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Allen began to walk from his room to the cafeteria. Lately Komui had been doing a lot of experimenting due to the lack of evidence pointing to new innocents. Now Allen was smart, and had decided to stay in his room most of the day, usually only coming out to eat, this way he could avoid Komui's latest inventions. The screams had been horrifying as Allen tried to zone them out by reading, sleeping, or playing with his golem, but he couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor person undergoing Komui's torture.

As Allen arrived in the cafeteria, he noticed Lavi, Lenalee, and surprisingly Kanda all at one table. He looked around to see no one else in the room. He guessed they were all too scared to come out into the open. Of course he was in the category, but a growing boy's got to eat. The teen walked over to Jerry and ordered his food. Soon it was done and he rolled his cart over to the table with his friends.

"Hey Guys. How's your guy's day going? Mine's going great." Allen said sarcastically.

"Man! I have to look around every corner in fear that Komui might be there waiting to strike!" Lavi said with a shiver.

Lenalee put her hand on the red head's shoulder to comfort him, and then looked at Allen. "I'm fine, but I'm worried about our staff!" The girl sighed. "If this continues, we'll be left with no one because of my brother!"

"True." Allen agreed, giving a small laugh. He glanced over at Kanda who hadn't said anything; then again he rarely talked anyway. The Japanese man was eating his usual soba and tempura, his clothing was a tank top and pants due to the fact he had been training. His raven hair was in its usual high ponytail, with two strands out to the side of his face. Kanda was probably free to travel around as he pleases, everyone knew not to mess with the very moody man, and he would kill you if you got on his bad side. The raven haired man shifted his head to look at Allen, who had been staring at him.

"What do you want moyashi?" Kanda said in his usual cold tone.

"Nothing!" Allen yelled blushing, then returned to his food.

"Whatever, I'm leaving. I have training to do." With that the Japanese man was off. No one tried to stop him because they didn't want a pissy Kanda on top of what was going on.

Allen continued to eat his food, but he noticed Lavi and Lenalee staring at him. The teen finished his last bite before looking up at his friends. "You know it's not nice to stare." The silver haired said with a smile.

The two friends rolled their eyes. Lavi leaned on the table closer to Allen. "You know you can't trick us with that fake smile Allen! We've known you for too long." He shook his head in fake disappointment, then Lenalee chimed in with him. "Tsk, tsk, Allen."

Allen's head went into frenzy. 'Tell them, tell them!' is what he wanted to do, but his other side was frantically pushing the other one down. 'Don't tell them, don't do it!' He closed his eyes for a second to decide, then reopened his eyes and smiled. "I don't know what you guys are talking about." He went with the second choice.

"Yeah right Allen!" Lenalee sighed. "I totally saw that cute reddish face!" The two friends stared intently at him before saying what the teen was dreading to hear.

"You like Kanda!" They said in perfect unison.

'Fess up! You know you like him!' His head began to argue again. 'No don't, they can't know!' His other half snapped back. Allen tried to sort out the two in his head and again he went with the second one, he believed it was best to keep things on the down low. Allen fake laughed. "You guys think I like Kanda?" He said in-between breaths.

Lavi and Lenalee didn't look impressed; they knew he was faking it. This wasn't the first time they had seen their friend act this way, it happened on many occasions. One example had happened just last week while Lavi and Allen had been training with innocents, which in that situation they had to be careful. At one point in-between the battle, Kanda had walked past them wrapped only in a towel because he had just returned from showering after a long morning of training. In that short moment Allen's focus was put off and he had accidentally whacked Lavi right off his feet with his innocence arm. Of course the red head made Allen pay for all the torture he had been put through with Komui.

Suddenly, Allen got all his empty trays together and began to walk away. "I can't believe you guys! Thinking I like Kanda? Komui must've gotten to your heads." The two friends got up from the table to quickly fallow behind him, Allen wasn't going to get out of it this time. The silver haired teen sloppily dropped his cart at Jerry's window then began running down the hallway, trying to get away from his pursuers. Lavi and Lenalee sped up, but they couldn't keep up with the small teen.

Allen looked back over his shoulder, he chuckled. His friends were not behind him, he had lost him. He was home free. He continued to run though, in case they had decided to start chasing him again.

Just one more right turn and Allen would be safe back in his room. With all the commotion he had forgotten why he had locked himself up in the first place. Right as the teen turned the corner he slammed into someone, causing him to fall on the floor, not to mention the person had also accidentally spilt something all over him.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." The person said frantically and put out his hand to help Allen up.

"It's ok Jonny, it was my fault, I wasn't paying attention." The silver haired teen rubbed his head and took his friend's hand to get up.

After Allen got to his feet, Jonny stepped back. The teen looked at the scientist in curiosity. "That sorry wasn't for running into you, I mean I am sorry for that, but…" He frantically pointed at Allen's shirt. "I just accidentally poured Komui's new experiment all over you!"

Allen blinked his eyes, then looked down. He tried to remain calm, but it didn't last long. "OH NO! I need a shower NOW!" he began running, then looked back. "Jonny I'm not angry at you, but at Komui! So I forgive you!" With that he was off.

It didn't take long for Allen to get undressed, throw his clothes into a specific "contaminated clothes" bin, and to take a shower. He spent about thirty minutes scrubbing his body with soap, over and over again to make sure no remnants of the mixture was left on him. He got out of the shower, dried off then threw a robe over himself. As he made his way back to his room, he noticed that there was nothing wrong with him. His hair wasn't growing out, he wasn't shrinking to the size of a kid, or even turning into a zombie (Omg book 17 spoilers!!!). He did feel a little tired though. So as soon as the teen arrived in his room, he plopped onto the bed, not even bothering to get dressed, and feel right to sleep.

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"Ok who are you, and why do you two look like me?"

The small Allens sighed before responding. The one with the devil wings spoke first.

"I'm your desires, duh." He smiled

The other rolled his eyes and moved in front of the devil. "And I'm your conscience."

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