Title: 1001 Jacobian Nights

Author: Amanda Wilder

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. Original situations and dialogue property of the author. Unauthorized duplication prohibited.

Pairing: Jacob/Bella

Story: AU; MA

1001 Jacobian Nights - Outtake Part 2 - Two Virgins

A/N: This is for all of you who ever wondered what it would be like to wake up with Jacob Black. This picks up where the previous chapter left off.

Awakening quite sore and well into the afternoon, the freshly deflowered and still naked Bella had fed on orange juice and a banana, while Jacob tended to her aches and pains with warm, well-oiled hands and solicitude, love shining in his eyes.

Whatever metaphorical barriers had separated them before last evening were now nothing but hazy memories of an arrangement that did not, in the morning light, seem ever to have existed.

When at last she parted her thighs to him, she was delighted to find that he had placed an icecube in his mouth to soothe her reddened, swollen folds, alternating between his tongue, cooled and well-lubricated from the ice, and the marvelous chill of the frozen lozenge as he gently and lazily slid it into her tender vulva, sucking it out again with his warm lips.

After several such applications, and the soft and determined swirl of his tongue against her clitoris, she had orgasmed in his mouth as he suckled and stroked her sensitive flesh.

I love my life...love being alive... she thought, dreamily.

The bed shifted under her as Jacob moved to hover over her, the warm skin of his chest brushing her nipples. Her hands made their way into his smooth, shiny hair.

"You, Jacob Black," Bella said, their eyes meeting, "are completely wonderful." She caressed the back of his head for a moment with her fingers, causing him to shut his eyes and smile in pleasure. "And," she continued, pausing for dramatic effect, "I love you."

He pressed down against her at that moment, his lips meeting hers. His natural scent, now mixed with traces of hers, was marvelously soporific, and Bella allowed her eyes to close to greater appreciate the effect. She could not help but give a little murmur of dissatisfaction as the bed moved again as Jacob stood.

She watched him questioningly, her eyes slowly taking in his nakedness, his erection, finally focusing on his face, glowing with amusement.

"A man has needs, Bella," he said jauntily, reaching to stroke her face and give her a quick peck on the lips. "I'll be right back, I promise."

Moments passed as her eyes drifted closed once more, feeling him return and press his backside against the bed, his hip brushing her cheek as he settled into a seated position next to her. Coffee. The aroma filtered down to her, mixing with his manscent, and she rolled to nestle her head against the warm hollow between his hip and the firm muscle of his ass. Snuggling closer, she ran her hand up and down his thigh, marveling at the slope of his quads under her palm.

...he's so strong and...beautiful...

She felt his free hand light on her head, stroking her hair, a warm finger brushing the outline of her earlobe.


Sliding her hand deeper between his thighs, her knuckles grazed the underside of his balls, feeling the tufts of his pubic hair against the back of her hand. She heard him exhale sharply as he shifted his legs wider to accommodate her explorations.

Her fingers stroked the taut sac of his testes, then drifted upwards to enclose his engorged manhood in her hand. Velvety and hot to the touch, the outer skin of his cock slid along the steel-hard rigidity pulsing underneath as she dragged her clenched fingers along his length.

...I could do this forever...with him...

As though in a trance, she released his cock and climbed up on his naked lap, bypassing his steaming mug and smiling dreamily at him. In a moment, the coffee cup was on the floor, and his arms slid around her hips as she knelt, each knee brushing against his sides as she opened her thighs to stroke his cock with her sex. Kissing him deeply, she warmed her lips against his aching shaft, and with one move, reached a hand between them to slide his swollen cock inside her again.

Soreness beget pleasure as his moans mixed with hers in the twining of their lips and tongues. His hips rolled gently under hers as he pressed deeper and deeper inside her, the head of his cock rubbing against the most sensitive places inside her sex. She could feel his pulsing as it vibrated through her pelvis.

"Bella... god... I want... I need to cum inside you..." Jacob pulled back from their kiss to gaze at her, eyes heavy-lidded, perspiration gleaming along his handsome face.

"I want you to," Bella whispered. The feel of his burning seed bursting inside of her the previous evening had been glorious, each jet of his release a massage against her deepest walls and cervix.

His hands slid to her bottom, gripping her soft curves, pulling her upward and off of him to place her breast against his open mouth. Sucking lightly, his tongue massaged her hardened teat as his cockhead teased her entrance. Each pull of his lips on her nipple sent a hot line of pleasure through her belly to her clitoris, as though his mouth were in two places at once.

Bella writhed in his strong arms, her body aching with want. And then, as if in answer to her unspoken desire, he pushed himself deep inside her again, his cock even more swollen as he spread the lips of her sex wide with each rapid thrust. She watched, fascinated and aroused, as he allowed himself to surrender to the pleasure her body gave him.

...oh god...so good...

His head tilted abruptly backwards, calling her name as she felt him coat her depths with his white-hot fluids.

"So hot, Bella... so good..." He sobbed as he shot his sperm inside her, each jolt of heat emptying his balls, his cock on fire.

...so good, my Bella... so fucking good...

The scent of his exertion, a manly musk that enclosed her senses as he held himself inside her, caused Bella to sink her head against his shoulder, breathing deeply of him.

"Do you feel that... what's mine, inside you...?"

He felt her nod against his neck as his heaving chest slowly returned to the normal, steady rhythm of his unison, they both inhaled and sighed - laughing lightly, together - bodies linked and trembling, their conjoined fluids seeping out and down between their thighs.

When Bella finally raised her head to peer at him through the curtain of her hair, his face wore a look of dazed amazement. Making love in the light of day, where no shadow could deceive his urgent need for her with fantasy, Bella had rendered her Jacob completely and utterly thunderstruck.

...she's really mine, all mine...

As the day wore on, she could still feel his body inside her, much like the phantom rocking one senses for hours after debarking from a boat at sea. Sitting still, descending stairs, walking in the woods arm-in-arm, fully and completely clothed, it was as though his body was still pushing and thrusting in and out of her. The sensation occupied most of her consciousness, and it was enough to lean her head on his shoulder, to feel his hands run through her hair and down her back and chest...words simply did not come, and did not seem at all to matter.

Edward's return from Africa, and anything else that was waiting for her beyond the safety of La Push, faded into the distance like a team of heavy stormclouds, churning their way across the sky to a distant horizon without releasing a single drop of rain.

After a shower, an enormous meal, and a walk through the trees behind Jacob's house to stretch their legs, the pair found their way back to bed for a deep and well-deserved rest. Tossing a clean sheet haphazardly over the mattress, Jacob had gathered Bella in his arms, spooning her naked form against his, one arm draped over her side, hand cupping her breast; the other, tucked under her head like a pillow.

Bella was asleep a moment later, breathing in the warm scent of Jacob, who lay relaxed, nose buried in her hair, behind her.

The room was already quite dark when she woke again, Jacob's breath erratic against the bare skin of her shoulder. She shifted, and realized with a start that his manhood was rigid between her thighs, pumping back and forth in short, desperate jerks.

"Bella...," Jacob murmured, his voice husky and low.

She moved her hand to stroke his tensing thigh. He stilled his movements, panting.

"Mmmm..." She stretched her limbs, squeezing her thighs tightly together around his cock as she felt all the stiffness in her spine release.

Jacob groaned.

"Hi there..." she said softly, her hand reaching between her legs to caress the head of his cock as it ballooned out from between the lips of her sex.

"Bella... I'm sorry... I just... I can't get enough of you..." He groaned again as she continued to palm his cockhead, his precum balming the tight, sensitive skin. He pumped his hips forcefully against her bottom, riding against her touch.


A rumbling growl ran through his chest, its vibration causing a deep rush of arousal within her. She squeezed her thighs around him again, her lips liquid-soft and dripping against the thick rod of his shaft thrusting tightly against her.

...oh god, yes, right there...

Cupping his cockhead, she pulled his cock against her, the swollen ridge of his glans rubbing a gorgeous sensation into her clitoris.

"Oh god.. Jake..."

Realization hit him, and he burned against her furiously, ramming her body with as much force and speed as he dared.

"ohgodjake...jakejakejake..." She screamed, her entire body convulsing in his arms, clit pressed and lips spread against his shaft, her orgasm pealing shriek after shriek from her throat.


Heart pounding, she offered no resistance as his arm snaked under her thigh, lifting her knee to her chin, his burning cock plunging inside her.

"oh god.. oh jaaaake..."


He was mindless now, crashing his cock into her from behind, the burning tightness of her sex gripping at him like an unseen vise. Sobbing, he cockfucked her, each deep thrust crushing him with its heat, the brilliant blade of his shaft swelling so hard he felt it might break off inside her.


She was screaming again, her walls crashing in on him as she came against his cock, its force dragging him deeper inside her with each desperate plunge. Eyes wild, he snarled as his arms wound around her, hands clutching at her shoulders to force her body down onto his as he ripped into her with abandon.

He came inside her with the force of an animal, his teeth sinking into her shoulder as the savage eruption emptied him of all thought, all meaning, all reserve.

Blissed beyond conscious thought, she lay limp and compliant in his arms as he howled and convulsed, the quiet inside his storm.

She dozed again, his body slowly softening inside her now very tender sex. Jacob remained wide awake, breathing hard and staring at the mark he had left on her skin, aware only that his body had taken what it wanted from both of them, and the beast inside him was sated, at least for the moment.

His lips pressed against her neck, kissing her softly, his mind spinning.

The insidious thought that had occurred to him more than once in the last twenty-four hours wound its way around his heart anew, stalking his newly-acquired peace of mind. A question so powerful, so intimately a part of him that he had swallowed it back from his lips on each occasion, fearful and yet fevered to know what the answer might be. Lying there next to her, he held his breath against it to no avail, finally allowing the words to escape his tightly clenched throat, leaving the sounds to hang in the air between them as he let them slip into being.

"Bella...you aren't on anything, are you?"

Mind misty with sleep and pleasure, she was silent for a moment, trying to decipher the meaning of his question. umm...on...what...?

Then, at last, it came to her: Jacob was asking if she was using protection. Against conception. Against pregnancy...the Pill. She closed her eyes then, lips tightening, all at once chilled by the realization she had no idea what his reaction to her answer might be.

"No...no, I'm not..." she whispered.

Jacob endured a tangled surge of emotions as they roared through his body - elation, power, pride foremost among them - before he grinned into the space between her shoulder blades, and lightly kissed her skin.

His arms closed around her to hug her firmly to him, his voice strong and soft in her ears.


Author's Note: This story may devolve into drabbles, or thematically-related one-shots, or I might have time to continue the story in a linear fashion. Bear with me. And have a terrific holidays; may you find Jacob Black or some reasonable facsimile under your tree tomorrow ; ))