NOTE: Sorry I havent writen in a while! I've been VERY busy, but to make up for it I decided to write this one shot, unless you guys wants me to make it longer )
This is a kinda sad story, but if I made it longer it MIGHT turn out to be Seddie )
BTW I was listening to sad songs so thats probably why I wrote this. It's kinda bad though, but I hope you like it.
-xoxo Jess.


Tears were streaming down my face. I just couldn't believe it.
I had a feeling it was true, b-but I didn't know it would ACTUALLY happen.
I grabbed the blade off my bathroom counter. I looked at my reflection, I looked weak.
No one loved me, I lost everything. I pressed the blade to my wrist.
I gasped at the pain, but then I felt the cool blood rush out.
The blade moved slowy across my arm it was painful but I deserved it. I looked at my arm it was all red and it hurt, I smiled, the pain felt good.
I grabbed the bottle of sleep pills and poured out about 10 of them and swallowed them.
Then, I walked over to my bed and layed down and closed my eyes, then I thought about eariler today.

Earlier That Day:

I woke up and went over to Carly's, tommorow was my birthday. Finally I got to Bushwell Plaza and went up to Carly's floor.
I walked into Carly's apartment and saw Freddork and Carly on the couch and went over to the fridge.
"Hey Carls, hey dork." I opened the fridge and grabbed some ham and starting eating it.
The TV turned off and I turned around and saw Carly and Freddork standing right in front of me, they looked kinda mad.
"Wh-" Before I could finsh the sentence Freddie interupted.
"Stop eating Puckett! All you ever fucking do is eat! All you care about is food! HAve you ever cared about anything else?!" My eyes widen.
Then Freddork's words sunk in. They HURT. Like hell.
"W-What?!" I looked at Carly, I saw something in her eyes, hate.
"Its true Samantha, and you're NEVER nice to anyone, everyone hates you. Its been to long Sam, I-I though you would change, but you never did."
I knew this was coming, I knew one day, Carly and Freddie would turn on me. I just never knew it would hurt this much.
"Go On." I said, my voice weak.
Freddie looked at me, "I know why you're mom hates you so much, its because you're a whore. And she just couldn't handle having you as a daughter, she gets drunk so much because she wished Melanie would have stayed and you would have left."
I looked at Carly, she told him everything. "You owe me and Spencer ALOT of money, because you've probably ate like a thousand packs of ham. Which explain why you're fat" Carly was looking at my stomach.
Then Freddie pushed me into the wall and kicked me. I felt tears drop. "How did that feel Sam?! Did it hurt?! Because I've had to deal with a hell of a lot more pain then that."
He punched me in the face, I felt blood come out of my nose and mouth.
Freddie smirked, "Now, get the hell out of here."
He grabbed my hair and dragged me to the door then openned it and threw me against his door.
I fell to the ground in pain, then he kicked me a few times.
"Goodbye bitch." Then I heard CArly's door close. I was crying.
I got up and slowly walked over to Groovy Smoothie, everything hurt, especially my heart.
I walked in and sat at a table crying.
Then I heard laughing and looked up.
It was Jonah.
"Aww, is Sammy sad?!" He was smirking.
"S-Stay away Jonah." Tears were still streaming down my face.
"And miss you crying!? No fucking way. Did you finally hear the truth bitch?" Then he sat next to me and kicked my leg.
I gasped. It hurt. Jonah kept laughing and kicking me. I cried harder.
"You should just go in a hole and die Puckett, it's obvious no one will ever love you."
I got up quickly and ignored then pain. "Fine then!" I ran home crying, not caring about anything.
My mom wasnt home, good.
I went into the kitchen and grabbed the knife and ran up into my room and locked to the door.
Then I went into the bathroom and put my sleep pills on the counter.


More tears streamed down my face. Soon the pain would be over and I would be gone.
I thought about Freddie, I loved him so much, but now he'll never know, it doesnt matter, besides he hates me.
Then I blacked out. The last thing I thought about was that night on the fire escape.

NOTE: Well, thats the end, comment if you think I should make it longer.