1001 Jacobian Nights

by Amanda Wilder

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This story does not follow canon, and takes liberties with circumstances and timelines of the original. While this is a Jacob/Bella and Sam/Leah-based werewolf fic, there is no imprinting, no werewolf immortality, and no Emily. Sam and Leah are quite a bit older than Jacob and Bella. The Cullens are still the Cullens, but Edward has very limited ability to discern his bloodlust from the romantic intentions he holds for Bella.

In real life and in fiction, I'm no fan of battles, bloodshed, angst or tragedy. Edward leaves Bella, but this does not throw her into a great depression. There is no Victoria, no BD, and precious little in the way of terror and mayhem. If you want to know what it's like to live in the constant hell of supernaturally-induced emotional heartache and unending fear and distraction, then go reread the originals. There just isn't much of that here at 1001 Headquarters.

Here's the obligatory content warning. Everyone reading this should know that it contains very graphic and at times "taboo" sexual content, which all takes place between loving couples who have the best intentions toward each other. If the words "cock" or "nipple" offend you, time to stop reading right here. Not in the mood for something overtly sexual? That's fine too, you can come back when you are.

The plot of 1001 Jacobian Nights revolves around sexual healing and sexual awakening within committed relationships, and is at times quite adventurous. That being said, if you find yourself reading a chapter that does not appeal to you, just skip on over to the next one. More than likely you will find plenty to interest you, and it's not necessary to read every chapter in order to enjoy the story.

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1001 Jacobian Nights -- Prologue -- Sam & Leah


Sam felt it the instant the patrol meeting started. The feeling crept over him, an ache that began in his loins and slowly filtered out in glowing tendrils throughout his massive frame.

His eyes roamed the group in front of him, face an impassive mask against the growing discomfort. Each time another wolf phased, Sam found himself reordering the pack according to seniority, strength, personality. With Leah the newest wolf to phase, and the only female, the pack had shuddered internally, uncertain, as the order within the group buckled and reformed. It was squarely on Sam's broad shoulders to bring the assembled wolves back to cohesion.

Paul and Jared dropped their gazes respectfully as he paused on each of their faces to wolfmark them, asserting his dominance as they expected him to, and, in fact, welcomed. Leah sat to the side of the burly pair, her newly-muscled physique apparent in the light of the fire, her head bowed, eyes closed. Sam's gaze took her in, his instincts alight with strategies and pack alignments, as he brought the hierarchy of the pack into focus in his mind.

The pain in his groin welled as his nostrils flared, taking in the wolfscents of the others, now mixed with Leah's, into account. Whatever he would decide at this moment, whatever commands he might issue, would be to the pack's greatest benefit. This was his gift to them as Alpha, an instinctual directive he bestowed upon each of them to clarify their mutual purposes and reasons for being. It was the force that helped them both as a group and individually, the heart of what kept the monstrosity of their dual nature bearable, even a thing of beauty.

And Leah's wolfscent, her posture, her failure to make eye contact and then relinquish it to him, did not fit the now familiar pattern that Paul and Jared had followed after they had first phased. Sam focused on her being, her essence, to better divine her purpose within the group. He felt his cock stiffen in his heavy denim shorts, and exhaled with thinly-veiled irritation.

Paul had naturally fallen into the packset as Beta, the second in command to Sam, a fierce fighter of whom he was proud. Jared, always the clever one in human form, had keen senses and could be relied upon as a strong back-up partner and tracker. Paul and Jared had been confident of Sam's appraisal of their abilities, and respected each others' strengths and value to the pack as a result. There had been no disagreements or in-fighting, all as it should be.

The Quileute community of La Push had watched in amazement as Sam's influence had transformed those under his tutelage. Paul, once angry and impetuous, now a leader in his own right, sharing his power-rack and weights with the youths around the reservation who admired him. Jared, once bored and insolent to his teachers at the reservation school, now quietly did his work, turned it in early, leaving time for him to help less-gifted others amongst his classmates. And Sam, once a charismatic instigator with too much time on his hands, now capably held the reins of the tribe's safety, and its future.

Despite her gender, Leah was now part of Sam's pack, and it was essential that her wolfself be melded with the group's structure for it to function properly. If he could only concentrate, the matter would be simple, over and done with, just as it had been with the other two. He continued to stare at her through the flames, willing the answer to come to him. And at that moment, nothing was clear.

His growing arousal was making that impossible.

Doubtless, their previously-existing relationship had something to do with this. They had been lovers on and off for the last two years, an arrangement that had seemed to suit them both. For Leah, the decision to date Sam had been borne of frustration. She was tired of fending off the pawing of would-be suitors and the clumsy attempts they had made to woo her. Sam had been a powerful specimen even before he had phased, and although romance had barely figured into their pairing, it had had the desired effect.

Leah was free to drift from Sam's side as the mood carried her, always returning when her alternative selections become too possessive or controlling. She had seen how other girls on the reservation had succumbed to awkward pregnancies, early marriages, and shattered futures with men who could not be bothered to care for them.

Accordingly, her couplings with Sam had been carefully managed and orchestrated. She never allowed him to see her fully unclothed. Always conscious of where her cycle was, she made it plain to him that he was to wait to penetrate her until the spermicidal pellets she unceremoniously shoved inside herself had taken effect. And condoms. Always condoms, even for oral sex.

Sam had observed her guarded behavior towards him, seeing through her actions as they were motivated by fear. For this, he felt compassion and protectiveness towards her. The outside world regarded them as a well-matched pair, but on the interior of this relationship of mutual convenience, neither of them could afford to feel much affection or love towards one another. Leah trusted neither him nor herself to have such feelings, and Sam, realizing this, wisely did not allow himself to feel anything more in return.

Nature, as is her way, finally intervened. Within six months of each other, they had both phased into werewolves, and were now no longer purely human. The tribe that had birthed them both needed their guardianship. The charming stories of wolf protectors told by the fireside by elders of the tribe had become their manifest destiny. Of necessity, the nature of their relationship would change as well.

At the firecircle, Sam finally felt, rather than saw, his designation for Leah, whose body had begun to tremble under his unwavering stare.

"Leah. Pack subordinate," he ground out, as a powerful tide of inner knowing washed over him, carrying him to a place he had never explored as their leader. The sensation came from every cell of his body, forming words that sounded in his wolfmind.

At Sam's pronouncement, Leah raised her eyes to his, bright with panic. His words had sent a taut ribbon of connection between her body and those of the other wolves. Paul and Jared snapped their heads in unison towards her, surprise, lust and excitement welling in their eyes.

"...and...All Mine."

His Alpha command rang in the ears and hearts of his packwolves. Leah felt the ribbons connecting Paul and Jared to her body sever, leaving only a wide and powerful tether from her body to Sam's. Her heightened senses blazed with a strength and rightness that came as a profound inner revelation. She returned Sam's gaze calmly and openly, then gracefully bowed her head to him in acceptance.

That night after the firecircle, as Sam ushered her back to his house deep in the woods, Leah had never felt more free to express herself as a woman in love. They had laughed and touched each other more that night than the sum of their previous relationship put together. Both of them burned with the same fever, and yet their extraordinarily amplified senses made going beyond caresses, nuzzling and deep kissing seem overwhelming.

Sam had spent over an hour simply smelling her from head to foot, pressing his face against her hair, her neck, the space between her breasts and thighs, and finally the backs of her knees and the bottoms of her feet, all the while murmuring his appreciation and adoration. He seemed to breathe in her essence and energy as he did so, with each exhale filling the places he touched with his intention to possess her. By the time he had finished to gather her in his arms, both still fully clothed, Leah had felt so completely united with him in both human spirit and wolf, that all she could do was press herself against him, making soft, unintelligible sounds.

When Sam had kissed her deeply then, her eyes soft and tongue warm and welcoming against his, he felt he was penetrating her more deeply and intimately than the scores of times he had actually entered her and moved his cock inside her sex. Everywhere her body met his, her arms around his neck, the curves of her breasts against his chest, her legs, curled smoothly in his lap, every brush of skin, every breath, made him feel more a man than he had ever imagined possible. To say that he felt simultaneously powerful and supremely honored to hold her so tenderly would not have been an exaggeration.

She, who had been so unyielding towards him, now yielded. He felt the gap between them dissolve, and from that moment forward knew he could finally express his love for her, which until this point in time had remained unspoken.

For her part, she felt, for the first time in her life, divinely safe. All the parts of her body that had warred and remained divided from her heart and mind now merged in glorious harmony. Her soul had opened to his immensity. Of their own accord, her pelvis began to undulate against him, and an orgasm borne of pure emotion traveled through her body, leaving her sobbing against his neck with happiness.

He had held her firmly, lips pressed to her forehead, as she had fainted in his arms.

The next morning, she had awoken to the sensation of his fingers slowly tracing the length of her spine.

Over breakfast, he asked her to move into the house with him, and when she readily agreed, he had risen and tapped a white mason-jar on the kitchen counter, the kind in which one might find flour.

"This is for you," he said. "And our home... It may need a woman's touch." He had rolled his eyes as he said this, but then smiled broadly and added, "As do I, Lee-lee."

He had left her then, after a lingering kiss, to work and attend to council business. She had gasped when she opened the jar, finding a thick roll of cash and a note to have a look in the attic for boxes his mother had left him, household items a lonely bachelor would find superfluous.

To Leah, the boxes were a treasure trove of domesticity she hadn't even known she had wanted, until now. The solution to her La Push dilemma had not so much been to leave its borders, but to remain in her ancestral home and thrive, on terms that she found enjoyable. The day was spent happy daze of grocery shopping and unpacking the kitchenwares, linens and curtains Sam's mother had thoughtfully purchased him when he acquired the place, all still in their original packaging and covered with a fine layer of dust.

She would be sure to thank Sarah when next she saw her.

That night, Sam arrived home early in the evening to a home-cooked meal and a vibrant Leah. Werewolf stamina and speed had apparently served her well all day, and the house looked...finished, to him. Complete. He had twirled her around the living room, and they had resumed their playfully enraptured courting from the night before.

After some time stroking and kissing her on the couch, he centered his enticing lover on his lap, and with some ceremony slid her sun-dress down around her waist, exposing her breasts. Full and ripe as melons, they jutted out from her slim waist, and he worshiped them with his hands and mouth as Leah writhed against him, bare underneath the soft fabric and straddling his thighs. The hard ridge of his erection teased her from inside his pants, and unheedingly she left a moist trail along the hard protrusion as her body began to glow from his attentions.

All at once, his tender attitude grew almost stern, and he eased her off his lap onto the floor. Kneeling on the carpet between his knees, Leah watched his eyes carefully as they morphed back and forth from firm and commanding to lustful, nearly predatory.

Leah felt her body and soul succumb to the welcome spell of his dominant essence.

Her gaze shifted to his waist, where his strong hands unbuckled the leather belt around his jeans, sliding the worn zipper down to expose his thick and rigid cock. She felt immeasurably drawn to it, her body aching to experience its contours. It seemed to Leah that not only had his muscles doubled in size since his transformation, but apparently everything else had as well.

Closer, oh closer....

Her eyes sought his, waiting for direction. He smiled, his gaze never losing its predatory gleam, and reached forward to guide her head to his lap.

Leah had never been this close to Sam's cock without the latex sheath of a condom covering it, and the scent of his bare skin, free from the gaseous smell of rubber and laced with the perfume of wolfish pheromones, filled her lungs with intoxication. Gone were the fear and humiliation she had once associated with a man's bare and unprotected penis, and in its place grew a stunned admiration for its beauty, its evidence of Sam's fervent desire for her.

After years of denying him such proximity and freshly freed from her insecurities, Leah found she now wanted to offer her lover genuine, very personal pleasure, unencumbered by barriers and limits.

His heavy fingers combed her hair, holding it back and out of her face, as he pressed her cheek against his cock's hot pulse. Up and down against the burning skin of his shaft, turning her head this way and that, he directed her face against his hardened length until Leah was covered with his scent. A fine line of moisture trailed down her cheek.

Leah was softly panting, her hands gripping the smooth, muscled curves of his flanks, the sensations more intimate than any she had ever known. Her dress had slipped below her hips, and she was exquisitely aware that there was very little now between his masculinity and her nakedness.

When at last he gently tilted her head upwards to kiss him, her mouth was so open and hungry, so warm and needy to feel his arousal against her lips that she had moaned aloud and boldly suckled his tongue, silently begging him to allow her to worship him in return.

Slowly and deliberately, he eased her head back down to his hips, deliberately holding her face barely an inch from his engorged cockhead. Leah could see the precum welling there, a liquid river running from the pulsing tip, white flecks of his seed lacing the opening. He seemed to be... offering himself... and waiting for her... Without hesitation, Leah reached out her tongue, and gave the swollen glans a long, thorough caress, its salty musk filling her mouth. Sam groaned in pleasured surprise and satisfaction, and gently guided her head downwards, impaling her.

The exquisitely unfamiliar sensation of his bare cockskin against her lips and tongue caused a place deep within Leah's sex to clench and trickle with heat. She rounded her lips and engulfed his throbbing glans, teasing more moisture from it and allowing her own to join his. Her fingers deftly entwined the lower length of his shaft, spreading the dripping fluids as his palms pressed at her temples, steadily moving her tightly rounded lips up and down along the exposed surface of his member.

In such intimate contact with his manhood, Leah discerned that there were special, secret places along Sam's pulsating length that brought him gorgeous surges of intense pleasure. Lavishing these areas repeatedly with her tongue, she could feel every movement vividly and acutely along her own swollen sex, as though Sam was simultaneously pleasuring her there himself. Her tongue, always long and well-formed as a human, had become mysteriously more supple with her change, and slid with serpentine grace almost entirely around Sam's thick shaft as she inflamed them both.

Deep within their shared ecstatic delirium, Sam had offered her a series of rumbling groans in acknowledgement of her new gifts, his hands twitching along her scalp. Her tongue, now hyper-sensitized to each and every sensitive place along his cock, continued to swirl and twist against its bulging veins, savoring and swallowing the liquid proof of his arousal as it continued to flow unchecked against the back of her throat. It was the first time she had surrendered her mouth to taste him, and in so doing allowed his Alpha possession of her as his chosen mate to take even firmer hold.

The heat consumed her. Leah's eyes began to glaze over, gripped in the pleasure that radiated out from his body, carrying her along with the vibrations of his deep, throaty cries. She continued to suck and lathe him with her mouth, profoundly aroused and entranced.

Her lover's grip became tighter and rougher, pulling her hair and pressing against the back of her head with greater force. His shaft pushed heavily deep inside her mouth, and in her trance-like state, Leah simply widened her jaws to him, feeling the rigid length of his penis slip easily down the flexing sphincter of her throat. Another uniquely werewolf talent revealed, she thought faintly, overwhelmed by the rapture of feeling Sam's cock swell, thrust and impale her throat, and through their bond, her aching sex.

Sam was rigid inside her, lungs roaring now, one hand stroking the underside of her neck, feeling his cock slide in and out of her throat through her soft skin. The sensation of pleasure she had wrought in him was beyond imagining; the flood of power that surged through him in watching the entirety of his slick erection disappear past Leah's swollen lips -- and easily into her welcoming throat -- was almost too excruciating to bear.

"Lee-lee, touch yourself," he boomed.

Her Alpha wolf's command ran through her body like wildfire, and Leah's hands flew to her sex, already burning and rippling with a dozen near-orgasms under her fingers. Sam pulled himself out of her mouth just long enough for her to draw an impassioned breath, sob his name, and inhale again before his cock plunged inside her once more.

With a few strong strokes of her engorged clitoris, Leah doubled over in ecstasy, throwing her head forward and engulfing Sam's cock as it exploded molten ejaculate down her throat. The power of his climax thundered through her sex as though every inch of him was deeply thrust inside her walls, each pulse raking her womb with its force.

Filled and utterly possessed, she consumed all of him, including the last searing jets of semen he shot inside her mouth as he slid out of her body, swallowing every mouthful of his gift.

Moments passed. The room was quiet except for Sam's labored breathing, his shaking hands caressing her face.

"My mate," he whispered, again and again. My mate...

Pleasantly subdued and drifting, Leah's mind reflected upon her intimacies with Sam in the past, how afraid she had been to touch him, or allow him any closer than was absolutely necessary to assuage her guilt for using him as a shield from the world of men. With their newly-formed bond, borne of instinct and caring that transcended mere physical boundaries, she embraced his strength as it emanated from his core, encompassing her whole heart, and holding her closer than his powerful arms ever could.

Accepting his love as it cascaded over her, she gazed at her lover with unmasked adoration, her heart at the center of an awakening blossom of tender and unbridled love for him, new and unabashedly feminine; her own.

Glassy-eyed, he smiled deeply, his soulful eyes locking onto hers. With Leah curled at his feet, unguarded surrender shining up at him from her loving, glowing face, he felt more than mortal, more than wolf.

Sam Uley felt like a god.

Taking a deep, measured breath, he gathered her to him, savoring her nudity, her dress a forgotten pool on the floor.

"I love you, Lee-lee," he said, brushing kisses against her cheeks, her eyelids, the rounded lips of her softly-parted mouth. His heart felt light, and bold. This beautiful woman, who had long claimed his essence and now offered hers in return, was his heart's home.

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