AN: Hey guys! First glee fic! I hope you guys like it! This is just my take on 'what if Rachel liked Puck, not Finn.'

Summary: AU starting from Mash-up. "Because she loved him. She knew she loved him. But she saw him staring at her. She saw it."

Pairings: Rachel/Puck

So what if she had a crush on Finn before. The feelings she had for Finn…God, they couldn't even compare to what she felt for Noah. Never. She may have doubted it in the beginning, but she knew she was his after 'Sweet Caroline' because really… if it wasn't his manly physique, his gorgeous face, or amazing kisses, of course it would be because of his singing.

She would be lying if she said she felt this way before, because she never did. No one has ever stirred this much emotion from her. Not Billy Crawford from fourth grade, not Finn Hudson, no one but Noah Puckerman.

They had been dating for one week, but she knew. They were destined to be together. It was as if everything in the world finally made sense to her. Who cared about slushie facials? She had Noah there to clean her up, and if he got slushied too, well she'd be waiting in the wings with a towel.

Who cared if she was the school freak? Certainly not Noah. He walked around with her on his arm in front of the entire student body. Finn was scared to even be with her alone.

Who cared if she wasn't going to be on Broadway? She'd be Noah's star and that was good enough for her… well, actually that wasn't something to worry about. Of course she was going to be the next big Broadway star.

But this was it for her. He was it. She was sure of it.

…But she wasn't it for him.

Because she loved him. She knew she loved him. But she saw him staring at her. She saw it.

And she didn't know what to do because she knew. She knew she loved him and she knew he didn't love her.

And she didn't know how to show Noah that they were destined to be together, because he may not compare to Finn… but how could she ever compare to Quinn?

Rachel Berry was never one to quit. Never.

But for the boy she loved?

She would lay down her arms. She wouldn't win this one, especially if it was against Quinn Fabray.

Besides, she was a good actress.

This would be easy.

For him.


She felt her heart beat faster when she finally found him on the bleachers. He was lying back, tense, as he watched his ex-team playing on the field. She couldn't help but notice that he was watching them longingly. It was the same stare he gave Quinn everyday. Swallowing down her tears and clearing her throat, she moved down the row and sat behind him.

"Do you miss it?" she started quietly. God, she didn't want to do this.

"Hell no," he answered quickly. Too quickly.

She looked down at her knees, not knowing if she can continue. "I hope you didn't choose glee over football because of me."


She knew he still wasn't looking at her. "Because I don't think this relationship is going to work out."

"…It's cool, I was going to break up with you anyway."

Now that stung. "No you weren't," she said.

"Yes, I was. You won't even let me touch your boobs," he scoffed. After a pause, he began again. "It's Finn, right?"

What was Finn?

"He's never gonna leave Quinn. Not with that baby in her belly."

Oh. He thought she was using him. 'Well I guess this makes it a little easier,' she thought sadly. "You like her, don't you?" she asked, going along with his accusations. 'Please say no. Say you like me... love me…' When he doesn't answer, she continues. "I can see you staring at her when I'm…staring at Finn. Is that why you joined glee? To get closer to her?"

"Like I said. They're never breaking up… God, what's the matter with me? I'm a stud and I can't even hold on to a chick like you… no offense. Why don't girls like me?"

"Because you're kind of a jerk, no offense," she couldn't help but say in annoyance. "I just think you want it too much, which is something I could relate to." She stared at the back of his head as he continued to stare out into the football field. "I want everything too much."

She still couldn't help but wish he would fight back and tell her he was lying. That he liked her and wanted to be with her.

Taking a deep breath she looked away. In a last attempt to get him to walk, she decided to be cruel. "Our relationship was built on a fantasy, like every other one in my life. I think I just agreed to us being together because I thought it would make Finn jealous. I hope we can still be friends…"

"We weren't friends before," he said angrily, getting up and walking away.

Well that worked.

She watched his retreating figure, moving away from her at a quick pace. Blinking back tears, she looked at the football field to see if she could spot Finn and see what that… ruffian was up to. Maybe he was regretting his decision and was quitting right now.

Or maybe she was just trying to find a distraction so she wouldn't go running to Noah and begging on hands and knees to take her back.

She saw Mr. Schue tossing a football towards Finn and watched them exchange a few words before the Spanish teacher walked away.

And she couldn't stop herself. She jumped to her feet and, as fast as she could, ran after the man. Once she got into the parking lot, she looked around to make sure Noah wasn't around, and then raced for Mr. Schuester's car.

"Mr. Schue!" she called. The man turned in surprise.

"Rach? What's up?"

And then she couldn't hold it anymore. She burst into tears and flung herself into his arms.

"Hey, hey it's okay," he cooed. "Rach, come on. What's the matter?"

When she couldn't stop herself from sobbing to answer him, she ushered her back into the building and into the choir room where she cried in his arms on the piano bench.


Tina and Mercedes walked down towards the choir room, hoping to practice their parts in the new piece Mr. Schue gave to them. Once they got there, however, the fell into an abrupt stop and watched in shock as Mr. Schue hugged Rachel Berry tightly, trying to stop her crying. "D-do you think he's trying to do something to her?!" Tina whispered in horror.

"Tina! Call 911!" Mercedes shouted. Rachel and Mr. Schue looked up in shock as the girl ran in and pushed him off of the crying girl. "I don't care how cool you are, Schuester, or how crazy Rachel is! You better think twice about coming near her again!"

"Mercedes!" Rachel gasped. "I don't know whether to be appalled that you'd think Mr. Schuster would harm me or flattered that you came to my aid."

"He wasn't doing nothing to you then?"

"No, Mercedes, God no. You know Mr. Schuester wouldn't do something as heinous as that!"

"Oh… Oh right," she said in complete embarrassment. "I'm sorry, Mr. Schuester. I don't know what I was thinking. Tina just got scared that you were doing something and I jumped into action and-"

"It's alright, Mercedes," Mr. Schuester laughed. "I'm happy to see that you'd let go of your 'diva' grudges to help your so-called enemy, even if you were wildly attacking me in the process."

Tina laughed at his joke before sitting down next to Rachel. "What's wrong, Rach? Why are you crying?"

"Oh hell no," Mercedes exclaimed. "Don't tell me the other white boy did something to you?"

"No, he didn't. I broke up with him," she answered sadly.

Mr. Schue cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Why'd you…do that then?"

Mercedes rolled her eyes. "You can leave, Mr. Schue. We got her."

"Well I just figured since she came to me-"

"It's alright, Mr. Schuester. I was hoping to try and talk to you, what with how understanding you can be and… well I didn't know I actually had any other shoulders to cry on…" Rachel whispered.

Tina smiled kindly and waved Mr. Schuester off. When the man left after one final hug for Rachel, she turned back to the crying girl. "So?"

"Well… you know how everyone thinks I'm in love with Finn?"

"Of course," Mercedes said with a roll of her eyes. "So you broke up with Muscle Milk for Justin Timberlake?"

"No," she sobbed. "I don't actually like Finn. I did before but then Noah came and he was so nice and I think I'm in love with him."

"So then why did you break up with him?" Tina asked with wide, confused eyes.

"Because he doesn't like me," Rachel hiccupped. "H-he likes Q-Quinn. Everyone loves Quinn!"

"Oh, girl," Mercedes sighed sadly. They hugged Rachel, sandwiching her between them. "What did you tell him?"

"W-well he thought I l-liked Finn too, so I pr-pretended I did and he l-left when I told him I just dated him to make Finn jealous."

"Well maybe he really does like you then," Tina said, trying to cheer her up.

She shook her head furiously. "He made it c-clear that he l-liked Quinn. And tell me you don't see it. H-how he stares at her w-when we're at g-glee."

"Well I don't exactly watch him during our practices," Mercedes said sarcastically. "But I'm sure of you see it then…"

Rachel dropped her head into her hands. "Why doesn't he like me?" she whispered. "I'm pretty, aren't I? I have a nice personality. I'm just very ambitious is all…"

"I think…" she started. "That you need some ice cream and boy bashing at Kurt's house. He has the sickest room. We can crash there on his huge bed."

"Kurt hates me," she said glumly.

"Honey, he only hated you because he was totally in love with Finn before you even knew who the jock was."

"You're joking," she gasped, laughter spilling out.

"There it is!" Tina said happily. "Come on. Ice cream and boy bashing! Woo!"

"Rachel, you HAVE to let me give your wardrobe a makeover," he begged. "You never know! Maybe Puckerman will realize what he's missing."

"No," she said stubbornly. "If he doesn't love me for who I am, then that's just fine!" She stared at them before her bottom lip began to quiver again. She closed her eyes tightly and shoved another scoop of ice cream into her mouth. "I don't know why I'm getting this upset. I've never cried over a boy before. I simply pushed those silly feelings aside and concentrated on my future again. Why is it so hard this time?"

"Because you actually like this one," Mercedes answered.

"I don't like this feeling. When I had a crush on Finn-"

"Your usage of past tense makes my heart swell," Kurt interrupted.

"I didn't feel this bad when he ran back to Quinn. I just want it to feel like that again. I don't want to have these wild emotions for Noah anymore."

"Wild emotions, you say?" he asked, his eyebrow rising up and down suggestively.

"Oh shut up," she laughed. "It's just… I want to know how to make him see that we're meant to be together."

Tina tilted her head, a thoughtful look on her face. "Do you really think that you belong with him? I mean he's been throwing slushies at you since you first stepped into McKinley."

"You don't understand," Rachel said in exasperation. "That's all a façade. I saw the real him this week and I know that he's different. I know we're destined for each other! I just don't know how to make him see that!" She stopped and couldn't help but laugh. "That would've sounded much more serious if we didn't only date for a week." They couldn't help but laugh with her.

"Listen, diva," Kurt started. He laid a hand on her shoulder and patted her soothingly. "If you're meant to be together like you say you are, then he'll quickly realize that Skankerella is yesterday's news and that you are so in."

"Skankerella?" She asked with a laugh.

"Come on, you didn't think of some mean name for her too?"

She shrugged started playing with the hem of her skirt. "Bathsheba."

"Bathwhatta?" Mercedes laughed.

"Bathsheba," she giggled. "She was a biblical woman. She was married to a man named Uriah, but was seduced by David, the king." She shook her head. "I know it's silly. I just feel like… well Quinn belongs to Finn, but Noah is coming in and trying to seduce her."

"And Bathsheba ended up with David?" Tina asked curiously.

"And had his baby," Rachel groaned. "Oh God. Quinn is going to be seduced by Noah and bear his children."

"She's already got Finn's," Kurt scoffed. "I highly doubt she'll be running off to play mommy with your man."

"My man," she said dejectedly. "He was my man up until two hours ago."

"Cut it out, diva," he said, pulling her up. "Come on. Cheer up, darling. He'll see what he's missing soon enough."

"I wish," she said sadly.

"Let's go to the beach tonight," Mercedes said suddenly. "Maybe we'll see a shooting star for Rachel to wish on."

"Well if hopes and wishes are the only things I can rely on, then I guess."


Tina walked into school with her on Monday. While standing at her locker they watched Noah walk by, his hands in his pockets. The boy glanced at them before looking back down the hall. They saw him stop in front of Quinn's locker, give her a pained look, and then quickly walk away, leaving the former cheerio standing in her spot with an annoyed look on her face.

Rachel's head dropped in disappointment.

"Wasn't that just the ending blow," she whispered.

Tina threw an arm around her shoulders and smiled at her. "Chin up, Rach. Broadway stars don't slouch."

Later on that day, they walked to glee together with Mercedes.

The only think that got her to smile that day was Finn's slushie apologies and Mr. Schue's slushie-stained form.

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