Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.

Okay before you start reading this fan-fic i would just like to tell you that it is probably slightly different from what you are used to. It will get repulsive in parts, sadistic in others, but it's all in the name of fun, anyway, if you read it, i hope you enjoy it.

The first chapter is a little vague in parts, this is because i didn't want to give away what the characters were about, and if you don't understand you will when you get to the end of the chapter.

Thanks for giving this fan-fic a try and finally if you love the original twilight characters and do not want to read characters with completely different character traits, then this is not the fan-fic for you.


I turned my head to the left and took in the sight of the three of us, we looked good, we always did, and the full house every night confirmed this.

The three of us were dressed in all black leather which consisted of masks, bra's, pants, tiniest dress, suspenders and black leather boots; to compliment the outfit we had the thickest most intimidating looking pair of handcuffs attached to us.

We all had our lines to say as we walked out, I stepped out first shouting "twist," Alice being in the middle shouted "and," and then Rosalie being last shouting "go," Alice being Alice, didn't like being the 'and' girl so always insisted shouting "ouch" at the end.

The men were as usual half drooling and half-finished there and then. The stench was something you got used to. Well we had been here for far too many years doing this show to not become at least tolerant of it!

If we got sick Alice would always remind us of 'food and lodgings,' although the lodgings did irritate me as we could do so much better than this squalor, we had the money, more than enough to last us a thousand life times, but we apparently needed to keep a 'low profile.' Yes because doing what we do sure makes us low profile!

We went out on stage shaking out butts in the air, slowly stripping off to make the anticipation good for the men and then we were standing in only our underwear and boots.

At this point there was always some disgusting man jacking off in the back corner 'Jesus get a room' it still knocked me sick.

As we stood there half naked, the raunchiest song came on (Rose's idea) and we ended the show in what could only be described as downright repulsive, but we were here to do a job it was what the men wanted to see, and to be honest they were going to get what they wanted from us shortly. More for our own needs than anything else.

As the show ended we all jumped onto the poles doing the splits, we were definitely more than athletic and we liked to show that.

I did a quick sweep of the room wondering which jack ass was going to find out exactly how bendy I really was.

We came off the stage and the following act tried to high five us, the three of us ignored them as always. We don't want friends, we have each other, we weren't the best at what we do by being nice to woman, we were at the top, rich and got whatever we wanted by being the 'The devil's trio.'

After the show we walked around watching the men ogle us, occasionally letting them touch us, but unless we had a $1000.00 up front the touching would cease, if they didn't they had a possibility of losing a limb. I am not exaggerating, it nearly happened!

As we passed certain men Alice would nod confirming who we were able to give a 'private show' to, only allowing us specific man. The benefit of having a psychic as a best friend was in our line of work, amazing, she stopped disaster after disaster.

You see there are some men would never learn which is why Alice only picked those specific men…..

I eventually received a confirming nod from Alice for which I was extremely grateful, I was desperate for sex and at this point, the man who looked like the road runner would have done.

Alice quickly whispered the details about the man to me, letting me process what I needed to know and how I would best tackle the situation.

I bent down slowly moving my hands up his thighs as this generally got a full on reaction, I would then grab their hand and they would then follow me into my room in the back of the club.

My room was a light blue, I hated girly things that was Alice not me, with a nice comfy recliner in the back, there has been some excellent spanking done across that in its time. I pushed the man down onto the recliner.

I didn't like to talk to men it was classed as a waste of time – 'shut up and put up' was my motto.

I would normally gag them, it made for better entertainment, tonight I was feeling particularly horny so this lucky bastard was about to get the best few minutes of his entire life.

I tied him down and he was virtually busting at the seams. "Do you like what you see?" I teased while stroking along his thighs; his head nodded unrealistically fast.

I started to unloosen his belt and then the zip on his trousers, his erection was almost poking me in the eye "oh yes, you sure are pleased to see me," I said while licking the tip of his cock.

His wedding ring stood out like a hundred dollar bill.

I gently stroked the arseholes cock, sucking and licking to get him well and truly worked up and when his hips starting thrusting towards me I spanked him, "down boy," I hummed to him.

I stood up on the recliner standing with my feet on either side of him, letting him take in the naked sight of me – he had to have his money's worth – I bent down setting myself at the base of his very impressive cock, I was half gasping with excitement.

As I sat down on him I could hear the gasping coming from around the gag, it was always an indication they wanted me to take it off, but that was not happening I did not have the patience with hearing him asking my name so they could chant it over and over, I did that once, it really was not a pleasant experience.

I always left a little restraint on the ropes so that they could reach up and touch my hips. I loved the fucking feel of a man's hands on my hips while I rode him senseless, I loved watching their eyes fall into the back of their head – that's rights arsehole enjoy it while it lasts.

After I had finished I stood up, this particular man had been holding off and holding off trying to make the experience last longer, that was his own fucking fault I had finished, so this particular man was half finished with.

I was starting to feel somewhat relaxed, but it was never fully what I needed I was never able to let myself fully go, that was proving to get harder and harder.

"So was that enjoyable for you?" I teased him, while rubbing my fingers across his jaw, he nodded profusely.

I jumped back on the recliner straddling his hips.

"So David Johnson, arsehole from Connecticut, wife beater, looser jack ass, complete knob, I believe you have a few hail Mary's to get off your chest?"

I always loved this part where they suddenly got freaked out wondering how I knew their name and where they were from – thank you Alice – they virtually always turned as white as me.

I removed his gag but he didn't throw insanities to me; he just remained fixated on my face, probablly amazed I had sex with him in the first place…well that's what I always presumed.

"Have you said your prayers?" I smiled flashing my magnificent white teeth.

"I've died and gone to heaven already," he gasped out followed by a smile.

"Not quite," I chuckled "but you're about to."

I quickly placed the gag back on.

I bent over and my teeth sliced threw his skin, his face went bright red, his veins were sticking out with the straining, I made this one relatively pain free – it always depended on their crime at how painful I hurt them - I drained the bastard quickly, feeling slightly satisfied and then I jumped off the now dead carcass and got dressed.

"Felix" I hollered, he came straight in to the room, "clear this please."

Felix nodded and quickly took the man and went.

I could hear Alice finishing up next door and went into the corridor to meet her, Felix was in her room moments after, and then Alice came walking out wiping her mouth.

"One more?" She asked

"Why not, I really am still feeling rather frisky." We laughed as we heard Rosalie; she always sounded like she was hanging from a chandelier I dreaded to think what she did for kicks.