Summary: AU starting from Mash-up. "Because she loved him. She knew she loved him. But she saw him staring at her. She saw it."

Pairings: Rachel/Puck

AN: WELL this is the end I suppose. I wasn't planning on making this a long one, after all. I hope you all enjoyed this story!

Obviously the years a skipping around in this chapter. This chapter goes to everyone who loves an increased amount of fluff.


Baby Puckerman was cooing up at her father. Noah stared down at her with a sad look on his face. "Hey there, kid," he whispered. He glanced back at the Gabels, a middle-aged couple who were unable to have children of their own due to both of their infertilities.

Noah could've sworn that his daughter's face lit up when she heard him talking.

"Never doubt that your daddy loves you," he said. He got up and nodded at her new parents. Slowly, he took the heart shaped locket in his hand and pressed it firmly in Mr. Gabel's. "Thanks for having an open adoption with us."

"Of course," Mrs. Gabel answered and Mr. Gabel put the necklace in his pocket.

"I hope she'll grow up knowing that we love her," Quinn said quietly from her bed.

Mr. Gabel walked over and held her hand. "You two have done something wonderful for this child. We promise to make sure that she knows how selfless you both were to ensure that she had a stable life."

"Thanks," Noah told him. "We… we'll be waiting for the first pictures."

Mrs. Gabel patted the boy's cheek and he smiled at her.

"You two start writing those letters and we'll make sure to read them every week."

"And you have our numbers right?" Quinn asked, panicked as they got ready to leave. "So that when she's able to start talking…"

"We have them right here," Mr. Gabel said as he pat his pocket lightly. "You don't know how grateful we are for this miracle. We promise that we'll love her as much as you two do."

The two teenagers nodded as Baby Puckerman and the Gabels left the room.

Finn and Rachel walked in. Rachel hugged her boyfriend as Finn lay down next to his crying girlfriend. "You did the right thing, Noah. Never doubt yourself."

He nodded. "I'm just really gonna miss her."

Quinn buried her face into Finn's chest. "Kara…"

"Unbelievable," Puck said in horror. "But I was sure that-"

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Rachel said with a laugh.

Quinn grinned smugly and threw the picture her way. "Kara's a blonde."

"But her eyebrows are brown! I thought for sure she was gonna have my hair!" Puck complained.

"She does. Right above her eyes."

"This is totally not cool!"

"Are you saying she'll be ugly as a blonde?" Quinn asked with a glare. Finn 'ooh'ed,' waiting for his friend to be disciplined.

Puck stood and glared right back. "I'm saying that now my daughter's gonna get shit for being a blonde. At least she would've been smart if she was a brunette."

"And she'd be getting your genius genes right?"

"Oh cram it up your cramhole, Fabray!"


"Puck, man!"

"Boobage, boobage, boobage, boobage."

Rachel's eyes opened wide. She glared down to see hands making their way up her stomach. Before she could stop him, Noah had reached his goal.


"NOAH!" She said in annoyance. "Is there a reason why you woke me from a very peaceful nap?"

"Because it's been like a week since I've gotten anything?"

"Noah Puckerman, you pig!" she groaned as she pushed him off her bed. "You know my fathers trusted you enough to stay here, unsupervised, while they were out of town and you go and-"

"Baby, can I please just continue holding your boobs? You can go back to your nap, I'll be gentle."

"NOAH! I will not have you do things to my unconscious body!"

"Woah, who said anything like that? Though I wouldn't mind if you don't-"

"Get out, get out!"

He laughed and hugged her tightly. "Just a hot make out session, what do you say?"

She took deep breaths to stop the building anger in her chest. "I am going to count to four, and if you aren't-"


"Three is such an odd number."

"Is that supposed to be a joke?"

"Was it not funny?"

"Not really."

She stared at him before giggling and cuddling closer to him.



"Rach," Noah laughed. "You have to let go of me. Now."

She shook her head, and he was thankful that her face was buried in his chest so that she couldn't see the amusement in his eyes.

"You have to!"


"I have to get on line to get my diploma!"

"No, no!"

He grinned. "Listen, babe, I know that next year you glee will be losing Matt and this fine specimen of man you're holding onto right now, but if you don't let go then I don't get to graduate and then you can't cry yourself to sleep at night."

"That's a good thing, you jerk!" She cried, smacking his arm.

"Baby! You gotta be good to the Puckerone, or Puckzilla won't be good to you!"

She growled and pushed him away. "Fine! Go! Leave me and settle at good old Ohio State! Goodbye! I don't need you!"

He grinned and pulled her back. Kissing her cheek quickly he tugged her along to the football field. "Come on or my mom's gonna kill the both of us!"

"Wooooah!" Noah said as he took the framed diploma out of her hand. "My girlfriend is a Juilliard graduate everyone! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Noah," Rachel groaned with a blush, pulling him back down into his seat so that the people in the restaurant would stop looking at them.

"Oh come on, baby! This is big! Huge! We're in New fucking York right now, celebrating not only this, but your first role on Broadway!"

"It's not a leading role," she said with a pout.

He rolled his eyes. "Baby. It's Guys and Dolls. Adelaide is STILL a leading role!"

"But I wanted Sarah Brown!"

He shook his head. "Think of it this way, baby. If you can steal one of Adelaide's costumes and bring it home for one night, you can rehearse that Hot Box dance scene and while you're doing that pretty little strip tease, I can take my pants off and-"

She threw a napkin at him and glared. "Would you stop? Your mother is coming back!"

"No, you dumb fuck, leave it there!" Noah growled as Finn moved the ring under a napkin. "What the HELL are you even doing here? Get out!"

"Well her dads are gonna be here too, so Quinn and I thought…why the fuck not?"

"Well I say get the fuck out!"

"Now, now, Noah," Quinn said as she strutted into the room. Finn grinned goofily and took his girlfriend's arm. "Don't be rude."

"Would the Inns please get the fuck out? I repeat, would the Inns please get the fuck out?"


Puck turned and they tried not to laugh as his jaw dropped in disbelief. "Ma? Get out! Why are you here?"

"I can't miss you proposing to Rachel!"

"I'm not gonna fucking propose to her with all of you here!"

"You watch that tone! 26, or not, I'm still your mother, young man!"

A knock sounded at the door before it flew open. Mercedes, Artie and Kurt popped their heads in with a smile. "Howdy!" Kurt greeted.

"Oh my god, you guys aren't supposed to be here until AFTER I've proposed! Dumb asses! Get out!"

They heard a car pull up into the driveway.

"Shit! They're here! Get out, get out!"

They all began to scramble but paused at the sound of Rachel's voice. "Daddy! Did you paint the house? It looks gorgeous! Oh, is Sarah coming over for dinner? Noah called a few hours ago. His flight is gonna be slightly delayed."

"I know, darling," they heard her father's flat voice. "You told me seven times."

"Oh. Right. Sorry. I just miss him so much!"

Puck grinned, forgetting that everyone was still around.

The door opened and he still looked dazed at her words. Rachel gasped. "Noah! You're here! You're…all…here…"

He shook his head and looked around. "Fuck damnit!"

Sarah smacked him angrily. "Noah! That's not how you propose to a girl!"

"Ma! What the fuck! You totally- god damnit!"

Rachel squealed and jumped into his arms. "Was this a surprise for me? Were you planning this all along? Oh I knew you were going to propose soon!"

"Ma, you fucking ruined the romance!"

"She's saying yes, you idiot!" Quinn called. "Kiss her!"

Rachel squealed once more before laying kisses all over Noah's face. "Oh I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!"

He let out a huff before smiling and hugging her tightly. "You haven't actually said the magic words, sweetie."

"Where's the ring?"


"I'm just joking!" She giggled. She looked him straight in the eyes and smiled her brightest smile. "I would be honored to marry you."

He nodded casually. "I was hoping you would say that."

"I hope you know that I'm a very high maintenance girl, Mr. Puckerman. The demands I've had as your girlfriend will only increase tenfold as your wife."

"Well I hope you know that my demands will do just the same."

She grinned and threw her arms around his neck once more.

Noah couldn't help but smile at those watching them.

Fuck being a badass.

This was his happy ending and he was gonna fucking enjoy it.

"Well, Rach?"

She shrugged, staring at her hands.

Kurt sighed. "Girl, it's been two years since the marriage, 3 months since your last period, and 5 minutes of waiting for this stupid stick to reveal its secret. Now go in there and see what it says, which we already know."

She nodded her head firmly.

Broadway shows can wait.

This was her family!

She walked in and stared at the test.

Slowly she walked back out and held it up for them to see.

Mercedes and Tina screamed happily while Santana and Brittany jumped up and down with Quinn.

"Oh heavens," Kurt said, falling back into Artie's wheelchair. "A baby Puckelberry! What will become of this world?"

Rachel bit her lip and laughed.

How was she going to tell Noah?