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Breathe your life into me

3. Lost in you

- You lead me deeper through this maze
but this time, I'm not afraid…- RED

Several states of emotion crossed quickly through Jacob's mind as the scent of lavender and jasmine saturated his already recovered nose. Overlooking the excitement caused by the strange creature that had seized his gaze, he forced himself to hold his breath in order to think straight –her scent was growing strong, quickly causing him to fall into a inebriated mist- and he just couldn't allow that… not if he had a say in it first.

After the turmoil of feelings had ravished him whole- anger finally settled in.

"Are you out of your mind? WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING BACK THERE?" he snapped at her, the fury rising up higher with each word that left his scowling lips.

It maddened him that the girl couldn't grasp the danger she had willingly exposed herself to just few minutes ago. He saw her give a tiny shake in response to the fury of his voice.

"What?" her amber eyes grew confused.

Clearly it wasn't a question she'd been expecting –congratulations weren't in order either but at least an 'are you alright' might have done the trick-. She stared dumbfounded at his livid expression for a few seconds.

I don't und-…Blinking twice, she opened her mouth to express her puzzlement but since she couldn't make the words come out, she closed it again. Crimson violently claimed the fair skin of her cheeks and ears -she was practically glowing in the darkness-. Jacob kept his face smooth, though the sight of her made him feel a bit… guilty?

"I-I was he-helping you" Kristen stuttered faintly, she didn't quite get why he was so upset. But as she processed her own words, the feeling of bewilderment got quickly overthrown by irritation.

"You're welcome by the way…" her eyes squinted. Why is he mad at me for?

They locked gazes, black over amber and remained silent for a second -anger creeping up on both of them-. He noticed her slender frame began to quiver under the thin jacket that barely covered her cold skin; for a second, Jacob wondered if the reason why she shook was because of the chilly gush of air that kept harassing them both but he knew better. Cold had NOTHING to do with it.

Then he became aware of his own tremors.

Calm down! He reminded himself. The previous encounter with Paul and the rest of the pack –as they once called themselves- had left him unstable and he couldn't afford a slip with her standing this close. You can't lose your cool like this. She's way too near… You might hurt her. He sucked a large breath of air through his teeth, but her fragrance saturated the inside of his nose, making it hard for him to concentrate on what he was doing.

Kristen stared curiously at Jacob when he closed his lids for a couple of seconds -his face suddenly turning pained-, his reaction made her wonder if he was hurting in the inside due to the previous fight 'probably some internal injuries not visible to the normal eye' … but the ache he felt went beyond broken bones or a mauled face.

Absorbed by a dim tunnel of despair, several specks of images flashed reluctantly across his mind's eye. Cringing, Jacob relived the last seconds of one of his most dreadful memories: The terrified gasps of the girl standing next to him; the way her dark eyes –the same ones that had been haunting him for almost four years- reflected him back in the middle of the violent turmoil, how the deafening roars drowned away his alarmed warnings… and how finally the ferocious snarls burst free from his own lips.

In that dark second, Jacob Black lost control… changing his life -his reason- his meaning for ever.

His heart tightened as he pushed her name away from his thoughts –swallowing away the bitterness that lingered in his tongue-. The muscles in his face tightened, taking another heavy breath to calm himself down.

"I didn't need your help" his dark eyes snapped open.

"Yeah, I can see that you were doing such a great job getting yourself beaten up by these lunatics…-".

"I had it under control" Jacob hissed, not allowing her to finish the rant.

"Really?" both her brows arched sarcastically.


"Well, you sure fooled me…" she bit back acidly "And exactly when did you claim control over the whole situation?"

His pursed his lips.

"Was it when 'your friend' kept smashing his fist against your face…? Or maybe it was when he was kicking you in the guts?" her hands on her hips as she lifted her chin up in an almost challenging manner.

Unbelievable!! Why won't he just admit that he needed help?

"Still… You shouldn't have interfered" The husky scold stung her hard on the chest, getting her even angrier.

"Oh, I'm sorry" she placed a hand on her flushed cheek, mocking remorse "I didn't know you were into kinky stuff like that" she winked while and laughing mordantly.

Gawking back at her, Jacob's teeth grinded almost audibly 'You have no idea what was going on back there…' he opened his mouth to harshly rebuke at her but the girl cut him off, taking another step towards him.

"You know what? Next time I see them kicking the shit out of you, I won't even bother… I'll just let you enjoy the moment. No interruptions, guaranteed" she was seething now.

"It was none of your god damned business, ok?" Jacob's voice boomed impatiently. He held his breath, trying to ignore the sweetness of her scent that was brusquely suffocating him. Damn you!

Another gush of cold air blew through her disarrayed curls. The alluring fragrance irradiating from her stroke him in the face like an iron knuckle smashing hard against a wall; it was even thicker now and it made his knees wobble involuntarily. Frowning, he took a small step back, trying to conceal himself from it… but there was no where to hide. And even though his speeding metabolism –one of the main qualities of what he was- made it impossible for substances such like alcohol or drugs to have any sort of effect on him… for the first time in his complicated life, he felt completely drunk.

Well, that's a new one.He mused.

Jake remembered all the endless times when he and his pack members tried to get 'wasted' down at First Beach. It annoyed them to hell that they could barely reach a feeble state of tipsiness after their 15th can of beer –but the effect didn't last long enough, though- their scorching body temperature seemed to evaporate absolutely everything in its way, restoring their health back to normal in matter of seconds.

And all it took was a striking, irritating, volatile redhead… Should have known. He shook his head to the irony of the whole thing; it was more than ridiculous. Giving a confused chuckle, his hands went trough his hair and rested on his neck, while looking at the girl with curious eyes.

She, on the other hand, glared back.

"Ugh! What ever! I don't give a damn anyway…" and throwing her arms up in anger, she spun around.

Hostile this one, isn't she? Amusement flicked his face.

"Oh, and by the way, you don't need to worry about lil' ol' me… IM FINE!" she hissed hotly over her shoulder. "I'm outta here" Kristen stormed away, her feet stomping down the street in an almost childish way. But that didn't stop her, she barely cared what HE thought at the moment.

For Jacob –on the other hand- it was strange how his heart suddenly throbbed inside his chest as he watched her leave. The irritation, the anger and the amusement he felt towards the girl were overwhelming him. She was definitively a very complex spirit… and highly moody one as far as he was concerned. But, even though she made him see red with her pigheadedness -not to mention that smart-mouth of hers that was certain to get her into more trouble than she could handle- he couldn't bare to think of being away from her just yet.

Great going you ass!

Say something.

Stop her! He sighed exasperated as the fuming girl crossed the street, not looking back at him. She was almost reaching the corner of the second block when he began to jog silently, catching up in a few effortless strides. I cant believe I'm doing this. Why should I try to comfort after that stunt she just pulled?

"Are you hurt?"

The girl almost jumped out of her skin at his unexpected appearance –the angry cussing under her breath made his lips twitch- and even though she pretended not to have noticed him at all, the loud thudding against the ribcage gave her away immediately.

Kris kept walking, a low grunting sound rumbled inside her heaving chest. She had her nose stuck up in the air and her eyes set forward while she picked up her pace. The arrogant expression on the girl's flushed face was very amusing to Jacob; it suddenly reminded him of a scowling little girl who was told she had to share her favorite doll.

His lips twitched again.

"Did any of them hurt you?" Jacob asked softer this time, trying to sound a bit comforting but his efforts on getting her to answer back, failed.

WOMEN! He wanted to shout in frustration.

THAT IS IT! Feeling highly annoyed at her little conceited performance, Jacob decided to make Evans stop and listen by standing right in front of her and blocking the way. Kristen stopped abruptly -a low 'Oh' left her lips- before colliding against his broad chest. Once again, scarlet flushed over her cold cheeks and the strange yet alluring warmth surrounded her frozen limbs.

"Hey, I asked you if you were alright?" he looked down at the crown of her head, fighting the urge to place a hand on her shoulder and give it a little shake, just to get some sort of reaction out of her –he felt his patience running out again-.

She heaved a small sigh and kept her face down, hiding the obvious embarrassment. "What do you care?" she hissed through gritted teeth and tried to walk past him. But he was quicker.

Chicks are so predictable sometimes… he thought and before she had taken the second step, Jacob caught her delicate wrist gently between three of his fingers and spun her around so she would face him.

The unexpected contact made both of them catch their breaths, freezing on the spot. An audible gasp freed itself from the girl's lips as his scorching touch lightly branded the shape of his fingertips around the soft skin of her breakable wrist. Never looking away from her, his long fingers slowly closed around her slender hand -keeping it captive between his own- and smiled a little when small goosebumps spread along the skin of her arm.

He felt her tremble.

Kristen's head began to swirl. Her amber eyes hesitated before traveling up at the towering frame of the man who held her; she sucked in a sharp breath and allowed the magnetic force of his gaze to pull hers up and meet it half way. Both of his brows were knitted together and the intense emotion hidden behind those dark eyes seemed utterly authentic. He tilted his face in her direction, gradually coming closer to her. The warmth of his breathing tickled her eyelashes lightly.

What is he…-?

The indescribable draw she felt towards Black began to solidify and before she succumbed to the prickling feeling of anticipation on her lips, Kristen made herself snap out of the trance the were both immersed.

God! What the hell was that? "Leave me alone, alright" her words came out breathless and yanked her hand back hard.

Fearing that he might end up accidentally hurting the girl, Jacob loosened his hold at once and without saying a word, he let her go. He indulged himself in her scent once more before stepping back; his eyes following her swaying body across the deserted street as she tried to regain balance with each of her shaky steps.

What is she doing to me! his chest heaving.

"I should have known better…" she wanted to sound angry again but confusion had taken the best out of her, disrupting her little façade; she threw another glance over her shoulder just to find him staring back at her with the same bewildered look she felt on her own. Who are you? The question echoed in her mind as the other hand massaged the skin where he had touched her -tracing it with her fingertips- how could she still feel him?

This is way too weird for me…

"Where are you going?" he walked next to her once again, it was the third time she hadn't heard him approach.


"You should come back with me to the bar; I can give you a lift to whe…-"

"Now, why would I want to do that?" she snapped tartly, fighting the urge to look up at him.

"It isn't safe for you to be walking around alone this time a night"

Oh, so now you are worried about my safety? What's up with your mood swings? Some sort of a Guy-PMS syndrome?

"Morning, actually. AND I can take care of myself" she bit haughty.

"Well, I'll give you that" he admitted mostly to himself "I'm just saying that you shouldn't push your luck…" and with that, he placed his hands inside the pockets of his jeans and paced next to Kristen -careful to leave a moderate space between them-.

The need of having her close was becoming confusing for Jacob –not to mention exhausting- her presence was literally draining him.

Feeling even weaker, Black pretended to cough so he could take a gulp of fresh air trough his mouth and clear his head. He had to know who she was and more importantly, what she was. It was clearly that like himself, she wasn't entirely human… but the question that fluttered inside him was: could she be trusted?

She hadn't seen much back there –none of them had really phased in front of her-, but she had witnessed 'something'. Then again, the girl exposed herself to us as well… so I guess that sort of makes it even.

A slight feeling of relief washed over him at his small conclusion, and out of the blue, he began whistling –really out of tune- while internally wondering why the girl hadn't asked him a single question about the whole 'alley situation'.

"You know something? For a singer, you truly suck at whistling" now she was just being a pain in the ass.

"Ah, so it was you at the bar…" he accused, breaking into a smile.

Her shoulders gave a small shrug.

"Hey, I had to have a flaw, right?" he scratched his chin carefree, giving a tiny laugh at her glower.

"SO, what? You're just gonna follow me around now?" She turned to look at him-feigning annoyance- but she had to admit that the thought of it some how thrilled her.

"Don't flatter yourself…" he chuckled, meeting her eyes. "It so happens that I live about eight blocks form here and you happen to be on my path, so"

"Really? You don't say… " she asked incredulously, one eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, pine street apt twelve… just down there" his index finger pointed swiftly down the darkened street slightly covered with orange leaves.

"Hmmp" was all that came out of her lips when his genuine smile flashed before her.

Jacob carried on with his whistling –even louder this time- increasing Kristen's exasperation. She picked up her pace, trying to out walk him again –the childish thought of changing sidewalks crossed her mind, but she was sure he would somehow find an excuse to follow her-.

The whistling was brought to an end when his gaze focused on the girl's bare feet; he frowned. "You should put your shoes back on… your toes are turning purple".

Kristen glanced down and flinched when she saw that he wasn't kidding. "I don't know where they are" she chided.

Damn, I'm more than screwed! Sophie will have my head for this!

"Then you should let me carry you back…" his voice came a little huskier as he moved closer to her, the unnatural heat coming off him in waves now.

She cringed back. The determination she saw on his face made it clear that he wasn't bluffing -he was truly thinking of picking the girl up and carrying her all the way back to wherever she was heading-.

"You would not come an inch near me JACOB BLACK!" she threatened through curled lips as her eyes went wide in terror. Kristen had no idea how she would respond if he touched her again.

Please don't!She internally begged.

Completely aware that she wouldn't stand a chance against his massive strength, Kristen braced herself to what ever his stubborn little mind may try next. Clenching her teeth and closing her fists, she was ready to 'try and fight him off' –or make a run for it, what ever came first- but then became puzzled when she saw Black's eyes smolder faintly.

"You know my name" it wasn't a question; the thrill in his voice surprised the both of them.

"I heard it back there, remember?" she replied angrily while trying to console her embarrassment with irritation but the color on her cheeks and ears made her resemble a Christmas ornament on its best day.

Simply adorable his lips twitched.

Get a hold on yourself, man…

Shit, just stop it, ok? He scowled at himself a second later. "Your feet are still going to freeze…" he said flatly, trying to regain composure over his renegade emotions.

She frowned.

Yes, her feet were indeed painfully numb and it took her every inch of strength not to sit on the floor and rub them between her hands to warm them up. But there was something stronger than the pain that was consuming her… and that was PRIDE. She had forbidden herself to look feeble in front of any man again –specially this particular one that was so keen on pushing her buttons beyond the limit-.

"I'll live"

"Yeah, you will… but as a handicap" He shrugged again, his stance annoyingly nonchalant to her.

"Listen, it's a long way back with no shoes" he didn't even feel himself close around the girl, the action coming so natural that it frightened him a little. "Seriously, I insist…"

He tilted his face towards hers, hoping she would comply with his hidden plea. He could tell she was considering the offer -her eyes swept down the dark frozen streets that awaited for her barefoot journey- but stubborn as she was, Kristen backed away.

"Don't…" her heart went violent again, amber eyes flashing menacingly.

Jacob stared at her for an instant, wavering- not wanting to set her off for any reason- he could sense a speck of hostility in her voice and that was a 'don't mess with me' sign; besides, he still hadn't figured out what the girl was and he had to be extremely cautious for both their sakes.

"Are you always this moody?" he asked huskily, trying to sound carefree again.

"Are you always this annoying?" she bit back.

He let out a chuckle that deepened her frown. "Yeah, I guess I am." The prominent eye-roll of hers came on cue which made him laugh even louder now. And I'm also losing myself in you…he sighed to himself, a pleased feeling spreading in the inside his chest at the discovery.

Life doesn't give me a break, huh? He mused, while readjusting a lose strand of hair behind his ear.

Feeling him move beside her, Kristen looked up and noted something odd. "Hey…weren't you bleeding a couple of seconds ago?" Her gaze focusing on his cleared up face, no trace of blood or scrapes anywhere.

That's peculiar. I'm sure he looked like he was run over by a truck…

"I don't know what you're talking about."

She narrowed her eyes at his face. "Does that actually work? Shrugging away other people's suspicion by claiming you have no idea what they're talking about?"

Sometimes. "Guess I'm a quick healer" he looked away –his hand instinctively wiping across his forehead- and his smile fading quickly.

"No" she pressed on and he grinded his teeth "I'm pretty sure that you were bleeding to death like five minutes ago" his change of mood became obvious for her.

"You have a pretty crazy imagination" now it was him who rolled his eyes at her.

"Oh, now you think I'm crazy?"

"… said the one with no shoes" he smirked, facing her in spite himself "No, I said that you have a crazy imagination, that's all"

"Same thing" she shrugged.

"Anyway… probably the other guy's blood you saw" and he looked away.

"I still think you should go to the hospital to get a -"

"I'll be fine" he snapped sternly.

"… said the one with broken ribs and a mauled face" she retorted in a lousy attempt to imitate scolding voice.

He glared back at her. You think you are cute, huh?

"Either way, I heard them crack…" she eyed him accusingly while he turned away.

Damn it! He continued looking forward, in complete silence, hoping that the girl would just drop it and leave him the hell alone.

They took a few more steps in silence, when…


It was impossible to describe the emotion he felt when he heard his name leave her plumb lips; the guy's heart simply swelled up with joy.

"Yes?" he cleared the delight out of his throat.

"Weren't you going back for your car?"

"Bike…" he corrected her "and no, I'll just pick it up tomorrow".

Bike? Oh, he probably means a motorcycle. Well, it definitively suits his character.

"Um, why do you drive a bike if you live a couple of blocks from work? Cant you just walk back home?"

He cocked a brow at her question."Oh, so we have an activist amongst us, huh?" he teased nonchalantly, hunching a little in search of her eyes.

"You never know" She smiled directly at him for the first time –making his heart swell up a little in response to her dazzling beam- there was no doubt that his charisma was working his magic on her.

"Um, but you still haven't answered my question" she gave a small giggle.

"Well…" he hesitated for a second before answering "'Cause I never go home after my jams" Hey, at least he was being honest with her, he could have easily lied.

"Why? Do you work somewh-…?" but his awkward smile made her swallow her original question. OH! she finally caught up what he meant by 'never going home after his jams'

Feeling utterly stupid now –her whole face and neck, blazing- she looked away to conceal her irritation and all she could manage was a quiet 'never mind'. The last thing Kristen needed was a verbal explanation of Jacob's nightly whereabouts; the thought of the different possibilities got her even more disturbed.

Ugh! MEN!

Should have seen that one coming… Hot guy, motorcycle, lead singer in a rock band! IT WAS OBVIOUS! Her throat tightened. OH, THE HELL WITH IT! So WHAT if he ends up getting laid at a cheap motel room with some random skank? I don't give a damn… I hardly even know the guy. WHY SHOULD I CARE! He can do whatever he wants with whom ever he wants for as long as he wants!

Her sight suddenly blurred, so she blinked furiously. Was that a tear?

Shit, Kristen! Why are you getting so worked up about him, huh? She grinded her teeth "It's not like he gives a damn about you either! He's probably an ass like every other bastard you've known along the way…

Stealing a glace through her windswept hair, she saw Jacob's blank face looking forward casually, while humming mostly to himself; but the truth was that he was trying with all his strength not to burst into laughter at silent the little outburst she was having.

Don't know what ever gave me the idea that he might be different from everyone else. I guess I was wrong as always. The defeat in her sigh made his stomach feel uneasy, making him wonder why she'd gotten upset.

Yes, he's definitively a player. That gorgeous smile and his courteous façade don't fool me one bit. Well, he sure knows what his got right there… she raised a brow. Any girl in her right mind would be drooling like an idiot all over his huge frame, bad-ass look and well built muscles...

Hmm. She mused, peeking at him under her eyelashes. Jacob Black.




She couldn't hold the little smirk spreading mischievously across her half hidden face, the selection of words seemed to suit him quite perfectly. Oh, now who's drooling over him! Damn it Evans, you make me sick. She scoffed and throwing him a pissed-off glare, she picked up her pace.

Now what's gotten into her? Jacob stifled a snicker. His eyes locked on the bouncing movement of her curls as she took quicker strides, then dropped to the girl's brittle hands that were all balled up into fists and finally went back to her delicate shoulders, which he noticed were locked together.

Great, she's mad again. It didn't surprise him. He was starting to perceive that she lost her temper rather easily. Why are women so complicated! I just don't get it… first she's mad, then she smiles and now she throws me the evil glare!

He was about to ask her what was the problem when…

"Hey, what do you know, this is my street" she cut him off –sounding quite sardonically- and her feet moved quickly as she turned around the darkened corner, Jacob's light footsteps right behind her.

"Oh, it was delightful talking to you Mr. Black, but I'm afraid that here is where we go on own separate ways" she breathed sarcastically over her shoulder, pulling her arms closely to her body to avoid the possibility of him grabbing hold of her again.

"Well, night" and she nearly ran towards the dark fence outside the maroon building that wasn't –for her liking- far enough from where Jacob stood motionless. All she wanted to do was place as much distance between them as possible -she was upset, annoyed and at the verge of tears-.

"It isn't fair, you know…" he spoke gently, taking two measured steps forward but keeping himself at bay.

Curious at his small objection, Kristen was about to ask what he was talking about but decided it was a safe harbor not to join in his little game. Ignoring the feeling of his burning eyes on the side of her face, she began looking for the spare key Sophie left inside the mail box.

"I still don't know your name" he pressed on, folding his arms across his chest, watching her place the small silver key in her hand and walk through the fence.

"What's in a name?" she asked mostly to herself, pressing her forehead against the cold surface of the wooden door.

"Even if you knew mine, what ever gave you the idea that you would use it again to call on me?" finally she turned around, her eyes cautiously eyes meeting his, knowing the effect they had on her.

"And if someday, you do call it out loud…" she swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat and let her gaze drop to her hands "why would I bother answering back to it?"

Jacob sharply inhaled at her words but chose not to say anything and remained as calm as he could manage, though in the inside, his heartstrings were being pulled violently in different directions.

"I'm off your list Jacob Black" she whispered sullenly under her breath, her voice breaking right at the very end. She fought back a few renegade tears that were threatening to break free and slowly turned away, introducing the key and turning the knob of the heavy wooden door.

Off my list? He heard himself repeat her words, not sure if he gotten them right. What list? His heart tightened, guilt spreading all over his chest. What did she meant by that? Hey, wait! But the girl had already locked herself away from his view.

"Please…" he whispered, but she wasn't within the hearing range.

Cussing at his slow reaction –he could have stopped her… he could have demanded an explanation- he continued rooted in place. He closed his eyes for a moment and focused his sensitive hearing on the girl's swift steps running up along the stairs; she suddenly stopped – third floor, he told himself- and spun the knob. The soft thud of the door told him she was inside her apartment; there were several almost inaudible steps along the room and finally the flowing sound of running water – the shower-.


Such a complex, obstinate and confusing creature.

His lids fluttered opened again and his gaze became fixed on the only dim-lit window of the building, silently praying to be able to at least catch a glimpse of her shadow through the shades, becoming disappointed a second later when the girl flicked the light off.

What's in a name, you ask? His eyes smoldered when he saw the faint outline of her silhouette through the thin fabric of the curtains –his heart swelling up at the possibility of her eyes searching for him in the darkness-

Your name is not even as close as the mystery of who you are. He lips pulled up into a smile.

I will know your name soon enough, though. But answering the riddle of why you've crossed my path… now that will be quite a challenge.

He smiled whilst slowly walking away and hiding in the shadows, feeling stupid, content, confused and idiotic all at once. It was the first time –in a very long time- that he felt a tiny fleck of hope rise from the ashes where his ragged heart kept buried.

Maybe. He mused.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

She closed the faucet, not quite sure if she heard something at all.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

There it was again.

Sophie probably forgot her keys again.

Guess this will have to wait for later she frowned, rinsing the small blade with cold water before placing it back inside the bathroom's cabinet. Kristen quickly wiped away the crimson droplets from the tiles on the floor with a tissue paper –making sure to flush the evidence down the toilet-.

"Coming!" she called back while looking for a gauze to place over the thin incision on her left arm. When she finally found one, she covered the area with it –the stinging sensation making her wince- and pulled down the sleeve of her sweater.

It's odd, though. She was supposed to stay at Mark's place tonight. She made way through the corridor of the small apartment.


The banging against the door was rather vicious now, causing her to slow her pace. Sophia couldn't possibly knock like that. Kristen's heart began to race, chills running down her spine.

Either Sophie is really, really pissed off or it's som-…


Gasp!She froze as soon as she heard her name. Violent tremors held her hostage, her mind slowly calculating the chances of her worst fears coming true.

He couldn't…

He's miles away, how did he…?

It can't be him.

"KRISTEN, OPEN UP! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" Her heart literally flew out of her mouth as she recognized the deep, enraged voice she had learned to loathe and fear through all those years of agony.



Angry tears filled her terrified eyes whilst her throat went completely dry.

He found me.

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