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If I had been human I am more than confident I would have died with exhaustion by now, Bella had worked my body to the max, making love in every single position imaginable, in every room imaginable, come to think of it, every single place on the island imaginable, my wife took extremes to a new height.

"We should feed," I titled my head up from Bella's stomach looking at her content expression, Bella smiled and nodded to me.

I lifted my body from Bella's feeling the fresh air hit my skin for the first time in six days, I shook my body slightly making sure everything was intact and grabbed my jeans from beside the bed, I looked up and Bella stood there wearing a bikini that had me hard instantly.

"It seems I have not satisfied you enough Edward."

"Oh god," I all but cried out "no seriously Bella, my body has never been as relaxed in my entire life, it's feels like jelly already, I don't think I could physically take it," Bella laughed and ran to me taking my hand.

"You just cannot get the stamina in gentleman today," Bella laughed out while slapping my butt and pulling me along with her.

We ran quite a few miles out, stopping at the eastern side of the beach, it was beautiful out and Bella smiled over at me "how about taking a swim, there is more than likely going to be sea life we can feast upon." I looked at her questionably, because we had not eaten in six days, I was starving and some sea turtle was not going to fill me up.

"Maybe a few elks, deer, sheep, horses? Bella I am far too hungry love, I have to have something more substantial than a fish."

"Fine," Bella sulked and ran ahead of me, it didn't take long for us to be in the midst of the wildlife, their natural instincts kicked in and they ran for safety, Bella and I looked at each other, smiled and headed for food.

Two hours later I caught Bella's scent and followed it to her sitting on the beach, her skin was sparkling in every direction and I couldn't help but stand and just watch her for a while, she seemed so care free, happier than I had seen her in quite some time. I quickly ran back to the house and called Carlisle.

"Hi son, how are you?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm fine Carlisle, but what I called for was to see if you would mind if we stayed here for a few more weeks, I think it's exactly what Bella needs?"

"The island is free until next year son, take all the time you need, just call me when you're coming back."

"Will do Carlisle and thank you."

"You're welcome son, I won't keep you lingering and ask questions about the honeymoon, I'll let you get back to business," then Carlisle laughed, I just felt completely and utterly mortified, so I just laughed, bid fair well and hung up.

I ran back along to the beach and Bella was in the same position I had just left her in, I walked slowly up to her and took a seat right beside her, I reached my hand over the sand and placed my hand on top of Bella's.

"I've spoke to Carlisle."

"Oh…is everything ok?" Bella asked, seemingly worried.

"We can stay on the island for as long as we want," Bella's head shot around to look at me, her smile was gracefully large and I couldn't help but smile along with her.

"How long do we have? Do we have any commitments to get back too?"

"We'll call back in a couple of weeks and see if they need us," I promised.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you Edward Cullen?"

"Oh, just on the odd occasion," I laughed as Bella jumped on top of me, straddling me on my hips and pinning my hands above my head.

"I can tell I've worn you out Edward, so I suggest we take a break from all this love making and go sight seeing in Rio this evening, what do you think?" I pried my hands free from Bella's and grabbed her hips, pulling her right over my erection, Bella "umphed" at the unexpected surprise.

"Sounds good to me, other than the fact, I feel very energetic at this moment in time," I winked up at Bella and she released a small sigh from deep within her throat, somehow my erection seemed to get bigger.

That evening as we pulled up to the dock in Rio I took Bella's hand and my eyes wandered from her head to her toes, she had a knee length white dress on, it was very noticeable to my eyes she had no bra and just a thong on, this earned a moan to leave my lips, Bella looked quickly into my eyes and smiled.

I took Bella's hand and we walked along the small pier until we came out at the busy main street, there was bars lined up, shops open late, it became annoying when the men came out trying to get us in, one sharp look in their direction caused them to flinch and leave us alone…well a few ogled after Bella, it took all my restraint to not want to kill them.

"Oh," Bella called while nudging me in the ribs "let's call in this shop, I want to get Esmee, Alice and Rose some cute little souvenirs."

"And you really think Alice will be fine with a ten-dollar souvenir?" I asked cynically.

"I'll get her something expensive in the airport, but this is just a little momentum to keep for life, it's an official brick a brack souvenir, you have to take at least everyone one back."

"Ok," I nodded following her in the shop and not wanting to admit out loud that I completely and utterly disagreed with her.

I raised my right eyebrow in question as she picked up an ashtray, Bella laughed slightly and put it back down "oh look pens," she jumped slightly with excitement, reminding me of Alice.

"Enthralling," I added sarcastically, earning me another elbowing in the rib….and it hurt like a mother fu…..a lot! Bella's language was starting to rub off on me, just as she was beginning to learn to use it less.

THE IRONY – Yeah I see it people!

I stood staring at the items that looked like they belongs in the one dollar store rather than in some main shop in the streets of Rio, Bella took my hand and called "I bought pens, ashtrays, bracelets, playing cards, cups and ornaments."

"You just bought a load of tack didn't you Bella?"

"Yes, but its so much fun to do Edward."

"Have you switched bodies with Alice or something?" I curiously asked, because Bella was never this girly about things, don't get me wrong, I liked it….to an extent, but this was not Bella's normal behaviour.

We continued walking along the street, walking hand in hand, seemingly to the outside world we looked the idealistic happy couple and I smugly felt myself smile, because that is exactly how I felt.

"Let's go in here," Bella motioned towards a crowded bar and then I realised that there was live singing going on. I followed Bella in and we took a seat, there was a man taking our orders seconds later.

"Shit hot in this place aren't they?" Bella laughed out, we ordered two beers, I figured that was generally what people would order and watched as the lady on stage sang her heart out.

"Can you sing Edward?"

"A little," I asked wondering where this conversation was heading.

"Sing for me," nope that is definitely not where I was expecting this to go.

"Don't make me Bella please?" I begged.

"It's our honeymoon Edward, make me happy." She smiled with a mischievous grin.

"Have I not being doing that for a full fortnight?" I winked with a smile while bending over and squeezing her thigh.

"I think you've just made me cum with your dirty talk," Bella called while placing her hand over mine and laughing.

The room applauded as the lady came off stage and then an elderly gentleman called Thomas got up, Bella tensed instantly and squeezed my hand "we have to go, quickly," Bella called, I carnt say I wasn't over the moon I was getting out of singing, but curious to why the hell she wanted to go as soon as she noticed the elderly gentleman, I threw twenty dollars on the table, giving them a tip and followed Bella outside.

"What was that about?" I asked as we headed on down the street, Bella shrugged her shoulders at me "Bella," I snapped.

"A regular customer from forty years or so back, worried he would recognise me, that is all, didn't think you would really want to hear that on our honeymoon Edward, but thanks for not trusting my judgement."

"Don't be so damned theatrical Bella, it was merely an observation, look we are on our honeymoon, I don't care about men in the past, whether there is fifty, five hundred or five thousand, I no longer care, you are mine for eternity, all the others mean nothing," I took Bella's hand and pulled her around so she was standing directly in front of me. "You hear me Bella Cullen, I DON'T CARE about what you did in your past, you are my present and I yours, so let's not get all touchy around the subject, don't feel you need to hide it from me, although I don't need to know any details love, I am fine, ok?"

"Ok," Bella smiled "thank you," I leant forward and kissed Bella briefly on the lips.

"Now that's sorted where to next?"

"I want to hear you sing for me Edward Cullen, do not think you got out of it that easily," I rolled my eyes wondering of all the things, she had to remember that.

We carried on along the street until I spotted a piano, I pulled on Bella's hand to stop her walking and nodded with my head to let her see the Piano, Bella ran up the steps dragging me with her and into the quiet, more sophisticated bar in the area, Bella took a seat and ushered for me to go over to the piano, I nodded at the man behind the bar while pointing to the piano to make sure it was okay to play, he smiled and nodded back.

I was secretly pissed off he was ok with it.

I played a song I had written after being with Bella for a few months, I didn't sing a word, but judging by my sudden audience and Bella's hand on my shoulder, I didn't need to, the music lingered in the air, and as I brought the song to the end, Bella squeezed my shoulder, as I stopped, there was an applause in the air and I felt a quick thrill of pride.

"You were amazing," Bella whispered.

We stood up and left the bar immediately, Bella leading us straight to the boat, pulling me quickly along.

"I enjoyed myself Edward; it was nice just doing something normal couples would do."

"I couldn't agree more," I called while pulling Bella to me and kissing her while the stupid bag full of crap was in between us.

"I'll sing for you at home," I promised Bella around the kiss; she laughed and raked her hand through my hair.

"I love you Edward Cullen."

We could be your happy normal everyday couple.

Three weeks had passed before Bella and I made the decision to head home and see our family.

They were all waiting for us at the airport and Rose and Alice ran to Bella hugging her tightly.

"I love the rubbish you bought me Bella, thank you," Alice cried out, I rolled my eyes at the dramatisation that the three girls got into and I walked up to Esmee and held her tightly.

"I've missed you mom," I kissed her forehead and she clung to me for a moment longer.

"I've missed you too son."

"Yo Bro," Emmett whaled out, he patted my shoulder making it feel ready to drop off, I was weak, no point denying it, Bella had more than used every piece of energy I had in my body.

"Emmett, Jazz, Carlisle," I called smiling at them all.

"Come on let's head on home, Bella and Edward you're with me," Emmett called…oh the joys.

"So bro, break any of Esmee's furniture?" Emmett asked.

"You did not just seriously ask me that Emmett."

"Yeah I think you will find I did….prude," Emmett laughed out.

"Oh Em, you will find my husband is anything but a prude, these last five weeks has taught me I am in for the ride of my life with this one," now I wasn't sure if it was pride or humiliation I was meant to be feeling at this moment in time, but it was a mixture of both.

"Proud of you bro, you managed to up your game and keep the lion tame?"

"The lion what?" I asked.

"Bella, you managed to…."

"Enough Emmett, dear god enough, please," I really didn't want to describe my sex life to my brother, he had no qualms talking about his sex life and sure, I didn't particularly mind listening if it made him feel better, but my sex life was not something I felt comfortable discussing.

The rest of the ride Emmett ridiculed my prudish behaviour, while Bella sat in the back defending my every action.

When we finally pulled up the house Emmett grabbed our bags and headed to the river "Emmett brings those back here," Bella shouted.

"I'm taking them home for you."

"So why are you heading that way?" Bella asked.

"Another surprise," I called while taking her hand and pulling her along with me.

"What surprise?" Bella's little face lit up and I wanted her right there and then, she looked so beautiful I briefly wondered how I had managed to get this lucky in life.

"Hop on and close your eyes," I told Bella, she jumped on my back laughing hysterically and I ran, catching up to Emmett, we slowed down to a snails pace and then we were standing outside what was once a cottage, but since Esmee and Alice managed to get their hands on it, it had now became a mini mansion. Perfect.

"You can open them now," I told Bella and I placed her down so I could see her face, her eyes widened and he mouth gaped open "It's our wedding present from the family."

"Wha…my….oh," her words were completely jumbled and so endearing to me.

"Congratulations," was shouted from behind us and Bella ran to everyone hugging them and thanking them, I took Bella's hand and pulled her along to the house, we raced through every single room each one as glorious as the next and we left our bedroom till last.

"Look in the closet," Alice suggested, I waved my hand forward for Bella to open our bedroom door and we both just gawked at the bed….oh yes, some fun was definitely to be had in that.

Bella has turned me into a complete and utter pervert….what can I say? My wife has trained me well.

Bella shrieked with excitement and ran to open the wardrobe doors, it was a full room in itself, clothes lined every wall top and bottom, there were white cupboards hoarding the back wall and I could only imagine what they were filled with.

"Thank you," I called to the whole family.

"Now," Alice began "let's give the newly weds time alone, we'll catch up with them tomorrow," yeah I know the image Alice had just had and I more than liked it.

"Of course," Esmee called out, her voice was so endearing, I smiled over to her, I loved her as much as I loved my own mother, simply elegant and perfect.

"So…." Bella called the moment everyone left the house "What should we do now?" she winked mischievously at me.

"Oh I don't know…" I called while running up to her "maybe…" I called while pulling her lips to mine and stopping an inch apart "this," I called while pulling her lips to mine.

Bella pulled back from the kiss and looked up at me "pretty damned fucking great thing to do Mr Cullen," and then she laughed, more so because she had not swore in a few weeks, she added the swearing for effect.

"Agreed Mrs Cullen," I picked Bella up and threw us both down on the bed, we rid our clothes in seconds and my head was rested between Bella's thighs in seconds more.

My tongue worked around her clit, her taste was exquisite to me, I sucked on her as though it was blood itself I was feasting upon, my moans echoed around the room and then I bit down on her clit and Bella moaned out the most amazing noise I had ever heard, he body seized up and her hands gripped into my hair, he thighs tightened around my head, but I didn't care, it made me closer to licking her from top to bottom and I did just that.

When Bella finally realised me I kissed up her entire body until I was positioned at her entrance and Bella was looking up at me smiling "I will never grow tired of you Edward Cullen, I will never love another, you are the reason I was changed into a vampire, you are the very reason for my existence, I know that now, I know we were destined to be together forever," I nodded at Bella waiting for her to continue. "I know Rose wanted the white picket fence and children lifestyle, but alls I ever wanted was to meet you, you came into my life, turned it upside down, inside out and made me happy to want to live for an eternity."

I lay there looking into her eyes preparing to reply.

"And," she started "home is where you are, so if we have to go to school for the next three thousand years, then so be it, if we have to act like kids then that is fine and if we have to keep moving from state to state, country to country then I will live with that, because Edward Cullen, you are the reason I live, the reason I am here, the reason I never want to be alone on this earth again, I love you more than you will ever comprehend, and….I fucking love your dick," we both burst our laughing and Bella pulled my lips to hers and then I entered her, our tongues fought for dominance, our bodies moved in perfect synchronisation, our limbs entangling and moans growing louder, I thrusted into Bella with everything I had in me, hitting her spot over and over, Bella cried out and as her walls contracted around me, the feeling of utter pleasure, I released into Bella and sighed with satisfaction.

Bella kissed me briefly on the lips and then flipped me over, I was rock hard in seconds "I want to suck you like a lolly pop," Bella whispered out and then she was down on me before I had a chance to reply.

"Shit," I moaned out, having her suck on me felt nothing short of a miracle, Bella could use her mouth in ways that I am sure every man in the world wished their partner could.

Her hands cupped my balls, causing me to jerk upwards and Bella to suck harder onto me, I felt my release building and building, my body tensing, my stomach twisting with the pleasure only Bella could bring and then I came, my vision went hazy, my mind blank and pure and utter heaven is the only way I could explain the way I was feeling.

"Thank you," I muttered incoherently out, Bella laughed and kissed up my stomach and stopping at my neck.

"This will never be boring," Bella called while kissing around my neck.

"Never," I agreed.

It was two weeks later when we all pulled up outside the club the girls owned, Peter was sitting inside giving orders to some of the staff "you had better be treating my staff nice Peter or your balls will be served on a golden platter to a wolf in a cage?" Rosalie called, Emmett, Jasper and I all cringed and shivered slightly….we knew she was not joking.

"Of course I am girls, so what do I owe the pleasure?"

"We are moving back into town for a few years," Rosalie was taking charge here and while all of Forks believed they were away at college, Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jazz would take up residency in New York, Bella wanted to stay in our new home, so we were pretending to stay back from college for a year, going as 'unsure of where to go in our lives' as the reason, Alice, Rose, Emmett and Jazz where happily moving out here, Bella had decided she wanted alone time with me, claiming she wanted to be a newly wed for a full year, just pure bliss, I wasn't going to disagree with her, we could travel out to New York as often as we liked.

Esmee was happy, she loved Forks and wanted to stay there for another five years, because once we left, it would be roughly eighty years or more until we could come back, although eighty year in our life isn't relatively too long, it was long enough when you loved somewhere so much and Bella and I at this moment were in love with our new house.

Emmett was going to propose to Rosalie next week he had the whole thing planned in his head, he had decided a week ago after seeing how happy Bella and I had been, I knew Jasper would not be far behind, to be honest I somehow figured it would be the same day, he was having to not think about it though to get around Alice's visions, there was always a downfall with a psychic as a girlfriend.

"Not me though Peter, I will be going off to college," Bella chimed in walking over to bar and smiling at the girl cleaning the glasses, the club was opening in half and hour and the girls wanted to do their act as a one off and as a surprise for Peter's birthday.

"We are doing our routine for you this evening Peter," Rose called, Peter's eyes widened in surprise and then a huge smile appeared on his face.

"I wished you'd said, I would have had this place packed out if they knew the devils trio were going to be on stage."

"We don't need the huge audience, although our takings indicated that we have one every night, you are doing a great job Peter," Rose complimented, I coughed in the background out of shock, she didn't compliment anyone, well not unless she felt it would benefit her in the end.

Rose and Alice had been hyper all week about doing the routine again, for old time's sake, but Bella strangely enough was not so keen, I asked her why she felt that way and she replied simply "I'm yours" making me feel elated with pride she didn't want her body on display to anyone but me.

The Bella I knew and loved would have been up there first and had her booty shaking for the world to see, but she said she had never been as content in her entire life, not feeling the need to be what she once craved.

Bella was essentially still the Bella I loved, just less swearing and less public displays, her appetite was as hungry as ever, her vulgar attitude was still there and still loved, she was annoying and loving, naughty and nice….perfect.


"Right we are doing the original dance, no arguments, it's a one off, we will never do this again, lets give our men something to talk about, agreed?" Alice called, I quite frankly didn't have it me to argue with her.

Ever since I had became Mrs Cullen, I just wanted to be with Edward always, I didn't want to be anywhere but at his side, I hadn't just changed on paper that day, I changed in myself, as a wife, I didn't want men seeing my naked body, I didn't feel the need to swear so often, all the anger had left my body the day we arrived on the island, it was as if nothing in the world mattered other than Edward and our family, I didn't need to be angry because I had everything I had ever wanted, my whole entire life I had secretly wanted what I had now.


My family.

I never fantasised about screwing other men, why would I? there was no one in the world better looking than Edward, no other man, had his fantastic cock, no other man had the body that looked like it had been sculptured for me, I was happy, beyond happy, elated.

Bella two years ago would have stuck her fingers up and told this Bella to go fuck off, get a life, stop being a pussy.

This Bella would tell her to grow the hell up and get a grip with reality.

Edward loved both Bella's which made me love him all the more.

"Let's do this," Rose called while they called us out on stage.

We went out and kicked ass at our routine, I frequently looked over at Edward, his smile was huge as were Jaspers and Emmett's they were clapping along and for the first time Edward did not seem jealous at the men ogling me, he knew I was his and I didn't give a rats ass about any other of these dick heads in here, he was the only man in the world for me and the ring proudly represented on my finger proved that.

Everyone stood up and applauded at our sick, vulgar routine, but I jumped straight off and into Edward's arms kissing him as though I had never kissed him in my entire life before.

"One thousand dollars babe, give or take?" I joked on to Edward.

"Give, it's a definite give, a bargain if it must be know," Edward joked about with me, I loved this care free Edward, he had changed also over the coming months, he became stronger, he swore a little more, not too much, the odd word here and there, because he knew it turned me on so much….probably more than I would dare admit to him, he sounded hot when he swore.

"Let's get out of here love, I think I want that body of yours under me within the next five minutes or I am going to take you in front of everyone," fuck, his foreplay was getting better, although I knew it was something that would never happen, the thought of it made my stomach churn with excitement.

Two years later BPOV

"I still want to stay in Forks, lets just pretend we aren't doing college, people think we are rich stuck up kids anyway, lets pretend we are just living off our parents."

"And you'd be happy with that?" Edward asked me with a worried look on his face.

"I'd be more than happy with that, come on Edward; we are still in the honeymoon phase."

Rosalie and Alice wed eight month ago and Alice and Jasper three months ago, technically we were not still newly weds, but I disagreed with the technicality of it all, I still felt like we were married yesterday and until that feeling went I didn't want to leave our amazing house, I felt we were in our own little bubble here, I didn't want it to ever end.

Esmee built Rose and Emmett a house five mile south of here, in the forest, because those two were louder than any other creature on the face of the planet with their love making…I thought me and Edward brought the house down, but them two, fuck, they brought a whole street down, Alice and Jasper remained in the main house with Esmee and Carlisle, they loved it there, and hell if they were happy then who was anyone to complain.

"Fine, we stay in Forks until we have to move, if it makes you happy babe, then I assure you it does me." Edward called happily.

Three years later.

"I hate the world, the world and its fucking stupid sense of humour at letting people grow old, I don't want to move out our home Edward, I love it here."

"Bella babe, a couple years we can get a house of our own again, you know we have to do this, school for two years and then our own home for five,"

"But this is our matrimonial home Edward, can we not slay everyone in Forks, there isn't too many people live here, the world could do with a slight decrease in the population?" I begged. Edward just laughed.

"Fine come on then, it was worth a try," I moaned while loading the last of our bags into the car.

"Well fair well home," Esmee called "eighty years and we'll be re-acquainted." Everyone smiled at each other, secretly not wanting too leave, but also quite excited about it, well everyone except me, I suddenly felt a hit of happiness and looked over as Jasper, I smiled at him, thanking him for trying to help me.

"Let's get going." Carlisle called "I have a job in the morning to start, good job I don't sleep," he laughed at himself, everyone just mumbled nonsense and climbed into their cars.


It was morning assembly and everyone was congregated into the main hall, we were ushered along and told to stand at the front, the principle now was Mr Tucker, I shook my head upon finding out his name, I just dreaded to think what Bella was going to call him for the next two years….I suppose I didn't really need to think, it was more than obvious, her swearing was still no where near as bad as for the first few years I had knew her, but the word fuck did appear in her vocabulary at least once a day, and with a principle called Tucker, I was more than confident the word would be used frequently at school.

I was more than sure Bella only said the word once a day to remind herself she still is her old self, and I smiled each day as she used it in subtle conversation.

Felix has just left after visiting Bella for three weeks, they were inseparable during the day, but on a night she wanted only me…that was fine with me.

"Everyone silent," Mr Tucker called "I would like to introduce the new kids in school, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Edward and Bella Cullen," we all refused to change our names, we all wanted the unity of Cullen's.

Just wait till they all found out we were together, the room became filled with the usual thoughts, girls obsessing already, males drooling, I didn't like it for a brief second, but then I relaxed, I had been with Bella for so long and we were still as in love as when we first met.

When the assembly was over we all went to our classes, me and Bella started in Spanish, we both laughed at each other as we took our seats "Brings back some happy memories," Bella laughed some more.

Bella over the last month had been bouncing about like Alice, all morning she had been more pleasant to the teachers, more co-operative than a trained dog, radiating happiness.

The year 2098 – school Forks high – home town Forks, Bella and I had our house to live in, we were secluded away so no one would ever know.

"Very happy memories babe, speaking of which….the fields…" I started.

"Yep, break time, me, you, and some trees have a serious ten minute workout to attend to."

One things for sure, our appetite at sex, grew each and everyday.

"Right Class, order, I would like to introduce myself, I am Miss Bell your Spanish teacher for this year," me and Bella looked at each other and laughed.

"I love it here already Edward," and with that, we put our heads down preparing to work.

Another Eighty Eight years with the woman I love just hadn't been long enough, I glanced over at Bella and my grin grew, she wore all her wedding rings around her neck, except the first wedding ring from back here in Forks, she wore that on her right hand, she frequently looked over at it, although she tried not to make it noticeable, I liked to think it brought back happy memories to her, the excitement of our first marriage.

Bella placed her left hand on the desk while writing with her right hand, I momentarily placed my hand on top of Bella's and she stopped to look at me, she looked at our hands and then smiled as she looked up into my eyes.

Bella had been so much more co-operative at each school we went to over the years, and the smile on her face was something I would not have seen when I first met her, not unless I had promised her sex within the next ten minutes.

"I love you," I mouthed out.

"Fucking love you more," Bella called, we both laughed slightly.

And with that, our lives continued, each day better than the last, each smile greater than before and each day I loved Bella more and more.

Too me, Bella was, without a shadow of a doubt….Perfect.

(And just for kicks…..they all lived happily every after ha-ha)