Okay, I'm not amazing at slash or anything, but I'm learning, and I figured why not write about Brooke Davis?

Obviously this is AU, and Brooke's love interest is an OC so I can control that character completely, and she works for Brooke as a co-designer—kind of like Alexander, only she's always there, and has been there to help Brooke and everything since Brooke and Victoria went into business together.

This takes place Season 6.

WARNINGS: Language, Slash, Sensuality, Future f/f


Beth Michaels took a deep breath as she opened up Clothes Over Bros early Monday morning, setting her things down and sitting in the back. She always got to the store right before Milly showed, and started working on designs and looking over Brooke's from the night before to give her support and feedback. Honestly it was the best job that Beth had ever had, and she was glad to have the opportunity to work for someone as talented as Brooke Davis.

They were both 19 when Brooke decided to go into business with her mother, and they met at a bar. Brooke was trying to figure out if she had made the right decision, and Beth was looking for a way to forget High School and move on with her life. Luck would have it that the two were hitting on the same guy and instead ended up spending the whole night bonding with each other. Victoria wasn't very happy with the strangely struck up friendship, but Brooke and Beth wouldn't have it any other way.

"Morning, Beth." Milly said brightly, setting down her bags.

Beth looked up and beamed at her. "Hey, Milly. I figured I'd get the coffee this morning…is that okay with you?"

"Um…yeah, that's fine." Milly told her nodding. "I mean if you really want to."

"Yeah." Beth nodded, pushing her blonde hair off of her shoulders. "Brookie and I had a couple of different kinds we wanted to try from the café down the way, so I figured I'd just go order a whole bunch. Want anything?"

Milly shook her head and then bustled off to find some other things to do, Beth heading out with her purse to the café. She walked there briskly, knowing that by the time she got back to Clothes Over Bros, Brooke would be there, so she ordered all of the things she and Brooke had talked about the day before, and then went back. Brooke was having a hard time dealing with Angie and with Victoria on her case about the company, and Beth knew that Brooke needed someone to brighten her day.

"I'm back!" Beth announced happily, carrying the coffees.

Brooke looked up from her sketch. "Thank God!"

"I come bearing four different kinds of coffee too." Beth said merrily, coming into the back of the store and smiling sadly at Brooke. "And someone looks like they need some coffee really bad."

"Yeah, that's about how I feel." Brooke admitted, walking over to Beth.

Brooke looked stunning that day even though she was just in a skirt and a top she'd designed for the company. Her hair was pulled back which signaled she was trying to wind down, and she reached for the closest coffee to her as Beth smiled at her fondly. Beth knew she had a bit of a girl crush on Brooke, but she was certain it was purely business related—it was that she was entirely jealous and in awe of the things that Brooke could do.

"That's a peppermint mocha." Beth said quickly as Brooke went to sip the coffee, realizing she must have been staring at her. "Is it good."

Brooke swallowed, made a face and laughed. "It's strong, is what it is."

"Well maybe that's a good sign." Beth said shrugging. "Try the caramel macchiato with two espresso shots a pinch of hazelnut—the one closest to me."

"You first—I'm your boss, so you're my guinea pig." Brooke replied with a smile.

Beth smiled back and nodded, sipping the coffee and then nodding approvingly, handing it to Brooke. Brooke sipped it and then shook her head, shooting Beth a playful look as Beth laughed loudly. She pointed her pen at Beth and sat back down to her sketch, handing Beth some ideas and shaking her head some more at how strong and interesting that one had been too.

"If I didn't like you so much, I would fire you." Brooke teased.

Beth smiled at her and took off her jacket as she settled in. "If that's not a compliment, I don't know what is."


"Anybody home?" Haley called, walking into the store and smiling a little. "Hey, Beth."

Beth smiled as she checked the till. "Hey, Hales. Brooke is in the back sketching like crazy—she's in a mood. She'd probably like to see you."

"Thanks for letting me know." Haley replied, and then she headed into the back room to talk to Brooke.

Beth knew that she shouldn't be, but she was jealous of Brooke's and Haley's friendship. They were just so close to each other and Beth knew that Brooke trusted Haley whole-heartedly and Beth hoped someday Brooke would look at her like that. They'd only been friends for four years now, but that was really all it had taken for Beth to become completely and utterly attached to Brooke.

Brooke felt the same way—she trusted Beth with her store and with her personal issues, she was just a little weary of her. Sometimes when she and Beth teased each other and joked about, Brooke had a feeling that it was more like flirting than it was just friendly, platonic banter. There was nothing wrong with same sex couples—Brooke could care less—but it was still new territory for her because she'd always seen herself as straight…even if love was love to her…even if sometimes Brooke had entertained the idea.

Haley kissed the top of Brooke's head and hugged her, knowing that giving Angie back to her parents was hard for her. She wondered where Peyton was, but she didn't want to bring that up with Brooke, who was having a hard enough time already and didn't need to be burdened with it. Beth just smiled and went back to her work, trying to push all of the jealousy out of her mind because she had no reason to be jealous.

"You okay?" Milly asked Beth, looking at her with concern.

Beth looked up quickly and flashed a smile. "I'm fine—all the tills are perfect, so I can deposit the money in the bank if you want me to."

"That's fine, I'll do it." Milly replied, helping Beth to put the money into the bank deposit bag and then heading to the door. "I'll be back to close up."

"All right." Beth told her, smiling and then swallowing.

For some reason Beth couldn't help but smile every time she saw or thought about Brooke…it was just that Brooke was that kind of person. She lit up a whole room just by walking in and Beth was starting to feel a little funny because she hadn't ever been so pleased to be around a person before…not this way. Beth had a funny feeling that she was crushing on Brooke the way she crushed on boys before, but really? Maybe she was just having one of those days—it had been pretty long and busy…

"I'm heading home, but it was nice to see you." Haley told Beth as she headed out.

Beth smiled at her. "I hope I see more of you, Hales—its been a while."

"Yeah, it has—hey, take care of Brooke tonight, all right?" Haley said nodding. "She needs someone with her tonight."

"Absolutely." Beth agreed, and then heading to the back when Haley left.

Brooke looked up and smiled, but it faded a little as the sadness set back in and Brooke let Beth wrap her arm around her and hug her close. She always felt better when Beth comforted her, and she smiled a bit when Beth told her a ridiculously bad duck joke and then Brooke looked at her. Beth had a plan—Brooke knew just by the look in her eyes and she made a face.

"Tric? Shots? Now?" Beth asked her.

Brooke beamed and nodded. "God, yes, please."

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