted, becoming even louder now. She blasphemed angrily at the owner of the voice that pulled her out of her delicious oblivion. Kristen was more aware now that she wasn't alone in the house.

I just hope that they don't fi-… her plea was interrupted by the sound of the bathroom's door being opened in a loud swoosh.

"OH MY GOD!" a terrorized voice gasp filled the inside of the small room. "No. No. No! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?"

Shit! Kristen cussed to herself. Stupid door; should have made sure it was locked first!

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