Winning or Losing Stroke.
Chisato Centric. (Mainly ChisaSho)

After the six brothers returned from their trial failure, Sho decides to confess to Chisato again. Will the rest of the brothers accept the fact?

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" You know what, Sho." Said Takeru. Sho grunted in response. " We won't let you date Chisato." He grinned, leaning back to rest against the sauna platform. Shos eyebrow lifted up In concern.

" I thought you wanted me to confess. You guys practically tried to push me towards Chisato when I found you hiding in the bushes." The five brothers laughed half-heartedly.

" I still like Chisato." Said Satoru. Masaru glared at his brother.

" Me too." The model proudly stated.

" I don't want Chisato-san to date my brother. She's my mother figure right now." Akira said, crossing his arms.

" Eh? What happened to your mother?" Fuu asked.

" She's getting re-married. I don't want to live with her all of a sudden." Pouted the youngest. The rest laughed as Takeru pulled him in a head lock.

" Why are you all against me all of a sudden?" asked Sho.

" Cause, we all like Chisato the way she is now. We don't want her to get hurt." Replied Fuu. The others nodded.

Sho could feel his left eye twitch.

" Are you now on the Chisato's bodyguards team?" Sho frowned, standing up and pointing at his brothers as if they were in shame.

" As if we're in a group with those idiots." Satoru explained.

" Well anyway, this is going to be your losing stroke, Sho. Because we're going to protect Chisato no matter what." Laughed Masaru and Takeru. Sho rolled his eyes and walked out of the sauna room, noticing that Chisato was brewing some Miso-soup in the living room.

" Ah, Sho. Can you call the others to say that breakfast is ready?" She said, her back facing away from him.

Sho just grunted in reply, a flustered blush on his face.


So, this is my first Atashinchi no Danshi fanfiction, and I hope that I'm doing it correctly D:

Well, I finished the series and I want a second season to find out if Chisato accepts Shos question. ouo

This is my interpretation on what would happen if there WAS a second season.

Note: I won't be updating that often. ono; I'm going on vacation soon :D

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