God Only Knows
Chapter 5: Attacking On Another Front
By: Pink-Green-White-4ever
Started: September 22, 2010
Finished: January 10, 2011

Summary: The hardest part of faith is the last hour. - David Wilkerson
Rating: M
Characters: Kim, Adam, Tommy, Jason

Author's Note: So now we get to the good stuff. Yes, the game plan has changed, yes, Kim will be wielding powers in this…it was kind of hard to escape it once I redid the outline for the story. But these aren't normal powers, she won't be wearing spandex, and this time around, Tommy, Jason and Adam are limited in what they can do. This chapter is going to focus on her training and her relationships with the guys…and expect a surprise or two to come.

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I feel so alone,
Can't seem to find my out of this low?
No, it don't seem right
I didn't have a chance to say goodbye.

In this silent space,
I close my eyes I can hear you say
That it's alright,
But my world's such an empty place tonight.
Cause I know that,
It's all part of life.

I wish I had the chance to say goodbye,
Yeah I still miss you.
So hard to see through the tears I've cried.
Yeah, I still need you.
Cause I don't want to,
If I don't have to ever let you go.
The longest I'll hold on... God only knows.

As the time goes by,
It gets a little easier to smile.
I know I'll never forget
Everything that you said.
You said it's alright,
It's all part of life.

I wish I had the chance to say goodbye,
Yeah I still miss you.
So hard to see through the tears I've cried.
Yeah, I still need you.
Cause I don't want to,
If I don't have to ever let you go.
The longest I'll hold on... God only knows.

And the lights above you will never fade if you keep looking up
Right around there is a better place if you believe in love.
Cause I know that, it's all part of life.

I wish I had the chance to say goodbye, yeah I still miss you.
So hard to see through the tears I've cried.
Yeah, I still need you.
Cause I don't want to, if I don't have to ever let you go.
The longest I'll hold on, the longest I'll hold on.
The longest I'll hold on... God only knows.
God only knows.
Ya, God only knows.
God only knows.

- Orianthi, God Only Knows -


9:45 A.M.
May 10, 2009
1992 Valencia Rd.
Reefside, CA

Frustration ran rampant among the group as they stood in the woods beyond Tommy's house. Rain had insisted on privacy for training, particularly since Kimberly wasn't use to her powers yet. No one wanted to see an innocent bystander get hurt by an out of control attack. "This isn't helping," Kimberly huffed in irritated as Rain shook his head at her.

"You are not trying hard enough. You have to dig deep and find your well of power."

A seething glare was shot in his direction. He seemed so damn sure that she could do this, and yet, she wasn't sure at all. "Contrary to what you might think, I've never done this before."

"You did it when you got your Ninja powers."

Tommy and Adam winced when Kim's color fled her face and her expression went blank. They never really talked about the Ninja days, because it was such a rough spot with Kim due to what had happened to her. Whether she said it or not, losing her Ninja powers and eventually giving up her Range powers was still a very, very sore subject, for so many reasons and on so many levels.

"Ninjor gave us our powers, we didn't have to work for them, not like this," Kim tartly retorted.

"Yes, you did. You survived the Desert Of Despair, beat the Tengas, made it to the Temple, AND told Ninjor to go to hell when he wouldn't help you," Rain pointed out sarcastically. "I'd say you more than earned your powers. You were just more receptive to opening yourself to them then. Youth and naivety came in rather handy, didn't they?"

Instead of standing there watching as Rain berated Kim, Tommy moved forward and laid his hand on her shoulder. Her whole body seemed to relax at his touch. "I have an idea," he spoke, drawing everyone's attention. "And Rain, in case you forgot, the Ninja powers are what almost killed Kimberly. Of course she's scared." The venom in his voice was not mistaken for anything but what it was – a firm command to the Watcher to mind where he stepped in regards to their pasts.

"What is your idea, Falcon?" Rain asked, using the former Rangers spirit animal at the last second. Calling him the Lover always raised the Guardian's hackles. Given that she'd finally relaxed, he didn't want to upset her anymore.

Tommy motioned for Rain to step back while beckoning Adam and Jason to join him. Reaching out, he grasped Kimberly's hands in his own, keeping them palm to palm. "Adam, Jason, put one hand on Kim and one on me."

Rain watched the group with curiosity. He hadn't expected any of them to be able to do anything beyond what they already knew how to do. They were all touching, forging a physical link just as strong as the mental and emotional one they shared. "Adam…" Tommy murmured.

The former Green and Black Ranger seemed to instinctively know exactly what his former team leader was asking for. Taking a deep breath, he began the call of power they had used so long ago, in a temple, far, far away. "Older than time, man has always known the calling. Light of the light, strength of the soul, ignite the eternal power inside me! I am ninja!"

Much to Rain's surprise, Tommy and Kimberly's voices raised with Adam's. "I am pure of heart, mind, body and spirit! Join with me as I become one with the power of Ninja!""

Before any of the others could respond, Jason finally spoke. "I am the Dragon, protective and loyal!"

"I am the Frog, courageous in spirit!"

"I am the Falcon, just and able!"

"I am the Crane!" Kim's choked voice sounded. "Agile and graceful!"

The Watcher smiled as the whole group began to glow with the power they bore. Walking forward, he stopped inches from the circle of power they formed. "Dig deep, agile Crane. Focus on the warm center of your power."

As Rain spoke, the glow seemed to die down, leaving Kimberly, and Tommy to a lesser degree, still shinning with power. "Why's Tommy still lit up?" Jason asked, confused.

With a secretive grin, Rain nodded. "Because he shares the power of air with her." Jason frowned and Adam chuckled.

"Kim?" Tommy murmured, their hands coming up to chest height, fingers linked.

She looked at him with pure white eyes, a shy smile gracing her features. "Yeah?"

"You ready?"

"I think so." He'd always been her pillar of strength, and the wind beneath her wings, but it was time to stop hiding and start doing. She had to fly on her own now, and know that Tommy and the others would be there to catch her.

With a nod, Tommy let her go and motioned for Adam and Jason to step away. As the trio joined Rain, the wind in the clearing began to pick up strength. First just a fluttering breeze and then a strong gust until it turned into hurricane force winds. If it hadn't been for Rain, the guys would have been literally blown away. "Kimberly, you need to focus your scope and the power," Rain communicated with her.

The wind slowly died down, and in Kim's hands a swirling vortex appeared. The brighter Kim grew, the faster the wind in her hands spun until it all completely winked out. When it did, Kim's knees buckled and she began to sink to the ground. Tommy caught her before she did, lowering her slowly while cradling her in his arms. "Head rush," she quipped, watching Tommy's concerned frown turn into a grin. She could see the fear in his eyes, but it was diminishing slowly.

"Pretty heady feeling, huh?"

"Reminded me of my first morph."

"Well done, Guardian," Rain drew their attention to him. "Each session you'll get better and better at calling it to you, and then using it. For now, I suggest we break for a meal." The former Rangers nodded and after gathering their things, headed back toward Tommy's house.


1:30 P.M.

She sat curled on the corner of the picnic table on Tommy's front lawn, her back to the porch, her lunch forgotten in front of her. The guys were chatting about weapons and moves that they could teach her, while Rain interjected with possible situations that might arise. Through it all, she remained silent, her face turned to the forest that surrounded the house. Her instincts were coiled tight, almost as if she knew that something was coming, her senses picking up the disturbance in the world around her. Part of her was disgusted at the feeling, because it reminded her so much of being a Ranger and she defiantly kept reminding them all she didn't want to be a Ranger anymore. She had no choice; just because she wouldn't be donning the spandex again, didn't mean she wasn't a Ranger at the heart and soul of who she really was. Her days of believing she could save the world should have been well behind her, but even now, the grown woman, the one who was mourning her family, could feel the spark of the pink-loving teen growing inside of her.

If she kept on the course she was currently on, she knew she'd be back to believing she could make a difference and save the world, but she still felt so disillusioned by all she'd learned. The sweet memories of being one of the original Power Rangers were now tainted by the truth of why she was made a Ranger in the first place. It hadn't been to save the world, she hadn't been chosen on her own merit; she'd been picked to be a Ranger because Zordon was trying to hide her true identity and destiny. He'd tried to make the choice for her, and look what had happened. In the end, he'd given his own life to save hers, and left yet another burden on her already weary soul.

She had to blink away the tears when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning her head, she caught sight of Adam standing just behind her, his hand held out. "Take a walk with me," he smiled shyly, not bothering to mention the look on her face or the tears sliding down her cheeks. With a nod, she took his hand and let him help her up before they walked back toward the trees.

They moved in silence, Kim's arms wrapped tightly around her waist, Adam with his arms at his sides. Biting her lip, the former Pink Ranger looked at the world around her as she and her brother entered the forest just at the edge of the clearing where Tommy's house was. Neither said a word, choosing instead to just walk the path before them. The unmistakable cry of a bird pierced the silence, drawing both their gazes to the trees. On one of the uppermost branches of a huge tree, they spotted the bird of prey and both shivered. It was a falcon, perched on a sturdy branch, watching them closely. Adam shook his head, a smile on his face, while Kimberly's lips quivered and she stopped moving to stare at the large bird.

Taking a deep breath, Kimberly turned and continued down the path, Adam right beside her. The rushing sound of wings flapping accompanied them, and both looked over to the left to see that the falcon had taken flight and was circling around their heads as they walked. "Creepy stalker," Kim muttered, causing Adam to chuckle.

"Think of who you're talking about here," he teased, watching her roll her eyes.

"I don't need him babysitting me," she responded.

"Kim, I don't think that's why it's following us," Adam told her, eyes going back and forth between her and the bird. "You two are connected on much deeper levels than the rest of us, and you know it. You weren't the only one who had their wings clipped when you lost your powers and left the team."

She hated him for being right. She knew that when she'd left, a lot of Tommy's fight had too; and even more so when she'd broken up with him. Despite Kat's love and his own ability to get past it, they had all known Tommy had never quite been the same after that. It wasn't smugness or the feeling that she was oh so important to him that told her that, it was plain truth. He'd been a very guarded individual to begin with; he was even more so now. "I hate all of this, and I hate that you're being dragged into it with me," she finally spoke up. "You all have lives you should be enjoying, not being forced to do something you've already done, not like this."

"At any time, Kim, we could have said no, we could have walked away. You know why we haven't," he pointedly reminded her.

"Because you were born to be Rangers?" she responded, only to have Adam glare at her. "Yeah, yeah, because you guys love me too much to let me go through it alone."

"And because we know how you feel," he finished. "We've been there, remember? Jason, Tommy and I all got pulled back into this after we figured we'd never come back."

"I can't handle someone else dying on my behalf," she cried softly, her eyes filling. "Zordon…"

"Gave you the chance to grow up, Kim. He may have made some unwise choices regarding not telling you about this, but he gave you everything he could – a chance to grow up, to live your life, and to have time to gather the strength to make that decision. He trusted in the woman he saw you could be, trusted you to make the right decision," Adam earnestly told her. "You set the standard for every woman who has worn your color; you, not him. You. This is your choice, only you can make the decision. Rain, Kallisto, Hayden, me, Jason, Tommy…none of us can make it for you. Not even Zedd or Zordon. Only you."

"I don't know what I'm doing, Adam."

The grin that spread across his face was a familiarly impish one. "Kim, I have faith in you. You'll figure it out, or you'll forge your own unique path. You've never been one to sit on your ass and let destiny or fate choose your path; you're the one who makes things happen."


On The Other Side
Same Time

His original plan had failed. He hadn't expected her to buck him after she had found out that Zordon, almighty sage he was believed to be, had lied to her. For those who had served the morphin grid, a betrayal like that would have, once, resulted in a complete distancing from all that they had known before. It's how he'd turned so many of the guardians before. Apparently, THIS guardian was different, and perhaps more difficult. It also made Kimberly all that more appealing to him. Perhaps she WAS worthy of standing by his side, ruling with him.

Obviously, his plan to destroy those who surrounded her, who had been teammates, family, and even her lover, had not been a successful one. It was time to try a different strategy. If he couldn't destroy them, maybe he could turn them to his side, and in doing so, draw Kimberly with them. After all, these warriors had kept some of the strongest evils in the universe from over running their planet. Zedd, Master Vile, Rita Repulsa, Divatox, Maligore and Dark Spector had been among some of the greatest evils of the last ten thousand years, and yet, Zordon's children had thwarted them at every turn. There had to be something about the humans that could be extremely useful to him, beyond him gaining Kimberly's assistance in destroying everything made of light.

With a grim determination, he dug into his vast stores of power and began to bring forth memories of all the battles fought by the Rangers since they had first appeared on Earth. He had to figure out exactly what made these warriors tick before he could use it to his advantage.


Same Time

He rushed off the Megaship, in a hurry to see why the Council Of Elders had summoned him to Eltar. Elder Hin had said it was extremely important and could possibly be a turning point in the safety of the universe. "Andros," Elder Hin greeted at the doorway to the palace.

"You said it was important, I came as soon as I could," the Red Ranger rushed on as the pair hurried into the palace.

"And it is. As you know, when Dark Spector came for Zordon, he destroyed everything in his path to taking Zordon hostage," Hin explained. "We left it as it was, as a symbol of Zordon's sacrifice, but recently the council has voted to turn it into a living shrine of Zordon's legacy of not only his own deeds but of the Rangers' as well. When we started going through the debris, we found a secret room, but we have not been able to gain entrance. The computer lock on the door, keeps saying something about Rangers."

"And you think I may be able to open it?" Andros surmised as they entered the palace's teleportation room. Seconds later, they were just outside the city in the home Zordon had lived in prior to his capture and death a decade before.

Hin nodded and ushered Andros toward the large vault door that was in the lowest point of the house. The second Andros was near the vault, the room lit up. Stepping forward, Andros placed his palm against the access pad to the right of the door. The pad changed from blue to green and a ping echoed out. "Welcome Andros," a voice spoke seconds before the door slid open. "Only Rangers are allowed entrance here."

Andros motioned for Hin and the guards to remain where they were as he entered the vault, the door sliding shut behind him. Inside, he found many artifacts, some he recognized and others he didn't, but what pulled at him was the glowing pink sphere floating above a white velvet pillow in the center of the room. When he approached, he was bathed in a haze of pink light.


9:00 P.M.
California Time
Rain's Realm

"Hello Watcher."

"Hello," Rain responded with a rare smile on his face as he turned from the window where he stood. The being before him was not foreign to him, but this was the first time they'd met face to face. The wise sage's legacy and reputation preceded him with all who lived in Rain's realm. The Wise One wasn't a god or goddess, but merely a being that had attained the highest level of spiritual enlightenment and power. The one word that came to mind for Rain was Legend. "What brings you here? You should be enjoying your much deserved rest."

A knowing look crossed the sage's face. "Were the Guardian and her warriors not in danger, I would be. However, I cannot simply sit by and not do any and all in my power to prepare them or aid them. They were once mine, and always I will carry a special place for them. I will not abandon them."

"She's still very angry with you," Rain spoke, a serious expression crossing her face. "Knowing you kept it from her…"

"How could I have dumped more than I had on her shoulders? I gave her the most important role I could, to keep her safe, and it was a hard but successful adjustment for her. She was already dealing with so much, to reveal the truth then…"

The Watcher sighed and nodded. "You'd have lost her."

"I did what I could. I gave her the time and the space to grow up, to become the women I knew she would be. By not telling her of her destiny, I let her forge her own path, and she earned her place as the heart and soul of her team. There has been no other like her, and there never will be. Each who has come after her, they've taken what she started and built upon it."

"She refuses to be a Ranger again, and I can't blame her."

"She will never be simply a Ranger again. Her power goes far beyond that. The Lover may be the legendary warrior now, but his power comes nowhere near hers."

Rain knew the Wise One's words were true. And even if he didn't, the results of Kimberly leaving the Ranger team were clear enough – the harmony and balance that had tied the Ninja Rangers has been shattered, and their Morphin' powers had been left vulnerable to destruction. "She has such trust issues now."

The Wise One chuckled. "She's always had those. She's suspicious by nature now, I'm afraid. And you can thank her parents for that. But she knows all about duty, responsibility, and honor. She'll do what needs to be done, nothing less than perfection, because in her heart, she knows what is right and true, despite the hardships she's faced. Believe in her, and she will show you miracles."


11:45 P.M.
1994 Hillside Dr.
Apt. 5A
Angel Grove, CA
Jason's Apartment

After a hard day of training with Kim, Adam and Tommy and a family dinner at Kat's parents' house that night, Jason could barely keep his eyes open as he trudged around his bedroom to get ready for bed. He had to be to work early the next morning because he had an onsite consultation with a client, so as he got his work clothes ready, he felt himself nodding off. Quietly he slipped into bed and drifted off to sleep.

He knew something was wrong when he found himself in the middle of the empty Command Center. At first he wondered if it was just a memory, brought on by the hours of training and being around his friends, particularly Kimberly. He had fond memories of her by his side as they beat back the forces of evil as teenagers. When the awful chill raced down his spine though, he knew something was very, very wrong. If this was a memory, where were Alpha and Zordon? Other than the one time they disappeared to bring Tommy back as the White Ranger, the base had never been devoid of both of them at the same time, at least not in his time as a Ranger.

"You don't belong here, traitor," a dark, sinisterly hissing voice whispered in his ear. Jason spun around in circles trying to see where it was coming from and found no one with him. "You belong elsewhere."

The former Red and Gold Ranger's eyes narrowed as the world around him suddenly shifted to the island of Murianthias and Maligore's temple. Some of his worst memories of his time as a Ranger came from this very volcano. "Who's there?" He smelled the familiar scent of perfume wafting around him. He who the owner of the smell was, could close his eyes and envision each feature of her lovely face, the sway of her hips as she walked, the welts her voice could raise on a soul when she was angry or the comfort she gave when she whispered in your ear. He knew her as intimately as he knew himself. "Kat…"

"This is where you belong, where we both do," she hissed intimately in his ear, her nails scratching down his arm as she passed into the light. "This is where your true self was revealed, just like mine was all those years ago in the youth center."

He narrowed his gaze at her, feeling that this was most definitely not his Kat. "What?"

"Maligore gave you freedom, Jason. Don't you remember the heady feeling of being free? No worries, no consequences, just pure and unadulterated ability to cause harm? You know just as well as I do that you want to go back to that," she seductively purred. "You and Kimberly were both recipients of a wonderful, wonderful gift. If only Zordon and Lerigot hadn't interfered."

One dark eyebrow rose while the expressions on his face narrowed to stone. Perhaps if Hayden had done a better job and done a bit more research into Kat and her personality, he might have pulled off the little stunt. As it was, he'd only made Jason angrier by using the woman he loved against him, and by mentioning his sister. "Hayden, you're full of bullshit."

The beautiful version of Kat dissipated into the hulking form of Hayden walking toward Jason. "You know this is where you belong. You aren't one of them; you're not a little do-gooder. All Zordon did was open your eyes to your true potential, and nature. You're one of us!" Hayden all but laughed, sweeping his arm out to the side and revealing Zedd, Rita, Mondo, Maligore, Dark Spector and many others Jason had no doubt had been part of the evil that the Rangers fought against. And then he saw the petite figure moving forward to stand next to Hayden. Kimberly wasn't evil, and she wasn't here in this place, she wasn't real. She was in the guestroom at Tommy's in Reefside, safe and sound under the protection of her Falcon.

But Jason remembered back to that time, and he had a moment of doubt. When Maligore had taken him so suddenly, turned him so quickly, he'd truly wondered if he was evil. But then Lerigot had freed him and Kim as soon as he could, with the Turbo Rangers' help. And then Tommy had told him what Zordon and Lerigot knew – only one pure of heart could be turned by Maligore. Pure of Heart…since the day he'd become a Ranger, he had been aware of his ability to be violent, but that was only in the face of protecting those he loved and the world he lived in. For no other reason would he have ever used his skills in such a way.

"I've never been and will never be one of you. The only reason Maligore managed to turn me was because I was pure of heart. I don't seek to destroy, I defend. I don't selfishly take, I selflessly sacrifice for the better good. I wouldn't join you if it meant saving my life or the lives of anyone I loved, because that would dishonor them, as well as Zordon's memory and everything I've fought for my entire adult life. And newsflash, asshole, my sister's already stronger than you think – she turned you down once, she'll do it again. No matter what!"

"THEN YOU WILL DIE!" Hayden roared seconds before Jason jolted upright, sweat pouring off his body. His eyes were open but it took a few minutes for them to see where he was. In his own room, in a bed drenched in sweat, his heart racing so fast it scared him. Feeling sick to his stomach, he rolled out of bed and reached for the phone. He dialed the number by memory alone.

"This had better be good, Jason," the sleepy, mildly angry, beautifully Australian voice hissed.

"I love you," he murmured.

There was a startled gasp. "Jase? Honey?"

"I'll explain tomorrow. Can you swing by before work?"

"Of course! What's wrong?"

"I'll explain tomorrow. Just swing by. Love you."

"I love you too. Bye."

After he hung up the phone with Kat, he moved to the window and dialed another number long burned into his memory. "Tommy here."


The tone alone alerted the former White Ranger to something being amiss. "Jase?"

"You and Kim okay?" he shakily asked, not wanting to freak Tommy out but knowing he was anyway.

There was a pause on the other end and Jason could hear Tommy whispering to someone. A grin slid onto his face and an eyebrow rose when he realized Tommy and Kimberly were asleep, together. More than likely on the couch after having watched a movie or late night television, but they were together. Just like they'd always, no matter what, been together. "Jason?" Kim's sleepy voice echoed across the line, calming his heart rate down to normal. "What's wrong?"

He swallowed. "I need you to come over to my house in the morning, before work. Please? Something happened tonight. I'm not hurt, promise," he rushed on, knowing exactly what she was thinking by the sharp intake of air he heard from her. "I know Tommy won't be able to make it, but I already called Kat. I need to talk to the two of you about this."

"Of course. I'll be there as soon as soon as I can be. Are you going to be okay?"

"I am now. Love ya Terror."

"Night Rex."

Clicking off the phone before tossing it on the bed, he began to strip off his clothes as he prowled toward the bathroom and a hot, steamy shower. If nothing else, the soothing routine would smooth away the edges of his fear and disgust and help clear his mind. He needed to think very carefully about what he was going to tell the girls when they got there in a few hours. Both of them were going to be justifiably angry and scared, and more than likely going to want to take large chunks out of Hayden, particularly Kimberly. The former Pink Ranger would see it as a personal attack on not just him, but on her as well. The guy was trying to go through those she loved to get to her, and she wasn't going to take too kindly to that. When he got out and toweled off, he thought of calling Adam to tell him to come over, but he knew that Tanya had a doctor's appointment in the morning to see if she was pregnant, and the former Black and Green Ranger needed to be with her when she went.

Jason prayed that they got some good news, because they could use it, but in the back of his mind, he worried that if Tanya was carrying a baby, she'd become the perfect target to strike at Adam and ultimately Kimberly. There wasn't anything the two of them wouldn't do to make sure Tanya was safe and sound. Absolutely nothing they wouldn't do.


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