Title: Prisoners of War
Author: XpaperplaneX
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: SephirothxCloud
Genre: hurt/comfort, romance, slash
Warnings: rape, torture
Disclaimer: I do not own FFVII and make no money from this work.
Summary: Cloud and Sephiroth are taken prisoner by AVALANCHE. No one, least of all themselves, could have expected what it would set in motion.

A/N: The first chapter of this story was written in response to a prompt on the FFVII Kink Meme. The original prompt is quite in-depth, and spoilery, so I'll post it at the end. I've edited it a little bit since it was originally posted.

Warnings are done on a chapter-by-chapter basis, but this is the only one with rape in it.

Edited and updated as of 27 August 2010.


Sephiroth woke with a pounding headache and no idea of where he was or how he got there. The room was dark and he was sitting upright in some sort of metal chair. He was completely naked and his arms and legs were bound to the chair. After testing his bonds, it appeared that whoever had taken him captive had planned for someone of SOLDIER strength. The bonds were solid, probably enhanced with materia; Sephiroth figured he would probably be able to break them eventually, but it would take time.

His head was beginning to clear, so he tried to remember what had happened. Who had been stupid enough to capture ShinRa's Silver General? And why would someone want to take that risk? Most organisations, despite how much they might hate him, didn't feel that the risk was worth the rewards. He had been leading a patrol through the slums when they had been attacked. He remembered drawing Masamune, seeing a flash of green light and then…? Nothing. It must have been some sort of new materia combination. Hojo would have a field day once he got back to headquarters. Sephiroth let out a soft groan at the thought.

Suddenly the room was flooded with light and Sephiroth couldn't help but flinch at the assault on his enhanced vision. "So you've finally decided to wake up, General," an unknown male voice echoed through the room. "We've been waiting for you."

Sephiroth said nothing. He wasn't about to acknowledge his captors who should have realised that he had actually woken up several minutes ago. He did take the opportunity to look at his surroundings. It looked like he was in a small warehouse; there were boarded up windows near the ceiling, and while he's probably be able to get up there, he doubted he would actually fit through the window. There was a small table against the wall to his right, but other than that, the room was empty. A door in the wall across from him opened with a bang and a man in his thirties with dark brown hair and a scar across his right cheek strode in. The man was wearing a faded hodgepodge of various military uniforms and smelled of cigarettes and the ever-present stench of the slums. Pulling out a cigarette, he lit it and blew the smoke in Sephiroth's face.

"You have some information we need, General Sephiroth," the man placed a sarcastic emphasis on his title. "The location where Elfé is being held, specifically. Also the security details of her location would be helpful." He paused and leered at him, "If you don't mind, that is."

So it was AVALANCHE he was dealing with, interesting, although he had been expecting a retaliation of some sort. He just didn't think they'd be this bold about it. Sephiroth snorted, "I think I do mind, actually." Let them torture him, nothing they could come up with could hold a candle to the pain inflicted upon him in Hojo's labs.

"Thought you might say that. Oh well, it's more fun this way." He flicked the lit cigarette at Sephiroth and it bounced off his chest and onto the floor. He then turned away and made a gesture at the still open door. "Bring him in!" he shouted.

There were scuffling sounds from the hallway and two burly men filled the doorway. So they were bringing in bruisers; people were such idiots sometimes. Like they would actually be able to hurt him. It was then that Sephiroth noticed the smaller form struggling between the two. It was a young man wearing a ShinRa army uniform. His wrists were cuffed behind his back and his legs were connected by a short length of chain. The kid couldn't have been much older than fifteen or sixteen and had wild blond hair that spiked erratically. In the places it wasn't matted down with caked blood, that was. The kid looked up and his bright blue eyes were wide with terror and shock.

"General Sephiroth, sir," he breathed, "They caught you too?" He seemed shocked that such a thing was possible. Anything else he might have said was cut off as the bruisers threw him down on the cold concrete in front of Sephiroth.

"We figured torturing you would be a pointless endeavor," the scarred man stated as he shut the door once again. "So we're going to see just how heartless you really are. I think Private Strife here is anxious to find out, too," he gestured towards the boy on the ground.

Strife… Sephiroth pondered the name, he had heard it mentioned somewhere before. His musings were interrupted, however, as one of the bruisers stepped forward and planted a solid kick in the kid's back before placing his foot on his neck and pressing down.

"You just have to say the word, General." The man leered again.

"Don't worry about me, sir, don't tell them anything," Strife choked out.

"Let's just see how long he keeps up that heroic attitude, shall we?" The bruisers moved in, kicking and punching anything they could reach while Strife curled into a ball in an attempt to protect his vital organs from their vicious assault.

Sephiroth was impressed; he certainly didn't look like much. Smaller than most boys his age, he had a frail, waifish look to him. But he didn't scream or beg once. Granted, these men were just getting started, but he hoped that Strife would be able to handle it. It wasn't that he didn't care; Sephiroth simply could not give up such valuable information for the sake of one private.

Apparently their captor was impressed too; he called the thugs off and crouched down beside the boy who immediately attempted to kick him. "Hey, hey there, kid! Don't try anything stupid." One of the bruisers stepped up again and brought his foot down on Strife's ankle with a crunching noise and left it there, pinning that leg in place. Strife's held-back scream made Sephiroth wince in sympathy.

"So you think you're pretty tough, do you? You look like you're used to this sort of thing," the man all but purred before taking a set of keys out of his pocket. After commanding the second brute to hold Strife's arms, the man unlocked the cuffs and took hold of his right hand. He held it out towards Sephiroth as if it was some sort of offering. "Lovely hands, don't you think? Looks like quite a few calluses from sword training; he must have worked awfully hard to get this far. ShinRa doesn't train the regular army to use swords, do they, General? He must practice in his spare time. That's pretty dedicated, if you ask me." The man paused in running his hand over Strife's fingers. "Too bad," he stated bluntly before grabbing hold of Strife's index finger and twisting while wrenching it backwards. "I'd hate to destroy someone's dream."

Strife couldn't contain his scream this time as his finger was broken and there were tears in his eyes as he looked up at Sephiroth. "I'm sorry," was all Sephiroth could think of to say. He kept eye contact with Strife as the remaining fingers on his sword hand were broken and hoped the look he conveyed was one of sympathy. He wouldn't look away from the pain he was causing to one of his own men.

Sephiroth watched stoically as Strife was finally allowed to collapse back on the ground, cradling his useless hand. He was gasping for breath in between sobs. Sephiroth struggled silently against his restraints; these men weren't going to stop until he either gave them what they wanted or managed to escape.

As if reading his mind, their captor smirked down at Sephiroth's struggling. "You have the power to stop this, you know that, right?"

"You're a sick bastard," Sephiroth snarled.

The man shrugged. "Okay. Strip him," he commanded while walking over to the edge of the room and picking something up off the small table. The man turned back to Strife's naked, cringing form and let the tail of the whip he was holding fall to the ground with smack that caused Strife to curl up even further.

The first crack of the whip caused a thin red welt to appear on his smooth back and a shudder to run through his body. The man started laying down more welts; he obviously knew how to handle a whip. He was causing pain, but not striking hard enough to break the skin. He glanced up at Sephiroth, who glared back.

"You're a lot more cold-blooded than I imagined." With that statement he started laying into Strife with a vengeance. The whip was breaking Strife's skin now; blood was beginning to run down his body and pool on the floor. His cries filled the room with each strike. Sephiroth was shocked that Strife hadn't yet begun begging him to make it stop. The kid was far stronger than he could have possibly imagined.

Eventually the man seemed to tire of whipping Strife. He stepped back and admired his handiwork. Cuts laced his back, sides and buttocks. Rivers of crimson connected and formed an elaborate lacework of pain. Looking both pleased with what he had accomplished and annoyed at Sephiroth's unwillingness to cooperate, the man unlocked the chain connecting his legs and grasped the sobbing boy by his hair, which was still attempting to maintain its proud spikes.

He dragged Strife upwards and towards Sephiroth before shoving him face first into Sephiroth's naked lap. "What the fuck are you doing!" Sephiroth demanded.

Ignoring him, the man spoke to Strife instead, "Suck. Make him hard. Unless you'd rather I see what other bones I can break." With that, the man stepped back from his captives, awaiting Strife's decision.

The trembling figure chanced a glance upwards at his general. His bright blue eyes, shining with tears, seemed to be asking for permission. Permission to avoid further pain. Sephiroth had a feeling he knew what was coming, but softened his gaze as best he could and slowly nodded his head anyways. While Sephiroth was by no means small, it probably wouldn't be as bad as his other options.

The boy blinked and lowered his head, looking far too young and vulnerable. What was ShinRa thinking, hiring children to fight for them? Sephiroth felt shaky breathing near his manhood, as Strife seemed to gather up his courage. At the first tentative lick he felt himself twitch in response. "It's okay," he whispered. "You can do this, just don't think about it. You're doing great."

Strife licked at the tip of his penis a couple more times before using his uninjured hand to lift up the still-flaccid member. He ran his tongue down the bottom, along the thick vein. Sephiroth focused on the boy, imagining that it was just the two of them, that it was just the nervousness of a virgin, not the threat of more pain that had him trembling. He imagined running his hands through that hair and delving his tongue into that tiny mouth. He felt himself hardening as the boy continued licking and stroking the base of his cock. His left hand didn't have many calluses and was delightfully soft as it ran up and down his shaft.

As Strife finally wrapped his lips around the head of his cock and began sliding them down, Sephiroth sucked in his breath. He obviously had little experience, probably none, but he was trying hard and doing remarkably well considering the circumstances. The combination of Strife's ministrations and Sephiroth's imagination soon had him fully erect. It helped that the trooper had many of the qualities Sephiroth looked for in a partner. Had they met in another situation, Sephiroth might have pursued the boy as a potential lover.

Strife took him as far into his mouth as he could and swallowed, causing Sephiroth to groan inadvertently. Seemingly encouraged, the boy swallowed again before tightening his lips and dragging them back up while gently sucking. He let go with a small pop and tongued the slit that was beginning to leak pre-come.

Sephiroth felt, rather than saw, the approach of their captor and a feeling of dread gathered in his stomach. He couldn't let this happen! But what choice did he have? The capture of Elfé had been a joint operation between SOLDIER and the Turks, costing the lives of half-a-dozen men. He couldn't throw that away to spare one person, could he?

As Sephiroth waged his internal debate, the man grabbed Strife by the hair again and hauled him back. "That's enough!" he barked and Sephiroth didn't fail to notice the hint of lust in his voice. The man motioned one of the brutes over. "Are you a virgin, pretty?" he asked Strife.

Strife's eyes got noticeably larger as their captor held Sephiroth's erection steady and the brute gripped his waist, half pushing, half carrying him towards it. "No! No! Please, no!" Strife panicked and tried to lash out and get away as his knees were bent and he was lowered down. The brute's strength was simply too overwhelming and Strife screamed as he was forcefully breached.

"Please, sir! Please make them stop! I can't! I can't do this, please!"

The boy was so tight that it was painful as the head of Sephiroth's engorged cock was forced into his unprepared passage. His head swam from the heat of it before he was brought back to reality by the pleas he was hearing. "I'm so sorry, I can't allow them to have the information. I'm sorry," he repeated. Strife screamed again as the man shoved down hard on his shoulders, impaling him fully on Sephiroth's cock.

"Try to relax as much as you c-," Sephiroth's words were cut off by the man backhanding Strife, causing his head to snap back.

"That's enough talking, General." The scarred man stepped back to his position a few paces to the left of his captives, and then addressed Strife. "Ride him," was the simple command.

Still sobbing, Strife braced his uninjured hand on the armrest near Sephiroth's hand. He slowly lifted his shaking body and let it fall back down a couple of times. It felt good, certainly, being encased in such tight heat. What could only be blood was starting to make the movement a little easier, but there was no rhythm to Strife's movements, just the irregular slapping of flesh as he allowed his body to drop again and again. If they didn't do this properly, their captors would, without a doubt, get bored quickly and come up with something else.

Chancing a glance at the man to his left, Sephiroth was unsurprised to see the bastard fondling himself. Hoping he was sufficiently distracted, he turned his head away from him and slowly extended his fingers, brushing gently against Strife's own. "Breathe, just take a deep breath and try to relax," he murmured softly so that only Strife could hear. "It's okay, it's just you and me. There's no one else, close your eyes."

Strife appeared to follow his directions, closing his eyes and taking a couple of deep, shuddering breaths. He felt his body relax ever so slightly. "That's it," he encouraged, "Shift your hips towards me a little and lower yourself down slowly. You can do it." The boy did so and gasped as something was brushed inside him and momentarily tightened before relaxing his muscles even further.

"Good, try it again." Sephiroth glanced at their captor again, noting the hand down his pants as he stared at the connection between his and Strife's bodies. The thugs appeared to be equally distracted. Good, he tried to convince himself. It was a good thing.

A soft, but slightly panicked whine brought his attentions back to the boy on his lap. Noticing his growing erection and rising tension, Sephiroth quickly resumed his murmuring.

"Shh, it's okay. I know you don't want this; you can't help your body's reactions. We're just trying to make it hurt less, okay?" He brushed his fingertips again and felt encouraged as Strife repositioned his hand and gripped Sephiroth's. Strife's movements were easier now, a more natural rhythm was building and Sephiroth found himself truly appreciating the feeling of the hot flesh wrapped around his own. Heat began pooling in his groin and his breathing quickened. Strife's slow pace was keeping his climax at bay for now, however, so he focused on testing his restraints again.

Holding Strife's hand so he wouldn't think he was trying to get out of his grip, Sephiroth strained against the bonds. He was sure he should be able to break them, he just needed… A plan came to mind, but it would require Strife's cooperation.

"What's your first name, Strife?" he questioned softly.

"C-Cloud, sir."

Cloud Strife… now he remembered, that was the name of Zack's friend. The kid he was mentoring who showed so much potential. Shit. "Cloud," he said, "I have a plan to get us out of here, but I need your help, okay? Can you help me?"

Cloud paused, seemingly shocked that General Sephiroth would need his help. "I- I'll try, sir."

"Good, I need you to keep doing what you're doing, but move a little faster and make some noise. Moan like you're enjoying it. Be loud enough for these perverts to hear you."

It was clearly not the sort of help Cloud was expecting to be asked for, but he followed his orders like a good soldier. His pace quickened, giving Sephiroth the speed he need to achieve climax and his somewhat forced moans also had the desired effect. The brunet shoved his pants down around his ankles as he masturbated himself faster. Sephiroth put his enhanced senses to use and listened carefully for the sounds signaling the man's approaching climax.

He filled his mind's eye with images of Cloud writhing beneath him in actual pleasure, come splashing over his stomach and chest, cries of ecstasy as the boy came. He thought of how Cloud would clench his muscles in an involuntary reaction to the pleasure, squeezing him tight, milking him as…

Sephiroth came with a yell. Emptying his seed into Cloud's passage, the sudden surge of endorphins and adrenaline gave him the boost he had been hoping for. The pleasure of it was nearly overwhelming but Sephiroth forced himself to keep his head. He surged against his bonds just as the pervert watching them yelled out his own climax. The bonds around his arms snapped and he wrapped his right arm around Cloud and launched himself out of the chair with the other, kicking furiously as he did so to break his legs free. It all happened so quickly his erection was still spurting as he pulled it none-too-gently from Cloud's ass.

"Hold on to me, Cloud. Let's get out of here."

Cloud wrapped his arms around Sephiroth, burying his face in his chest and clutching his left hand tightly in the Sephiroth's long hair. Sephiroth mused briefly on the fact that no one had ever dared do that before.

Sephiroth gave himself a mental shake and took two long strides over to where the man was staring in shock at the oncoming wrath while trying vainly to pull up his pants. His mouth moved wordlessly as Sephiroth decided that efficiency was probably the best way to deal with the scum, though not the most satisfying. But he had to admit, the man's chest did make a satisfying sort of crunch when he punched it hard enough to cave it in.

The two thugs had conveniently gotten the door open by the time Sephiroth made it over to them. After quickly dispatching them and checking for additional enemies in the hallway, he made his way down the corridor, checking each door he came across. He eliminated a few more enemies and eventually found the room where his personal effects had been placed.

Sephiroth sat Cloud down carefully on a chair and extracted his hand from his hair with some difficulty. He pulled on his pants and boots and strapped Masamune to his back, then turned and took in the sight of Cloud. He was rocking slowly and tears were streaming down his face. His eyes were wide, but didn't appear to be taking in his surroundings. Various cuts and bruises littered his body and his right hand was clutched tightly to his chest; the now useless digits were swollen to twice their normal size. The mixture of drying blood and semen running down his legs was hard to look at. He did that, Sephiroth berated himself. He took his duster and wrapped it gently around the boy's shoulders. The act seemed to bring Cloud out of whatever mental state he had fallen into.

"Sir, you can't," he whispered. "I'll get blood on it."

Sephiroth couldn't help but chuckle a tiny bit at that; he had raped the boy, caused him to be beaten viciously and Cloud was concerned about getting blood on his coat? "I think ShinRa can afford to buy me a new one," he said gently before scooping him up again. Cloud seemed to automatically fist his hand in Sephiroth's hair again and curled up against him. "Ready to go home, Cloud?"

His only response was a momentary tightening of the hand in his hair. He supposed that was good enough, and strode quickly towards the building's exit and freedom.



Somehow Cloud and Sephiroth (among other soldiers who were on the mission) are prisoners of war. Whoever you decide captures them (whether it be Wutai or rebel factions, it doesn't mater) needs information from Sephiroth. You can make it be information on the whereabouts of someone, or a code or whatever. Sephiroth, being the loyal general that he is, won't crack easy. Since Cloud is young and a private, his captors bring him forward and torture him in front of Sephiroth, promising to stop if they get the information that they want. My kink is mangling, but if that's too much to write, then simple tortures will be okay. I'd like to see the captors force Cloud on Sephiroth too. Also-as if I'm not too specific already-it would be nice to see either one of their thoughts on the other during sex, but other than this they have had no previous relationship other than canon.